Friday, January 12, 2018

Herend Blue Airplane Firgurine

Posted by Keller & George at 12:00:00 AM in Herend (6)

This stunning airplane comes from a line of figurines designed by the talented group at Herend. With a color palette referencing the classic china plates of the Orient, this sleek and rounded design makes for a stunning ornament in any home. Light blue hues linger with a striking white background, complemented by gold engines attached to the glazed, sleek wings on either side of the figurine. Hollow holes acting as cockpit decoration complete the piece, giving the item a classic and anthropomorphized design full of character. The figurine also has a soft porcelain backing, and rounds out into a flat service to make for easy placement, balancing usability and design in ways that complement each other instead of clashing. 

The stylish design on the body of the airplane is based on similar designs seen elsewhere throughout the Herend porcelain figurine collections, matching the color of other favorite pieces such as the Globe and the Trophy. This fashionable range uses a combination of curves, white, and soft colors to accent the designed shapes of the figurines and highlight their perfectly sculpted diameters. Many represent pastimes or important life events, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. The airplane itself represents travel, holiday, searching for experiences or discovering other cultures, making it a perfect gift for those returning from time away, or heading abroad for a new life.


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