Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sophistication Despite Adversity

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With its century-old commitment to “Accuracy despite adversity,” Ball Watch inevitably finds itself in the higher echelon of the watchmaking industry. In this year’s Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland, the Engineer II Annual Calendar by Ball Watch fetched a large crowd of admirers – and rightly so – with its outstanding features coupled with sleek and sophisticated urbanite design. the piece is loaded with Ball’s various exclusive technologies like the famous tritium gas tubes that effectively illuminate the hands and indicators on the dial without any external source of light, as well as the company’s patented SpringLock feature that shields the balance spring from small ongoing vibration therefore protecting the watch’s accuracy even in the most ragged conditions. The black textured dial, with clear yet inconspicuous apertures for the annual calendar, stands out with understated sophistication in its hardy stainless steel case.
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Lords of the Sky

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"Men who have faith in the mighty liners of the sky will trust the Transocean, for behind every Breitling wristwatch lies the experience of aviation precision." With confidence, Swiss watchmaker Breitling launched Transocean Chronograph 38 as a recent addition to its much lauded Transocean collection.  Toting an upscale COSC movement and a pretty much understated design, Chronograph 38 has enough excitement with its various chronograph functions in its movement for the cool guys and an equal dose of sophistication and grace for not-your-average woman adventurers. Not that it would make any guy feel like they’re wearing their sister’s shirt when they put the watch on. But here, Breitling is taking a step towards disregarding gender stereotypes about who gets to wear what type of attractive watch. Afterall, it’s been decades since the world accepted that women can also be lords of the sky – at least some.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Breitling.

Celebrating her Precious and Stylish Heart

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While a woman’s bridal ring symbolizes her love and commitment, her right hand ring expresses her confidence and style. Hearts on Fire’s right hand ring selection ranges from classic to trendy, from elegant solitaires to glittering melees, and glamorous to fun and youthful. Stackable and versatile, they make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday’s or just-because-I-love-you days. Headed by Italian-born designer Ilaria Lanzoni, Hearts on Fire makes sure every design speaks to its giver, its wearer and the amazed onlookers. Each of the brand’s diamond rings warms a woman’s heart at the sight of the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds on her hand and also reminds her of the beautiful jewel she is. Remind someone you love how precious and lovely she is with a Hearts on Fire right hand ring. That woman can very well be yourself.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire. 

Your Memories in Your Hands

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“Memory is a diary we all carry about with us,” someone had said. Mémoire takes its cue from adages like this, letting men and women to carry their most precious memories around with them as they wear Mémoire’s bridal and luxury diamond rings. Mémoire rings, crafted from platinum and other precious metals and adorn with the highest-quality diamond stones in all cuts and sizes, are designed and manufactured to become long-lasting symbols of commitment or treasured family heirlooms. Each Mémoire ring has a metal shank and mounting that underwent a unique process called extrusion, making it more dense and durable than traditionally crafted jewelry pieces. The diamonds are cut and polished by seasoned diamond cutters and checked by the brand’s inhouse GIA graduate gemologist, all to ensure that the rings endures with all its grandeur to the next generations. Immortalize your most precious memories with Mémoire.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Mémoire.

Elegance For Every Woman

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Metalsmiths Sterling is a UK inspired jewelry house that prides itself in its commitment to high standards and unique design in creating its sterling silver jewelry pieces. The brand’s vision is trained on providing outstanding handcrafted jewelry that bear trend-setting designs with world class quality and affordable prices. The pieces are stamped with the company’s five hallmarks of purity and quality, symbolic of its pursuit of excellence in its craft. From clean, modern lines that draw admiring gazes on the streets to smooth, elegant lines that reveal a woman’s timeless beauty in a special occasion, Metalsmiths Sterling puts in as much versatility and femininity into each of its jewelry collections. Every woman, whatever her personality and preferences, will always find Metalsmiths Sterling pieces as perfect expressions of her creative and beautiful self.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Metalsmiths Sterling. 

