John Hardy Men's Classic Tie Bar

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When you dress formally, you often consider the very best tuxedo, the very best shoes and the very best hair cut. But, one thing you may forget about is the jewelry in which you're likely to wear to coordinate with that tuxedo. Many agree that wearing the best of the best jewelry can significantly boost your appearance and make you a more modern male. John Hardy's men's classic chain tie bar is definitely an attractive piece of jewelry to include with your magnificent ensemble that stuns, wows and attracts while holding your tie in place.

The John Hardy Men's classic chain tie bar is fine quality sterling silver jewelry, definitely differs from other tie bar brands on the market that presents low quality stainless steel that consumers aren't to fond of. Uniquely and precisely engraved with signature design, smooth chain finish of the perfect tie bar weight for sheer comfort, this tie bar is a handsome piece.  It is very popular and one of the most beloved tie bars due to its quality timeless sophistication that lasts.

John Hardy started the brand in 1975, inspired to create one-of-a-kind jewelry while in all preserving the rich heritage of Bali. Not only does John Hardy's jewelry include that of silver, but of gold and gemstones as well. Since its start, the brand as continuously created eye-catching jewelry from the brand's initial blueprint of quality, prestigiousness and mesmerization to persistently satisfy the consumer.

Look nice, get compliments and make sure you've made the right choice. John Hardy Men's classic chain bar is definitely a classy and handsome piece for men!


Herend Blue Airplane Firgurine

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This stunning airplane comes from a line of figurines designed by the talented group at Herend. With a color palette referencing the classic china plates of the Orient, this sleek and rounded design makes for a stunning ornament in any home. Light blue hues linger with a striking white background, complemented by gold engines attached to the glazed, sleek wings on either side of the figurine. Hollow holes acting as cockpit decoration complete the piece, giving the item a classic and anthropomorphized design full of character. The figurine also has a soft porcelain backing, and rounds out into a flat service to make for easy placement, balancing usability and design in ways that complement each other instead of clashing. 

The stylish design on the body of the airplane is based on similar designs seen elsewhere throughout the Herend porcelain figurine collections, matching the color of other favorite pieces such as the Globe and the Trophy. This fashionable range uses a combination of curves, white, and soft colors to accent the designed shapes of the figurines and highlight their perfectly sculpted diameters. Many represent pastimes or important life events, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. The airplane itself represents travel, holiday, searching for experiences or discovering other cultures, making it a perfect gift for those returning from time away, or heading abroad for a new life.


Grainger McKoy Wide Feather Earrings

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Jewelry can be the quintessential, most important piece to one‘s style. It offers you the opportunity to show off a classic, simple style, or to have fun with your wild side. If you are looking for some playful additions to your personal jewelry collection to let your personality shine through, you may find exactly what you’re looking for with these Grainger McKoy Wide Feather Earrings. These earrings give just the right amount of flirtatious fun while still giving a sense of sophistication and elegance to your look.

These stunning earrings, along with the entire collection, were inspired in 1995 by a simple Christmas gift, and the collection has grown and prospered ever since. Each piece is meant to resemble or be inspired by a bird or something about a bird, giving the collection a powerful, strong, yet graceful twist. These earrings are a true testament to that, as they provide the fun shape and style of feathers. The set can come in a variety of metals, selective to your preference, and also feature a beautiful adornment of diamonds to give them a genuine sparkle. You will be the topic of conversation when showing off this beautiful jewelry set.

You truly cannot go wrong with any pieces from the collections of Grainger McKoy, and these earrings are most certainly a testimony to that. Whether dressing up your business attire or getting ready for a girls night, these earrings give you a playful, yet elegant feel that is sure to stand the test of time.


