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Dots How John Hardy Defines Glamour

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John Hardy, Bali-based designer jewelry manufacturer, is known for its rich jewelry collections that are inspired by Asian culture and crafted using traditional handmade techniques. One of its anchor collections is the Dot, whose motif is derived from the ancient local granulating method. The technique decorates the surface of an ornament with small spheres of precious metal to create or enhance the texture and design. Head designer Guy Bedarida decided to give the centuries-old technique a modern spin by flattening the metal balls into crisp and clean dots. The architectural rhythm and highly polished surface of the resulting design conveyed a sense of high-powered contemporary glamour to every piece. A rare rendition of this popular design is the Dot Collection Knuckle Ring with Diamond Pave, which features a dotted sterling silver and 18 k yellow gold cobra in a striking pose, with a crown of pave diamonds painstakingly hand-applied on its head. The piece is indeed, high-powered, contemporary and glamorous. 
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Marco Bicego for Him

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The jewelry-making industry has a huge population of men designers, yet only too few designs for men.  Famous Italian jewelry manufacturer Marco Bicego tries to even out the odds for men in finding fashionable accessories with his Men’s collection of designer jewelry.  Like his wider array of collections for women, his selections for men are pure expression of contemporary “everyday luxury” tinged with Old-World Italian sophistication. His designs for men play on his famous “guitar string” coils and minimalistic chains, dog tags, rings and bracelets made of hand-fashioned gold and other precious metal. Marco Bicego shows how a confident young urbanite could stay in style with the minimal ensemble of classy yet casual accessories. 
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Top-Notch World Navigation

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Equipped with two pairs of hands to indicate dual time zones in a 24-hour scale, the Navitimer World chronograph follows faithfully in the aeronotic-inspired tradition of Breitling USA.  Like most of the brand’s pilot watches, the model teems with useful complications that make a significant difference to the men of action who take command in the skies. The 46 mm round steel case houses the Breitling 26 Calibre self-winding mechanical movement which powers the 1/4th second, 30-minute and 12-hours chronographs on the dial, as well as a secondary time zone indicated by a set of red-tipped hands along the primary timetelling indicators. The cambered sapphire crystal, glareproofed on both sides,  make reading easy reading of the aesthetically sophisticated and functionally packed black dial. Navitimer world has a 42 hour power reserve, 3 bars water resistance and protected crown and secure leather or Navitimer straps that endures the challenging conditions of long or critical flight missions.
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Creating Memories

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Memories are precious, and so should be the objects that come to represent them. Mémoire, manufacturer of elegant, first-grade diamond jewelry for 20 years now, goes to great lengths to make sure every piece deserves to stand as a worthy symbol of engagement, marital commitment and other special purposes. The brand boasts of unparalleled craftsmanship in jewelry making. The mountings are made in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and the United States using state-of-the-art technology called hot extrusion. The process uses extreme heat and pressure to rid the platinum, gold or silver of air bubbles and make them more dense and durable. Every diamond stone set on these special mountings are individually examined and approved by a staff GIA Graduate gemologist before they are included in any of Mémoire’s elaborate designs. The jewelry manufacturer also uses the most modern machine laser engraving to inscribe the pieces with messages, dates and names for a sophisticated personal touch. 
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Out-of-this-world Functionality

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Ball Explorer and record-setting astronaut Brian Binnie says, “If you have no fear, you have no dreams.” This spirit of adventurous exploration is the same drive that fuels Ball Watch to go beyond conventions of watchmaking and create watches that tell accurate time in the midst of the harshest environments possible, on earth or out of it. Binnie made a landmark in the history of space tourism as he climbed to 367, 442 feet in space aboard the privately constructed spacecraft SpaceShipOne. Accompanying him in this momentous and risky adventure was his reliable Ball Watch companion.  The Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital is the brand’s tribute to its daring ambassador Brian Binnie. The exceptional timepiece has the automatic BALL Caliber ETA 7754 movement with chronograph functions and accumulated measurements up to 12 hours. From extreme temperature endurance, gas tube night reading capability, anti-shock and protections systems to a perfectly assembled top-notch case and buckled bracelet, Spacemaster Orbital has an out-of-the-world functionality, durability and Swiss-make quality.  Strap on Ball Watch as you embark on your own extreme adventure. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.

