Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Ultimate in Precision Instruments

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As sophisticated as a car or an airplane, Breitling Chronographs and watches are precision instruments that aviators, scientists, and athletes have relied on for decades. Since 1884, Breitling has produced the finest and most innovative precision instruments with the most advanced features and functions,all of which have been developed by the company itself. Extremely durable and dependable, these top-quality chronographs and timepieces have witnessed some of the finest moments in the fields of sports, science, and industry. Breitling’s onboard chronographs intended for aircraft cockpits, for instance, proved indispensable to the Royal Air Force in the Second World War. Breitling’s famous Navitimer wrist chronograph enjoyed great success since it was first launched in 1952. It is the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph still in production. As with all Breitling instruments, the Navitimer has been designed to perform with reliability even in the most adverse conditions. 
The Navitimer wrist chronograph and other Breitling precision instruments are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

The John Hardy Spirit

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The market is littered with jewelry manufacturers, but John Hardy is unlike any other. The Asian-inspired company established by Canadian artist John Hardy is based on the alluring island of Bali in Indonesia. The teams of local artisans, most of whom come from long lineages of royal jewelry cutters, are headed by French designer Guy Bedarida, who ceaselessly integrates European technology and procedures into the company’s Asian and nature-inspired sterling silver pieces. The heart of the brand goes beyond manufacturing exquisite handcrafted jewelry pieces which the name is widely known for. It is all about sustainable development. Current CEO Damien Dernoncourt sums up the identity of John Hardy as “a luxury brand of handmade designer jewelry that reflects a synergy of designer and artisan to create objects of beauty in an environment of respect for people and for the natural world." And in that concern for community and nature is the gem that sets John Hardy apart from the rest of the crowd. 
Check out John Hardy at authorized retailer Keller and George.

Perfect in Every Way

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Nothing can be better than perfect. And that speaks a lot for Hearts on Fire, the celebrated manufacturer of “The world’s most perfectly cut diamonds”. For those who have been searching for the perfect diamond jewelry, the 4 C’s is a familiar concept. Of the four factors – cut, carat, color and clarity – the cut almost singularly determines the brilliance and fire of the polished stone. Hearts on Fire uses unique technology to come up with the mirror-like polish, perfect symmetry and perfect alignment in every stone. The process involves combinations of scientific formula and lengthy procedures, as well as state-of-the-art technology like anti-vibration and imaging software with 100x magnification. These consistently perfect diamond stones are set on elegant yellow and white gold designs created by accomplished Italian jewelry designer Ilaria Lanzoni. Hearts on Fire matches the perfect cut with the perfect designs for that perfect symbol of love that you are looking for. 
Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Excellence Inside Out

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The Moonlight Special is an impressive piece of timekeeping device from Ball Watch, the leading name in time-tested Swiss watchmaking. One glance at the Moonlight Special reveals the chronograph’s multi-functionality – which includes second, minute and hour accumulation capability up to twelve hours. The watch’s triple calendar display shows the date, the day of the week, and the month. At the six o’clock is the lovely moonphase which indicates the current phase of the moon and also gives the piece its name. On the dial protected by anti-reflective sapphire crystal are legible numeral indicators that are illuminated by Ball’s patented Self-Powered Gas Lights. Powering the chronograph is the ETA 7751, a self-winding mechanical movement with 28 jewels, a beat speed of 28, 800 beats per hour plus 42 hour power reserve. Ball watch apparently put much thought and expert handling for both exterior and interior components, resulting in a timepiece that is top-class in elegance and unbeatable in precision and functionality. 
Keller and George is an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.

Making Everyday Simply Elegant

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Wear a Marco Bicego Siviglia creation and you will experience the luxury of everyday elegance. The simple yet exquisite design of the Siviglia Collection provides the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, lending sophistication and elegance to a casual pair of jeans and shirt or to the most formal evening gown. Inspired by the spontaneous appeal of nature, Marco Bicego designed the Siviglia Collection with specially molded and finely-engraved gold nuggets that echo nature’s asymmetrical beauty. The golden nuggets, some of which are studded with brilliant pave diamonds, are expertly linked with equally superb gold chains. The simple yet elegant Siviglia mirrors its designer’s creative ingenuity. Combining time-tested traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology as well as the finest metals and precious gems, Marco Bicego and his team create jewelry whose natural appeal has a sophisticated elegance which is a perfect foil for the casual beauty of today’s women thus making his creations truly worth experiencing. 
Marco Bicego’s Siviglia Collection is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Memories Just For You