The Monica Rich Kosann Grace Giraffe Ring

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Monica Rich Kosann is a well-known fine art portrait photographer, author and jewelry designer from the United States. Her collection of jewelry has awarded her a spot on the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), includes items such as necklaces, earrings, rings, charms, bracelets and lockets and are featured in many fashion and jewelry magazines. With over ten unique collections to choose from, Monica Rich Kosann has been able to provide the best in fine jewelry for not only those individuals who are in love with jewelry and fashion but also for those who are looking for a gift for that "special someone" for their anniversary, wedding, graduation, birthday or a momentous holiday like Christmas.

The Grace Giraffe Ring is wrapped in sterling silver, it has white sapphires etched into it's magnificent design and is also available in 18K gold. This well-crafted ring is the perfect choice for a non-traditional engagement or wedding ring and would also pair nicely with one of the many necklace pieces available such as the Adventure Compass Poesy Ring Necklace or the Rectangular Key Necklace in Silver to complete the full look.

Keller and George has an amazing staff that is eager to help you choose your next piece of jewelry. Visit us today!


Marco Bicego Lunaria Gold Earrings

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The Marco Bicego Lunaria Gold Drop earrings are an ideal pair of earrings for the classy lady who is style conscious. The oval shaped earrings with a secure French wire drop hinge are pure 18 karat gold. The shape has been inspired by the shape of the Lunaria flower. Each design has been handcrafted and hammered, to give a unique grain against the metal by Italian artisans.

Within the Lunaria collection there are several signature pieces of jewelry to compliment these earrings, such as the Lunaria large and medium graduated gold necklace. Both necklaces rest elegantly as a beautiful center piece on the collar bone, made with 18 karat gold and handcrafted with the same distinct grain as the Lunaria earrings.

Marco Bicego has established a long standing reputation for highly talented, traditional engraving ‘Bulino.’ The unique technique is carried out using a traditional, and ancient tool called ‘Bulino.’ This is what sets this collection apart from other gold jewelry designs, the distinct grain of texture. Every piece of Marco Bicego’s jewelry is handcrafted at the brand’s Italian headquarters.

The designer Marco Bicego’s vision is to create a luxury brand based on experience and traditional goldsmith values, infused with Italian creativity and passion. His inspiration to create is based on his Venetian roots.


John Hardy Mens Classic Chain ID Bracelet

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Jewelry can stand the test of time and become a classic edition to your everyday wardrobe. Many of the John Hardy pieces for men help to make the point that men should accessorize, such as the John Hardy Men’s Classic Chain ID bracelet. This bracelet has a amazing grasp on elegant detail while still maintaining a masculine element.

John Hardy Jewelry Company was first created by designer John Hardy himself in 1975. While on a trip to Bali, he was fascinated by the jewelry making techniques of the artists there. This trip inspired him to add his own modern twist to the techniques he saw and witnessed, and the company has thrived ever since.

This ID bracelet is an excellent example of this mix between the modern and traditional techniques, with an intricately braided band that is comfortable and stylish to wear throughout the day.

The attention to detail makes this exquisite bracelet one that is impossible to pass up, and a piece of jewelry that will most certainly stand the test of time. With its sleek yet intricate design and classic black style, you won’t ever want to trade this John Hardy bracelet for anything else.


Mikimoto Honeycomb Dangle Earrings

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Mikimoto is a Japanese luxurious pearl and jewelry company founded in 1893 by Kokichi Mikimoto. He began selling pearls in his homeland of Ojima Island (renamed Pearl Island), and eventually expanded to Tokyo and then London, Paris and many other major cities.

Mikimoto is still considered to be the founding father of pearl cultivation and is still one of the biggest jewelry companies operating today.

Mikimoto has a wide selection of products and jewelry available such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, strands and rings. They also offer various types of pearls such as akoya, black south sea, white south sea, golden south sea, conch and baroque. They also have various collections available to explore such as "Classic", "Contemporary" and "Pearls in Motion".

The elegant Mikimoto Honeycomb Dangle Earrings have a 8mm akoya cultured pearl on each earring with 1.08ct diamonds and a 18K white gold design set in a geometric silhouette of a honeycomb. Like many of Mikimoto's products, this set of earrings would compliment any women's appearance and would most definitely be a great gift to be appreciated on anyone's birthday, anniversary or other momentous occasion or holiday.