An Accidental Birth to a Distinctive Mark

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Mistakes are learning experiences. For Christopher Slowinsky, founder of designer jewelry brand Christopher Designs, one particular mistake was more than a learning experience; it was a turning point that set his works apart from the rest of the diamond industry. As a young jeweler in Europe, Slowinsky once unintentionally made an erroneous cut on his diamond stone as he attempted to perfect his invisible setting technique. He was disappointed with the mishap but was also interested with the extra bright spot on the diamond where he had made the accidental dent. Thrilled with a new idea, he studied and perfected a similar crisscrossed facet arrangement, which later gave birth to his famous crosscut pattern – a unique design that maximizes a diamond’s brilliance, now backed up by multiple U.S. patents. The rest is history, which is still in the making as Slowinsky continually innovates the face of the diamond industry. 
Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

The Diamond Expert

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Most men do not understand that rocket science and quantum physics are not “the” sciences in the female world. Women are more inclined towards the complexities that deal with aesthetic and tangible objects, like having the right configurations for the perfect engagement ring. And when that big moment comes, a man’s fate could hang on his understanding of this matter. Hearts on Fire, renowned diamond jewelry manufacturer and finding-the-right-ring expert, is armed with all the essentials for coming up with the dazzling diamond ring that is exactly for her, starting from the various cuts of the central stone – brilliant round, ideal, princess, cushion, asscher, to the matching settings – prong, channel, pave, even the types, patterns and designs.  When shopping for engagement, wedding or anniversary rings, trust the celebrated maker of the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds, Hearts on Fire. 
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In the Crossroads of Two Worlds

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John Hardy is an interesting fusion of European jewelry-making methodology and Asian oriental inspiration. The company’s “green” compound is located in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, where throngs of tourists flock each year to enjoy the vibrant culture and scenic views of the Island. John hardy first came to the island in the 1970’s where he fell in love with the handcrafting traditions of the people. He partnered with the local artists and set up his own jewelry manufacturing company, later on bringing in Head Designer Guy Bedarida who brought in the French art of jewelry-making into the John Hardy mold. The brand balances the Western crafting processes with rich eastern inspiration that feature the finest points of Asian culture, including ancient dynasty patterns and thriving myths of life and love. Check out John hardy’s silver masterpieces decked with precious gems and affluent heritage.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for John Hardy.

Solitaire is the Game in Town

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Solitaire is the most romantic game in town – in terms of diamond rings, that is. In the last two decades, many fashionable and trendy designs for engagement rings and wedding bands have cropped up. Yet, nothing still beats the elegance and significance of the iconic solitaire. Its glamour is in its simplicity, and its appeal rests on the sincerity symbolized by that singular central diamond stone. Hearts on Fire impeccably creates this timeless style with expertise and creativity. The diamond jewelry manufacturer starts out with selecting and double checking the most flawless diamond stones that are individually serialized to prove authenticity. Hearts on Fire then creates durable and elegant mountings for these precious stones, stylized to suit the different tastes of today’s blessed couples – twist ropes, twist cradles, petal, or simple gold or platinum bands. 
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Breaking Through Conventions

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Christopher Slowinski never believed in conventions. Just when everybody thought there could never be anything more beautiful than a brilliant cut diamond, he goes and proves them all wrong. Christopher Designs, the man’s own jewelry manufacturing company for which he himself creates the designs, takes the round diamond into a higher level with the crisscut round. The conventional 58-facet round brilliant has always been beautiful, but Christopher’s crisscut, with its 109 dazzling crisscrossed facets is just admirable beyond measure. The stone radiates unequalled brilliance with its ingenious 12 walls and 12 sides that create a dozen flawless arrows pointing towards the center. The diamond’s edges breaks the light and creates the illusion of a perfectly scalloped border, which adds one more point of interest to Christopher’s patented pattern. There will always be conventions, and there will always arise some like Christopher who break through norms and change them. 
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Dare to Explore Life’s Adventures

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” The quote by Helen Keller is an apt expression of the challenge that Ball Watch dared to take up since its inception in 1891. A firm believer in living life to the fullest, Webb Ball set out to create the watch that would withstand the toughest adversities in life and thrive in the most extreme conditions. Its tagline “Accuracy despite Adversity” is a popular and trusted promise among adventurers, professionals in extreme sports and individuals involved in the most demanding jobs in the world. Brian Binnie, space pilot, trusts Ball Watch to help him navigate through the sensitive void of the outer space. Dr. Geoff Tabin dons on his Ball Watch when he treks through the Himalayan Region to perform eye surgeries on the area’s various communities. Richard Limeburner relies on his Ball Watch to record accurate results as he performs crucial experiments in the frigid polar waters. What is your Ball Watch adventure? 
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Passion and Creation