Heart Over Matters of the Hand

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Marco Bicego is a man who charms jewelry connoisseurs and fashionable crowds, not only with his rare and pleasantly beautiful jewelry pieces but also with his fun and easy going demeanor. His organic designs, crafted from gold and precious stones and inspired by the esteemed designer’s travels around the world, are awesome enough to warrant such huge fanbaseerm, clientele – in the jewelry making industry. Getting to meet the gregarious and adorable dimpled man behind these creative works is an even more exciting experience. Marco Bicego is an artist by lineage, by profession, and by heart – mostly by heart. Living close to Italy’s central region for culture and arts and having a seasoned jeweler as a father opened his eyes to the beautiful possibilities in the craft. But mostly, he pursued jewelry-making because it has always been his passion. He, too, would love his children to follow in his footsteps, but only if it is also the passion of their heart.
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John Hardy For Men

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Stylish jewelry is often directed towards the female market, with the notion that these are a “woman thing”. In fact, many of the global top designers of haute joaillerie are men themselves. Bali based jewelry maker John Hardy, is a producer of contemporary designer jewelry founded by Canadian John Hardy in the 1970s. The brand’s selection of jewelry pieces for men includes urban rings and bracelets, tie clips, cufflinks, necklaces, and even time pieces. The bestselling Classic Chain collection, for instance, have numerous designs that are casual and intense especially for the men clientele. The dragon head of the Naga Collection also figures also figures into many of John Hardy’s pieces with masculine appeal, all handcrafted by excellent craftsmen in Bali’s green studio and workshops. Located in the heart of Indonesia, amidst Asia’s rich and diverse cultures and lush-green settings, John Hardy brings the beautiful fusion of Asian design and western techniques to the rest of the world – including men.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for John Hardy.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Understated Elegance Maximized Functionality

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The Victorinox Swiss Army is a company renowned for valuing durability, quality and functionality. Also one of the most renowned and trusted Swiss brands in the world, it is no wonder that Swiss Army should come up with a terrific and quietly confident wristwatch such as the AirBoss Mechanical Power Gauge. With its design patterned after the principles of quality and functionality typical to military and aeronautic engineering, the timepiece leaves out unnecessary ostentations and maximizes the essentials of a truly handy timepiece. The final result is an elegantly understated watch with clearly legible luminescent Arabic numerals and hands on the dial, a mechanical self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve, housed in a 42 mm stainless steel case and dashing biological tanned leather straps that nestle the timepiece comfortably on the wrist. The Swiss Army AirBoss proves once again that it takes not too many trappings to make a watch outstanding.
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Subtle Functionality

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Tissot, a well-acclaimed name in the watchmaking industry, gives as much attention to aesthetics as it does to its high-power multi-functional movements. The Tissot Couturier Automatic is no different. Released recently by the brand, the 43 mm diameter timepiece is an imposing device that looks quite larger than it actually is, thanks to the contoured design around the round case at the base of the rich brown leather straps. Simple embossed gold indicators and intricate golden hands tell the time in no-nonsense sophistication. The white subdued face of the watch looks elegantly neat that suggest a very understated look at first glance. But as you examine it more closely for a much longer time, subtle  details, such as its various gold-rimmed chronometers, suddenly come into play. Leave it to Tissot to keep things fresh and interesting by packing as much subtleties into a watch that stands out for its neat elegance.
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Genuine Craftsmanship

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A craft lies somewhere between art, which relies heavily on innate talent and technique, and science, which is based on acquired skill and knowledge. In this sense, jewelry making as Suna Brothers approaches it is indeed an admirable craft. The updated classic appeal of the pieces, which they call modern classics, relies heavily on the artistic talent and creativity of the jewelry making company’s artisans and designers. The excellent make, the consistent quality and the outstanding durability of these Suna jewels are upheld using the most modern technologies available today. The next time you see an evocative pink diamond brooch or an awesome necklace with an exotic pendant crafted by Suna Brothers, you can be sure that both the passion of art and the stringent standards of technology have both contributed to the beauty of the gem.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Suna Brothers.

Distinctly Crisscut

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As soon as you lay eyes on it, you will always know a Christopher Designs piece of jewelry when you see one. That is, if you simply know what a Christopher Designs jewel is made of. The brand’s patented Crisscut pattern bears a unique crisscrossed faceting that gives the jewels a unique dazzling gleam on them. The Crisscut family includes four classic cuts – round, cushion, asscher, and emerald. Christopher Designs founder, Christopher Slowinsky, took these well-loved patterns and updated them into even more elaborate patterns with his Crisscut pattens, which creates more than double the number of facets in a regularly cut diamond. Crisscut roundm, for instance, has 109 facets instead of the regular 58. This innovation results in a more noticeable sparkle and a distinct look of exuberant elegance to the Crisscut diamonds.
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Precisely What You Mean to Say