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If your desire is for an exquisite and high quality band, then Memoire is just for you. For over twenty years, Memoire has offered one of the finest lines of engagement rings and wedding bands. Drawing on its European heritage, Memoire fuses fine craftsmanship with the most advanced technology to produce exceptionally durable mountings and prongs, ensuring that your ring will be a lifelong treasure. Made of the finest 18K gold and platinum, the mountings, undergo a hot extrusion process which eliminates air bubbles from the metal and creates thoroughly solid and strong base for each diamond stone. Each diamond and precious gem has to pass the careful scrutiny and receive the approval of a certified gemologist before it is set into a Memoire jewelry piece. With this stamp of quality, you can be sure that the remembrance of your special moment will stay brilliant forever. More than that, Memoire’s laser engraving technology allows them to inscribe names, dates or messages on your band making it truly just for you. 
Make your memories last, choose your Memoire ring at Keller and George Jewellers.

Sterling Quality and Beauty

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Sterling stands for genuine and true worth. This UK luxury brand of sterling silver jewelry offers the most discriminating fashion and jewelry enthusiasts a wide selection of sophisticated and unique designs suited for any woman’s taste. The elegant designs of the sterling silver are enhanced by the classic beauty of precious gems such as diamonds, topaz and amethyst as well as the unique appeal of fabulous stones like labradorite, onyx, jasper and turquoise. A fascinating blend of precious metal and alluring gems and precious stones give the jewelry a distinct appeal. This is exemplified by the timeless and classic elegance of the Signature Collection which expresses Metalsmiths' high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Moreover, each jewelry piece in the Signature Collection and all the other collections are stamped with their hallmark of quality ensuring that the Metalsmith Sterling silver you wear is one of the finest in the world. 
These fabulous collections are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eternal Symbol of Love

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A ring’s perfect circle denotes unity and timelessness, making it the perfect token of commitment and love since time immemorial. The age-old custom of exchanging rings especially between a couple who pledge themselves to each other in marriage is the ultimate expression of a lifelong love and devotion. Every bride-to-be dreams of making this most special moment perfect. Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works does exactly that. They make your wedding vows unfading and precious with their exquisite array of superbly handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Constantly improving and innovating their designs to suit varied lifestyles and tastes, Precision Set proudly offers their newest engagement collection – New Aire. The low-keyed yet stunning and timeless beauty of the New Aire Collection was designed for the modern bride’s active lifestyle with a versatility that makes it perfect in formal affairs or in a more relaxed setting. Stamped with Precision Set’s seal of superb craftsmanship, exquisite design and the finest materials, each creation in the New Aire Collection is truly an eternal symbol of love.
You may find Precision Set’s New Aire Collection at Keller and George Jewellers.

Touch and Tell

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It is time for touch and tell, with Tissot’s T-Race T-Touch Collection. This selection of cutting-edge sports watches breaks the boundaries of watchmaking with their modern multi-functionality. The T-Race is designed for maximum performance in active sports and especially race-related activities. Like a good old training buddy and trainer, T-Race performs various functions like add, split and lap options on its chronograph, as well as a compass to help you find your way along the track and a logbook that records your previous performances. They are all accessible in a convenient tactile interface on the watch’s digital dial. Along with functionality comes comfort and style. Though the most basic component is stainless steel, most of the bezel and dial is molded in lightweight plastic material that matches perfectly with the orange or black synthetic strap. The device sits snugly on the wearer’s wrist, providing the most convenient and comfortable wear that any serious athlete would surely appreciate. 
Keller and George is an authorized retailer for T-Race and other Tissot watches.

Slane’s Entrancing Calypso

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As entrancing as the beauty of the nymph Calypso, Slane’s Calypso Collection will captivate your heart with its simple elegance yet subtle beauty. Expressing their love of nature, history and the arts, the sisters, Heath and Landon Slane have designed this collection in simple yet elegant lines, evoking the beauty of seemingly commonplace objects that on close examination are as alluring as the fabled Greek nymph. Exquisitely handcrafted in sterling silver and in 18k gold, the pendants and earrings in this collection are enhanced with the vibrant hues of precious gems – lemon citrine, white and blue topaz, clear crystal, pink and smoky quartz as well as green amethyst. With their impeccable eye for beauty and elegance, the Slane sisters have created fabulous sterling silver jewelry that give each wearer her own distinct look and allure. Such is the Calypso Collection, which speaks of timeless beauty unfazed by fads and superficiality. 
Check out the Calypso Collection and other Slane creations at Keller and George Jewelers - authorized dealer for Slane.