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An adventurous globe trotter, a talented designer, an astute businessman, and a devoted family man – Marco Bicego lives a full and busy life, but he makes time for his every passion and commitment. He is also an enigma in his own way. He speaks with austerity yet maintains a calm and approachable – even warm – disposition. He has an innate feel for beauty and sophistication, which is apparent in his many casual and contemporary jewelry collections. His artistic eye captures the irregularities of nature, which he calls its “perfect imperfections” and effortlessly translates them into chic and youthful jewelry designs. His pieces, handcrafted by his carefully selected and mentored creative team and craftsmen, evoke the rich vibrance of the many places in the world that inspired his collections. 
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Nature’s Strokes on Suna Brothers Canvas

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With Suna Brothers’ knack for creating unusual jewelry using rare stones, there is no telling what the brand’s next masterpiece is gonna turn out like. Except that it will be gorgeous, vibrant and totally modern-classic. Suna’s reputation in the jewelry making industry stemmed from its prolific use of precious stones like Burmese ruby, madiera citrine, Brazilian ruby, blue chalcedony and Rutilated quartz and tourmaline. One of Mother Nature’s most interesting pieces is the opal gem which captures hues and brilliant flecks like oil on canvass. Like the rough and allusive strokes of Monet’s impressionist paintings, Suna takes this natural work of art and turns it into a wearable masterpiece. In the brand’s New York City workshop, seasoned Suna jewelers design, craft and finish jewelry pieces using both traditional techniques and modern tools to draw out the beauty of these precious stones. The Suna ring with the opal central stone on platinum mounting holds a palette of emotions that reflects the wearer’s alternating dispositions. 
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Travel and Tell

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Travel does not expand the world; it broadens the horizons by which you see it. So grab every chance you get to explore new places and be submerged in new cultures, and remind yourself of the adventures you have had with your own Pandora Jewelry travel bracelet. The Danish brand, which first opened as a quant jeweler’s shop in 1982, specializes in beautiful, elegant and expressive charms that could be collected and combined to form your own story. Popular for being the perfect gift for whatever occasion or memorabilia for precious experiences such as a vacation on the other side of the world, the Pandora charms come with durable handcrafted bracelets made or leather or precious metal, and are stabilized by innovative spacers and locks. You can add to your story one experience at a time and not have to worry about it getting literally lopsided or getting spilled out in unexpected circumstances. Because when you tell it with Pandora, every story holds water. 
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The True Luxury of this Age

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“Life’s true luxury is the ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep.” In that case, Philip Stein is indeed a luxury watch in every sense of the word. Popular for their fashionable designs and unique dual time zone dials, the Philip Stein luxury timepieces have one more distinctive feature – that is, they lift away stress and help you sleep better during bedtime. Now that is grand, isn’t it? Opray Winfrey, Jackie Chan and a whole throng of other celebrities certainly think so. Philip Stein’s natural frequency technology embedded in each watch send out frequencies that help the body get intuned into its most relaxed state, promoting overall well-being and deeper slumber. With all the demands, hurry-scurries and psychological adversities of this current age, a device that eases tension and buys restfulness is worth more than the summation of the “luxury items” people stand in line for. 
Get a piece of true luxury from Philip Stein, available through authorized dealer Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Hallmarked Beauty

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Metalsmiths Sterling rivals the finest jewelry houses worldwide for high-quality, European-inspired sterling silver jewelry. Its vast selection of modern, handcrafted jewelry features different gemstones in marvellous settings crafted masterfully by expert artists from Metalsmiths. Aside from mainstream precious stones like rubies, sapphires and diamonds, the brand also loves to make masterpieces using less common stones such as rutilated quartz and prasiolite arrayed on intricately designed silver bracelets, rings, and pendants. Metalsmiths’ old-world quality pieces, tinged with modern sophistication and bold and timeless beauty, and inspired by the world’s most elegant dynasties, are aimed towards one goal – to offer the whole world high quality and handcrafted jewelry that appeal to every woman and suit her every occasion. Whether you are a strong, independent lady shopping for yourself or a man looking for the perfect gift for her, you are surely in for a treat with Metalsmiths’ silver collections. 
Check them out at Keller & George on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Metalsmiths Sterling.

