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Love Expressed in Brilliance

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Over the years, Precision Set Jewelry Works has provided the perfect way to express love and affection with their timeless and fabulous fine diamond jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands. Meticulously handcrafted in their Dallas headquarters, each piece of jewelry is made only from the finest precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium and beautifully set with the most brilliantly-cut diamonds creating heirloom quality pieces that may be handed down for generations. Allow your love to shine through with their engagement ring from the Classic Collection. Its shared prong sets off the beauty of the smaller diamond’s in the ring’s band, allowing them to add fire and scintillation to the Brilliant Round Cut Center Diamond. Available in 14K or 18K White or Yellow gold and platinum, this ring perfectly serves as a token of love and commitment whose brilliant fire would surely melt any girl’s heart.
Precision Set’s Classic Collection is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

LovePod in Bloom

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Created by goldsmiths and jewelry designers Mads Trolle and Lee Anthony Gray, Pandora’s LovePods Collection is inspired by nature’s delicate plant structures and most especially by the life cycle of a flower. Their designs emulate seedpods burgeoning with promise while flower pods are poised ready to burst into bloom! Beautifully crafted, the 18K yellow, rose and white gold of the collection serve as a perfect foil for the lustrous hues of gemstones such as diamonds, amethysts, peridots, citrines, spinels, and topazes which gorgeously dot the collection. LovePods rings can be worn alone or can be artfully stacked together in many fascinating combinations. In the same way, LovePods pendants may be worn on necklaces and bracelets alone or with others.  What makes LovePods jewelry more exciting to wear is the chance to mix and match it Pandora’s collections of charms, bracelets and other jewelries. So let your own creativity burst into bloom with LovePods from the Pandora Collections.
Discover Pandora’s LovePods at Keller and George Jewellers.

A Hallmark of Sterling Quality

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With every piece of Metalsmith Sterling jewelry comes a guarantee of the highest quality – the brand’s hallmarks of quality and purity. The hallmarks represent the highest standards for sterling silver the world over. This European jewelry brand offers five collections with over 800 pieces of sterling silver jewelry,featuring precious gems and unique stones. Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of nature, architecture, art and the environment, the designs are often sleek, bold, dramatic and timelessly elegant. They exude a strength that draws out a woman’s self-confidence. In The Earth’s Wind and Fire Collection, the smooth and graceful lines of the Sterling Silver lovingly embrace the semi-precious and unique stones that bring drama to this collection. The silver serves as a perfect foil for the natural beauty of gemstones such as labradorite, black onyx, and turquoise. With each stone uniquely different each piece in this collection has an appeal totally its own.
Discover Earth’s Wind and Fire at Keller and George Jewellers.

The Healing Touch of Nature

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Experience Mother Nature’s healing touch through Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology, incorporated into this unique brand’s watches and bracelets. In their quest for a more harmonious living, Will and Rina Stein, Co-founders of Philip Stein, discovered that earth’s natural frequencies bring our bodies better health and well-being when we are in tune to them. The Natural Frequency Technology reconnects our bodies to these natural frequencies and benefit our well-being, thus allowing us to live a more harmonious everyday life. Will and Rina Stein shares this beneficial technology through their bracelets. In Philip Stein bracelets, this technology is known as Teslar. This patented technology brings a sense of calm and relaxation to the wearer by eliminating “electronic pollution” from everyday electronic gadgets that are disrupting our bodies’ natural balance. The Philip Stein Teslar Steel and Platinum Silk Bracelet does not only restore your body’s natural harmony but is also extremely attractive to wear.
Philip Stein’s unique watches and bracelets are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Celebrating Nature’s Exquisite Beauty