Keeping Excellent Time

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If it is an extraordinary timepiece then it must be a Swiss watch. With their tradition of quality and excellence, Swiss watchmakers have led the industry in the manufacture of timepieces with the most reliable, durable and most innovative designs. One of the leading names in the Swiss watch industry is Victorinox Swiss Army, Which started out as cutlery workshop manufacturing soldier’s knives for the Swiss army in 1884. Karl Elsener, the founder, invented the Original Swiss Army Knife which has long become a legend. From soldier’s knives, the company has diversified and now offers an excellent range of cutlery, timepieces, travel gear, fashion, and fragrance. Victorinox timepieces are outstanding examples of Swiss technology and engineering, featuring the most advanced developments such as scratch-resistant triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal, battery-end-of-life indicator, water resistance plus many more. Their timepiece collections are designed to fit diverse and active lifestyles while keeping excellent time wherever you may be.
Get your Victorinox reliable companion at Keller and George Jewellers.

Beautiful Today, Tomorrow and Forever

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A woman should be beautiful today, tomorrow and always. This is the overarching principle that governs the gem experts and artists at Suna Brothers each time a piece of elegant luxury jewelry is designed and put under production. The New York based jewelry manufacturer has been making a distinctive name for itself with its modern classic jewelry pieces. They are modern for their smart, sophisticated and wearable look yet classic with an enduring touch of timeless elegance which never goes out of style. To achieve this, Suna Brothers uses rare gem stones such as natural pink diamonds, rubies and opals, Peridot, carved amethysts and star sapphires. When complemented by intricate precious metal mountings and designs, these jewels spring to life and never get snuffed out by time and wear. Remind your loved one or yourself of that unfading beauty within. 
Check out Suna Brothers at authorized dealer Keller and George.

Cut To Perfection

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It is all in the cut, the experts say. This is especially true with the diamonds. The scintillating beauty of this precious gem could only be fully revealed with the perfect cut in a seasoned gem maker’s expert hands, aided of course by the latest innovations in gem-cutting technology. Christopher Designs has done just that – unveiled the diamond’s true beauty with its breathtaking diamond cut called the Crisscut. Designed by Christopher Slowinski, founder of Christopher Designs, the Crisscut Diamond is one of the most brilliant with more than 120 facets that maximizes the fire, scintillation and brilliance. With 12 straight walls and 12 sides that perfectly point like arrows to the center of the stone, the Crisscut Diamond’s edges break the light to create the illusion of a fabulously scalloped border, giving it a beauty all its own. Never content with the commonplace, Slowinski explains, “I have always been intrigued with taking something established and making it more beautiful.” Using only thefinest materials coupled with superb craftsmanship and the most advanced technology, each gem personally receives Mr. Slowinski’s stamp of approval.
Visit Keller and George Jewellers to experience the perfect beauty of Christopher’s Crisscut Diamond.

The Essential Raymond Weil

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Independent Swiss watch manufacturer Raymond Weil is aware that watches are now worn more as symbols rather than solely for its original purpose of telling the time. But just in case you do need to know what time it is with to-the-dot precision, Raymond Weil makes sure you do not have to struggle. The brand’s Freelancer watch is a high-quality device in a classic and aesthetically pleasant package. The mechanical movement of the timepiece is packed in streamlined stainless case and bracelet. The elegant multi-textured silver dial totes conservative indexes and is accented by a triple-date window and is protected by sapphire crystal with a remarkably invisible anti-glare coat that makes the time perfectly legible even under direct sunlight. Comfort, legibility, precision and quality – Raymond Weil remains true to the essence of watchmaking.
Find its selection of chronographs and timepieces at authorized retailer Keller & George Jewelers.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Lure of the Living Gems

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Pearls are the epitome of classic and elegant jewelry, and the house of Mikimoto banks on its 120 years of pioneering experience as it masterfully crafts the most immaculate of these gems. Named after its Japanese founder Kokichi Mikimoto who is Father of Pearl Culture, Mikimoto showcases unmatched creativity, class and expertise in its exclusive collection of the world’s finest living jewels. The Lure is a magnificent pair of white South Sea Baroque pearls attached to a floral design featuring white diamonds and vibrant water opals. Like a woman of pure and exotic beauty, the Lure sets an attractive air of mystery and quiet elegance. Crafted by master artists and designers, Mikimoto’s Lure is ingeniously designed to be worn in two ways, since the baroque pearls are set on detachable hooks to create a more modern and trendy look. 
Find more of the interesting pieces of the Lure Suite by Mikimoto, available at authorized retailers including Keller & George.

