Craftsmanship and Beauty, the Lover's Lock

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There are many beautifully crafted designs by Mémoire, and the Lover’ Lock in rose gold is wondrous to behold. A delicate chain for the wearer’s throat and it is beautiful craftsmanship, you’ll not regret choosing this design. The 18k rose gold is a perfect setting for the diamonds to be inset in the key and the lattice worked lock. Mémoire, which is an off shoot of the french jewelry design company, Orest, was started in 1986 in the United States. The president and CEO named at the time was J. Douglas McDowell. He played a significant part in why the jewelry was only to be crafted in 18k gold or platinum. In addition to the artfully crafted design, you’ll find that the mountings are done in a difficult process called extruding - which upholds the Mémoire standards for the finer things in life. As a result of both of these factors, Mémoire rose to become the epitome of elegance and grace. Soon after that it was the standard to be followed. In addition to the beautifully crafted Lover’s Lock necklace you’ll find amazingly crafted engagement and wedding bands. Perfect anniversary, wedding, or ‘just because’ gifts in gold or platinum that will suit any lady’s style with a taste of elegance. 


Roberto Coin 3 Row Bangle

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The Roberto Coin brand was created in 1996 by a gifted designer that shares its namesake. Using the skills of Italian jewelers he is able to create wearable works of art. Each piece that bears his name has gone through a long process to ensure its originality and quality.

The 3 Row Bangle with diamonds, which is part of the Barocco collection, is available in both 18K yellow gold and white gold. It has a total carat weight of about 1.85. It is hooked with a hinged push-lock clasp, and on the inside of that clasp is Roberto's signature ruby. It is said that the ruby is place to represent Roberto's well wishes for those who purchases his designs. The actual diamonds are placed on one half of the cuff in groups of three with a larger diamond in the center and two smaller ones on each side. Each set is encircled by the gold that makes up the three rows of the bangle. The bangle is available in versions with one, three or five rows, both with or without diamonds.

This bangle is a beautiful work of art created by skilled craftsmen, and would be the perfect addition to any jewelry lover's collection. Its classic beauty is a wonder to behold and shows all of the time and energy that Roberto Coin puts into each and every one of his designs. 


History of the world famous Luminox Watch

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XCOR Aerospace partnered with Luminox to produce a tough, durable watch for all day and night conditions. The Luminox watch was created in 1989 by a designer team Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo. They knew there was a market for a performance sports watch that could be seen in all light conditions. They came up with a Swiss illumination system that is completely self powered and the Limonox watch was born.

Before the watch design was completed XCOR and Luminox asked for input from astronauts, future astronauts and experienced test pilots. Together they formulated the perfect night-time timepiece able to be read with ease in all light conditions.

This made Luminox the ideal watch for use in space and in deep sea diving. The Luminox watch has a unique illumination system which is self powered, it will never let you down. The watch is favored by law enforcement, emergency personnel and elite military forces. All these agencies need a watch that can be seen in any light conditions, no matter how bad. The Luminox watch guarantees the dial can be seen in any conditions including complete darkness.

The Luminox watch is used by professionals around the world and is favored by scuba divers, navy seals and US Coastguard because the watch can be easily read even in the deepest dives on the darkest nights. 


Quadruplicity Women's Conference

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Keller & George is the Q Award Sponsor for the Quadruplicity Women’s Conference on Thursday, March 2 at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville. This is the 10th year the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce has presented the event.

The term Quadruplicity recognizes the four main aspects of our lives: Career, Life, Money and Health.  A day-long professional development conference for women, Quadruplicity promotes inclusion, professional and personal development and balance.

Quadruplicity opens the door to significant and lasting experiences in education, networking, mentoring, leadership development, and personal growth.

Keller & George created, custom-makes and presents the four pillar crystal trophy and a 14-k white gold & diamond “Q” pendant presented to the QAward winner each year.