Keller and George is your one-stop shop for all Mikimoto jewelry.  Visit us today and see the collections!


Hearts on Fire Aerial Diamond Bracelet

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Hearts on Fire has been designing and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry since 1996. They were the world’s first branded diamond, and the only diamond in the world claiming to be the most perfectly cut. The precision cutting is done by hand by one of 400 master craftsmen at a magnification of 10x the industry standard. 

Hearts on Fire focuses on creating pieces that inspire emotion, love, romance, and passion. Hearts on Fire is also fully compliant with the Kimberely Process, which means you can trust their diamonds to be conflict free. The Kimberely Process is an agreement mandated by the United Nations that requires that all rough diamonds are accompanied with Certificates of Origin, thereby verifying that they were obtained from conflict-free sources.

One such piece available is the Hearts on Fire Aerial Diamond Bracelet. This bracelet features over ten carats of beautifully cut Hearts on Fire diamonds. The design is timeless but still chic. The marquise diamonds are arranged in such a way to create a bold statement. Encasing the diamonds is a band of 18K white gold. This bracelet is great for either everyday wear or on a fancy night out. Its classic look goes with any outfit; it is subtle without being understated. The 2.5mm depth makes sure it will not go unnoticed, without being too clunky.


Lagos Covet Gold Necklace

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Steven Lagos' wide array of designer jewelry has a look and style all it's own. His timeless pieces, each starting out hand drawn, are realized through meticulous artistry. Lagos has been making jewelry with proprietary functionally and unique, eye catching motif since 1977. His work based on inspiring travels in Europe and Asia, along with a vision all is own. The Lagos brand has been maintaining a contemporary design appeal with customers, while introducing to the world organic metal work that has remained a pride of the Steven Lagos name for over 50 years.

This exquisite 18K lobster clasp gold necklace is no exception. A part of the Caviar Gold collection, this simple yet elegant chain necklace stands out with a succession of caviar themed, stringed spheres which form the chain's larger oval flutes. This pleasing artwork of metal creates fascinating gold mirrors, reflecting near objects with a brilliant light. The piece is simply magnetic.

Lagos brings his stunning vision to this 18K gold necklace crafted in an 24 inch oval flute scheme. Each intricate link measures 7 X 5mm, ending in a gorgeous, fluted lobster clasp. The clasp captures the Lagos name with eye pleasing style and durability. This shimmering necklace pairs beautifully with many other gold bracelets and rings within the collection. All of the pieces handmade, artwork which the eyes covet-all of them worthy of a heirloom collection.


Charles Krypell Skye White Mother of Pearl Necklace

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The Skye White Mother of Pearl Necklace is absolutely gorgeous. Its a sterling silver and white pearl pendant. Its the perfect accessory for a romantic dinner date with your significant other or for a fancy banquet. It would go great with a little black dress. The necklace is 8 x 8 millimeters of white mother of pearl with the top being made of quartz. The pendant is 11 millimeters and the chain is 17 inches.

You can add to your look and get the Skye White Mother of Pearl Earrings or the Skye White Mother of Pearl Ring to top it off.  All three of these pieces are designed by Charles Krypell. He's been designing jewelry for about 30 years. He realized his talent for designing when he was attending college in Brooklyn, New York in 1970.

He was a sculptor who eventually fell in love with designing pieces of jewelry. He launched his jewelry line in 1979 to immediate acclaim. Krypell's love for three Dimensional art eventually influenced his interest in creating beautiful jewelry to people.

Charles cemented the infrastructure of how to look, feel, carve, and create three dimensional designs into appreciated art. Charles Krypell is forever trying to challenge himself to make the perfect height of beauty to add on to his collections year by year.  


