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Pandora and You

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In over 50 countries, Pandora Jewelry is famed as the premier designer and manufacturer of charm bracelets, rings, and watches. Everyone who knows Pandora also knows its wide selection of charm bracelets that are completely personalized, perfect for a gift to a loved one or a personal milestone keeper.  With more than 800 charm designs, there is more than enough choices for a deeply personal bracelet design. The Pandora rings, in different designs and materials, further expand the selection to choose from. Dainty, modern and versatile, Pandora rings are ready to jazz up your elegant evening wear or shirt and jeans outfit. They are individually designed to be worn in beautiful solitaire or as a gregarious stack, depending on your mood for the day. And while you’re at it, might as well personalize your watch too. Choose from Pandora’s pre-made watches or customize your very own. After all, everything is about expressing yourself at Pandora Jewelry.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Elegant Precision

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In 2001, Precision Set became a premier name in the jewelry making industry with its instantly successful FlushFit collection. The brand introduced a line of semi-mount diamond engagement rings that fit perfectly well with any Precision Set wedding band, eliminating that much dreaded gap between the two most important pieces of jewelry a woman can wear – her engagement ring and wedding band. As in the case of many ‘instant’ successes, much forethought and expertise went into the design and craftsmanship of the FlushFit collection, banking on decades of experience and the collaboration of seasoned Precision Set jewelers. The FlushFit and other Precision Set products are crafted by hand and carefully fashioned from the highest grade materials to create the most captivating finishes and intricate details. The Dallas based company guarantees the best tokens of love for your most important commitments.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Milano Meets Mikimoto

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The Milano collection of famed house of pearls Mikimoto, is a sophisticated ensemble that brings together the two side of the world. Established in Japan in the late 1800’s by the late researcher, inventor and businessman Kokichi Mikimoto, the brand has long been reputed as the leading producer of jewels bedecked in pearls, the treasures of the Orient. In the Milano, designer Giovanna Broggian combines the timeless grace and elegance of Italian design with Mikimoto’s choicest pearls. Using an exclusive spring tension system that holds the pearls in place, Giovanna plays with structure and details while keeping the pearls the focal point of each piece. Delicately balanced among golden stalks or playful starfishes in precious stones,  the pearls show off their immaculate glimmer and ageless beauty. Classic in style or contemporary, the Milano pieces beckon with grace all the same. 
Find Mikimoto at authorized retailer Keller & George.

Not a Typical Story

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The Raymond Weil story is anything but typical. Watchmaker and music enthusiast Raymond Weil started his watch manufacturing company in 1976 at Geneva Switzerland, right at the time when the Swiss watch industry was taking a plunge due to the Quartz crisis. The eternal optimist, Raymond Weil saw glinting polished diamonds in the rough stone of the difficulty. He single-handedly weathered the Quartz storm and was later joined by his son-in-law Olivier Bernheim. Together they carved out a path for the company closely intertwined with their shared love for classic music and the good life. In the early 1980’s Raymond Weil launched Amadeus, in honor of the great master and in conjunction with Milos Forman’s world acclaimed film. The brand has honored many more artists since then, gaining worldwide success for precision and excellent quality in the process. As the third generation of Weil’s take over, Raymond Weil now remains strong as one of the last independent Swiss watch companies.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

Tuning In To Nature

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Tune in to nature with the Prestige Cocktail Ladies’ watch from the Philip Stein Life Collection. This stunning masterpiece features a stainless steel case, Pavé diamond bezel, infinite white diamond dial, sapphire crystal anti-glare coating and dual Swiss movements. It also features the revolutionary technology developed by Philip Stein called the Natural Frequency Technology. When you wear a Philip Stein bracelet or watch, the Natural Frequency Technology allows you to tune in to the natural frequencies around you which are beneficial to your health and well being. In a hectic and fast-moving world, Will and Rina Stein sought ways to tune in to nature and reconnect with the earth for a harmonious lifestyle. Their journey led them to the discovery that natural frequencies can enhance our concentration, improve our stamina, and overall well being this allowing us to achieve a more balanced and harmonious living wherever we may be.
Discover Philip Steins’ Collections at Keller and George Jewellers and achieve a harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