800 Ways to Tell Your Story

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Some tell their life in a song, some in moving memoires, and others in creative Pandora charm bracelets. Launched by Pandora Jewelry in 2000, the Pandora charms became an instant success world-wide as they provided women, children and even men a new way to express their stories, immortalize memories, and celebrate life’s precious achievements. The company was established in Denmark in the early 1980’s as a small jewelry store and quickly expanded into an international jewelry producer with a manufactory in Thailand, where Pandora has created more than 800 designs for its charms, along with other jewelry pieces, made of sterling silver, 14k gold, Murano glass, wood, white gold, amethyst, pearls, rubies, diamonds and other precious metals and gems. The designs range from playful heart charms, classic black and white gem-decked beads, and more personal objects such as planes, keys and miniature landmarks, all ready to become an integral part of an exciting story told in an equally exciting way. 
Find Pandora Jewelry at Keller & George – an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Breaking Boundaries

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In every generation of professionals there arise those who break through the norms and take the whole industry to a new level of expertise. Léon Breitling and his sons, watchmaking family from the Swiss Jura region, are men in that special category. It was 1884 when Léon founded his workshop and devoted himself to the complicated craft of chronographs and timers. His precision instruments accompanied athletes and pioneer aviators during the company’s earliest years. Not long after, Breitling ushered the age of the wrist chronograph by inventing the first independent chronograph pushpiece. The year was 1915 and son Gaston Breitling has just taken leadership of the family business. Eight years later, Breitling perfected the earlier system by separating the stop and start function from the resetting function, an innovative achievement that redefined sports and flight time calculations. In the 1930’s Breitling presented the second reset independent reset pushpiece, and in the 1960’s launched the first ever self-winding chronograph movement. Now in 2013, the thriving family business continues in the innovative tradition of its former generations.
Keller and George is an authorized dealer for Breitling

The Most Dazzling Memories

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Mémoire – the esteemed manufacturer of classic, timeless and elegant diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings and wedding bands – specializes in the creation of the highest quality 18k gold or platinum bands available in the market today. Established 25 years ago, the brand has a European heritage that continues to influence the timelessly elegant designs of its bestselling diamond ring collections. For the couple looking for the perfect symbol of their love, Mémoire offers its selection of rings that surpass the industry standards in every way. Mémoire’s special mountings made of the finest precious metals undergo the brand’s unique extrusion process that gives then high-grade luster and high density, making them the most durable bands anywhere. These bands, designed to last a lifetime of unfading glamour, are topped by the choicest Mémoire diamonds that are individually inspected by an inhouse GIA Graduate gemologist and handled only by the most seasoned artisans. Like memories of life’s most precious moments, Mémoire rings stand out in their own halo of extraordinary sparkle. 
Keller and George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Mémoire.

Their Goal is Your Glamour

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Launched in 2001, fine silver jewelry manufacturer Metalsmiths Sterling has been operating with a singular goal in mind – “to offer people across the world high quality, hand crafted modern jewelry at affordable prices.” More than 10 years into its young life as a brand, Metalsmiths excellently upholds its unchanging purpose. Clients and partners alike adore the clean modern lines and classic European flair of the company’s silver jewelry pieces. Metalsmiths Sterling employs a wide variety of rare gems, as well as carefully crafted 925 silver and precious metals, to fashion its exclusive designs that capture the beauty of daily life, from the elegant spires of old-world Europe to the jagged forms of nature and the urban artworks of inner city streets. With such boundless spectrum of themes and excellent standards of craftsmanship, Metalsmiths Sterling unquestionably continues to pursue its goal, to the joy of its growing throng of admiring consumers and partners. 
Keller and George on Millmont Street is a proud authorized retailer for Metalsmiths Sterling.