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On its 15th Anniversary, Slane Jewelry celebrates with a collection of gorgeous jewelry pieces. They exemplify the Slane touch – elegant designs, inspired by nature’s spontaneous beauty, exquisitely executed in the most fabulous precious metals and gems. Reflecting the Slane sister’s love for nature, their 15th Anniversary Collection is a treasure trove of golden and sterling silver beehives, bees, and honeycombs beautifully set with diamonds, pearls, crystals, and gemstones. Simply elegant, the pieces of this fabulous collection may be worn together with the most formal evening gown or with a pair of jeans and a shirt. One of the most exquisite in the collection is the 15th Anniversary Beehive Mixed Metal Diamond Pendant with Pave Bees. Superbly handcrafted in 18K yellow gold, this pendant features a band of round Pave set diamonds in the middle and five Pave diamond Sterling Silver bees while a bee stamp at the bottom completes this fabulous piece.
You can find Slane’s Collections at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewellers.

A Pearl of a Heritage

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Mikimoto has celebrated 120 years of producing the most lustrous pearls. The first to succeed in culturing a perfectly round pearl, Kokichi Mikimoto made this once-elusive treasure of the sea available to many. “I would like to adorn the necks of all women of the world with pearls”, Kokichi once said. His dream has been fulfilled as the name “Mikimoto” has become famous for its cultured pearl jewelry the world over. For over a hundred years, Mikimoto has set the standard for cultured pearls and pearl jewelry. Its pearls have adorned the necks of the rich and famous as well as women from different walks of life. To honor the company’s tradition of excellence and its magnificent heritage, Mikimoto has created three exquisite strands for its 120th Anniversary Collection. Made with the most fabulous pearls it has ever produced. As part of this collection, The Multi-colored Freshwater and South Sea Pearl Necklace is a strand of 120 pearls of breathtaking hues with Mikimoto’s signature clasp in 18K White gold.
You may find this Mikimoto treasure at Keller and George Jewellers.

Feminine Precision

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Created by Raymond Weil in 1976, the history of this eponymous brand of luxury Swiss watches may not be that long when compared to other Swiss brands, but this family-owned company has swiftly risen to become one of the flagships of the Swiss watchmaking industry. With a wealth of experience, technical know-how, a keen sense of aesthetics and the Swiss’ preoccupation for excellence, Raymond Weil has became renowned for distinctive, refined and modern timepieces that are not only highly precise and sturdy but also extremely elegant and sophisticated. The Jasmine Collection exemplifies the brand’s exacting standards. A gorgeous collection of Ladies watches, Jasmine features the same precision and reliability tempered by graceful curves and feminine touches such as the delicate floral design at the center of the dial, a diamond encrusted bezel, and an elegantly-designed strap that beautifully wraps around a woman’s wrist for a totally feminine look.
The Jasmine Collection is available at Keller and George Jewellers

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adventure Day or Any Day

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“Perfect for adventure, suitable for everyday,” is its makers’ description for the Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT. Given the fact that the maker happens to be the same name behind the legendary Swiss Army knife, any Swiss watch afficionado can rest assured in its quality and craftsmanship. Built with the durability and functionality of a sports watch and dressed with the neutral colors of luxury timepieces, Summit XLT hovers in the middle range, feeling comfortable both in an underwater escapade just as much as in a fancy party. It has the rugged capabilities of a trustworthy sports watch – tachymeter, accurate chronometers, shock and water resistance, as well as luminescent hands and indicators on the dial. Summit XLT can be your next best buddy whether you are training for race, charting your course at see or just plain fond of noteworthy timepieces.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Swiss Army.