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Personal expression is essentially the topmost purpose for each design and collection of Precision Set bridal jewelries. As a foremost brand in the U.S. for high-quality engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, as well as heirloom pieces, Precision Set manufactures its pieces using the highest grade platinum mountings and shanks, featuring expertly cut diamonds in all patterns and sizes. That’s about how far the similarities go, since Precision Set makes it a point to keep the collections distinct for different customer preferences and personal for every couple, who all have unique stories to share. The six collections, FlushFit, Classic Band, Classic Engagement, New Aire, Silk, and Extraordinary all embody unique ‘personalities’ that can be further personalized to make each symbol express exactly what the wearers have in their hearts.
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Colored Stones of Enlightenment

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Voltaire was the enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher from 18th Century France who has influenced many generations of individuals after him, particularly artists and philosophers including two sisters in the United States. Their shared love for history, architecture and the arts was what inspired Landon and Heather Slane to start their own designer jewelry label Slane. Voltaire is one of Slane’s bestselling collections.  The collection features rings, pendants and earrings with polished and faceted princess-cut precious stones surrounded by silver or gold classic column beading. The central stones that are secured in place by classic column ridged prongs include amethyst, topaz, citrine. The compelling classic appeal of the Voltaire collection harkens back to the age when a name arose and changed the social and philosophical landscape of his age and the next ones.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Slane.

For a Lady with Attitude

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Raymond Weil shows its edgy contemporary side with its Automatic Open Balance Wheel Lady Urban Black timepiece. The Geneva-based family watchmaking company has long been esteemed as a maker of classic luxury timepieces with strong leanings towards classical music, arts and refinement. Proud of its history as one of the last family-owned Swiss watch brands, Raymond Weil is certainly one which knows the balance between changing with the times and remaining rooted in its foundational values. The Lady Urban Black has a 38 mm stainless steel case with grey PVD coating, and studded with 86 black diamond stones. The black shagreen-like strap, actually made of calf leather, adds an urban spunk to the modern ladies watch without losing the characteristic elegance and refinement of a Raymond Weil piece. The mechanical movement with automatic winding peeks out through an aperture at 12 o’clock in the dial, allowing a glimpse of the expert clockwork that goes on beneath the gem-studded surface. It is a watch for a lady with attitude.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Act of Man

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Rarely does a man fully realize the impact of his actions. Mikimoto Kokichi, founder of the acclaimed Japanese house of cultured pearls, endured the countless unsuccessful attempts of culturing pearls and pressed on with his passion to create the perfect round cultured pearl. He may not have realized that his persistence would start a revolutionary market on cultured pearls. Nevertheless, it did. Kokichi’s remains the top producer of the most excellent quality pearls from saltwater farms such as Akoya and South Sea to the rather interesting baroque and conch pearls. When he publicly burned tons of low quality pearls to show his commitment to the craft, this laid the foundation for the company’s strict adherence to the highest quality in the craft. Just one man, and such small acts, and yet somehow as he acted them, turned a whole industry around. 
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Mikimoto.

Story Time with Her Pandora

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They know your face, they know your name, but do they know your story? Well, yeah, somewhat maybe if you are wearing your Pandora Jewelry charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have been around since Her Majesty Queen Victory, and they have held symbolic value for women all over the world. When the Denmark based Pandora launched the patented Pandora charms in 2000, the string-it-yourself, tell-your-story-creatively kind of bracelet have warmed the hearts of many women as set free the inner stories for many more. The charms have been loved and adored for many years since their release for its personal appeal. Afterall, a woman’s story is a part of who she is, and it is just right for the whole world, or at least the people surrounding her, to get a peak at the life that transformed her into her more beautiful self. Share your story, or invite someone to share hers and inspire others too.
Find Pandora Jewelry at Keller & George Jewellers – authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Making Time for Well-Being

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Sleep is a human necessity that we often take for granted – until the body starts complaining and demanding for it. Stress and sleeplessness have become a growing pattern in today’s modern and fast-paced world. For many of us, it is a slow killer for health and productivity. Couple Rina and Will Stein have seen how the hurry-scurry lifestyle is sapping the energy from many people and draining their joy in life and overall wellbeing. So they decided to help by building a company that manufactures – happy pills? No – Philip Stein watches. Embedded with a special technology called Natural Frequency Technology, these watches tune the body into its most natural and therefore most relaxed state, promoting relief from stress and a more stable sleeping time. Philip Stein does not only remind its wearer to make time for important human needs like rest and sleep, Philip Stein helps him actually maximize them.
Find Philip Stein at Keller & George Jewellers – authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

Sky, Sea and Style Dominance

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Breitling is a watchmaking company established in Grenchen, Switzerland back in 1884. For more than a century now, Breitling has designed, engineered, manufactured and distributed precision-made chronometer watches. With its history closely tied to the development of aviation, the company holds a strong affinity for watches designed with precision, endurance, and ergonomics especially for aiding airmen and air enthusiasts. Of course they work well with regular guys too, who just love to chase after adventure, strap on a fine timepiece to work, or both. Having dominated timetelling on the air and in space for decades, Breitling now also offers modern chronometers rigged with complications for diving, such as the SuperOcean, and luxury, such as its Bentley luxury model. Characterized by large diameters and polished cases, Breitling improves readability and style on top of its multifunctionality.
Check out Breitling at authorized retailer Keller & George.