The Birthing Process of a Weil Watch

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Every Weil Watch starts out as a fascination over an idea or a thing of beauty. This inspiration is translated into a design on paper by the company’s creative team, after the technical aspects of the design process have also put into consideration. Then bits and pieces of precious materials such as gold or platinum cases, diamonds, fine details and hand-assembled movements, appear one by one. They are slowly and very meticulously assembled together by seasoned watch makers who use both traditional and innovative Swiss methods for creating much sought-after timepieces. The watches then go through the rigorous quality control measures to ensure their utmost performance and perfect aesthetics – the standard that comes with the “Swiss Made” inscription on their case -backs. 
From the controlled environments of Weil’s workshops in Geneva, the watches find their way to the showrooms of selected dealers of the label all over the world – including Keller & George Jewelers in the United States – and then to the wrists of clients to become treasured personal possessions and future family heirloom.

Rainbowed Pearls

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Pearls always have a classic appeal, but the house of Mikimoto Pearls have worked with these precious gems for over a century now that it knows very well how to play with their lustrous beauty. Mikimoto’s contemporary Blossom Pendant presents pearls in an array of colorful light unlike any other jewelry of its type. The pendant, which comes in a 40mm precious metal chain, depicts the brilliant hues of garden blooms. White gold is fashioned in floral shapes and decorated with pink sapphires and brilliant diamonds. Two perfectly round White Akoya pearls take center stage in the middle of the design. The colorful reflections of the sapphires and diamonds inevitably dance on the surfaces of the pearls, making the surfaces glow with a rainbow of vibrant hues. The result is a jewelry piece oozing with classic elegance overlaid with modern fashionability. Truly, not even Mother Nature makes pearls as pretty as Mikimoto
Check out their jewelry collections at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street - authorized retailer for Mikimoto.

A Story with Beautiful Precision

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It seems like an inarguable truth that the world does not run out of love stories to tell. Neither does Precision Set run out of new ideas for its bridal jewelry collections. The company has been in the business of manufacturing a wide variety of bands, men’s bands, bracelets, earrings and pendants since 1982 and has gained leadership and recognition in the market for its innovative designs and enduring styles and makes. Precision Set’s various collections – Classic Engagement, New Aire, Classic Band, Silk, Extraordinary, Fine Jewelry and the instant success collection Flushfit – are trained towards the a wide spectrum of preferences by couples who have different personalities. Crafted by seasoned craftsmen in the company’s Dallas workshop using the highest quality materials, metals and diamonds, each ring is designed for life and crafted to last a lifetime. They are the perfect symbol for a story of love that is unlike any other. 
To find Precision Set’s bridal collections, check out Keller & George Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

One Stone at a Time

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The Slane sisters Heather and Landon, founders and co-owners of Slane Jewelry, have a strong affinity with silver. But in an industry which is teeming with so much beautiful and remarkable materials, it is not necessary to stick with just a singular good stuff. Less than 2 decades into the company’s existence, its offerings have grown to include beautiful jewelries made of other precious stones and metals such as yellow gold and pearls. Slane collections, like the bestselling Bee collection and Bee Free collection, which have started out as solely silver pieces now come in the vibrant luster of the world’s most popular precious metal and other gems like diamonds, citrine, emerald and sapphire. Slane’s double strand and single strand pearl or onyx necklaces are also taking center stage in the Slane collections. It is true that you do not know how far your dreams can take you. For the Slane sisters, they are finding out one stone at a time. 
Check out their charming jewelry collections at Keller & George Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Slane Jewelry. 

The Woman in the Swiss Army Story

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Behind every man’s success story is a woman who stands as a source of strength and inspiration. The Swiss Army Victorinox, with its emblematic Swiss Army knife, is the corporate brain child of Swiss cutler Karl Elsener. The business was initially set up by Karl to deliver reliable, portable and highly functional knife to Switzerland’s Army. Later on, the brand took on a more diversified offering including fragrances, luggages and timepieces. Currently, Victorinox Swiss Army is one of the popular names in many markets, but very few realize one person’s vital role in the building of this multinational company. The Victoria watch is a fine tribute to the feminine and serene personality that supported Karl in the early stages of his business venture – his mother Victoria. The name of the brand was taken from her name, and the Victoria watch design is a beautiful reflection of her remarkable personality – effortlessly simple and straightforward. 
Find the Victoria watch and other Swiss Army products from authorized dealers such as Keller & George jewelers on Millmont Street.