Learn more about this event from the Quadruplicity website, http://quadruplicity.com/


Diamond Shaped Earrings By Monica Rich Kosann

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If you are looking for a lovely pair of business casual earrings to wear with just about any look, then you may have found the perfect match with these diamond shaped earrings by Monica Rich Kosann. They are made from the highest quality 18 karat gold and come in a pleasing classic style. They have a swinging center that is designed to catch the light with your movements. Not only are they classy and elegant, but high fashion and daring at the same time. They will match most looks in your wardrobe and are designed to be durable and last for years to come. They are 2.42" in length and .62" across. If you have been searching for a gift to please the special someone in your life, then you should consider this incredible pair of earrings. Your special someone will love wearing this masterfully crafted pair of earrings. If you are looking to invest in a special treat for yourself you can be assured that this pair of stunning earrings will live up to your expectations and give you years of satisfaction.


Lagos Caviar Icon Gemstone Tassel Necklace

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Steven Lagos is the creative genius behind the exclusive line of jewelry offered by Lagos, Inc., a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based company. Lagos brings his experiences as a world traveler to create pieces that are visionary and timeless. He knows that jewelry evokes memories of that special time and place when that special someone received it. He wants to create a piece that will be deserving of being the centerpiece of the most memorable of occasions. This is the philosophy that he brings to his designs. He wants to make every piece a special as the person who will receive it.

The Caviar Icon Gemstone Tassel Necklace is a versatile piece that can be worn in a number of different ways. The 18K gold chain is 42 inches long, giving you plenty of length to be worn twisted, knotted, or worn in loops for a fun and flirty piece. The tassel features turquoise stones ranging size from 2-3mm. This piece is perfect for the little black dress and can be adjusted to fit any neckline. This piece is a wardrobe essential due to its versatility and elegant design. 


Charles Krypell Black and White Sapphire Pave Bracelet

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Since 1976, Charles Krypell has been designing affordably exquisite pieces that say, “I love you,” each and every day. Before he was a world-renowned jewelry designer, Charles Krypell was a sculptor. Large scale three-dimensional sculptural design gave him the opportunity to work in stone, but he soon found that working in the small scale involved in jewelry design gave him instant gratification that larger works could not. This became his new passion, and the result was a collection of pieces that truly showcases his exclusive eye for design and craftsmanship.

The Black and White Sapphire Pave Bracelet allows you to experience sapphires in a way that is different from the usual ordinary blue. A white Sapphire is the colorless version, and a black sapphire is actually deep blue that is so opaque that it absorbs nearly all light. Most black sapphires come from Australia. Charles Krypell combined these two contrasting stones into a visually stunning modern bracelet using pave settings in 925 sterling silver. The bracelet contains 156 white sapphires and 294 black sapphires in a unique and captivating design. 


Marco Bicego Crossover Ring

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The Marco Bicego 18K white gold 'crossover' ring has five rows and contains different strands of gold which contrast and accentuate each other. The diamonds are positively beautiful and shine brilliantly. This beautiful ring is one of Marco Bicego signature designs, and he uses his 'corda di chitarra' technique to create this exquisite piece of jewelry.

For those who love the Marco Bicego crossover ring, there are other rings in his collections that might be appealing. For example, the Masai Three Row Pave Diamond Ring also contains different shades of gold that contrast each other, but it's far more bold and sassy. The Luce and Gold Five Strand Crossover Ring has a similar design as the gold crossover ring, with a few small diamonds in the strands of gold.

Marco Bicego was handed down his family business by his father in 1958. Marco is inspired by his Venetian origins and expresses interest in the 'natural settings surrounding his territory.' Headquarters for the business are in Italy, and each piece of jewelry is hand crafted. Every step in the making of the jewelry is conducted in the headquarters in Italy, even the fusion of the gold. Marco Bicego makes only the finest quality jewelry with a unique twist, timeless elegance, and nouveau chic designs. 