The Perfect Way To Say I Love You

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Diamonds are formed deep within the earth where intense pressure and heat transform carbon atoms into crystals with brilliance and strength unmatched by any other stone on earth. Seemingly indestructible and exceedingly brilliant, the diamond is the perfect token of commitment and lasting love, thus it is the stone of choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. When you want to say “I Love You”, a perfect way to do so is to give your loved-one a Memoiré Grandé Pavé Diamond Eternity Band with five rows of round brilliant diamonds set in 18K yellow gold. Memoiré bands are designed with timeless elegance and beauty and cast in the highest quality of 18K gold and platinum. With craftsmanship admired throughout the world, Memoiré makes sure your token of love will last a lifetime and beyond.
Memoiré bands and jewelry pieces are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Drama in Turquoise

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Experience the exquisite elegance of the Cushion Set Bracelet from Metalsmiths Sterling’s Earth, Wind, and Fire Collection. The simple yet elegant lines of the sterling silver are enhanced by the drama of the blue-green turquoise stones. The bracelet is also available with the hues of semi-precious stones such as onyx (black), labradorite - a luminescent stone with blue-green-brown tones as well as dendrite agate which is white with tinges of blue-black. The natural and stunning hues of the stones give each bracelet a dramatically unique appeal and a look that is totally its own. The Cushion Set Bracelet as well as every piece of jewelry in Metalsmiths Sterlings Collection is stamped with the company’s hallmarks of quality and purity. These hallmarks guarantee the highest level of standards in craftsmanship and materials which is perfectly in line with the company’s goal – to offer the highest quality of handcrafted modern jewelry for men and women across the globe.
Find Metalsmiths Sterling’s stunning creations at Keller and George Jewellers.

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Embark in Luxury

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Marco Bicego invites you to embark in an elegant world tour every day, with his various enchanting jewelry collections inspired by different landscapes and cityscapes all around the globe. Bearing Italian sophistication spiced up with often exotic and enthralling cultures from places such as Goa and Jaipur, Bicego’s works are crafted with a profusion of colorful precious stones and hand-etched gold chains – the  unmistakable signature of the young artist from Veneto, Italy. “It is about culture, and spirit. Creating something new,” says the Italian designer of his acclaimed works of art. With Bicego, it is about looking at everyday stuff in a different, more artistic light. It is about looking at other worlds with the same eye of appreciation and finding out beauty is a universal attribute. It is also about wearing that beauty everyday and getting immersed in them whether at work or at play. 
Find Marco Bicego’s creations at authorized retailer Keller and George. 

An Avenger For Excellence

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From the eponymous brand that invented and produced the first chronographs comes the ultimate in precision instruments – the Avenger II. Made with Breitling’s reputation for excellence and sturdiness, the Avenger II chronograph has a stainless steel case that gives the instrument its extraordinary strength and durability with a water resistance up to 300 meters. Its technical and functional style is designed precisely for professionals together with its aviation-inspired stencil type numerals and pushpiece guards screwed into the steel which houses a self-winding chronograph movement chronometer. As with all Breitling’s chronographs and watches, the Avenger II chronograph can function efficiently and reliably under the most adverse conditions around the clock. To ensure that your top quality timepiece will receive excellent maintenance, Breitling offers irreproachable customer service to its clients.
Breitling’s outstanding chronographs and watches are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Tissot Secrets Bared

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Tissot bares its inmost watchmaking secrets – literally, with the new Tissot T-Complication Squelette. The 43mm stainless steel watch captures modernity and meticulous craftsmanship with its wheel-inspired design and handwound, mechanical movement. The skeleton complication that is visible through the dial makes an impressive show of the brand’s deep-rooted expertise in precision watchmaking. Surrounded by a thin bezel, and a display case back, the regular turning of the movement’s parts is the central design of the T-Complication Squelette. The blue hands and subdial, as well as the black leather strap provide a handsome classic contrast to the brushed steel finish of the movement, making it ideal for that sleek urban look that flows easily between timelessness and contemporary suave.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Tissot.