Tissot in Pink

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Pinky is the feminine side of Tissot. In general, the brand is big on technologically advanced features, reliable sports watches and hardy instruments for the adventurous at heart. With Pinky, Tissot shows off its prowess on designing and manufacturing excellent timepieces that run to the opposite direction. Directed towards the elegant women clientele, Pinky bears the Caliber F03.111 quartz movement in a dainty 27.95 mm steel case topped with a neat and pretty Mother of Pearl dial. The minimized indicators and gold detailing of the watch gives it a sophisticated finish that goes well with any outfit – from office to dinner out. The watch’s round links of steel and gold worn around the wrist gives the impression of an elegant and classic bracelet. Add to that a perfectly integrated clasp that fits with the fine strap. That is Tissot’s rare feat of elegance and technical precision integration – in a package every woman would love. 
Check out Tissot’s Pinky and other collections at Keller & George on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Tissot.

It Takes Two to Say "I Do"

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Sense and sensibility, passion and purity, commitment and faithfulness – there are things in love that always have to go together.  In the same way, there are inseparable ingredients in creating the perfect bridal jewelry. Memoire has both: carefully crafted mountings of strength and density, and masterfully cut diamonds that boast brilliance of the highest quality. The foundation of a precious engagement or wedding ring is a solid mounting that withstands everyday wear and a lifetime of use. Memoire achieves this using its exclusive extrusion process which eliminates the slightest air bubbles in the metal and produces high density and durable mountings. The ring’s crown of glory is – or are – of course, the diamond central stone that becomes the object of admiration and subtle envy among her girlfriends for many nights to come.  Memoire carefully selects only the finest stones and cuts its diamonds in accordance with the highest standards in the industry, producing diamond stones that dance with fire, extreme brilliance and scintillation. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Memoire.

Going Down Deep with Superocean Heritage 46

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Breitling’s Superocean line, the brand’s collection of sophisticated yet well-thought out precision instruments, has been around for more than 50 years. Its recent iteration, the Superocean Heritage, however is a big misnomer. The only thing that suggests “old school” or “traditional” in this chronograph is its minimalist look and an optional metal bracelet. In terms of functionality and size, the 38mm to 46mm wrist watch is completely modern. The diving watch has an easy grip rotating bezel for precise time measurement a screw-locked crown with two gaskets, cambered sapphire crystal that is glareproofed on both sides to ensure accurate timetelling. Run by Calibre Breitling 31 self-winding mechanical movement, the savvy black dial holds steel indicators and 1/4th second, 30 minutes, 12 hour chronographs. It has a depth rating of 200 meters, an astounding feat for any diver’s watch, where the industry’s benchmark is only 100 meters. Like all Breitling instruments, Superocean Heritage is chronometer certified – a fact that pleases not only divers but aficionados who have their eyes set on the better finds in the market. 
Keller & George is an authorized dealer of Breitling.

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Suna Brothers Plays with Blue Fire

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Suna Brothers prides itself with its unrivalled platinum mountings and selections of rare precious stones. Zircon is one of Suna Brothers’ rare pieces in its collections. This dazzling blue stone is now very difficult to come by. It is also often misunderstood and confused with the cubic zirconia, which is the manmade imitation diamond. Though the two stones may both bear some semblance to the diamond for their shine, zircon is one of the precious few gems that show visible dispersion and flashing rainbow fire when examined under light. The stone’s incredible sparkle is due to its innate optical characteristic known as double refraction which creates extreme scintillation. This unique characteristic earned it its nickname, “blue fire”. 
Find Suna Brothers jewels adorned with the beautiful zircon stone at Keller & George on Millmont Street – authorized retailer for Suna Brothers.

A Standing Ovation for Mother Nature

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Mother Nature deserves a round of applause every now and then for her unceasing originality in the creation of precious stones. The Earth’s Wind and Fire Collection is Metalsmiths Sterling’s ovation to the unique display of beauty found in the natural environment. The collection centers around different valuable stones, such as zebra marble, labradorite, ocean jasper, turquoise and black onyx.  These rocks, hewn from the depths of earth, are carefully polished and handcrafted by seasoned metalsmiths in order to bring out their inherent depth and distinctive nuances. No two stones are exactly alike, making every jewelry piece a one-of-a-kind treasure to be cherished for generations to come. Metalsmiths Sterling fashions modern and elegant sterling silver frames around the stones to finish the attention-grabbing look of these wearable art. 
Celebrate Mother Nature with your own Earth’s Wind and Fire jewelry, available at Keller & George on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Metalsmiths Silver.