A Time to Live Well

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“A life in tune is a life well lived.” Sure, but in the midst of this century’s busy pace and unrealistic demands, that is totally a case of easier said than done. Everybody is always revving to get somewhere, who has time for wellness? Somebody with a Philip Stein watch, for one. Philip Stein is a category of its own, being the only timepiece brand that offers fashionable design, Swiss made calibres and unique natural frequency technology that attunes the wearer’s mind and body to an optimum state therefor promoting overall wellness. The mechanism embedded in each Philip Stein watch act like an antennae that finds the body’s natural frequencies most beneficial to human beings. The result is a noticeable improvement in sleep patterns and overall well-being. Curious about this intriguing device? You are in good company. Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan and celebrities all over the world have fallen in love with Philip Stein’s soothing means of keeping time. 
Check out Philip Stein at Keller and George on Millmont Street.

Elegance: Forebear of Inspired Creativity

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Passion and creativity, innovation and age-old tradition, and sophistication and versatility all come together in Marco Bicego’s luxury jewelry collections. The young and vivacious Italian designer hails from Veneto near Venice, the country’s richest region in cultural, historical and artistic heritage. Influenced by the abundance of creative inspiration in his home, Marco Bicego undoubtedly creates the most expressive jewelry pieces using an organic and casual style that is unique to his brand. His collections showcase masterfully faceted or polished gemstones in high-grade precious metal settings such as hand-engraved 18k yellow gold chains. Charming, personal and elegant, his works are “everyday luxury” items that never lose their personal appeal no matter when and where they are displayed. 
Find Marco Bicego’s Jaipur, Paradise, Confetti and other popular collections at Keller and George Jewelers – an authorized retailer for Marco Bicego luxury jewelry.

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A Flash of Pure Beauty

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A gem that was formed within billions of years captures hearts in seconds as it sparkles with brilliance and fire. That gem is called a Hearts on Fire diamond. Comprised of roughly the top 1% of the world’s best natural diamonds, these stones require the highest level of cutting expertise to bring out their perfect shine. Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut by the industry’s most seasoned experts using the best tools and technology as well as a scientific diamond-cutting formula that remains the company’s trade secret in crafting the most perfectly cut diamonds. The brand’s master craftsmen use a 100X magnification process and a cutting-edge anti-vibration technology that result in a consistently faultless perfect mirror polish. Crafted this extraordinary way, the adamantine Hearts on Fire diamonds flaunt their inherent pure beauty in a sparkle that reveals a breathtaking dance of light. 
Find Hearts on Fire at selected authorized retailer Keller & George on Millmont Street.

Versatility, Productivity, Sustainability

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In the verdant island of Bali, bamboo is not just a decorative material but an integral part for everyday life. Versatile and highly-useful in food, building and sustainable local crafts, “nature’s gift to mankind” is a constant source of inspiration  for the team of John Hardy artisans and designers, who craft world-class sterling silver jewelry pieces in the midst of teeming Bali communities. John Hardy’s fresh and unique Bamboo collection is handcrafted by the company’s local artists and is one of its most iconic designs. For one thing, the pattern reveals the manufacturer’s oriental influences. For another, bamboo stands for the core values that John Hardy is built on – “strong design, traditional jewelry-making and dedication to sustainable living.” 
Find out more of John Hardy and its remarkable Bamboo collection at authorized retailer Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Designed for Vibrance

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It takes a man, a woman and a beautiful Christopher Designs diamond engagement ring to make that perfect moment come alive. 25 years ago, Polish Christopher Slowinsky came to America, developed a dazzling pattern for diamonds and forever changed the benchmark for the brilliance of diamond rings. Slowinsky’s unconventional crisscrossed faceting creates a maximized amount of brilliance and fire that makes the brand’s engagement and bridal rings stand out with vibrant elegance. The superior sparkle of Christopher Design diamonds are matched by mountings made of the highest quality materials and enhanced by the most elaborate and glamorous designs. This lovely floral design for engagement ring crowns a solid, beautifully fashioned mounting with 0.81 carat Crisscut Round center surrounded by 0.93 carat round diamonds. 
Find this and more of Christopher Designs at Keller & George – an authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

Always Unique Always Special

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A browse through Suna Brothers’ inventory of precious jewelry pieces is always a memorable learning experience. Well known for its modern classic jewelry and expertise in platinum settings, the brand is also a favorite go-to for rare stones in intricate and remarkable designs. Every average Joe has heard of diamonds and rubies. But does anyone know phosphorescent Paraiba, wedge-shaped sphene, canary and prehnite? Not unless he’s a jeweler, a serious gem enthusiast, or a frequent Suna Brothers patron. The brand’s selection of bejewelled masterpieces never run out of unique stones set in equally special mountings. At the company’s New York manufactory, expert hands aided by modern technology design intricate settings for these exceptional crowning gems that highlight their lovely qualities and ensure their lasting elegance for generations to come. 
Find your own special piece from Suna Brothers when you visit Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Race with the Champions