Naga Pendant with Black Onyx

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The Naga pendant is a 2 mm wide Sterling Silver chain linking to a black onyx stone, measuring 15 mm by 10.5mm, that is embedded with the silver image of a Naga. This beautifully and masterfully crafted piece is one of three items in the John Hardy Legends Collection. It is represented alongside the Cobra, the serpent of reincarnation and renewal, and the Macan, the tiger of strength and passion.

Myths of the Naga range all over Southeastern Asia from India to Japan, but this piece is inspired by Chinese mythology. The water dragon is a protector who guards the pearl of the ocean. The ancient believed the pearl to be the jewel that grants all desires. All dragons carried pearls, and to the Chinese, pearls also represented the Moon. To the ancients, the Moon was a symbol of the goddess of life, love and elixirs.

John Hardy was established in Bali in 1975 due to the artist's fascination with the Southeast Asian island. He gathered a group of local artists to help him start the John Hardy jewelry company. All products are crafted from the materials of the earth along with handmade materials. Each piece is inspired by symbolism of Asian mythology, of the culture that surrounds him. He wants there to be jewelry that represents every heart, every desire. Every storyteller can find a piece that speaks to them.

So wear this Naga Pendant, of the water dragon guarding the pearl, the Moon against the black onyx night sky. Feel the power of protection and also the love of the goddess. Know that abundance is all around you.


Mikimoto Honeycomb Earrings

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Trying to find a befitting gift for a woman you love (mother, wife, girlfriend or a female relative) may be a bit of a problem especially if they are taste-specific. One thing is for sure though: jewelry sets a good mood for appreciation any day, any time. To achieve this, one needs to find a suitable jeweler who is original and has a unique product. Mikimoto has received numerous praises globally for having adorable and unique products that a woman can find hard to resist.

The company was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto who nurtured world’s first cultured beads and later went ahead and established his first Black South Sea pearl in 1914, which gave the pearl industry a new dimension. He ensures that each pearl harvested is so unique that it is termed as its own ‘fingerprint.' Certain qualities are considered when assessing superiority of the beads: 

1. Luster, quantity of brightness a jewel replicates from both its exterior luminosity and the profound replication of its inner brightness. Only a bright spark bares the Mikimoto name.

2. Outward perfection (fewer exterior imperfections denote a higher quality, more valuable pearl) is incredibly important. 

3. Shape (most pearls are rounded, but with Mikimoto, unique shapes like buttons, teardrop, oval and baroque are also familiar) is also a factor in choosing superior pearls. 

4. Color (this mostly depends on color of oyster that produces them). High quality pearls have awe-inspiring colors.

5. Size (pearls are measured in millimeters, therefore size has absolutely nothing to do with its quality).

Mikimoto consistently gives us the most amazing pearl jewelry.  Visit with us at Keller and George and let us show you these pieces up close and personal!


Herend Baby Elephant Figurine

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The Herend Baby elephant figurine is a pure example of the workmanship of Herend. It is small and cute, standing at only 7.6 cm and sitting on his hind legs, with gold accents in 24k gold and fishnet or fishscale pattern, the signature of Herend, and glazed in various colours that compliment the white in shades like light blue or black. The Herend baby elephant figurine is a hand painted sign of a definitive innocent and meek animal and with the gold hand painted on the elephants feet and trunk each figurine has an individual and unique look.

It is the quality of Herend which brings this figurine and others like it to life. Herend puts a lot of emphasis on its beautiful craftsmanship and has for many years.  People wine and dine on the porcelain dish designs made by Herend. Queen Victoria of England certainly did, and the tradition was passed through the British Royal Family to Princess Diana.

Herend's rich legacy of craftsmanship has lived for many years after its founding in 1839, before Mor Fischer became the director and took it in a new direction. That direction has made Herend what it is today, and it now reaches various generations and has reached acclaim with its masterful techniques of crafting beautiful porcelain dubbed "White gold."

Thanks to Fischer, unique and visionary dinnerware replacement pieces for the various royal families of Europe were created in order to complement the porcelain patterns made in Germany and in the far east. But dinnerware pieces were not just what Fischer had in mind for Herend, though the 1851 commission made by Queen Victoria helped to shape Herend's future.


