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A Reason to Love Philip Stein

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A little bit of reason would be enough, but Philip Stein gives you more than enough reasons to love its line of luxury watches. First of all, they are both elegant and fashionable. Philip Stein lets you play with the textures and hues of the watch and straps to get exactly the look you need to go with your wardrobe for the day. The creative team also throws in some carefully designed aesthetics and rows of diamonds on the dial to complete the glamour. In addition, Philip Stein boasts of its dual time function which allows the wearer to have access to two different time zones simultaneously, completely useful to global men and women who keep up with dealings in different sides of the world. Most importantly, what separates Philip Stein from the rest of the crowd is its Natural Frequency Technology embedded in its watches which regulates body frequencies to promote sound sleep and relaxation. Avail of quality timekeeping and better well-being from Philip Stein. 
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The Colt Chronograph II Multifunctionality

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Every sleek and well-designed watch produced from Breitling clearly depicts the company’s rich history in aviation. The Colt Chronograph II is a precision instrument with admirable functionality that is inspired by the single-engine utility aircraft Antonov An-2, commonly nicknamed Colt.  Like the adaptable bi-plane that performs various important roles in utility transport, extreme sports, emergencies and agriculture, the Colt chronograph carries various practical functions that make it useful for daily and professional wear. The 13.45 mm steel watch is equipped with Breitling 73 Caliber Superquartz movement that is 10 times more accurate than the average quartz. The black dial sports an amazing 1/10th of a second display, a split-second hand, a dial aperture for a calendar, and fast-timezone change, making it a valuable tool for keeping track of the flow of time to the dot. The 300m water-resistant case holds a unidirectional, ratcheted bezel, a glareproofed sapphire crystal over the dial, and a screw-locked crown on the side. 
Find this fusion of aesthetics and functionality at its best at Keller and George - authorized dealer for Breitling.

The Crisscut Cushion: More Facets, More Brilliance

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The Cushion used to be the most popular cut for diamond. The antique cut was a cross between the Old Mine and the Oval cut. The Cushion’s fire and brilliance was more subtle than the other cuts. It was also very rare to find two cushions to match each other as a pair, making the gems more valuable for their uniqueness. Later on, the more standardized round cut took over the scene while the cushion silently faded into the background. Christopher Slowinksi, designer and owner of the acclaimed Christopher Designs, decided it was time to bring back the shine in the good old cushion cut with the jewelry brand’s signature design called Crisscut. The application of the crisscrossed facet configuration to the cushion diamond resulted in brilliance, fire and interesting organized pattern that surpassed the beauty of the previously untamed old-time favorite. Find the Crisscut Cushion diamond with unmatched depth and irresistible brilliance, available at selected authorized dealer. 
Keller and George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Christopher Designs. 

Their Best Workmanship, Your Perfect Ring

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Precision Set is a diamond ring manufacturer that places a high premium on self expression. Its collections of elegant bridals were created to cater to the different preferences and personalities of couples. The Classic collection is comprised of timeless, heirloom quality designs that feature simple yet exquisite styles ranging from semi-mounts to three-stone rings.  The Silk collection remains true to its name with its comfortable fit, pleasant textures and low profile settings that purposefully showcases the opulence of the central stones in their glamorous formations. The unrivalled craftsmanship of the Extraordinary collection highlights the large stones with vintage mounting design completely covered with carefully set rows of diamonds. The New Aire has casual ring designs that are fit for the couple who love to mingle elegance with relaxed settings. The Flushfit collection combines the sophistication of engagement ring and wedding band by making them one ring that is beautiful and comfortable to wear.  
Find the Precision Set that suits you and your loved one best at authorized dealer Keller and George Jewelers.

A Shower of Colors and Elegance

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Marco Bicego has more than a dozen collections of fine, casual yet elegant luxury jewelries that were inspired by his many years of travels and explorations. Each collection bears Marco’s signature of “perfected imperfections”, which emulates the beauty of nature’s spontaneous asymmetry. Every one of these collections is also, in its own way, special. What sets the Confetti Gemme collection apart is its playful display of luminous semi-precious stones such as blue topaz, lemon citrine, amethyst and rose tourmaline. The colorful gems provide an interesting highlight to Marco Bicego’s luxurious chains of hand-engraved “imperfect” golden pebbles. The bright elegant stones are shaped especially in the smoothest “Tumble” cuts to complement with the fine grained texture of the gold. Like everything from Marco Bicego, the Confetti Gemme exudes an air of easy elegance that blends comfortably with casual wear and the most glamorous affairs. Get the feminine touch that never fails to accent your beauty at work or in your weekend getaway. 
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Mikimoto’s House of Pearls

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Since Kokichi Mikimoto revolutionized the pearl culture industry, the trade of pearls has grown into a much more intricate science. Mikimoto’s own set of precious pearls have grown with these developments through the years. The Akoya pearls still remain the favorite of the brand. These 3-10 mm pearls produced by Japan’s Akoya oysters were the first spherical pearls cultured by Mikimoto, or anybody for that matter. These are the most popular of pearl type, which is the traditional symbol of elegance and beauty. Second to Akoya pearls are the Black South Sea Pearls with their breathtaking colors that range from slate gray to silver and pistachio, peacock green and midnight black overtoned with green, rose and blue. A whole array of other interesting options such as the playful baroque, the large immaculate White South Sea Pearls, and the fiery and rare Conch Pearls gives the pearl connoisseur so many choices to pick from. Find the pearl you desire from the house of Mikimoto
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Express Your Summer Zest

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Your Pandora Jewelry charm bracelet is your life story on a string. Life comes in seasons, and each season deserves a beautiful bracelet memorabilia. This summer, express your creativity and zest for new adventure with your own summer charm combination. This time of year always ushers in hankering for the fresh outdoors, clear skies and sunny beaches. Inevitably, the overarching theme for Pandora’s summer look is the cool and revitalizing shades of blue. Express your own moods and adventures this season with the endless choices of blue and silver trinkets from your favorite charm maker – perhaps some combination of navy blue pave charms, silver sphere clips and heart charms, black pave cherries and bangles, highlighted here and there by pastel glass beads. The possibilities are endless, and the story is yours to create. Express yourself and stand out in your own fashion statement with your Pandora this summer. 
Find them at Keller and George on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

The Special Bond of Sisterhood

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There is something about sisters that just make them click with each other in everything – almost. And when they are on to something together, one could always expect exciting things to happen. Slane sisters Landon and Heather have always loved their mom’s fashion and grandmother’s jewelry since their growing years. In 1997, they decided to create their own line of jewelry. Then magic started to happen. The pieces were inspired by Heath and Landon’s fascination with history, architecture and beauty. 15 years later, the sisters’ joint project has grown into more than 30 collections of expertly forges sterling silver jewelry, intended to be of family heirloom quality passed from mother to daughter – or, why not, from sister to sister. 
Whether it is by blood relations or by the sheer affection of the heart, celebrate the special bond of sisterhood with Slane’s sterling silver collections, available at Keller and George Jewelers, authorized dealer for Slane.

