Saturday, March 08, 2014

Dot's Something Beautiful

Posted by Keller & George at 3:04:26 PM in John Hardy (31)

Every artistic stroke starts with a dot. In John Hardy, artistic strokes also end up in wonderful spots of radiance. The meticulously tempered precious metal dots of the Dot collection is one of the brand‘s trademark designs. Made of hammered sterling silver and gold, John Hardy‘s dot design is influenced by the granulating patterns of Bali‘s traditional stone sculptures. Composed of local artisans and head designer Guy Bedarida, the design and productions team painstakingly temper and polish the small flattened balls and hand-apply each one to John Hardy‘s  elegant and sleek  nature-inspired jewelry pieces. Beautifully executed, the Dot collection exudes a put-together, high powered glamour
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for the Dot collection and other luxury pieces by John Hardy.


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