Groundbreaking Innovation in the Water World

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The Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU is the world’s first diving watch with a helium release valve incorporated into the crown. The 600-meter water resistant watch is dedicated to the ‘Navy Experimental Diving Unit’ (NEDU) of the United States Army, a team which plays a crucial role in the rolling out of operational diving and compression rules for the Armed Forces. The sporty and powerful watch houses the ETA 7750 mechanical movement, COSC certified for absolute precision in hours, minutes, seconds, and day and date displays. Along with the powerhouse caliber are other state-of-the-art Ball Watch features such as the luminous micro gas lights, unidirectional rotating bezel and 7500G’s shock resistance plus 4800A/m intensity magnet resistance. Two water releasing chamfers have been lodged beneath the bezel to combat possible corrosion effect, and for the first time the NEDU automatic helium release valve has been incorporated into the crown to prevent surface warp under severe water pressure. Unsurpassed and ground-breaking, the Hydrocarbon NEDU truly lives up to its name. 
Find it at Keller & George — authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

The Beauty of the Bamboo

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The Buddha Belly Bamboo grows in the expansive terrains of China and in the cosy confines of the John Hardy compound. John Hardy is the Oriental inspired jewelry manufacturer with a workshop tucked in the neat and culturally teeming island of Bali, Indonesia. Endeared to the local artisans and close to the environment, the brand finds its inspiration in the rich heritage of the surrounding communities and the refreshing beauty of nature. The graceful curves of the rare bulbous bamboo that thrive in the John Hardy compound gave rise to one of the company’s bestselling selections called Bamboo Collection. The organic shapes and details of the pieces capture the majestic stature and humble functionality of the bamboo, from the purely elegant silver bangles to dazzling stone-decked bamboo rings. Indeed, an artist does not have to look far for inspiration. In the case of John Hardy designers, they simply have to look towards the captivating scenery outside the workshop enclosure. 
Find John Hardy at authorized retailer Keller & George.

Let the Star Shine

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“Everyone’s a star and deserves a chance to shine.” Everyone agrees with Marilyn Monroe on this, especially acclaimed diamond jewelry maker Hearts on Fire. The Illa pendant, with its diamond encrusted gold star pendant, is a simple yet elegant piece that captures the dainty yet trendy glamour of contemporary jewelry. Versatile and fashionable, the necklace lends a beautiful radiance that complements a girl or woman no matter her personality. Inspired by beautiful celestial display of Northern Italy’s night sky, the Illa necklace also reflects the timeless spirit of romance that lurks in every woman’s heart, regardless of which continent she stands to look at the captivating heavenly sight. Find the Illa Collection by Hearts on Fire and let the star in her shine bright. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

The Artist and His Brainchild

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Christopher Designs is the 35 year old brainchild of Christopher Slowinsky, the Polish-born jewelry designer who started to establish himself in the United States back in the late 1970s. Slowinsky had apprenticed under master craftsmen in Europe and later in America. From his extensive training, he combined his time-tested jewelry making techniques with modern technology to create his exclusive designs, including his Crisscut stones. The Crisscut design has a crisscrossed faceting pattern that maximizes the brilliance of the diamonds and creates an extraordinary illusion of an exquisitely scalloped border. Slowinsky has earned several patents for his designs, and like a proud father, stands by the quality and beautiful perfection of every piece that leaves the Christopher Designs workshop.
Find the Crisscut diamonds by Slowinksy at authorized retailers such as Keller & George Jewelers.