Because Time is Priceless

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Time is priceless, so should be your watch. One name that knows something about priceless value is the Victorinox Swiss Army. The company was started by Karl Elsener in the late 1890’s in Switzerland. He first served the Swiss Army with his efficient pocket knife, a feat that required strict standards and excellent craftsmanship for the sake of the rigorous environments of the ones who used them. They were among the soldiers’ most precious possessions. The Victorinox discipline in the craft of knife-making soon carried over to other lines of products as Victorinox progressed through the years. The watch collection came later in the Victorinox timeline, but every piece is still manufactured with the same dedication to perfection as the Swiss knives. The Victoria collection is a classic 28 mm chronograph with quartz movement that looks sleek in its steel case and bracelet, and also performs with reliable Swiss precision. The set is named after Karl’s mother, after whom the brand was named Victorinox in 1907. 
Check out the Victoria watch from Keller and George on Millmont Street.

Pink is the New White

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Pink diamonds are very rare and difficult to find. So much so that some economists posit these rocks are among the best alternative investment opportunities available today. Whether that is true or not, pink diamonds are exquisite and exciting. Jewelry designer and manufacturer Suna Brothers is among the precious few jewelry makers who actually offer pink diamonds. The designs range from the classic and ornate to the whimsical designs like the starfish pendant. Some stones, like the Pink Diamond Leaf Bracelet and the Snowflake Pin, are set on interesting mountings that are as unique as the precious stones they are carrying. Suna Brothers artisans make sure that every pink diamond jewel they create is valuable in terms of investment as well as in artistry and craftsmanship. 
Check out Keller and George for The Suna Brothers pink diamond jewels on Millmont Street.

A Touch of Modern Sophistication

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In the watch industry, “T” instantly calls to mind Tissot, technology and touch. As the leader of technological innovation, Tissot revolutionizes the science of watchmaking by its signature T-Touch function. The T-Touch allows Tissot users to use interactive interface to access its different embedded features. The T-Touch Expert is a precision instrument from Tissot that combines both high technology and ease and comfort. The titanium case and bracelet houses a powerful E48.351 Electronic LCD movement responsible for 15 different functions including altimeter, compass, chronograph, altitude difference meter, thermometer, and time and date. It also has a countdown timer and backlight, as well as a perpetual calendar. T-Touch Expert is the intelligent choice for daring adventurers who want the device that gives them access to crucial information and allows them to do it in style, too. 
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A Dazzling Way to Say ‘I Love You’

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Wish every moment you could tell her ‘I love you’? Let Mémoire say it for you. The premiere maker of diamond bridals has completely elegant collections of diamond engagement, wedding and anniversary rings perfect for reminding your loved one non-stop about how much you love her. Mémoire designs range from the simplest bands of platinum that symbolize untarnished devotion, to the elaborate and chic designer rings for those who wish to depict their well of emotions in diamond and gem-decked jewelry. Better yet, show her your affections in the clearest way with Mémoire’s “I Love You” diamond bands, laser-engraved with your eternal message of love. No ring could ever get more straightforward than that. Remind her unceasingly of your love with a precious diamond ring from Mémoire
Check out their wide array of designs at Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Mémoire.

The Enchanting Halfway World of Panos Konidas

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The Panos Konidas silver jewelry collection by Metalsmiths Sterling is a daring cross between old-world elegance and modern sophistication. This unique collection is inspired by the elaborate architecture of European cities and the lovely timelessness that permeates in the air around them. Finding its home in the heart of the Commonwealth in Great Britain, Metalsmiths Sterling finds endless inspiration in this coming together of different eras in one place. The brand then channels that inspiration through its delicate yet enduring designs crafted expertly by seasoned Metalsmiths using the most sterling silver and other precious metal alloys. The swirls, arches, wrought iron and floral patterns of the Panos Konidas pieces are reminiscent of the landscape and structural styles that essentially form the foundations of the world’s greatest cities. The sleek elegant lines that encompass the pieces, on the other hand, pull the designs back to modern times.
Check out the exciting mixture of classic and modern tastes in Panos Konidas, available at Keller and George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Metalsmiths Sterling. 

Ornate and Carefree Elegance

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The Hearts on Fire Copley Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. Like any woman, Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni’s creation is overflowing with emotions. The ornate golden designs of Copley are inspired by the European ironwork architecture of Boston, which awed the wide-eyed young Ilaria when she first moved into the city she now calls home. The versatile jewelry pieces are adorned with carefully placed diamonds that shine even brighter in their rich and warm yellow backdrop. The jewels evoke the memories of warm sunny days and precious moments with beloved ones. Chic and versatile, the collection easily transitions from casual wear to more glamorous affairs. The delicate Copley Single Station bracelet is a thin, sturdy gold chain a beautiful diamond-decked ironwork sphere in the middle. The piece is a lovely eye catcher, whether paired with tees and jeans or cocktail dresses. 
Check out Hearts on Fire collections such as Copley in authorized dealer Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

There’s a Jasmine in Every Woman

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Elegant, voluptuous, simple, timeless and functional – the Jasmine watch collection is Raymond Weil’s homage to women. The classic simplicity of the timepieces in this collection are embellished with shiny steel or gold bracelet and case, vibrant blue hands on the stylized round dial, and gold and blue gem for the crown. The bezel could even be embedded with a row of brilliant round cut diamonds to complete that subtly glamorous look. More than just looks, Jasmine also offers 38 hour power reserve, up to 165 water resistance and run on mechanical and automatic winding movement that also facilitates a date window at 3 o’clock. Jasmine is for every modern woman who handles both fashion and responsibilities with confidence and style. It is a perfect gift for the special women in your life, whether seasoned by years or just budding into the complicated world of adulthood. 
Find the perfect Jasmine to give them at Keller and George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Raymond Weil.

The Watch You Trust

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When you undertake a challenging task and are staking your life for it, you need a trustworthy partner in the endeavor. Since 1891, Ball watch has been that reliable companion to many professionals and extreme sports enthusiasts. Originally designed to serve a crucial role in the railway operations, Webster Ball’s watches are engineered to work at their peak performance even when subjected to extreme environments such as the harsh temperatures of the Atlantic, the strong pressures of the seas’ bowels three thousand feet below surface, and the zero-gravity environment of outer space. Many of Ball’s chronographs such as the popular Railroad Watch, Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest, and Trainmaster have revolutionary patented Amortiser Antishock system, an antimagnetic protective mechanism, unbelievable water resistance and gas lights to allow accurate reading even in the dark. If you need a trustworthy companion in your extreme condition explorations, nothing is more qualified than Ball Watch. Those who have gone to the ends of the earth and back put their trust in Ball Watch as well. 
Check out the Ball collection at Keller and George – an authorized dealer for Ball Watch. 