Lagos Signature Caviar Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace

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Lagos is a company that is known for creating designer jewelry for women in all shapes and styles. Lagos has had the pleasure of designing bracelets, earrings, rings, and creating gifts and collections for every occasion and holiday that you can think of. Some of their collections include Beloved, Diamonds, Luna, and multiple collections of Caviar such as the Black Caviar, Caviar Color, or Signature Caviar collections.

The Signature Caviar Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace is a part of the Beloved collection, and comes in silver with a smattering of gold to line the top and bottom sections of the perfume bottle pendant. The necklace itself is made out of silver beads, meaning it can match a number of other beaded jewelry pieces from Lagos or even from another company. This necklace is the perfect fit for parties or for a night out with a bit of extra style rather than just wearing pearls or a plain necklace. This item can be matched with other products from the Signature Caviar or Beloved collections, such as the Signature Caviar Beaded Bracelet with Gold and the Signature Caviar Front-Back Pearl Earrings or the Beloved Heart Ring and Earrings.

For a bit of extra elegance and beauty in your jewelry box and in your outings, it would be best to have the Signature Caviar Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace from Lagos for special occasions.


Marco Bicego 18K White Gold Three Strand Diamond Ring

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This three strand diamond ring from Marco Bicego is a gorgeous piece. It is unique in its look because of the three strands that come together, and it is a classy piece because of the white gold and diamonds that are used on it. All of the small diamonds lining one of the strands sparkle and give it an elegant feel. This ring is one that everyone will notice immediately when a girl is wearing it. It just can't be missed, with three gorgeous strands coming together, with interesting textures and look to each of them, and white gold and diamonds working their magic as one.

In 1958 the brand was founded, and Marco Bicego took over the family business later. He knew that he wanted to make a few changes with the brand, and he was able to make it even better than it was before. He knows jewelry well, and he wanted everything about the pieces coming from this brand to be luxury. He is inspired by his heritage and the natural settings around him as he creates each of the pieces. Earrings, bracelets, rings, and more are all created by this brand, and each of them is made of quality and beautiful materials. They are crafted well, and the brand has gotten a good name because of the care that it puts into them.


Hearts On Fire Classic Channel Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Posted by 10/6/2017 in Hearts on Fire (28)

The Hearts on Fire diamond bangle is a delicate and elegant bracelet that will make a woman feel special. It is a timeless piece, with silver and diamonds used for it, and it is a carefully crafted bracelet. The diamonds go all around the slender bracelet and make it sparkle. The silver is high quality and has a beautiful and yet simple appearance. This is a bangle that a woman can wear for any special occasion and know that it will be a statement piece that everyone will notice and love.
Hearts on Fire has been around for over two decades, starting in the United States in 1996. It was created to sell diamonds that are of a better quality than any others out there, and it quickly became know for doing that. A few years later, the company was able to expand around the globe because of just how popular it was getting. People saw their diamonds as something special, and they were wanted all over. Hearts on Fire has expanded more with working with other brands and such through the years, and it has become a popular brand that everyone knows. Not only are bracelets created by it, but so are engagement rings, diamond earrings, and so much more. And each of the pieces that is made by this brand has beautiful diamonds in it.


Grainger McKoy Narrow Feather Earrings

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The Grainger McKoy Narrow Feather Earrings are stylish and beautiful, making them an elegant addition to any outfit. The earrings are hoop shaped and are about 1.6" in diameter. They are noticeable but not heavy, allowing you to wear them comfortably all day. These feather earrings are available in sterling silver, 14K gold, or 18K gold. The feather design on the hoops makes them stand out from other earring styles. They have a modern appeal in a hoop shape that will always been in style. 
Grainger McKoy created his brand based on his love of outdoors, especially that of birds and the environment. Many of his pieces take design elements from the water fowl that are native to his home state of South Carolina. The Grainger McKoy brand includes jewelry for both men and women, along with sculptures and other artwork for the home. Many pieces are hand carved from wood and make wonderful additions to any room of the home. These pieces are unique and make excellent gifts for those who appreciate handcrafted home decor items. 
The Narrow Feather earrings from Grainger McKoy will coordinate well with the Narrow Feather bracelet of the same design. These pieces both showcase the Grainger McKoy style of adding elements of nature to jewelry that can be worn everyday or with formal outfits. These earrings are beautiful enough to stand out on their own but can also be worn with other pieces for interest and contrast. 