Accuracy under Adversity: Because Life is an Extreme Adventure

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Since 1891, Ball Watch has gone a long way from railroad stations to the North Pole, the depths of oceans, and the controlled environments of space shuttles. The one thing that got the company there is its unfading mantra of “accuracy under adversity”. The brand was born out of the railway’s crucial need for on-the-dot timekeeping precision. After the tragic Kipton Disaster, where two trains collided against each other due to a 4-minute difference in their watches, Webb Ball manufactured his reliable chronographs to prevent the accident from happening again. It turned out that train engineers and conductors were not the only people who needed these high precision devices. Professional deep sea divers, expedition teams, space pilots, and hardcore adventurers now also rely on Ball Watch in their perilous and exciting journeys. Have the confidence to face life’s thrilling adversities; take Ball watch along on your next adventure – the watch that’s been all there and done all that. 
Check them out at Keller & George on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

Bee Confident and Beautiful

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There are about 20,000 species of bees in the world, and among the most beautiful are the diamond-clad ones in Slane Jewelry’s Bee Collection. Slane’s hallmark bee is a topview of the bee with widespread wings and bejewelled eyes mounted on a warm honeycomb compartment. Like every piece of jewelry created by Slane, the Bee has a message to share. The idea behind the collection is a subtle representation of Slane Jewelry’s mission. For 15 years now, the Slane sisters Landon and Heath have been creating jewelry pieces for women of their own class – busy, fashionable, well-rounded, and confident of themselves. Slane is for the modern women who keep up with responsibilities and adventures that life throws their way; much like bees in a poetic sense. The Bee bracelets and chains are crafted in sterling silver or yellow gold, with certain designs adorned and highlighted by diamonds and other precious stones. 
Find this perfect gift for yourself or the beloved busy bees in your life at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street.   

The Marriage of Elegance and Comfort

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The silk is valued highly for its comfortable wear as well as its smooth and rich texture. Mémoire’s Pave Silk Collection brings the cosy luxury of silk into the elegant world of diamond jewelry. The collection comes in three varieties of comfortable 18k gold or platinum bands adorned with beautiful rows of pave diamonds. The Grande Pave diamond bands are lavishly mounted with two to five rows of sparkling gems all over the surface of the shank. The Bombe Pave rings are curved and rounded ones decorated with three rows of the same precious stones, while the Classic Pave retain that timeless elegance of gold and diamond combination that shows through when worn. Like the marriage of two wonderful persons who complement each other, the Pave Silk of Mémoire marries comfort and elegance with the collection’s smooth metal finish and admirable diamond display.
Find the perfect symbol for your love among Mémoire’s Pave Silk and other diamond bridal collections, available at Keller & George on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Mémoire.

The Imperial City Captured in Gold

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Marrakech is the fourth largest city in the Northwest African nation of Morocco, and the most important of Morocco’s former imperial cities. This old fortified city, a popular tourist destination steeped in rich culture and history, is packed with vendors and their stalls, dotted here and there with precious Madrasas and bordered with modern neighbourhoods. The cross between the old-world enchantments and modern day sophistication of Marrakech is one of Marco Bicego’s favorite themes in his contemporary jewelry collections. The globe-trotting designer captured the exotic and unpretentious elegance of the historical city with his supple lines of twisted gold dotted here and there with the dazzling brilliance of carefully selected diamond stones. The collection’s admirable twisted gold chains, handcrafted to create a natural and almost organic finish, along with its air of casual glamour, make Marrakech Bicego’s bestselling collection. 
Enjoy the elegance of Marrakech wherever you are in the world. Check out Marco Bicego’s collections at Keller & George Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