The IT Watch

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If you’re not familiar with T-Lady, then you need to get in on IT. The best place to start would be fashioning and fastening your wrist with one of the designers many luxurious watches. T-Lady is well known in the industry and by every ‘It girl’ that their statement pieces are the essence of femininity. 
What’s that? You like feeling and being beautiful? Then you deserve a little recommendation. There’s a Tissot Lovely waiting and shining bright just for your attention. All eyes will envy the sophistication inside this Swiss quartz, scratch resistant sapphire crystal encasement with full cut carats (Brilliants). Its slim round figure is complimented by a stainless steel Top Wesselton (grey) colored strap which buckles using a fantastic butterfly clasp. 
This watch is water resistant for up to 100 feet making it perfect for any weather or event. Think island vacation, because the Tissot Lovely discretely features 3 additional high quality jewels daring you to match that bejeweled bikini you’ve been daring to dive into. 
You can have all of the love with a simplistic leather strap. And that’s not even the only customization T-Lady offers! You seriously need to check them out for other step stopping and stunning timepieces. T-Lady carries their name proudly, and you deserve the same irresistible integrity. Wear any one of their collection (definitely the Tissot Lovely) and you will flaunt IT! 


Classic Chain Hammer Drop Necklace by John Hardy

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If you are looking for a piece that is subtle enough to be classy but elegant enough to get noticed, you have found it here. This is the Classic Chain Hammer Drop Necklace by John Hardy. The sterling silver chain connects to a striking eighteen-karat hammered gold orb. A second yellow gold hammered sphere hangs from the first by a length of shimmering silver chain. The design is simple but daring. The clean lines of the drop are timeless and will compliment both daytime and evening attire. Its bold use of both silver and gold also make it a versatile piece that can be paired with most of your jewelry collection.

John Hardy Co. was founded in 1975 by John Hardy. John Hardy himself was inspired by the clean and simple lines of Asian jewelry while traveling in Bali in the 1970s. He and his company have been designing luxurious but affordable pieces ever since. This necklace is a new arrival for the John Hardy company, and an all silver version of this same necklace is also offered. There is also the Classic Chain Pull Through bracelet, which would pair very nicely with this necklace if you are interested in making a set.


Raymond Weil Shine Watch Captures Graceful Style

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With its 93 diamonds adorning this piece, the Shine watch by Raymond Weil is one of the most gorgeous and yet simplistically presented pieces of our time. At once brilliant in its sleek and minimal design, its 32mm case has a subtle, but beaming surprise. Along its rim, 81 of those diamonds frame a mother of pearl dial that is absolutely mesmerizing in every way. However, not only does the piece capture a timeless beauty, it also merges function and form. For instance, the sapphire crystal resists scratching, even as it glistens magnificently in the light. Its stainless steel case is enduring and reliable. Additionally, the piece is water resistant and built with quality in mind. Still, the 12 diamond indices make for the right match with the light touch of the date window, a welcome addition that doesn't overwhelm. However, the impressive clarity of the piece is counter-weighted against a natural and straightforward sophistication. With two bracelets, one in stainless steel and one in black, you'll never have to worry about versatility in your wardrobe. And because the diamonds are a generous .49 ct each, you also won't have to worry about being the center of attention, no matter what the occasion. 


Charles Krypell Dylani Green Amethyst Bracelet

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The Charles Krypell brand is known for its luxurious appeal. His work is timeless, and his pieces have been in style for decades. Krypell created the New York-based brand in 1976 and, ever since then, has produced very high quality jewelry. The Dylani green amethyst bracelet is no exception. This beautiful bracelet is made from sterling silver and is 9 mm wide, a perfect width for the collector who wants to look elegant but not too showy. The bracelet features a 14k white gold hinge and checkerboard faceted green amethyst. This makes for an exceptionally appealing combination. Anyone wearing this bracelet will come across as stylish, regardless of the setting. The amethyst itself is 10x8, a perfect size for this type of bracelet. The stone isn't too large, or too small, and it makes an ideal centerpiece for this bracelet.