The Beautiful Herend Bulldog

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A beautiful figurine can do much to transform a space, and this Herend bulldog is something that is a great addition to any room. Those who love dogs of all kinds and appreciate all of the special attributes of bull dogs will find this piece to be something that is worth cherishing. This Herend bulldog figurine is crafted in a smooth and shiny way. This piece is covered with a pattern that makes it eye-catching. This is a conversation piece. A mix of white, raspberry, and gold work together to help this figurine be something that will fit in any home and add to the room in which it is set up. This is something that is crafted in a quality way and it is something that all kinds of people will be able to appreciate.
Herend is a brand that has been around for many years and that knows how to put out pieces that are truly made well. The brand was first founded in 1826, and through the years it has grown to become something great. Herend puts out an assortment of pieces each year, and each piece that they put out is something that was crafted with care. The pieces that this brand creates are pieces that are unique from all others out there and they are the kind of pieces that work well at stirring up conversations.


John Hardy Cobra Triple Coil Bracelet

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The name John Hardy evokes the feeling of elegance and fine craftsmanship by the best jewelry artisans in the business. The John Hardy Cobra Triple Coil Bracelet is no exception. This fine piece is crafted with precision from sterling silver and 18-karat yellow gold. Its design gives the look of a cobra in an elegant bracelet that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. The coil has the texture of a cobra’s skin, and even features a cobra head at the top. The result is a bracelet that looks like a cobra wrapped around your wrist.
This is just one of several pieces in the Legends Collection. The Cobra bracelet is inspired by mythical talismans. The cobra itself is symbolic of renewal and transformation. It’s meant to remind the wearer that it’s never too late to transform yourself for the better, and a personal renewal is always possible.
John Hardy began his journey to making fine jewelry when he visit the Philippine island of Bali in the early 1970s. The beauty of Bali inspired him to start a local collective of artisans to put his vision to work. His collective was founded on the basis of artisanship, sustainability, and a close-knit community that sought to raise the standards of what jewelry can be and what it can represent.
Since the company’s founding, John Hardy has remained committed to those original ideals, in both the jewelry collections they craft and the ethical way they run their business.


Lagos Beloved Heart Necklace

Posted by 9/8/2017 in Lagos (7)

The Beloved Heart Necklace from LAGOS is a piece that can easily be dressed up or down to be worn with many different outfits. This necklace is made of sterling silver and 18K gold for a timeless look that is always in style. The necklace has a length of 36 inches. The lobster style clasp easily allows for adjustment of the length of the necklace depending on the desired look.
Lagos is  a jewelry brand that is known for creating timeless pieces that are designed to last and can easily be passed down through the generations. The company was founded in 1977 by Steven Lagos. Much of his design inspiration comes from his travels to Asia, Europe, and other locations. The signature Caviar style beading, featured on many of the pieces, makes LAGOS stand out from other brands. Jewelry by LAGOS exudes an effortless style that can be worn day or night, no matter the occasion.
This necklace from LAGOS has a unique design with 6 double-heart stations spaced around the chain. These double-hearts are interlocking and are accented with 18k gold beading in white gold with small accents of yellow gold on the hearts. The necklace has a substantial look without being too heavy to wear. It can easily be worn as a standalone piece to accent a formal or casual outfit. The Lagos Beloved Heart Necklace can also be worn with other pieces from the Beloved Heart collection which includes rings and earrings.


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