How Your Memories are Held

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A life story has only three parts – now, possibilities and memories. As unretrievable as they are, we hang on to memories because they are necessary for making sense of the present. The diamond jewelry manufacturer Mémoire understands and embraces the significance of making memories – especially those that only happen once in a person’s lifetime. The brand holds special moments like engagements and weddings in timeless designs, sturdy metal mountings and shanks, and expertly polished diamond stones that last forever – at least, the closest thing to forever. Mémoire’s Petite Prong mounting, with a special design that holds the central stone in place while remaining considerably out of view, has been applauded as the finest in the industry not only for its elegance but for its trusted durability. Memories, like diamonds, should never fade away. Mark those precious moments with the finest symbols around.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Mémoire.

A Fusion of Two Worlds

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Metalsmiths Sterling proves to the world that tradition and modern sense of style could blend well into a wonderful outcome. Metalsmiths Sterling is a jewelry making brand established in Canada specializing in sterling silver pieces with a unique contemporary appeal. Inspired by the timeless elegance of European architecture and landscape, Metalsmiths Sterling highlights precious stones such as diamonds, smoky quarts and garnet in its well-loved contemporary pieces. Fashioned in cushion, round and other traditional cuts, the stones are set on edgy and sleek silver bracelets, rings and necklaces, resulting in a fushion of old world and fresh young look that appeals to the modern tastes.
Find Metalsmith Sterling’s Panos Konidos, Marquis and other collections at authorized retailer Keller & George Jewellers.

Marco and His Mark of Elegance

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Hand-made white or yellow gold material, organic design inspired by famous cityscapes and exotic places, elegance characteristic of anything Italian – modern jewelry can barely get any finer than Marco Bicego. Founded by an adventurous globetrotter with a great eye for beauty and an extraordinary sense of style, the eponymous company has gained renown throughout the elites and fashionable circles throughout the world. Descended from three generations of outstanding jewelry makers, Marco Bicego got his head start into the industry at an early age. With the treasured family traditions, he not only followed the footsteps of his father but made a mark that is distinctly his own. His passion for nature and unquenchable awe at the different wonderful places around the world led him to create the organic asymmetrical design that has become iconic for their vibrant nonchalance balanced with classic elegance.
Find Marco Bicego’s noteworthy collections at Keller & George – authorized retailer for Marco Bicego.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

A Tool for All Seasons

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One of man’s greatest advantages is his ability to make and use tools, the knife being one of the first tools he invented. This simple implement was elevated to a higher level in the 1800s when Karl Elsener, founder of Victorinox, put together a multitool which he called “The Swiss Officer’s Knife”. Now known as “Swiss Army Knife”, this versatile tool’s name has become synonymous with usefulness and adaptability. The knife has a special spring mechanism which allows various tools to be attached to its handle. Designed to slip easily into the pocket or palm of a hand, the Swiss Army knife has evolved into various models over time– from those that carry the essentials for everyday use such as screwdrivers, pliers and can openers to the Cybertool Series which feature the most advanced technological additions like USB flashdrives, digital altimeter, laser point, and MP3 players. No matter what your requirements are, there is a Swiss Army Knife just right for you.
Find these exceptional multitools at Keller and George Jewellers.

Supple Elegance

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The bamboo is an essential part of Balinese life and culture where it serves many purposes – from building materials to food. Strong yet graceful, this versatile tree-like grass has been called “nature’s gift to mankind” so it is but natural that John Hardy, a premier brand of handmade jewelry established in Bali, should draw inspiration from the supple bamboo. Each of the pieces of the Bamboo Collection reflects the strong, unassuming grace of the tree-like grass. Exquisitely handcrafted in sterling silver or gold, the clean and sleek designs have a simple down-to-earth beauty and elegance which would definitely bring glamour to any woman’s wardrobe. Deeply commited to sustainable living, this green company continuously strives to give back to nature what it so generously supplies. With the purchase of each item from the Bamboo Collection, the company plants a particular number of bamboo seedlings.
Keller and George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for John Hardy’s Bamboo Collection.

