Friday, November 24, 2017

Lagos Covet Gold Necklace

Posted by Keller & George at 12:00:00 AM in Lagos (7)

Steven Lagos' wide array of designer jewelry has a look and style all it's own. His timeless pieces, each starting out hand drawn, are realized through meticulous artistry. Lagos has been making jewelry with proprietary functionally and unique, eye catching motif since 1977. His work based on inspiring travels in Europe and Asia, along with a vision all is own. The Lagos brand has been maintaining a contemporary design appeal with customers, while introducing to the world organic metal work that has remained a pride of the Steven Lagos name for over 50 years.

This exquisite 18K lobster clasp gold necklace is no exception. A part of the Caviar Gold collection, this simple yet elegant chain necklace stands out with a succession of caviar themed, stringed spheres which form the chain's larger oval flutes. This pleasing artwork of metal creates fascinating gold mirrors, reflecting near objects with a brilliant light. The piece is simply magnetic.

Lagos brings his stunning vision to this 18K gold necklace crafted in an 24 inch oval flute scheme. Each intricate link measures 7 X 5mm, ending in a gorgeous, fluted lobster clasp. The clasp captures the Lagos name with eye pleasing style and durability. This shimmering necklace pairs beautifully with many other gold bracelets and rings within the collection. All of the pieces handmade, artwork which the eyes covet-all of them worthy of a heirloom collection.


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