Sunday, June 09, 2013

Wearable sophistication

Posted by Keller & George at 9:00:00 AM in John Hardy (31)

Balinese jewelry artisans are known for their ability to come up with unique and intricate designs, incorporating much of their culture and art in every creation. These craftsmen, who are of royal lineage, continue to keep the timeless tradition alive. Noted jewelry designer Guy Bedarida combines Eastern art with Western style in the John Hardy Jewelry Collection of Classic Chain bracelets. These precious pieces are delicately crafted by artisans in the brand design compounds of Bali. An offering of sophistication that is unparalleled, precise and timeless. A breathtaking anthology of jewelry complemented by braids in gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and gemstones. This collection is truly for those who fancy luxurious jewelry and value cultural heritage.

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