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Time for Versatile Durability

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The Infantry Vintage Day/Date timepiece is a handsome Swiss made mechanical movement by Victorinox Swiss Army that sits squarely in the middle of respectable luxury and high-end utility. The watch sports a fun complication that sits comfortably and looks just right on the wrist whether on some rugged trail or on a boisterous street in town. More than the refined design and uncompromised Swiss craftsmanship, the watch wouldn’t be a Swiss Army product if it wasn’t a durable piece of functional equipment. From the company whose reputation is built on reliable durability and exceptional utility, The Infantry Vintage Day/Date continues in the tradition of excellence that served the Swiss Army and created the legendary “Swiss Knife”. Versatile and durable, it is a piece you can completely rely on technically and aesthetically
Find Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces at Keller & George – authorized retailer for luxury jewelry and timepieces such as Victorinox Swiss Army. 

The Pursuit of Precision

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Precision Set, recognized for its classic and contemporary bridal ensembles, was established in 1987 in the Dallas, Texas. Serving a wide clientele for its engagement rings and wedding rings, the brand takes pride in handling each ring individually and with full attention to every little detail. All the processes involved from design to production to support are all done in one roof, by the most seasoned hands in the industry.  Each design passes through the careful scrutiny and skillful hands of every Precision Set member. Precision Set diamond rings embody the essence of elegance and love – changing through time yet undoubtedly the same. The company’s innovative collections such as the Flushfit and New Aire continue to evolve with the industry. At the same time, Precision Set remains loyal to its cry for precision in terms of quality, artistry and complementary service. 
Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Radiating Warmth and Elegance

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The surreal beauty of the sunset has inspired many great artists, including designer sisters Heath and Landon Slane who captured the majesty of the setting sun in their Solis collection. Their mutual love and admiration for the sun stem from a shared passion for nature’s lovely displays. In the Solis collection, the radiating warmth of the life-giving star is captured in 18k yellow gold juxtaposed with diamonds that mimic the sparkle of the rays. In the brand’s Solis ring, the calm turquoise setting contrast beautifully with the glimmer of diamonds and gold. Slane’s nuage texture – which appropriately translates to ‘cloud’ in French, perfectly wraps the design in its billowy pattern. The ring is part of numerous jewelry pieces featuring the Solis pattern, now one of Slane’s bestselling designs. 
Visit authorized retailer Keller & George Jewelers to find Slane’s Solis Collection and other recent creations.

Tell Us Your Story

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Stories – our own particular life stories are the driving force behind the success of Pandora Jewelry’s sensational charms selection. Launched in 2000 by the jewelry manufacturing company from Denmark, the colorful bits and trinkets of the collection include nearly 800 handcrafted designs from cutesy animals, to glamorous little tiaras, and memorable travel symbols such as caricature airplanes and Eiffel towers. The charms are especially fashioned for personalized design, with which every girl and woman can express her own style and tell her share of stories with her own combination of meaningful charms. As cherished as the memories they carry, each charm is individually and meticulously crafted by expert jewelry artisans in Pandora’s Thailand manufactory out of the finest materials such as 18k gold, silver, murano glass, wood,  as well as precious stones like amethyst, onyx and pearls and even diamonds. Pandora’s charm bracelets are a modern woman’s revolutionary way for creativity and self expression. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

The Brothers and their Craft

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The Suna story began in Europe, when second generation jewelers Kenneth and Joel Suna founded the jewelry manufacturing company Suna Brothers. Trained as diamond setters, jewelers and gemologists, the brothers set out to craft modern-classic jewelry pieces that transcended the changing styles of the times. More than seventy years ago, Suna Brothers came to America and until now thrives in its New York City workshop, where seasoned artisans craft unique jewelry pieces from rare precious stones and fine metal alloys. With a manufacturing process that uses both old world techniques and modern technology, Suna Brothers is recognized as an outstanding jewelry manufacturer with numerous designs awards. Among the brand’s popular pieces are the pink diamond jewelry that bear natural pink diamonds from the deep recesses of Argyle Diamond Mine in East Kimberly, Australia. 
Find Suna Brothers and its charming creations at authorized retailer Keller & George Jewelers.