Air Trustworthiness in a Handsome Package

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Breitling welcomes you to the world of aviation with its chronograph collections inspired by its various involvements in the  history of flight. The Chronomat 41 is about four things – elegance, precision, performance, and aviation. The sleek 41 mm diameter steel and rose gold case plus bracelet are classic and elegant but inside, it bears the brand’s self-winding COSC-certified Manufacture Caliber 01. It works with 1000 feet water resistance and a minimum of 70 hours power reserve. The dial, enclosed by a unidirectional ratcheted bezel and protected by glareproofed cambered sapphire, holds multiple chronographs for 1/4th seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. An aperture between the fourth and fifth hour clearly shows the day’s date, and on the side is the screw-locked crown with its two gaskets. Overall, Breitling’s Chronomat 41 is a disarmingly handsome watch that works just as hard on air time as its more rugged counterparts.  
Check out Chronomat 41 and other Breitling watches from the brand’s authorized dealers such Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Extraordinary Craftsmanship, Extraordinary Brilliance

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The Extraordinary Collection is Precision Set’s premier bridal selection, which features unique designs that highlight the prominence of large central stones. Excellently cut and polished brilliant-cut round diamonds, with extraordinary scintillation and brilliance, sit beautifully on top of  platinum, white gold, or yellow gold mountings. The opulent stone is enshrined by rows of delicate pave diamonds that run down along the shoulders and completely covering the precious metal shanks. Precision Set invests unrivalled craftsmanship and stringent diamond selection process to ensure the dazzling air and enduring luxuriant beauty of every Extraordinary bridal ring. The delicate rings are created and hand finished with meticulous attention to details in Precision Set’s Dallas workshop and carefully inspected to pass the highest jewelry manufacturing standards. 
For rings that symbolize eternal commitment, or heirloom pieces for the next generation, look for Precision Set’s Extraordinary collection at Keller & George – an authorized dealer for Precision Set jewelry.

The Maverick of this Century

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As far as luxury Swiss watch color choices go, the Swiss Army Maverick collection is indeed an unorthodox bunch. Here is a selection of expertly designed and engineered watches tinged with the playfulness of fashion watches. These Swiss Made Ronda 715 movement watches are perfect for the independent young –or young at heart – person who wants the excellent watchmaking precision packaged in a more flambouyant, colorful case. The color of the watch’s dial that sits beneath a triple-coated and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, as well as the unidirectional rotating bezel, both match the brilliant color of the watch’s genuine rubber strap. The face also features a convenient date window, battery end of life indicator, and luminescent hands for a more comfortable wear in adventurous occasion.  
Showcase the free-spirited adventurer in you, with the Swiss Army Maverick wrist watch, available at authorized retailer Keller & George in Millmont Street.

Marking the Seasons with Class

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Tissot is a brand that is way ahead of the times. Its T-Touch collection makes strides in the watchmaking industry along the roads-not-yet-travelled. It has not, however, lost touch with the rich heritage of the past. The Musical Seasons of Tissot’s T-Pocket collection pays tribute to the master Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto of a similar name - Four Seasons. The Tissot ensemble is composed of a quartet of pocket watches that each captures the atmosphere of one season – spring, summer, autumn, and winter – through a differently colored cameo and design on the dial and its own excerpt of music. The dainty pocket watches are housed in a 59.6 mm brass case, protected by mineral glass, and come with manual mechanical movement. The Musical Seasons, whether apiece or as a set is a special gift to mark an important occasion or an impressive collectors’ item for the watch connoisseur, the musically inclined, or both. 
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Unchained Elegance

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Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell. At least, at John Hardy they do.  The Classic Chain is among the most popular collections by the Bali-based designer jewelry manufacturer; one with a rich history behind it. Back in the 19th Century, the country’s eight kingdoms vied for status with elegant castles, beautiful queens and exquisite jewelry. The technique for creating the elaborate design of the Classic Chain is inspired by Bali’s ancient chain weaving practice that made a name for its ancient kingdom in jewelry-making. John Hardy learned the unique craft from its first jewelry maker, the grandson of the previous king’s jewelry maker himself.  The braided bracelets are handcrafted using annealed sterling silver chains plated with rhodium for a supply draped metal sheen. The remarkably comfortable chains are decked with precious stones such as blue sapphire and amethyst; a perfect gift for the woman who reigns your heart. 
Check out John Hardy’s Classic Chain collection at Keller and George – an authorized dealer for John Hardy jewels.