The Enchantment of Naga

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In Balinese culture, the legend of the Naga is the powerful tale about the great dragon which travels from the mountains of Bali into the depths of the ocean to visit his most beloved – the pearl. Together, the dragon and pearl symbolize eternal love, as well as prosperity and protection for the Balinese people. John Hardy, the world-renowned jewelry maker nestled in the heart of Bali portrays this remarkable legend in its magnificent Naga Collection. The handcrafted Naga heads and lavish scales are portrayed by John Hardy with an interesting play of contrast between 18k yellow gold and sterling silver, embellished by a colorful collection of precious stones that shows elegance in every hue. Find more of John Hardy’s Naga designs and be enchanted by its alluring charms. 
Check them out at Keller and George Jewelers, an authorized dealer for John Hardy.

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Exclusive Brilliance

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The Crisscut diamond is the brainchild of Polish Christopher Slowinsky, who is the owner of renowned Christopher Designs and holder of multiple diamond design patents. The widely-acclaimed crisscut pattern has 77 crisscrossed facets that result in a far more brilliant stone than the generic 48 facets. It is easy to spot a crisscut among traditional-cut diamonds. The crisscrossed, triangular facets are readily recognizable, and the face of the stone tends to be whiter. The crisscut is also less shallow than the more common princess cut. The facet arrangement of the crisscut diamond is specifically designed to catch and reflect more light, so the stone shines out more radiantly than other gems. Jewelers and diamond connoisseurs value the crisscut diamonds for their ingenuity and rarity. Christopher Designs holds exclusive rights to the design, and sells only through through trusted resellers. 
Find your crisscut at Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

Exclusive Brilliance

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The Crisscut diamond is the brainchild of Polish Christopher Slowinsky, who is the owner of renowned Christopher Designs and holder of multiple diamond design patents. The widely-acclaimed crisscut pattern has 77 crisscrossed facets that result in a far more brilliant stone than the generic 48 facets. It is easy to spot a crisscut among traditional-cut diamonds. The crisscrossed, triangular facets are readily recognizable, and the face of the stone tends to be whiter. The crisscut is also less shallow than the more common princess cut. The facet arrangement of the crisscut diamond is specifically designed to catch and reflect more light, so the stone shines out more radiantly than other gems. Jewelers and diamond connoisseurs value the crisscut diamonds for their ingenuity and rarity. Christopher Designs holds exclusive rights to the design, and sells only through through trusted resellers. 
Find your crisscut at Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

The Legacy of a Dream

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The most valuable pearls come from the bellies of nature; the most beautiful ones are grown by Mikimoto. The pure splendour of pearls have always entranced Japanese entrepreneur Kokicki Mikimoto. In his philosophy, such object of beauty should never be hidden but shared to the whole world. This was Kokichi’s lifelong dream – to adorn every woman’s neck with the loveliest pearls. In pursuit of this dream, Mikimoto made his first attempt to culture Akoya pearls in Shinmei Inlet during the late 1880’s. It took him almost 20 years before he finally cultured his first spherical pearls, building a name for himself in the process. Mikimoto’s shop in Ginza, Tokyo soon branched out in London, and then Paris, New York, Shanghai, Bombay and other major fashion cities all over the globe. A century and two decades hence, the Mikimoto brand remains the most trusted label for elegant luxury pearl jewelries. In a sense, Kokichi did fulfil his dream, and continues to do so through the Mikimoto Company. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

The Beautiful Way to Wear Your Story

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We all have our own stories to tell, and if those stories are heard through what we wear, why should we put on the same jewelry as the next woman? Pandora Jewelry says you do not have to. This upbeat jewelry company from Denmark lets you tell your own story in your own style with its sought-after charm bracelets. You can choose from their wide assortment of charms, bracelets, spacers and clips to put together a charm bracelet with a completely personal and unique look.  Pandora’s charms have more than 800 individual designs handcrafted by seasoned artists in Thailand using sterling silver, 14k gold, Murano glass or wood, along with precious stones like amethyst, onyx and pearl. Women all over the world, from Germany to the US and Australia have found a beautiful way to wear their stories through Pandora. Create your charm bracelet and start wearing your own life story, too. 
Check out Pandora Jewelry at its authorized dealer Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

The Passion of the Weils

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The Geneva-based company Raymond Weil is among the precious few Swiss watch brands that are still in family hands. It is run by 3 generations of the family, each of whom has his own expertise - accounting, advertising, management and international distribution strategy. All of them nevertheless have one passion aside from watches, which is music. The opera and classic music are so entrenched in the Weil (and Bernheim since Raymond’s daughter married) family that it is also a major part of the brand’s image. The Raymond Weil collections are mostly named after family members, or family-favorite operas and musicians. With names like Nabocco, Don Giovanni, Maestro and Tango, these timepieces and chronographs are dear to watch connoisseurs not only for the excellently engineered movements and complications or the elegant outward touches but also for the romantic aspect of good living that they represent. It is high time to revisit the splendor of the classics. 
Check out the Raymond Weil collections at Keller and George Jewelers – authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

A Time to Rejuvenate

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Philip Stein is the watch that not only tells the time, but also helps you enjoy your sleep time, thanks to its break-through Natural Frequency technology. The study conducted under Philip Stein’s commission makes use of the Harmonic Resonance Frequency in coming up with the watches’ relaxing feature. The natural frequency embedded in Philip Stein products interacts with the body and tunes the system back to a more optimized state. The devices pick up natural frequencies that promote health and wellbeing. Majority of the brand’s patrons report a feeling of relaxation and overall wellbeing when wearing the watches or sleep bracelets, especially those who have been noted to struggle with slumbering problems. And yes, the timepieces work pretty well, too, with their meticulously assembled movements and complications enshrined in fashionable luxury cases. In just a little more than a decade, Philip Stein’s unique technology gathered a fan base for itself which includes prominent personalities like Oprah Winfrey. Experience for yourself the rejuvenating features of Philip Stein. 
Check them out at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

Marco Bicego: Because the World is a Stage

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If the world is a stage, then travellers are the fortunate ones who get to see the many dramas played out in it. Marco Bicego, designer and globe trotter, falls into this category.  Marco’s travels have taken him to distant lands like Africa and Siviglia.  His many tours in turn inspire the designs for his namesake company’s fascinating jewelry collections. Inevitably, these collections capture hints of the stories from those places. For one, Murano features colorful precious stones set on hand-engraved yellow gold rings and chains. The vibrant stones in the collection tell of the Island Murano’s colorful history and thriving industry in glassmaking. The golden beads and chains hold them fashionably in some casual yet elegant stance that is characteristic of the island’s way of life. Bicego’s other selections hold stories of other places that are just as fascinating as Murano’s. Discover them all to get a wider glimpse of the world and the lives being staged on it. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized reseller for Marco Bicego jewelry.