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Nicky Hayden, “The Kentucky Kid” who won his first Dirt Track Grand National Championship at age 18 and became MotoGP World Championship winner in 2006, is Tissot’s first World Champion ambassador. The Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden 2013 sports watch is an intense and fiery timepiece that seeks to honor the young and spirited brand ambassador. The red silicon straps of the timepiece reflect Hayden’s passion for the sport of racing, while the white lines symbolize the multi-awarded athlete’s sensational dynamism and speed. The dial is a modern designer’s feat to echo the ambassador’s determination and drive to win. The white surface is adorned with upbeat numeral and index indicators, with Hayden’s emblematic red star burning bright on the 12th hour. The Swiss made watch is powered by Tissot’s G10.211 quartz movement caliber, protected by sapphire crystal and built to endure rugged sporting conditions even 330 feet under water. 
Check out this watchmaking champion from the world’s most trusted name. Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Tissot timepieces.

Deep Sea Explorations in Style

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Designed for extreme underwater adventures, Ball diving watches have a lot to offer than the time. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQuest is a bundle of functionality wrapped in a sophisticated package. Like all ball watches, DeepQuest is a robust timepiece that boasts of an outstanding 300-meter water resistance, unmatched 4,800A/m antimagnetic mechanism and 7,500Gs shock resistance. The COSC certified chronometer is equipped with the brand’s reliable ETA 2892 self-winding movement comprised of 21 jewels oscillating at a frequency of 28,800 vph. It is also further protected by a unidirectional rotating bezel with a patented setting system and an automatic helium release valve. With all the power and durability packed into this timepiece, the aesthetic considerations nevertheless takes no backseat with the sleek, finely detailed black dial enclosed in a cool brushed titanium case held up by a comfortably fitting bracelet of the same high-end material. No other divers watch lets you explore the deep with confidence and style. 
Keller & George at Millmont Street is an authorized dealer for DeepQuest and other Ball Watch timepieces. 

The Mark of Excellence

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The red cross and shield logo of Victorinox is a well-known emblem of reliability and top-notch quality craftsmanship. First introduced in 1890 on the brand’s iconic Schweizer Offiziersmesser or Swiss Army knife, the Victorinox proprietary mark of excellence is now also stamped on travel gear, fragrances, cutlery, fashion and timepieces. The company’s top priority is always the quality and reliability of its products, whether in the manufacture of pocket knives or chronographs and watches. Victorinox ensures that all raw materials and parts meet the highest standards through its thorough inspection of incoming goods and modern laboratory tests applied to its inhouse-manufactured materials. Inside the manufacturing house, all employees are involved in maintaining and improving the company’s state-of-the-art processes and technology. Hand in hand, they ensure the quality, functionality and aesthetic charm of every Victorinox item. Find the trusted symbol of craftsmanship par excellence on your next timepiece.
Check out Victorinox at Keller & George Jewelers – an authorized distributor for Victorinox Swiss Army watches.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Flowery Inspirations

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One of Landon Slane’s quotes is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the earth laughs in flowers.” The co-founder and designer for Slane Jewelry loves the vibrant hues of blooms and the image that the poet attached to it.  They are a constant inspiration to her wherever she finds herself.  With her love for flowers is her attachment to things closely related to such, like the interesting colonies of bees and their honeycombs, and the intricate patterns of basket weaves. These things find their way into many of Slane’s sterling silver jewelry collections. The Bee and Bee Free collections feature the brand’s iconic bee figure, done in either silver or gold and sometimes decked with precious diamond stones. The Honeycomb collection accentuates the remarkably perfect geometric patterns of the clever creatures’ golden store houses. The Basket Weave is another popular Slane design that is close to Landon’s heart, with the weaves cleverly done either as accents or focal points of the pieces. 
Check out these collections and more from Slane Jewelry, exclusively distributed by selected authorized dealers such as Keller & George on Millmont Street.