Unconventional Sophistication

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It’s luxurious and designed in cushion cut, but it’s not diamond. The Raymond Weil Maestro Cushion dress watch is a sophisticated classic with a refreshing unconventional look. The Swiss made cushion cut timepiece comes in either a bold yellow gold case with black leather straps or a much subtler stainless steel case and bracelet. The dial is a textured silver with large Roman numerals and sunray gradient in the middle. Blue pomme hands add a dash of color and contemporary feel. An unobtrusive date dial sits at 3 o’clock without disrupting the flow of the dial’s design. Through the watch’s crystal case back, the Maestro Cushion displays its RW 4200 automatic movement, adding a point of interest to the already interesting cushion timepiece. 
Check out Raymond Weil’s Maestro Cushion and other watches at Keller & George – an authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

Overflowing Sparkle

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True love cannot help but overflow. In the same manner, Precision Set’s diamonds overflow too. Precision Set is the jewelry making company famous for its well-crafted platinum mountings and shanks that are profusely set with precious brilliant cut diamonds. After decades of service in the trade, Precision Set expertly matches its collections to each clients preferences, guaranteeing total satisfaction, whether it is an elegant solitaire, a vintage-looking three-stone ring, or a full-blown wedding band with diamond encrusted shank. Not only the central stone but the whole glittering ring, with its intricate patterns and details, becomes an attention grabbing work of art. After all, if you cannot stop love from singing on top of its lungs, why should its most classic symbol not shine with its most stunning glamour
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Windows to Nature and Beauty

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Fenestra in Biology refers to tiny pores or openings in blood vessels and certain tissues that allow the rapid exchange of molecules. In Latin, the word literally means “window”. In Slane Jewelry, Fenestra is a collection of sterling silver jewelry so inspired by nature’s amazing intricacies. The pieces, designed by sisters Landon and Heath Slane who are also Slane’s founders, feature dainty flat disks from silver strands interspersed to form a lovely pattern full of natural openings or “windows”. Graceful and elegant, the collection bears a hint of the fenestra from which the inspiration had flown. The collection’s portrayal of nature’s spontaneous beauty is both poetic and reassuring, communicating that somehow there is order in the natural universe even in the littlest things. 
Find Fenestra and other Slane Jewelry at Keller & George, an authorized dealer.

Never Out of Style

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There are things that would never go out of style. In Suna Brothers alone, you would be surprised to find out how many years old some of the brand’s bestsellers are. The Lucky Star is Suna Brothers’ well-known ‘star fish’ design first launched in 1976 and is now one of the brand’s bestsellers and icons. Since then, the diamond studded golden star fish has grown in unwavering popularity, giving inspiration to a large family of starfish designs in different metals and jewelry forms – pins, pendants as well as earrings that are still mostly available today. Also hailing from that era are the brand’s line bracelets. Since the 1970’s the brand has been known for its fine line bracelets that take some considerable labor of love to handcraft. Cut gems are individually fitted into a die struck platinum box and then connected and finished by hand. They are just as popular now as in their first appearance almost half a century ago. Classic, indeed.
Suna Brothers is available at Keller & George.

An Expert Within Arms Reach

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The Tissot T-Touch Expert is a modern sports watch that lives well up to the expectations on its name. Created by one of the oldest and most trusted name in the Swiss watchmaking world, the T-Touch Expert has a titanium case and bracelet and is armed with incredibly modern functionality with easy to use touch-screen user interface. The watch has 15 separate functions that ring very favorably to the eager outdoor adventurer. These functions include an easily accessible altimeter, an altitude difference meter, chronograph, compass, two alarms, countdown timer, and perpetual calendar. Having the T-Touch Expert with you is like keeping a trustworthy personal trainer and knowledgeable, not to mention fashionable, outdoors person within arms’ reach at all times.
Keller and George is an authorized retailer for  Tissot.

Finding Her Pandora: A Somewhat Step By Step Procedure

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A special day is coming and you want to surprise her with jewelry. Lovely idea, but there are just too many choices out there that you are now feeling paralyzed. Pandora jewelry can always turn your shopping dilemma into a more clear-cut procedure. Pandora is the bestselling brand for well-loved charm bracelets and other contemporary jewelry pieces. Yes, Pandora also has around 800 designs - keep reading! -  but with less uncertainties to deal with. Think of the recipient, say your special girl. Start with a bare Pandora charm bracelet. Think of the occasion. It’s her birthday. Pick a pretty gift charm. You thank her for her gift of love. There’s a heart charm to stand for that (yes, a bit cheesy but ladies love it). And surprise, you are flying together to Paris! Slide in a fancy airplane charm for that. And so on. Your gift becomes completely personal, you get to say what you want and she thinks it is (and you are) absolutely thoughtful and adorable. Simple. Logical. You’re welcome. 
Find Pandora at authorized retailer Keller & George.