The Heart of John Hardy

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At the core of world-renowned jewelry manufacturer John Hardy are skillful hands and a green heart. Tucked snugly away at the cosy island of Bali in Indonesia, John Hardy makes its presence felt across the continents with its fresh, artistic and elegant jewelry designs. But the driving force that keeps the company going is its deep love for Asia’s rich culture and unwavering care for the environment. John Hardy incorporates nature not only in its various designs like the Bamboo collection and the Bedeg collection, but also in the company’s goals and policies. Its bamboo-growing and forest preservation campaigns are part of its Greener Everyday policy, which promotes environmental protection and local community welfare. The company’s working complex itself provide comfortable work spaces with refreshingly natural ambiance for its artisans, a job site some employees could only dream of. Every captivating piece of jewelry with the John Hardy label represents the brand's artistry and dignity that is even more admirable than the product itself. 
Find your own precious John Hardy jewelry available Keller and George Jewelers.

Preparing for Extreme Missions

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In the midst of crucial missions are the daring and valiant pilots who collide head to head with extreme conditions on a daily basis. On the wrists of those pilots are the most reliable high-performance instruments that aid them in their aerial navigations. Breitling’s winged logo has been partners with the masters of the sky since 1884, flying with them on their most dangerous and precisely calculated adventures. Breitling's Avenger watch is more than a timetelling device. It is a compact instrument of power, precision and functionality that boasts of completely admirable durability and faultless water resistance even up to 10,000 feet. This professional watch is equipped with powerful self-winding movement that is certified as chronometer by the COSC, which is the watchmaking authority for reliability and precision. Getting ready for another extreme mission? Don on Breitling Aviator. 
Find it and other Breitling watches at Keller and George on Millmont Street. 

How Memories are Held

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According to leading diamond ring maker Memoire, “When you find love, hold it close and never let it go. Promise in your heart (that you will keep it) forever and ever.” The fond memories of engagement and marriage deserve to be treasured and held in the heart forever. This is how memories are held: with a diamond symbol of love and commitment from Memoire. The engagement rings and wedding bands from this leading American jewelry manufacturer have long been part of countless life stories. Memoire was there when he nervously knelt down on his knees before her in front of so many people, when she said the precious “I do” in her immaculate wedding dress, and when they renewed their vows every year on their anniversaries. It is true that nothing is stronger than love. Trailing close behind is a Memoire diamond daintily set on equally durable hot-extrusion mounting meant to last as long as love would, that is, forever. 
Find your enduring symbols of love at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Memoire.  

The Hallmarks of Sterling Excellence

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Metalsmiths Sterling jewelries are the embodiment of authentic European sophistication. Like the ageless grandeur of Europe, each intricate piece is crafted with expertise and passion to bring out its bold and remarkable timelessness and elegance. The four hallmarks of Metalsmiths Sterling guarantees the label’s link to the highest level of standards. The first hallmark represents the company itself, while the second alludes to the commonwealth which is the birthplace of Metalsmiths. The 925 is the industry’s highest standard of sterling silver, and the last hallmark, a crown, refers to the monarchy of the commonwealth, which the jewelry brand esteems and respects just as it does its valued clientele. The different collections of Signature, Panos Konidas, The Earth’s Wind and Fire, Marquise and Ink all center around different themes, but they all bear the Metalsmiths’ hallmarks of excellence. 
Discover these collections at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Metalsmiths Sterling.

Nature’s Idea of Grandeur

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“Art is theft,” said Pablo Picasso. He does not talk about intellectual rights infringements, but his words about inspiration are true. Hearts on Fire, maker of sought-after diamond rings and luxury jewelry, steals its most brilliant ideas from nature, cityscapes and nightscapes. The newest Atlantico Collection portrays the beauty of the ocean and its constantly changing temperament. The Atlantico diamond earrings, necklaces and engagement rings are fashioned with contemporary twists that follow the contour of sea waves. The carefully mounted diamond stones highlight each piece like sparkly specks of ocean spray. Each ring has its own unique design but they all harken back to the beauty of the sea. So you can take a couple or several of them and create your own fashionable stacked ring set. Leave it to Hearts on Fire to steal earth’s ideas of grandeur. Hearts on Fire leaves the rest of the creative process up to you.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

The Science of Accuracy

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For more than a hundred years, Ball Watch has relentlessly delivered its time tested promise of “Accuracy under adverse conditions”, thanks to its eager pursuit for the most effective watchmaking technology. One difficult situation for serious watch wearers is reading in the dark. Ball’s solution to this problem is a tritium-filled luminescent glass called Self-Powered Micro Gas Light, which glows a hundred times better than luminous paints and lasts up to 25 years. Since Ball’s watches are made for extreme sports and professions, Ball researchers developed timepieces with special lubrication that withstand the harshest temperatures even as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Explorer watches are also especially designed to be antimagnetic, with pieces like the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon having magnetic tolerance as much as 12,000A/m. Aside from those functions, the brand arms its watches with water and shock resistance, crown protection system, state-of-the-art movements, and Diamond-Like Carbon coatings. Taking these features into consideration, there is no wonder Ball Watch can go anywhere and endure anything. 
Ball Watch is available at Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Precision Guaranteed

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You never rush into marriage. You spend countless nights thinking things through before popping the big question. So why settle for a less than perfect diamond ring? Precision Set understands the importance of a beautiful, elegant, enduring and personal engagement ring or wedding band, so that is exactly what it produces. All of the brand’s jewelry pieces, from bridals to fashion jewelry, are handcrafted in Dallas, Texas with precise measurements and renderings, not to mention painstaking attention to the littlest details. The jewels are made of only the finest precious metals and carefully inspected diamond stones and valuable gems. Going one extra mile further, Precision Set relieves you from the worry of finding a matching set. They already did that for you with the Flushfit collection, which features beautiful pairs of engagement and wedding rings that fit snugly with each other like one singularly dazzling piece on her ring finger. So when you are making that once-in-a-lifetime choice, choose the ring from the maker who really means it. 
Find Precision Set at authorized dealer Keller & George Jewelers. 