The Maestro’s New Look

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Raymond Weil’s new Maestro Phase de Luna Semainier symbolizes the brand’s attachment to its watchmaking roots in Geneva Switzerland, as well as to its primary source of inspiration which is music. The new model is an attractive automatic moon phase watch, which features a moon phase, month, date and day of the week calendar housed in its classical 41.5 mm stainless steel case. The chronograph is just the right size for a modern day moon phase watch, and looks perfectly sophisticated with its dial toting Roman Numeral indicators under an anti-glare treated sapphire crystal. Beneath the surface, Phase de Luna has an automatic movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. The timepiece is a handsomely dressed watch that matches the flair of the best tailored three piece suits. Complete that gentlemanly look with the newest offering from the world’s most elegant Swiss watch maker. 
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Passion Plus Innovation

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Technology is an amazing tool transforming the landscape of the world’s way of life, including the craft of jewelry-making. Christopher Slowinsky, the Polish-born artist behind Christopher Designs, combines technology with his classic jewelry training to create exclusive designs that redefine the standards of the industry, especially in diamond-cutting where his crisscross-faceted Crisscut gems enjoy stardom. Christopher Design’s remarkable engineering uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and has earned Slowinsky multiple patents for his innovative and exclusive designs. Christopher explains he has always been fascinated with things of beauty and the process of making them even more remarkable. To do that, he needs not only passion or know-how but cutting edge tools, which is why the technological aspect of his designs is just as crucial as the aesthetics of his collections. Truly, there is much that passion and applied science could do together.
Check out the Crisscut diamond at Keller & George Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

Hearts on Fire: A Promise of Perfection

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In the story of the perfect diamond stone, Mother Nature creates the rock but Hearts on Fire makes the gem.  Out of millions, only 400 master diamond cutters are qualified to cut and fashion The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds™. They work diligently on the most transparent and knot-free diamond crystals that result in maximized brilliance and scintillation. While the rest of the industry operates on 10x magnification, Hearts on Fire expert craftsmen cut and polish their diamonds under an astounding 100x magnification. With such an advanced standard, the brand’s proprietary formula achieves perfect symmetry, proportion, polish and alignment every single time. Every Hearts on Fire diamond sparkles with eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst™ pattern, which gives the company its unique name. The Hearts on Fire difference is perfection, and it is a perfection everyone can see. 
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Watch Your Health - Literally

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Watches and wellness usually just go together when you are an athlete, or involved in a serious health regimen. Philip Stein brings the gap a few notches closer with its Natural Frequency Technology. The in-house technology embedded in each timepiece is claimed to boost the relaxation and overall health of the wearer, thanks to its resonating frequencies which tune the body into its optimal and most harmonious states thereby reducing stress. Related studies have shown that the subjects who wore their Philip Stein watches experienced a sense of wellbeing and reduced occurrences of sleep disorders. This also coincides with testimonies from long-time Philip Stein patrons like Oprah Winfrey. Every day the brand’s wearers tell of their experience. “I feel balanced, thanks to the natural frequencies,” relates a wearer of Philip Stein’s diamond-studded, dual time zone Signature Watch. Indeed the balance between reliable time-telling and overall wellbeing is a claim not too many watch companies can make, except Philip Stein. 
Check out the Natural Frequency Watches at Keller & George on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Philip Stein.

Nurtured by the Ocean, Tested by Fire

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How far would a company go to prove its commitment to excellence? Mikimoto went as far as a publicized destruction of low-quality pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of today’s largest pearl manufacturing house, was set to show the world that his company only offered the highest quality of gems to adorn the delicate necks of women around the world. In 1932, when low quality pearls started to proliferate in the market, Mikimoto burned thousands of poor quality pearls in front of the Chamber of Commerce. His message was simple yet resounding: “I would rather destroy a pearl than sell one of low quality.” Being the person credited for producing the world’s first cultured pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto sent a wave of admiration for his high standards – a commitment which is being continued today by the next generation of Mikimoto pearl experts. 
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Your Story in Colors

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Jennifer grew up in New York City and is now raising her family in North Carolina. Her life is filled with her husband and kids, life’s beautiful seasons, meeting people, and getting absorbed in new activities, music or places that motivate her. Every treasured moment in her life is expressed in her Pandora bracelet, a personalized piece of Jewelry that tells her story with adorable charms. Her first charm was a mother’s day gift from her two lovely daughters. Her bracelet's design simply evolved as she experienced more of life. Of course, she added a Statue of Liberty charm as a reminder of her younger years. What is your story? Start sharing it to the rest of the world with Pandora Jewelry. With more than 800 of designs made of sterling silver, Murano glass, wood, gold and semi-precious stones, Pandora is an inexhaustible source of creative expression that is not only personal but is also uniquely you. 
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