In terms of jewelry, there are countless options to choose from. Choosing to buy the top-notch jewelry that Charles Krypell sells is an easy way to attract the right kind of attention. The Dylani green amethyst bracelet truly stands out among other bracelets, and if you aren't buying it for yourself, it would make a fabulous gift for any occasion. 


Lagos Nightfall Diamond Ring

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The Lagos Nightfall Diamond Ring is a beautiful, elegant piece of jewelry that no woman could ever resist. Perfect for a loving gift, this ring is guaranteed to show your respect, care, and devotion to her. It's an exquisitely designed ring from Lagos jewelry, a brand dedicated to quality, beauty, and durability. With faceted black spinel set into 18 karat gold Caviar beading, the Lagos Nightfall Diamond Ring is finished with a shining sterling silver. This ring is the epitome of class and elegance, bringing an older look into the new age. This ring effortlessly molds a time-perfected fashion into something slightly newer and intense. Lagos raises its ring into such exquisite levels of beauty and class it’s nearly unbelievable, keeping it simple enough that it can be worn anywhere and anytime. Purchased as a gift this ring is perfection, but even if bought for yourself only, you could make no better choice. After even a single day you're guaranteed to be on the receiving end of compliments and envy alike as everyone sees this faultless, unequaled ring. 


Herend Canadian Ducks Figure

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Crafted from two separate painting techniques, the Herend Canadian Ducks figure is elegant, attractive, and perfect for anyone. Made of delicate and artistic porcelain, this figure shows two Canadian ducks nestled on a log, producing a warm and natural feeling for anyone who looks at it. Painted in yellow, green, brown, and dramatic gold, this figure is lifelike yet stylized, making it a perfect decoration for any house or mantlepiece. Herend manufactured this figure in order to continue its long tradition of excellence and class, and has more than outdone itself. With an elegant air and outstanding craftsmanship, this figure has no equal. Symphonic fishnet and faux bois painting styles combine to form a strikingly beautiful and realistic reproduction of Canadian ducks, creating a figure that's not just ideal for personal use but is completely suited as a gift! No one could ever be happier than a person who unwraps this lovely figurine. Suited for any collection or even simple decoration, the Herend Canadian Ducks figure shows care and thought when given as a gift, and is guaranteed to make friends and family alike thankful for such a beautiful present. Why not buy one today, when so many benefits are right at your fingertips? 


The Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Bracelet Collection

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The Monica Rich Kosann Poesy bracelet collection is the perfect start or addition to any jewelry box. These delicate bracelets compliment all ages, while also being favorable to other pieces of jewelry. The Poesy bracelet collection is made of the highest quality materials, including, 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. The excellence of these metals suit all skin tones and can be worn individually or layered together.

These poesy bracelets are certainly eye catching on their own, however they hold much deeper meaning to those who wear them. Powerful words inscribed on these pieces are the perfect reminder of strength, happiness and the greatest priorities in life. Included in these important life phrases is the statement "Never Fear", this reminder is valuable to everyone, however with the stylish, dainty design of these accessories it is able to be kept sacred just to the person who possesses it.

A collection of gemstones within the Poesy bracelets adds just the right pop of color to any outfit. The jewels such as the ruby, emerald and blue sapphire create a wonderful flash of vividness, while the traditional diamond, black diamond and amethyst contribute to the more classic, subdued look. A special feature among this line is the highly fashionable buckle diamond bracelet, which actually looks like a beautiful belt buckle but has deeper symbolism with the word "Forever" engraved behind it.

With a variety of colors, precious metals, and sentimental meanings the Monica Rich Kosann Poesy bracelet collection is able to grow with a person. These bracelets were intended to be layered and designed to complement other jewelry you choose to wear, they are subtle but also very high class and extremely desirable. The unique Monica Rich Poesy bracelet collection is about more than just bracelets, they are representations of love and life through the power of fashion.


The Juliska Forest Walk Collection

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Since 2001 Juliska has been creating unique and handmade housewares that bring a sense of warmth and class to your home. They have a wide variety of housewares ranging from glass to ceramics. One of the most popular collections that they offer right now is the Forest Walk collection.