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The Marks of Excellence

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Every piece of Metalsmiths Sterling jewelry is stamped with excellent craftsmanship, high standards, and elegant heritage – literally. The four hallmarks of the brand represent the excellent qualities inherent in each piece. The Metalsmiths Sterling hallmark is distinguished in the global market as a mark of the company’s stringent standards when it comes to sterling silver. Another hallmark embodies the Commonwealth which is the proud birthplace of Metalsmiths Sterling. The 925 is the industry’s benchmark for the perfect or sterling silver alloy, a standard never compromised by the brand. And lastly comes the hallmark of the Commonwealth’s monarchy, to which level of dignity the company aspires to treat its clientele.  
Find the choicest sterling silver jewelries by Metalsmiths Sterling, at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewelers.

Spontaneous Creativity

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Coming from a family of Italian goldsmiths, it was natural for Marco Bicego to create his eponymous jewelry line. A devoted family man, sports enthusiast, and a great lover of Italian culture, Bicego has the soul of an artist and the mind of a highly-competent businessman. He heads a team of loyal collaborators and together they create breathtaking jewelry pieces using age-old jewelry making techniques coupled with the most advanced technology in the field. The brand is renowned for its “guitar string” coils, which consist of the finest gold strands wrapped around a gold core and is also famous for its handcrafted satin finish which gives the gold its unique texture. Drawing inspiration from nature, Marco Bicego’s designs echo the asymmetrical yet spontaneous and uniquely beautiful lines of natural objects. The handcrafted gold is a perfect soul for the natural luster and fabulous colors of precious gems such as diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, and tourmalines. 
Marco Bicego’s creations are proudly displayed at Keller and George Jewellers.

Inventor Par Excellence

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When Leon Breitling, a Swiss watchmaker, entered the demanding field of making chronographs and timers, he set the pace for the industry by creating the finest independent chronograph pushpiece in 1915. Thus, he is often hailed as the “inventor of the modern chronograph”. From then on the brand has risen together with the development on the fields of aviation, sports, and technology. Breitling chronographs have been used to time sports competitions and have shared in the finest moments of the world’s aviation history, earning its title as the “official supplier to world aviation”. The brands precision instruments are renowned for their sturdiness, reliability and their ability to perform under the toughest conditions, making them an indispensable companion for pilots, athletes, and professionals for decades. This tradition of excellence is upheld today as the company’s engineers continue to innovate and develop the finest chronographs and timers that lead in the field of electronic watchmaking. 
Breitling’s precision instruments are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Crafting Memories

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The Pétite Prong by Mémoire is considered the finest metal mounting in the jewelry-making industry. Mémoire is the U.S. based diamond jewelry manufacturer that specializes in the use of 18k gold and platinum in creating the finest engagement rings and wedding bands. The pieces are notable for their exceptionally durable mountings crafted through Mémoire’s hot extrusion process. During this procedure, precious metals are molten and pushed through a tube with enormous force and heat to eliminate porosity. The highly dense metal are then laser cut to craft shanks and mountings that are designed to last a lifetime. The Pétite Prong mounting has two small prongs that effectively secure the center stone, showing off its sparkle and maximizing the diamond’s brilliance. At Mémoire, every single detail about your bridal ring is a science. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Mémoire.