Swiss Army Functionality

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In the military, accuracy and exact timing are matters of life and death. This crucial field of duty requires a rigid set of standards and procedures that could never be compromised. The Victorinox Swiss Army knife was born out of this demanding need. Founder Karl Elsener assembled and sold the compact and reliable tool that later became a legend not only in the army – the original Swiss Army knife. Decades later, when the brand’s timepiece collection was born, it carried the same discipline for precision, functionality and aesthetics. The Alpnach Chronograph, with a mechanical self-winding chronograph movement and impressive looks and features, is engineered with inspiration from the alpine helicopter base of the Swiss Air Force. The Dive Master 500 Mechanical is an extremely functional and durable mechanism protected by a case of combined ruggedness and class. It is so finely built that one of its kind sat on the floor of the Baltic Sea for two months without losing accuracy. Talk about military precision. 
Swiss Army watches are available at Keller & George on Millmont Street. 

Handed-Down Elegance and Creativity

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The apple does not fall far from the tree. Two apples that come from the same tree do not fall far from each other either. Slane sisters Landon and Heath look to their mother and grandmother as their biggest influences in their shared love for fashionable and elegant jewelry. Mom Marsha Slane’s love for mixing textures and silhouettes in silver and gold inspired Slane Jewelry’s popular mixed metal designs such as Fleur De Lis and Maltese Cross. Grandma Merideth – or Mere Mere – was the beacon of fashion and style to the girls as they were growing up. Her restrained elegance, characterized by a discriminating taste in hues and grand flourishes finds descendants in Heath and Landon’s graceful and sparingly unpretentious designs and ensembles. 15 years into its existence Slane Jewelry continues to build rapport with the fashionable modern women, thanks to Mom Marsha and Mere Mere. Influence the next generation with your elegance and creativity. 
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Modern Classic Elegance

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Not all jewels are created equal. Some are created to be modern classics – the ones that come with the label of Suna Bros. Trained as second generation diamond setters, bench jewelers and gemologists, Kenneth and Joel Suna founded Suna Bros. Inc. seventy years ago and started producing their own brand of elegance. As a thriving family business, Suna Bros. underscored enduring fashionability in each piece, matching modern tastes yet also bearing the promise of becoming treasured family possession even after many generations. The Sunas called this jewels the modern classics. A couple of new generations down the line, the present Suna Bros., Aron and Jonathan, continue the legacy of unique artistry and excellence in designing and creating modern classics, ranging from whimsical pins to channel set wedding bands. Explore this unique genre of precious jewelry. 
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160 Years of Breakthroughs

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This year, Tissot celebrates 160 years of providing indispensable tools of precision to the world. To mark this important milestone, Tissot launches Heritage Navigator Automatic Anniversary Watch. This ultimate traveller’s watch reflects the brand’s love for exploring new horizons. With its multiple time zone feature and precise automatic chronometer officially certified by COSC, The Heritage Navigator lets you tell the accurate time wherever you are on the globe. The 2893-3 caliber is housed in sophisticated stainless steel case and black leather straps. The device uses state-of-the-art technology yet bears the classy vintage look that blends in with sleek coats and ties or rugged hiking gear. The watch stands for the very essence of Tissot – that is, tradition with a touch of innovation. 
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seaside Summer Style

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Summer is the time of the year when people take a break from their busy, mundane activities to relax and enjoy. Myriad of people hit the beach during this special time of year, whether to just frolic under the sun, play with the waves or simply relax along the shore. Summer also allows people to discover new places and come across new faces and embark on adventures big and small. Pandora Jewelry’s new Summer Collection 2013 is a joyful assortment of jewelry pieces that captures the spirit of summer. The collection follows the latest fashion trends, ensuring that the wearer stays up to date with the most stylish designs. These new works of art also make the wearer feel at home with the sea, sand, and sun.
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Customize Your Own Pearl Jewelry!

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Jewelry design is an art and profession that has been practiced by goldsmiths and metalworkers since ancient times. It uses traditional hand-drawing and drafting methods as well as computer aided design programs. Jewelry design, however, has stayed relatively constant over the years despite the introduction of new technologies and machinery. Pearls in Motion is a unique and fun concept which allows you to wear Mikimoto cultured pearls in an infinite variety of ways. The concept allows you to play the part of a jewelry designer and customize your own Mikimoto pearl jewelry. You can place the pearls anywhere on the 18K gold chain and Mikimoto’s exclusive mechanism will keep those pearls in place.
Keller and George’s on Millmont Street is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

Jewelry for Celebrities

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Imagine being the night’s brightest star. You are like a celebrity, with paparazzi following you every step of the way. You are the party’s most glamorous personality. You never fail to draw the eyes of onlookers and gain their admiration. Every little move you make never seems to go unnoticed. The party’s other guests can only look on in awe. Little wonder, because you’re wearing jewelry pieces from Metalsmiths Sterling’s Marquise Collection. These pieces have checker cut stones as their focus points, with their intensity and exotic appeal attracting attention to them and the wearer. These bold and elegant works of art are perfect for people who strive for drama, elegance and sophistication.
Come see Metalsmiths Sterling’s Marquise Collection at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Eternal Bouquets

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Flower bouquets are handheld arrangements of flowers that are used in special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings. These bouquets are available in various shapes and carry a variety of messages depending of the flowers used. The messages contained in these bouquets, however, must be preserved way long after the flowers are gone. Jewelry pieces belonging to the Diamond Bouquets Collection from Memoire serve the same purpose as flower bouquets and are designed to stand a lifetime. The collection’s pieces have simple yet elegant designs making them perfect for anniversary and wedding celebrations. The use of diamonds with 18K gold or platinum ensures that the messages and memories contained in these jewelry pieces last for an eternity. 
Explore Memoire’s Diamond Bouquets Collection at Keller and George’s on Millmont Street.

Beach Glamour

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Goa, although the smallest state in India, is actually a regional tourism giant as it is best known for its world-renowned beaches facing the Indian Ocean. Located in the Malabar Coast in southwestern India, these beaches attract large numbers of international and domestic tourists from all walks of life. These beaches have caught the eyes of people since ancient times, including the indigenous Indians and the Portuguese. Today, these legendary beaches serve as inspiration for Marco Bicego’s Goa collection, an artful set of striking and modern jewelry pieces. These works of art feature interwoven strands of white, yellow or pink gold gold criss-crossing each other, with brilliant diamonds adding to their glamour. Their flattened “hand-woven coil” design follows the contours of the neck and wrist carefully.
Explore Marco Bicego’s Goa collection at Keller and George’s on Millmont Street.