The Forest Walk collection is a beautiful collection of handmade dinnerware that features touches from nature. There is realistic leaf shaped cocktail plates that look realistic. They are oven and microwave safe so they are not only striking but durable. The collection offers a center divided serving bowl that is perfect for social gatherings and family get-togethers. There are coupe bowls in the collection that features a wrapped design that resembles floral vines. The dinner plates feature a collection of vines, leaves, and woodland forest bird feathers. There is also three different styles of gift trays to choose from. They also offer lovely baking dishes that will enhance any dish you cook in them. One of the most striking pieces is the coffee mug. It has a hand painted design that features twisted vines, leaves, and bird feathers.

The Forest Walk collection is designed to give a warm feeling to your meals and gatherings. It combines rustic charm with artfully painted pieces. Your family and guest will absolutely love these pieces. You can give these pieces as special gifts that anyone would love to have for the holidays, wedding, or housewarming gifts. You can add a special touch to your end of the year festivities too. They match perfectly with a fall or holiday occasion. You will be proud to own such beautiful high-quality tableware.

Each piece is carefully crafted to create a striking design that evokes warmth and has a cozy feeling. All of the piece in the collection are microwave and dishwasher safe so you can dish out whatever the moment calls for without being concerned with their durability and functionality. Make your meals more personal with this high-quality dinnerware.

Juliska is known for their one-of-a-kind products and for quality workmanship. They not only carry the Forest Walk collection but many other designs and related products for your home. If you love to create a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere for your meals then this is the perfect dinnerware for you. Not only is the collection eye-catching on the table but it is also perfect for you china cabinet display. Don't settle for less. You should choose a quality dinnerware set that is versatile and will stand the test of time. The collection only looks delicate. Be sure to check out the entire collection on the Juliska website for additional information and specific detail regarding each of the pieces of the Forest Walk collection. You can see the enlarged photos to get a better idea of the intricate details that are featured on every piece of the collection.

Enhance your gatherings and meals with this fabulous collection. It is a purchase that you will be glad that you made. This dinnerware will last for many years and will help to create an inviting atmosphere for memorable meals to come. 


A Charming Hyacynthia Necklace

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Mikimoto's Hyacynthia necklace promises to charm, inspire, and provide comfort - while giving you a gorgeous look.

The necklace has a fascinating and diverse range of color, blue-purple, pink, silver, and more, that will also blend in with your chosen style. This necklace features 22mm Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearl, 33.57ct tumbled tanzanite, 2.14ct pink sapphire and 24.78ct diamonds set in 18k platinum.

Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearl is considered one of the rarest pearls. Meanwhile, tumbled tanzanite, from Tanzania, has a blue-purple color that glows, and promises quality and elegance. The pink sapphire, most commonly found to be from Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, is considered to be one of the most valuable sapphires in the fancy sapphires category (blue sapphires are considered to be less valuable). That pink sapphire will help provide that elegant, sophisticated look. This necklace has the same pattern as the flower hyacynthia, since its pink sapphire is surrounded by asymmetrical vines made out of diamonds.

Like it? Then don't hesitate to try it out, and add style, pleasure and fun to your life. Visit Keller and George Jewelers today and add it to your collection!


Luminox Xcor Valijoux Watch

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If you intend to shop for an entirely reliable, durable and a multi-functional watch, then you should consider the Luminox XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 Series. The watch weighs 128grams and highly resistant to scratches. It can last up to twenty-five years.

It is equipped with an in-built power recharge system; Its battery can last for about six years. XCOR Valijoux 5260 series/model is a product of Luminox, a Swiss-based Watch manufacturing company. You can, therefore, expect the same reliable standards of Swiss watchmaking technology.

Luminox watches which use automatic chronograph technology are very popular with the many highly respected surveillance and law enforcement agencies. They are also recommended for people who need to read their watches in all weather conditions, including deep sea water, and in the sky.