The Genius and His Pearl

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As a young boy in his native village in the Toba Shima province of Japan, Kokichi Mikimoto often loved to watch pearl divers unloading their harvests. His fascination with these lustrous jewels of the sea never diminished as he established his first oyster farm in 1888. After several attempts and failures, Mikimoto was able to produce his first cultured pearl in 1893. From then on, Kokichi Mikimoto’s name has become synonymous with elegant, lustrous cultured pearls that rival the beauty and quality of the highly-prized natural pearls. Mikimoto once said, “I would like to adorn the necks of all women of the world with pearls”. His dream has been fulfilled as women all over the globe treasure the fabulous pearls of Mikimoto. Mikimoto offers women a wide range of pearl jewelry collections created with superb craftsmanship which emphasize the brilliant luster and rich colors of Akoya pearls or the deep mysterious beauty of Black South Sea Pearls among others. 
Mikimoto’s superb collections are available at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewellers.

Life in the Balance

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Our modern world is on one hand a fascinating place of variety and activity, and a swooping tornado of stresses and demands on the other. Given that, the greatest challenge we all face is finding a lifestyle of balance. Most of our wellbeing is dependent on balanced living. This challenge gave rise to the Philip Stein journey, a brand whose core philosophy is directed towards the individual’s wellbeing in today’s frantic-paced world. The Philip Stein company started with its founding in the early 2000’s by couple Rina and Will Stein, who have both spent their earlier careers in the marketing and watchmaking industry. They were involved in the development of the new Natural Frequency Technology that attunes the human body to its most optimum state. This breakthrough concept is embedded in the Philip Stein watches, allowing the wearer not only to keep up with the times but also have better coping mechanisms for less stress and better sleeping patterns in the midst of it all. 
Keller and George is an authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

Beauty is the Gift

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While on a visit in the lush island of Bali, John Hardy, a Canadian designer and artist, was captivated by the traditional jewelry-making techniques of local artisans, so he set about learning these techniques from the natives themselves. Integrating new design concepts with the traditional Balinese methods, he created fabulous jewelry pieces expertly handcrafted in silver and gold. John Hardy’s creations incorporate classical European designs with new concepts as well as exotic East Asian art styles. Constantly inspired by nature, Hardy’s designs often emulate the simple yet constantly fascinating elements of natural beauty. Most outstanding of his creations is the Bamboo Collection. The pieces in this collection echo the supple and graceful beauty of the tree-like grass. Like the strong yet pliant bamboo, this collection stands for the company’s dedication to strong design, traditional techniques as well as sustainable living. As a tribute to nature, the company plants a particular number of bamboo seedlings for each item that is purchased. 
You may find John Hardy’s elegant creations at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Suna Woman

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Smart, sophisticated and versatile – that is the gorgeous look of a Suna woman. Suna Brothers manufactures formal jewelry pieces to go with glamorous evening wears for special events, as well as everyday designer collections to perk up that office suit, floral dress or shirt and jeans. No matter their age, women love jewelry the same way, so the brand’s selection are stretched to great measures and cater to those different preferences and lifestyles. A Suna woman is someone who is not willing to compromise quality, and Suna Brothers make it a point to always put the best value to each piece that comes with the label, whether it is attached with a $500 or $250,000 price tag. Find the Suna Woman in you.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Suna Brothers luxury jewelries.

Perfection and Popularity

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The Crisscut Diamonds by Christopher Designs has been enjoying immense popularity for almost 15 years now since its launch. The diamond’s distinguishing quality lies in its unique configuration and arrangement that create remarkable scintillation and brilliance. Christopher Designs holds several patents on its Crisscut design, which constitutes a crisscrossed pattern on the diamond’s surface, creating more facets that bounce light off of each other resulting in a lively interplay of flashes and fire. The classic emerald cut takes on a lively persona in its Crisscut Emerald counterpart. With 77 facets as opposed to 46, the emerald cut diamond’s otherwise ‘plain jane’ table becomes a much more interesting sight. No wonder Crisscut jewelry pieces are well hankered after.
Check out Christopher Designs at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