Bamboo Jewelry

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Bamboo is a type of grass found in different regions of the Earth and is well known for its fast growth. This versatile plant has been called “nature’s gift to mankind” due to its different uses. The plant is also a central element in the Balinese way of life and is used by natives as food, building material and decoration. The plant has also inspired the creation of the Bamboo Collection, which has become one of the most iconic of John Hardy’s styles. The collection’s jewelry pieces inherit the characteristics of the bamboo with their strong design and organic style. Buyers of these jewelry pieces also help preserve the Balinese way of life as a portion of the proceeds from their purchase go to planting bamboo seedlings.
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Stars on Fire

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The shining moon. The twinkling stars. The constellations. The meteors and comets.  These things have fascinated people looking at the night sky for centuries. They have also served as inspiration for Hearts on Fire designer Ilaria, who spent her childhood in northern Italy, to create the Illa Collection. The collection is made up of stunning and unique jewelry pieces that contain Hearts on Fire’s well-cut diamonds and follow the latest fashion trends.  These pieces pair well with different attires ranging from casual to formal, making them perfect for everyday use. The Illa Collection is ideal for people who wish to keep a part of the night sky for themselves and will surely leave owners starry-eyed.
Explore Hearts on Fire’s Illa Collection at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street. 

Chris Brings the Cut in Crisscut

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Diamonds used in jewelry before the late Middle Ages were employed in their natural, uncut state. The first diamond cut, dating from the mid-14th century, was a polishing of the diamond's octahedral crystal faces and was known as the point cut. Technological advances, particularly in the 20th century, have resulted in more sophisticated diamond cuts. European-born jewelry designer Christopher Slowinski is one of those jewelry designers who combine classic jewelry training and the latest diamond cutting technologies. He has developed the Crisscut Diamond Jewelry line, made from his patented Crisscut diamond cut. The name describes the crisscrossed facets that give his diamonds their superior brilliance and fire.
Explore Crisscut Diamond Jewelry at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.

Pilot Precision

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Aircraft pilots face tough challenges as they have to ensure the safety and timely arrival of their plane and its passengers. These pilots are also at the forefront of the most extreme missions, which require them to perform daring feats at a daily basis. These pilots need the best high-performing instruments available to fulfill their mission. The Breitling Avenger series of watch models are a concentrated combination of power, precision and functionality, allowing these professionals to succeed in their mission. These watches have an ultra-sturdy construction and are water resistant up to depths of 10,000 feet. These also have self-winding movements that are chronometer-certified by the COSC. Experience the reliability and precision of pilots with the Breitling Avenger watch series.
Explore Breitling’s watch series at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Firemen Function

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Many are not aware that the term “fireman,” aside from being used for people fighting fires, was also used for people who tend fires to run steam engines. These firemen are responsible for the difficult task of ensuring an adequate amount of fuel for steam engines for the entire journey, that the train have enough power to safely transport all passengers and cargo to their destinations, in the most timely manner. This job, as with other railway-related jobs, required precision that could only be provided by potent, dependable watches. Ball Watch brings this precision into the Fireman series of watch models. These watches have a shock performance of 5,000 Gs and are water resistant to a depth of 100 meters. These watches also have a strong built and hands that glow in the dark, allowing these to function in extreme environments that these firemen operate in.
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Technology for Outdoor Warriors

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Professional mountaineers and extreme skiers, such as those exploring the Swiss Alps, face exceedingly tough challenges posed by nature. To survive and succeed in these harsh environments, these outdoor warriors need equipment that combines utility, precision, toughness and versatility. The Tissot T-Touch Expert is a collection of high-precision instruments and a perfect combination of functionality and ease of use. These exceptional timepieces offer 15 separate functions that can be activated by a touch on the screen. Outdoor adventurers can take advantage and greatly benefit from the watches’ functions including an altimeter, alarm, chronograph, compass, thermometer, barometer, calendar and backlight. T-Touch Expert timepieces are designed based on innovations in technology which can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world.
The Tissot T-Touch Expert watch collection is available at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Knives in Watches

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The Swiss Army is one of the most formidable fighting forces in all of Europe. This army, which relies on conscription, has successfully helped preserve the country’s political neutrality over the years. Among other things, it has also been known for the Swiss Army knife, a highly-compact folding pocket knife that has various applications ranging from cutting to opening canned food to disassembling rifles. The first knives were issued to Swiss Army officers in 1891. These knives serve as inspiration for the Officer’s watch collection from Victorinox Swiss Army. The watches, which combine tradition and modernity, evoke the rounded contours of the Swiss Army knife through their curved lines. This collection is a powerful combination of quality, strength, harmony and refinement.
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Natural Pink Beauty

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Pink diamonds are one of the most expensive diamonds in the world due to their rarity. The creation of pink diamonds requires a precise set of conditions deep under the earth. These diamonds can be found in an array of colors, from apricot to red, with rarity increasing along with color intensity. Suna Bros. derives its natural color pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia’s East Kimberley region. Diamonds taken from this mine are more saturated than those found elsewhere in the world as these have densely packed graining planes that emit the pink color. Suna Bros.’ Pink Diamond Collection brings the singular beauty of natural color pink diamonds to the American market and beyond.
Explore Suna Brothers’s Pink Diamond Collection at Keller and George’s on Millmont Street.

Voltaire’s Legacy

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Voltaire was a French writer, historian and philosopher during the Age of Enlightenment. Born Francois-Marie Arouet, he wrote during the French monarchy and became known for his wit and for his advocacy of freedom. He was a versatile writer and produced works in almost every literary form. His versatility is reflected in the Voltaire collection, created by North Carolina natives Landon and Heath Slane. This collection consists of pendants, earrings and rings that have been fitted with a variety of gemstones. These stones are surrounded by classic Column beading and secured by classic Column ridged prongs. The jewelry pieces are embellished with a splash of vibrant color and serve as the Slanes' tribute to the French writer.
Slane’s Voltaire Collection can be seen at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Swiss Watch Making Mastered

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The term “maestro” is an extremely respectful title bestowed on a master musician. This title, derived from the Italian language, is most commonly used in the fields of opera and Western classical music and indicates a musician’s superior knowledge. Raymond Weil’s Maestro collection suggests a similar level of mastery, this time in making watches. The collection also demonstrates Raymond Weil’s adherence to the time-honored traditions of Swiss watch making. Launched in 2010, it consists of both men’s and women’s luxury watches with authentic designs that combine precision with aesthetics. The collection’s timepieces and chronographs are available in both steel on steel and steel on leather designs. Maestro ladies' watches also come with diamonds that underline their elegance.
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Timeless Engagements

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Engagements represent promises of eternal love and commitment. As the time between engagement and marriage can last a long time it is necessary to have a reminder. Engagement rings, therefore, must last as long as the promises contained in them. The Precision Set Classic Engagement Collection is made up of timeless designs that can even be used as heirlooms. These engagement rings feature a beautiful assortment of styles and are made with the highest level of craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. These rings come in platinum and gold, which along with diamond ensure that these rings will last a lifetime. These rings are certain to derive pleasure from their wearers and admiration from others.
Explore the Precision Set Classic Engagement Collection at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Active Chronographs for Active People

