Saturday, August 10, 2013

Versatility, Productivity, Sustainability

Posted by Keller & George at 2:00:15 AM in John Hardy (31)

In the verdant island of Bali, bamboo is not just a decorative material but an integral part for everyday life. Versatile and highly-useful in food, building and sustainable local crafts, “nature’s gift to mankind” is a constant source of inspiration  for the team of John Hardy artisans and designers, who craft world-class sterling silver jewelry pieces in the midst of teeming Bali communities. John Hardy’s fresh and unique Bamboo collection is handcrafted by the company’s local artists and is one of its most iconic designs. For one thing, the pattern reveals the manufacturer’s oriental influences. For another, bamboo stands for the core values that John Hardy is built on – “strong design, traditional jewelry-making and dedication to sustainable living.” 
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