Friday, May 19, 2017

Mikimoto Fortune Leaves Pendant

Posted by Keller & George at 12:00:00 AM in Mikimoto (29)

Good luck will always find you with Mikimoto’s Fortune Leaves Pendant. This pendant is both charming and elegant. The 12mm pearl is cultured from the South Sea, and it is topped with bunches of cloverleaves. The clovers themselves are asymmetrical to reflect their true nature. The entire pendant is a masterpiece of yin and yang, a perfect balance between smooth lines and natural shapes.

Also hidden within each piece is a four-leaf clover motif, designed to bring endless luck and quirky charm to its wearer. The 18K white gold matches not only the pearl but also the stunning 0.93 carats of diamonds that bedazzle the cloverleaves. This jewelry piece is not only subtle and classic but also unlike anything else out there in the market. Mikimoto’s Fortune Leaves collection is truly a work of art. The Fortune Leaves Pendant will go perfectly with other pieces from the collection such as the Fortune Leaves earrings.

There is no doubt that Mikimoto will have the best pearl around, since the company’s founder was the pioneer in pearl cultivation. Mikimoto has been selling stunning jewelry pieces since before the 20th century, after all. The Fortune Leaves Pendant is the product of years of experience in the pearl jewelry industry, and there is truly nothing else like it out there. This pendant is a gem on its own and is a great addition to any jewelry collection.


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