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People living an active lifestyle must keep track of their many activities to help them effective and timely, and a proven way to do so is through a chronograph timepiece. Philip Stein’s Active series of watches is hands-down the perfect choice for the busiest of bees. These watches are available in 36-millimeter and 42-millimeter versions. The smaller 36-millimeter versions have two dial counters located at the 12 o’clock and 6 o-clock positions, while the 42-millimeter versions have three dial counters at the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. These also have interchangeable straps, allowing the wearer to select the right strap for the right occasion. These watches also have Philip Stein’s proprietary Natural Frequency Technology, which allows these to pick up natural frequencies believed to be beneficial to one’s life and well-being.
Philip Stein’s Active series of watches is available at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The one for Dad

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Fathers are known to adore timepieces—dependable devices that help them keep track of time during busy days. These hardworking heads of families deserve not only a break, but also tokens that will make them feel appreciated. This is why Tissot has created its Tissot T-Touch Expert. This watch is the product of the combination of creativity and the latest technology. It features a novel touch screen activation technology, an outdoor altimeter, alarms and a barometer. These are functionalities that are sure to amaze fathers everywhere. This timepiece is also guaranteed to withstand the rigors of outdoor sports activities. The Tissot T-Touch Expert is not just designed to impress, it will also bring satisfaction to fathers who appreciate both style and functionality. It's the perfect gift for the perfect dad.

Keller & George's on Millmont Street is an authorized dealer for Tissot timepieces.


A loved one’s heart rests on yours

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Lockets have been in existence since the Victorian era. Initially serving as a condolence offering to people who have lost a loved one, such necklaces eventually developed into romantic keepsakes, representing a loved one’s heart resting on the recipient’s. The transformation of lockets into various artistic creations came into being, with precious gems coming into use as a means to describe the depth of love. The most popular and undeniably the best among these gems is the diamond, a priceless symbol of love and eternity that lasts for thousands of years. Renowned jewel designer Christopher Designs complements the diamond with its Crisscut Round necklace. Adorned with a 1.55 carat Crisscut Round diamond, the necklace is a work borne of fashion and beauty. The excellent craftsmanship brings to life a piece that is sure to be cherished forever.
Come see this and other breathtaking Christopher Designs creations at Keller & George's at Millmont Street.



Finding perfection

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Jeanie wanted an unforgettable engagement and Glen decided to give her one. Jeanie’s dream came to life the day Glen walked into a jeweler that sell Hearts on Fire. His eyes feasted from one shiny thing to the next until he found what he was searching for.  Glen stared at the Optima Double Row Engagement Ring like a moth seeing a flickering light for the very first time. Who could blame him? A part of the Hearts on Fire Collection, the piece, which comes in gold and platinum, showcases studded double row and center diamonds. The exquisite craftsmanship is certain to offer a feast for the eyes and the soul. Jeanie and Glen found the perfect engagement ring, go find yours.

Hearts on Fire is available at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Stunning silver

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Silver has always been the metal of choice for many industries. The metal has found many industrial applications including those in the manufacture of musical instruments, mirrors, and electronics. It is also now being used in the production of solar panels and as a catalyst in oxidation reactions. In 2011, industrial and commercial demand for silver accounted for 40 percent of overall silver consumption. Contributing to the demand is the jewelry industry, where the use of silver has grown in recent years. Among these jewelry designers is Slane, enhancing the natural beauty of silver with its intricate designs that can only be achieved by superb craftsmanship. Its Oval Link Sterling Silver Necklace from its Chain Collection is made of sterling silver oval ridged links with a beaded toggle closure. This piece will make the perfect gift for special women who deserve only the best in luxury jewelry.

Keller & George's at Millmont Street is an authorized dealer for Slane.


The beauty of black

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Tahitian pearls are commonly called black pearls. These rare wonders are produced by the black-lipped pearl oyster. Cultured black pearls are a rarity as they could only be produced one at a time, unlike their white counterparts, which can be farmed for mass production. This contributes to the high value given to the Black pearl. The pearl’s value is also commonly equated with the person to whom it is presented as a gift. As rare as it is, the Black Pearl is not impossible to find. Mikimoto offers a wide array of jewelry that showcase the beauty of cultured black pearls that are guaranteed to be authentic. Among these is the company’s Matched Set Black South Sea Special Edition, each set is composed of a lovely strand with 18K white gold and diamond Mikimoto signature clasp and 9mm stud earring set. This collection is for those who want to make the beautiful even more so.

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Get her attention

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Betrothal is a ritual initiated by a man presenting a ring to the woman he intends to marry. The man’s creativity is challenged during such an occasion. There are tons of ideas on how to accomplish this task. One would be to ask your fiancé on a movie date, where you can arrange a short video presentation of your love story to be played prior to asking her hand in marriage. You can also have a dinner date where you can put the ring in a glass wine for her to discover. Better still, you can go to a beach and make your proposal while watching the sunset. Whatever you do would be fine as long as you give her a FlushFit engagement ring from Precision Set. Impeccably crafted, this engagement bands is certain to make your proposal irresistibly romantic. Choose from a wide array of designs showcasing the finest precious metals and gemstones.

Come and get that Precision Set ring that will not only catch her attention, but also win her heart at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Serene slumber

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A woman of 35 examines her face in front of the mirror, no dark circles around her eyes, her skin glowing and no wrinkles can be seen. Seeing her flawless features made her smile. At this rate, she thought, she would reach 40 and still look her age now. She attributes her young looking face to peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. It is a beauty secret that she treasures for it never fails to refresh her no matter how hectic and stressful her day is. A good night sleep is one of the simplest yet essential pleasures of life. Scientifically, sleep is a very important component of healthy living. During slumber, all the activities of the body’s cells slow down, allowing them to regenerate and grow. This process is known to benefit the immune, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Now Philip Stein has developed a device that will enable anyone to reap all the benefits of sleep. The company’s Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet enhances sleep quality with its novel natural frequency technology. You can now stop twisting and turning and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Come and take advantage of this great Philip Stein innovation by visiting us at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Describe her with a gift

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An irresistibly attractive chic timepiece especially crafted for women of grace, Raymond Weil’s Jasmine Design Collection exudes splendor and elegance in this contemporary era of modern horology. This two tone silver and gold wristwatch is inspired by the alluring image of a woman…shiny and glimmering. The pieces are meant to surpass beauty that any man has ever laid eyes on. Don’t miss this chance, describe your woman by filling her heart with the Jasmine Design Collection by Raymond Weil. Choose from numerous designs in this ensemble of timepieces expertly created in the tradition of Swiss watchmakers, a gift truly befitting the uniqueness of a woman’s beauty.