Dazzling Treasures from Suna

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It is in a designer’s flourishing imagination that a gorgeous piece of jewelry is first conceived. These concepts are then artfully expressed on a piece of paper before skilled craftsmen meticulously execute the jewelry in precious metals and gems. At Suna Bros, the jewelry designers draw inspiration from nature’s beauty, architecture and the arts. Harmoniously blending scale and balance, they give careful attention to details — even clasps must add beauty to the overall design of the piece. Their classic and timeless designs bring out the beauty of the lustrous gems set in platinum or gold. Suna Bros’ skilled craftsmen work closely together, giving meticulous attention to each process creating fabulous jewelry pieces that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but exceptionally strong and durable as well. Made only of the finest gold or platinum and enhanced with carefully selected gems, each Suna creation is a dazzling treasure to be loved for generations.
Your Suna treasure awaits you at Keller and George Jewellers.

Innovative Touch

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In its constant quest to upgrade and innovate their already exemplary timepieces, Tissot first introduced its tactile or touch technology in its watches in 1999. These state-of-the-art watches are designed with touch sensitive sapphire crystals that control various functions such as altimeters, chronographs, barometers, compasses, thermometers, and alarms. When the wearer selects a function by touch, the super-imposed hands move to indicate that function and the needed information appears on the digital display. The Tissot Racing-Touch from Tissot’s Touch Collection can take a racer through his or her paces like a personal trainer. A sophisticated chronograph feature can record a runner’s laptime as well as the times of different racers in an event. A special logbook feature records and saves up to 99 laptimes. An additional feature of the Tissot-Racing Touch is a tide calculator specially designed for training along the beach. The Tissot Touch has not only been innovative but revolutionary.
Find Tissot Touch at Keller and George Jewellers - authorized retailer for Tissot.

The Deep-Sea Quest and Polar Expedition Partner

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From freezing polar expeditions to deep-sea dives, there’s a Ball Watch model perfectly suited for each adventure. One of the most-trusted watch brands worldwide, Ball Watch’s “Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions”, flies high. This slogan is perfectly translated into highly-accurate and precise timepieces which are tough enough to be able to operate under extreme conditions on the planet. Made of the finest and toughest materials such as stainless steel and scratch resistant crystals, these exceptional timepieces also feature the latest technology in the watch industry. The Self-powered micro gas light technology allows you to keep perfect time in pitch-black darkness. Ball also comes with antimagnetic properties that protect against magnetic fields, while shock resistance in various models resists the force of gravity. Water resistance of the watches vary from 30 meters for some models up to 3,000 meters for others like the Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest, with special crown protection that allows water resistance in rough conditions.
Find your Ball watch at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewellers.

Perfect Diamonds, Anyone

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Who are the faces behind the hands that craft “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”? It is not only the brand's unique technology but also the outstanding expertise that brought worldwide distinction to Hearts On Fire. Some of the best gem cutters jewelry makers in the world worked together to create this astounding diamond. Brian McHardy of the Hearts on Fire team, is one of the best diamond cutters in the globe. A fourth-generation master diamond cutter from South Africa, he has honed his craft in various facilities across the world and as the owner of American Premier Diamond Cutting Works which he established in 1985. Joining Hearts On Fire in 1999, John McHardy travels the globe to demonstrate how the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond” is made. It is this superb expertise that gives credence to Hearts On Fire’s unique distinction.
This perfectly beautiful diamond is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Captivate with Crisscut

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Over the centuries, gem cutters have sought and found ways to bring out a diamond’s true and sparkling beauty by studying the way it is cut. A cut is a design which gem cutters and jewellers use as a guide in shaping a diamond. A diamond’s cut will determine the brilliance of this precious gem. A beautifully-cut diamond will reflect the maximum amount of light allowing it to sparkle at its best. The most popular diamond cut is the Brilliant Round which has 58 facets. The Crisscut Round, designed by Cristopher Slowinski, is closely related to the Brilliant Round but occupies a class all its own. The Crisscut Round has an astounding 121 facets, bouncing light off each other and giving the stone an added fire and brilliance. Its edges break the light to give an illusion of a breathtakingly scalloped border. A Crisscut Round Diamond ring would definitely capture any woman’s heart.
Check out authorized dealer Keller and George Jewellers to find the perfect Crisscut Diamond for the love of your life.


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