Features of Luminox XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 Series

1.Main Function: (Time-Day-Date), XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 watches are always visible at a glance no matter what the light level even in total darkness for up to twenty-five years. The watch displays both the time and date in an elegant design. It is a symbol of class.

2. Crown:This is both a control and a security feature that is made of a metallic stainless steel. Apart from performing the essential functions of changing the time, Setting date and day, winding and stopping the watch it performs other mechanical functions like protecting the watch from moisture as well as extending the lifespan of the battery for up to a maximum of six years. You can use it to switch off the watch to save the battery when you store the watch.

3.Water Proof: Luminox XCOR Valijoux 5260 Series/ model being water-resistant, you can wear it while swimming, in sea, river or swimming pool, when diving both in salt and fresh water, or even bathing.

4. Crystal Screen:its screen is made up the sapphire glass which is highly resistant to scratch and strong hence it can resist water pressure for up to a depth of 500 meters. Divers can also wear the watch due to its clear display.

5. Strap/Bracelet: The wristband of pure leather; it is strong and will last for a very long time depending on how and where you wear the watch.

6. Night vision tubes:Luminox XCOR Valijoux 5260 Series has an inbuilt luminous tube that enables you to read the watch in total darkness or at night. You can find out what time is it irrespective of the lighting conditions around.

Stop by Keller And George today and see the different Luminox watches we have waiting for you!


Roberto Coin Wide Cheval Bangle with Diamonds

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Since the 1970's, Italian designer Roberto Coin has been crafting untimely pieces that resonate with every woman. Inspired by the magical worlds of art and fashion, Coin's brand has been producing unique, beautiful jewelry since 1996.

Today, the classic creations transcend trendiness. The collection, Animalier, adds interest and delicate whimsy to any ensemble with its ode to the beauty and enchantment of the animal kingdom.

The Wide Cheval Bangle with Diamonds is part of this Animalier collection, and features the diamond encrusted silhouette of a show horse, its mane figuratively blowing in the wind. The bracelet comes in silver, gold, and the popular rose gold. This bangle has approximately 4.15 total carat weight. Unlike the silver and gold options, the rose gold Cheval Bangle by Robert Coin accentuates elegance with twice the amount of diamonds. The sparkle and shine along the bridle of the regal horse heads as well as along the two parallel running bands and clasp.

The Bangle is for exquisite taste. He signatures each of his pieces, including the Wide Cheval Bangle, with one delicately installed ruby. The ruby is embedded on the inside of each piece, ensuring the charismatic gem kisses each wearer's skin.

Visit Keller and George today and gaze upon the Roberto Coin collections!


Precision Set FlushFit Collection

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Diamonds are indeed forever, and this statement couldn't be any more truthful with the Precision Set FlushFit Collection. The innovative design of this Precision Set collection is one of the most versatile in the market. It coordinates many different ring designs and stone settings, and it will surely satisfy any style preferences. This collection also boasts of the highest quality metals that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of engagement and wedding rings.

When it comes to engagement rings, grooms no longer have to worry about finding coordinating wedding bands when choosing a ring. Brides can get the ring of their dreams with the FlushFit collection, as any rings with centrally-mounted diamonds can work with any wedding band whatsoever. It doesn't matter what kind of diamond cut is preferred by the bride; whether she wants a princess, pear, or oval cut, the ring will fit perfectly with a plain band or even a band with a row of diamonds. The FlushFit collection also features a variety of band designs that can hold the simplest and smallest carats to the grandest and most impressive carats of diamonds. This collection stays true to Precision Set's elegant and timeless style of rings that will suit all different bride personalities.

From solitaire mounts to semi-mounted diamonds, the FlushFit collection will look beautiful on any Bride's finger. Since Precision Set has options for yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum rings, the choices are endless for the bride and groom. Their rings not only exemplify beauty but also a type of versatility that will allow brides to mix and match as they please. The best part about the collection is that it features plenty of bands that can be stacked together as desired. It's the perfect gift to celebrate anniversaries and rekindle the love the rings symbolize.