The New Maestro

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The Maestro Collection of Swiss watchmaking company Raymond Weil is a symbol of the brand’s craftsmanship roots and its main inspiration, excellent music. The tasteful  collection which debuted in 2010 had just gotten wider by a few new models released this year. The Maestro Phase de Lune Semainier is an attractive automatic moon phase watch that bears the classic look that is distinctively Weil. It sports a nifty 41.5mm stainless steel case that houses a distinguished-looking silver dial marked by Roman numeral indicators. The hands tick along regularly with their cool blue hue that contrast handsomely with the dial’s silver sheen. Also huddled under an anti-glare treated sapphire crystal are the watch’s key features such as the moonphase and the month, day and year calendars. Comfortable, elegant and functional, the Maestro Phase de Lune befits the man who is in control of the show. 
Find Raymond Weil at authorized retailer Keller & George.

Pearls in Bloom

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Pearls are in bloom at the house of Mikimoto pearls with the brand’s fresh offerings of pearl jewelry including the diamond-set Marguerite Pendant.  The modern asymmetrical design of the Mikimoto piece features a vibrant combination of flower patterns in enamel-coated and diamond studded rose gold – a perfect balance between timeless sophistication and youthful blithe. A well-manicured curled vine in the same precious metal provides a natural feel to the lovely delicacy of the floral design and the immaculate elegance of the Akoya cultured pearls that dotted the pendant. The radiant organic gem ranged in size from 4mm to 5.25mm, lending the pendant an air of unmistakable radiance. Marguerite is yet another unparalleled masterpiece by the undisputed leader in the craft, and also the perfect gift for the beautiful woman who exudes the same radiance as Mikimoto’s flawless pearls. 
Find the Marguerite Pendant and other Mikimoto pieces at Keller and George, authorized retailer for Mikimoto pearls.

Not by Chance

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“Hard” and “Work” are two words that when put together mean different things to different people. To some, it is the opposite of play. While some would just define it as something that is challenging, something out of the ordinary, something you have to think of – something painful or uncomfortable. Regardless, time and time again, it has been proven that it is hard work and not chance that one has to have (or do) in order to succeed. In fact, a major key to success is to learn to enjoy challenging work AND to enjoy working hard at it. How much work is to be found in an activity is at least partly caused by the attitude people bring to it. Take for example the story of Breitling. A specialist of technical watches, Breitling has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph and is a leader in this complication. But the firm could not have been able to share all the finest moments in the conquest of the skies if not for its sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments – all products of hard work, and not merely by chance.
Come see some of Breitling’s  products of obsession with quality at Karen & George

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Keeping Memories Alive

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Our brains, whether we realize it or not, have their daily battles of what to keep, what to let go of and where in the world to put it all. But sometimes ones brain needs a little help from the heart – a little something that would tug the deepest recollection, awaken the long-forgotten feelings, and rekindle an ageing fire. Something that would ensure that the memories we are creating today are remembered well beyond tomorrow – something like, a ring. But not just any other ring. It has to be Memoire. Mémoire has been manufacturing diamond jewelry in the United States for more than 20 years. Its line is sold exclusively to the “Guild” end of the market and we are extremely selective  in choosing Authorized Mémoire Retailers. Quality and craftsmanship have always been keynotes to their success in the jewelry industry. But most of all, Mémoire is one of the few jewelry houses to offer in-house laser engraving. Mémoire’s machines are state of the art and result in a level of quality that is famous throughout the industry. The lasers inscribe messages, names, and dates, personalizing your jewelry with lasting sentiment – to forever remind you, your children, your children’s children that somehow, somewhere, there was love. 
Come vist Keller & George to see Memoire’s collection.

Sensuously Intertwined

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Humans have always wanted to connect. Newborns are held and cuddled by their parents moments after delivery, making it their first experience of the new world. As toddlers, we were given stuff toys and other fluffy what-nots to cuddle before we go to sleep. As children, we have enjoyed tickle fights and roughhousing sessions, which could be very well, count as cuddling.  Scientists even believe that the nurturing touch of a hug builds trust and a sense of safety. This helps with open and honest communication, not to mention building confidence and fostering love and affection. As humans as we are, we have always created things and little marvels that mirror our nature and characteristics – like coiled gold strands. With Marco Bicego’s collection, Marrakech, human connection has never been beautifully visualized. The top-selling Marco Bicego collection, with its sinuously sculpted lines, combines timeless elegance and contemporary taste for the essential. Sensuous and fluid, it is the ultimate gift to one’s loved-one, in confirming and asserting your undying love, unbreakable promise, enduring passion, resilient faith, and deep desire to forever be sensuously intertwined...together.
Visit us at Keller & George for a taste of eternity. 

