Saturday, January 11, 2014

John Hardy, the artist

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Artists are individuals who use their skills, talents, and imagination to create works of art, often with aesthetic value. Before, the term is used to exclusively refer to those in the fine arts. But time has changed and artists now pertain to a wide spectrum of human activities, which include music, writing, movies, dance, photography, etc. In the colorful world of jewelry design, John Hardy is an artist nonpareil, world-renowned for his Eastern-inspired motifs and “sustainable” handmade jewelry methods. While most artists typically apprenticed to learn from certain mentors, John Hardy learned his artistic techniques by being an apprentice to not just one mentor but to a traditional Asian culture—the Balinese jewelry-making in Indonesia. He also innovatively incorporated elements of “sustainability” to all his jewelry designs and in operating the company, earning its moniker as a “green” enterprise.
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