More than Technical Perfection

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Hearts on Fire is a luxury diamond jewelry brand, but more than a luxury brand. It is much more than the production of ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds.’ As CEO Glenn Rothman puts it, “It is an experience of communicating emotion at a higher level.” No one goes so far for perfection than Hearts on Fire. It is globally renowned for its high-quality cut stones are crafted with perfect alignment and proportions, which create eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Firebursts on the top. This design creates a phenomenon of brilliance, fire and scintillation that provokes awe and admiration from any woman. There’s that instant enchantment with the perfection. The lady who wears one feels better about herself. And just imagine how the man feels knowing how she feels about herself. The brand has become a symbol of the very best in love, positive values and personal relationships.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

Out of Ashes

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The history of Ball Watch is quite interesting. The famous watchmaking brand was created by the jeweler Webster Ball in Cleveland, Ohio in the late 1890s. In the decade before that, he was the first person in the area to use time signals, bringing accurate time to Cleveland. But the inception of his watch brand came only later, as a solution to a railway crisis. The lack of standard time in the railway has created difficulties, and even tragedies, to its operations, and Webb C. Ball, after being appointed Chief Inspector of the lines to somehow mitigate the problem, stepped in by creating a strict inspection system of all timetables along the track and coming up with a trustworthy line of timepieces to do the rigorous job. From that hour of need in the railway was born the watch company that now serves people all over the world, including serious adventurers, professional sportsmen, sports enthusiasts, and of course, railway personnel.
Find out more about Ball Watches at Keller & George – an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.

Sisters, Cocreators, Friends

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What are the odds that two sisters who immensely enjoy each other will grow up and together do something that they both love?  A hundred percent, when it comes to Slane sisters Landon and Heath. Both girls have grown up in the South surrounded by graceful and fashionable women in their family. They had both nurtured an early and deep love for the craft of jewelry making. Having first pursued different art forms, Landon and Heath ended up putting their passions and know-how together to start their own line of precious silver jewelry, most of which are now recognized for their distinctive patterns and textures. Together they are designing modern heirlooms with materials such as silver and gold and precious stones, and in that way creating new heritage for future generations. Basically, they are also just being sister who have fun with each other and what they are doing.
Find their creations at Keller & George Jewelers, an authorized retailer for Slane jewelry.

Pulling a Two-Faced Act

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Victorinox Swiss Army pulls off a remarkable balancing act with its newly released Chrono Classic 1/100th. The idea behind the new timepiece was to create a classy dress watch look with the functionality of a chronograph. The time must be very visible and the chronometer accurate to the dot. The Chrono Classic is exactly that. At first glance, it is a sleek watch with a dark grey dial and a stainless steel case. At six o’clock is a big date aperture with perpetual function. Pressing twice on the crown and 2 ‘oclock pusher converts the face into a high-precision 1/100th chronograph. What is more impressive is that the piece allows you to switch back to the time function while the chronograph is still running internally.  Powered by the Soprod SOP FM13D movement, the watch is also protected from scratch and the sapphire crystal triple coated with anti-reflective coat. Remarkable feat indeed, from the efficiency legend Swiss Army.
Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Swiss Army.

Dainty Timetellers

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The Tissot pendant is a remarkable accessory. No, Tissot had not become a jewelry manufacturing firm.  A Tissot Pendant however is an ingenious combination of watch expertise and innovative creation. The 21 mm pendant watches come in various shades and designs that suit different styles and statements of today’s fashionable woman. They double as functional devices, with reliability backed by one of the biggest brands in the industry, as well as glamorous adornments ranging from elegant vintage to chic contemporary designs. Powered by quartz movement and made with materials such as mother of pearls and brass, these little timepieces shows yet once more that Tissot can do anything as far as Swiss watch making is concerned. With the Tissot Pendants, it is true that impressive things sometimes come in small packages.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Tissot.


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