Living Life to the Fullest

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They say that a tired mind is inefficient and unhappy. Too often we go through life on autopilot, going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it. This should not be the case; your life experience is at your disposal to mold as you see fit. You must appreciate every moment you are blessed with and be active in the bountiful world around you. There have been too many instances where we have seen people not be present in the moment because they are too distracted by miniscule issues that are irrelevant in the long run. But it’s not impossible to seize the day, even if only in bite-size chunks. Live each day to the fullest with Philip Stein’s Life Collection. The timeless watches and bracelets in the Philip Stein Life Collection help you live at your best. Their built-in technology channels the natural frequencies that most benefit your body and mind during the day. Its Natural Frequency Technology is finely tuned to pick up and channel beneficial natural frequencies to help you feel more balanced during the day. So, wherever you go, you can feel in tune.
Come see it at Keller & George to start living life to the fullest. 

Beauty Lock

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Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the culprit. You may notice symptoms of stress when disciplining your kids, during busy times at work, when managing your finances, or when coping with a challenging relationship. Stress is everywhere. The good news is that there is much you can do—exercise, meditation, and more—to reduce the impact of stress in your life. As much as stress affects and limits a person’s perform in achieving his or her purposes in life, the same goes with luxury or even ordinary watches. Mild impacts can cause standard mechanical movements to vary by up to more or less 60 seconds a day. But Ball Watch, a premier producer of quality and elegant timepieces announces “SpringLOCK,” where Ball Watch takes accuracy to a new level. Exclusively developed by Ball Watch, the SpringLOCK system protects the hair spring of the movement by means of what is effectively a “cage” designed to absorb the energy conveyed by any external impacts to which the watch is subjected. 
Come see the historical pieces by Ball Watch, in the evolution of watchmaking history at Keller & George.

Charming Chains

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A chain is a series of connected links which are typically made of metal. The prevalent modern symbolism is oppression, due to the use for a mechanical restriction of the liberty of a human or animal. But more and more people have used it as a symbol of interconnectivity or interdependence. In fact, it symbolizes an eternal connection with an ideal or a loved one. A linked chain has been a symbol of marriage because of the immortal connection soul-mates share. In this light, the chain stands for eternal love - especially in marriage. But for John Hardy, the stunningly complex classic chain technique is a tribute to the ancient chain weaving practiced in Bali since the 19th century when the country was still divided into eight kingdoms, each king competing for status with the beauty of his castles, queens and jewelry. First introduced at John Hardy in the 1980s, the collection – which offers soft and amazingly comfortable to wear silver links – has already evolved to also include the carved chain motif. 
Come see the product of handcrafting-expertise at Keller & George.

Simply You

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Let’s admit it: It’s much less painful if one is a teenager to do as the crowd does; it’s much less emotionally draining to be the yes-man at work than to stand up and speak; and it’s much less agonizing to be numbed by incessant conversation and hoopla than to be uncomfortable in your own company. A lot of us are afraid to be ourselves, for a bunch of reasons, most of them being bad. But think about what you could do if you were simply yourself. Think about the pressure that may be lifted if you didn’t have to be two people, or three people, or more, depending who you’re around. You will find a genuine source of contentment that cannot be taken away, consequently, you will attract people who appreciate the real you, and in the end be able to revel in success that is truly yours. Metalsmiths Sterling, makers of timeless jewelries knows what it is like to embrace one’s self with the offering of its Signature Collection. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks in elegant designs that never go out of style, will definitely let your unique, creative talents shine, help you embrace your own idiosyncrasies, and show your very own signature.
Visit Keller & George for a taste of your own Signature Collection. 


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