Come and get your woman's own Raymond Weil at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Wearable sophistication

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Balinese jewelry artisans are known for their ability to come up with unique and intricate designs, incorporating much of their culture and art in every creation. These craftsmen, who are of royal lineage, continue to keep the timeless tradition alive. Noted jewelry designer Guy Bedarida combines Eastern art with Western style in the John Hardy Jewelry Collection of Classic Chain bracelets. These precious pieces are delicately crafted by artisans in the brand design compounds of Bali. An offering of sophistication that is unparalleled, precise and timeless. A breathtaking anthology of jewelry complemented by braids in gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and gemstones. This collection is truly for those who fancy luxurious jewelry and value cultural heritage.

Experience the delight of this exquisite John Hardy collection (and much, much more), come visit Keller & George's on Millmont Street today.


A taste of Italy

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Women are known to have acquired a taste for fine jewelry ever since such ornaments were first created. This affinity is seen by the social impact of jewelry wearing in various events, a tradition that has persisted to this day. Women and jewelry are inseparable entities, with one endowed with natural beauty and the other further enhancing the latter. A jewelry ensemble that will surely prove irresistible to women of sensitive taste, the Africa Pearl Collection by Marco Bicego is certain to fulfill such need. As a discriminating taste is a gold standard in jewelry wearing, each ornament should be uniquely beautiful and if possible, one of a kind. The Africa Pearl Collection is comprised of handmade jewelry forged by skilled Italian artisans from Trissino. The designs are inspired by the soft sand ridges of Africa and ignited by the various colors of pearls and boules.

It’s time to take your taste a level higher, come and see Marco Bicego at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Crafting memories

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Earrings are ornaments that date back to ancient Persia. Initially worn by both men and women, these accessories eventually became an integral part of women’s fashion arsenals. The materials used to create earrings focus not only on the aesthetics, they are also intended to reflect personal wealth and social status. Of the varieties of stones used in crafting earrings, the diamond remains as the most luxurious. Celebrated jewelry designer Mèmoire continues its tradition of creating quality earrings using only the finest materials available. The designer’s Four Prong Diamond Drop Earrings are elegantly crafted ear pieces that feature brilliant cut diamonds set in 18K white gold, platinum or yellow gold. Intricately crafted by highly-capable artisans, these are the perfect gift for friends, loved ones and partners.

Come and see these astounding Mèmoire earrings at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Links to the past

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In the early days, kings and princes used fabric cuff strings on their sleeves to complement their wardrobes when attending events such as grand balls. Originally accented with ruffles, cuff strings were eventually supplemented with gems such as diamonds and gold bands. As fashion evolved, gold cuffs individually held by buttons came into being. More popularly known as cufflinks, the design became popular among men of nobility and royal circles and passed on to generations to this day. Noted silver jewelry designer Metalsmiths Sterling continues to cater to the needs of men with a taste for fine cufflinks. The company’s Signature Cuff Links are impeccably designed for those who put weight on quality and detail. They are made of pure sterling silver and feature a unique masculine design.

Metalsmiths Sterling cufflinks are available at Keller & George's on  Millmont Street.


Express yourself

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Jewelry designing has always been the turf of artisans, professional jewelry makers whose skills have been handed down from generations of journeymen, making the craft an exclusive discipline. For centuries, manufacturers believed that the wearers of accessories do not have the desire to get involved in the creative process. However, creativity among consumers eventually paved the way to jewelry enthusiasts to formulate their own blends of fashion ornaments. Fashion freedom illustrates self- expression, emphasizing the uniqueness of clientele identity. The Pandora Jewelry Company was the first one to recognize the concept. The company provides choices for customer creativity and individuality in jewelry designing. It is one of but a handful of jewelers who gives the customer a voice in jewelry design. It lets clients show off their artistic flair by letting them design their own pieces, from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. Your imagination is the only limit.

Come to Keller & George's on Millmont Street and set your imagination free with a Pandora.


Finding treasures

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Combining skill and artistry are one of the many secrets of noted jewelry designer Suna Bros. Its skilled artisans use basically the same tools used by their predecessors from long ago. This traditional approach is complemented by modern technology, leading to creations of unparalleled quality. The designer’s works draw inspiration from both nature and architecture. All pieces are modeled in wax, allowing craftsmen to capture the minutest of details in a three-dimensional perspective that boasts intricate design accuracy and texture. One such piece is Suna Bros.’ Platinum Diamond Starfish Pin. It is a piece that is bound to be an excellent addition to any woman’s collection. An elegant pin that is sure to be treasured like a precious family heirloom, to be passed on from generation to generation.

Come and Get your Suna Bros. creation at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.


Not your average knife...and watch

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The production of Swiss Army Knife originated in 1880 due to the Swiss Army soldiers’ need for useful but compact tools in the battlefield. Among other uses, the Swiss Army Knife was designed for opening canned food and disassembling the Schmidt-Rubin M1889 Swiss service rifle, which required a screwdriver. The brave beginnings of Swiss Knife made it a favorite gadget among soldiers, primary for its usefulness in situations that require any form of metal instrument to accomplish manly repairing tasks. Its numerous uses made it an indispensable companion for soldiers and civilians alike, making its sales soar. Such innovative design and craftsmanship is also very present in Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic — sturdy yet beautiful, compact yet highly functional, elegant but reasonably priced.

If you're into something proficient, utile, and exquisite Swiss made timepieces, it must be a Swiss Army. Keller & George's on Millmont Street is an authorized Swiss Army watch dealer.


Reinventing horology

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Horology is the art and science of measuring time. Just like makeup, perfume, and jewelry, a wristwatch is a part of a woman’s fashion statement. But this wasn’t always the case, watches became popular in 1920 as a timepiece used by men. They were commonly hung or kept in trousers bound by watch fobs with metal covers. Wristwatches eventually came into use during World War I, when the leather cupped wristwatch was found to be practical in the battlefield. Such timepieces then were exclusively used by men. However, they were eventually redesigned to be incorporated in women’s fashion. Reinvention of horology by female fashionistas continues with a Ball Watches creation, the Eternity Ladies Timepiece Collection. These are truly fashionable timepieces for women of elegance and style.

Come and get your own Ball Watch at Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

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You will survive

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The Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a technological innovation in horology. The birth of the wristwatch heightened the competition among watchmakers, making innovations part and parcel of the craft. It was a time when the unique added features of every timepiece became the focus of the brand arena. What is PLB all about? Well, a PLB is a new device that when equipped can locate the wearer anywhere on the planet. The Breitling Professional Emergency II makes use of this new technological marvel. This technical timepiece is equipped with a novel dual frequency beacon locator, an instrument that sends a signal to guide and locate rescue missions. It also has rechargeable capability and features an integrated antenna system. It is customized for professionals who are at risk for land, sea and air distress situations.

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