High Time for Classics

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Music is an integral part of Raymond Weil, family-owned Swiss watch company operating in Geneve since 1976. The brand’s first stint with music was in 1983 when it launched its Amadeus collection, named after the legendary Austrian composer Mozart, in conjunction with Milos Forman’s world acclaimed Amadeus film. The Fidelio collection, which featured subtle details and masterfully interlaced satin-finished and gold plated links, was launched in 1985 as a tribute to Beethoven’s only opera.  The Othello collection followed a year after, and since then the naming of new collections after famous music masterpieces became a solid Raymond Weil tradition. The signature Parsifal collection, named after Richard Wagner’s opera, bears a striking balance between harmonious balance and powerful valiant outlook that reminds of the opera’s young hero, Sir Perceval of King Arthur’s Court.  Take time to enjoy the marvels of classical music and art forms as your next Raymond Weil reminds you constantly of the works of the masters. 
Raymond Weil is available at authorized dealer Keller & George Jewelers.

Innovated Sophistication

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There is no end to innovation for a dynamic company like Precision Set. Established in 1987 at Dallas, Texas, the brand is now an industry leader in the craft of jewelry making and highly recognized for its diamond jewelry collections and bridal ensembles. Precision Set’s most recent pride is its New Aire collection, a selection of low-profile bridal designs that are tailored to fit today’s active lifestyle without sacrificing the timeless elegance that the name is known for. The New Aire engagement or wedding pieces are touched by every member of the design and production team, from conception to completion, and are made using the highest quality metals and diamonds set in a broad spectrum of finishes and details. They are especially crafted to exude a gorgeous contemporary look that go perfectly with highly formal affairs or relaxed, flamboyant celebrations. 
Find New Aire’s newest innovative designs at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Glamorous Just the Way You Are

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Pandora Jewelry, founded in Copenhagen Denmark twenty years back, is most well-known for its fanciful and beautifully handcrafted charms. But Pandora’s box of treasures holds more delightful surprises aside from those customizable charm bracelets. Pandora also crafts a wide selection of wonderful necklaces and rings that match any mood or moment’s theme. The rings range from simple silver bands engraved or decorated with crystal, to fun and glamorous rock-encrusted pieces that are sure to catch more than their fair share of admiring glances. The fun part is that these rings, all made by hand in Pandora’s Thailand workshops, are also stackable so you can mix and much them as you wish to fit your fashion ensemble for the day or express your personal statement of style.
Check out Pandora’s exciting selections at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

Classic Pearl Beauty

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Mikimoto’s house of pearls, founded by the “Pearl King” himself Kokichi Mikimoto, continues in its tradition of bringing to the world the beauty of pearls in their varying shades and shapes. The Floral Bouquet Pendant showcases the organic gem stone in the classic elegance that won it popularity among the royalties and affluent ladies of old. The piece features several 5.25-6.75 mm Akoya pearls that are set on an elaborate pattern of a floral bouquet made of 18k white gold and 0.64 carat colorless diamonds. The crisp lines of the pendant and the slender build of the chain gives a graceful finish to the pure smoothness of the pearls and the dazzling brilliance of the diamonds, perfect for simple celebrations or glamorous occasions. Whether as a beautiful gift for a special occasion or as a meaningful reward for oneself, this Mikimoto pendant is certainly a worthwhile treasure to cherish.
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The Other Side of Metalsmiths

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Metalsmiths Sterling is the UK-based silver jewelry manufacturer which specializes in making flexible silver ensembles that could go with almost anything. Most of Metalsmiths’ collections bear contemporary designs touched with the prevalent timelessness and elegance of old-world Europe.  The brand’s Signature and Panos Konidas collections are adored by modern women for their classic touch, but the Ink Collection which is inspired by the most brilliant tattoo designs also gathers its own following of admirers. Edgy and urban, the Ink collection features expertly sculpted three-dimensional designs applied with Metalsmith Sterling’s pioneered Street Finish look. Like faded jeans and leather jackets, the Ink pieces look better the more they are worn daily out on the streets. This is the side of metalsmiths that appeal most to cool and confident men and women. 
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Philip Stein Equals a Good Nights’ Sleep

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You can’t buy a good night’s sleep, but you can buy a Philip Stein watch and let it lull you to restful slumber. No, it does not have a built-in music box. The brand is known for its Natural Frequency Technology, a distinctive feature integrated in its timepieces that tunes the body’s frequency back to optimized or ideal state. This proprietary mechanism results in better sleep and overall wellbeing, as backed by scientific studies conducted and testimonials by Philip Stein’s satisfied clientele. Rina and Will Stein, founders of this innovative watch company, came up with the unique concept in 2002 when they both left both their careers in the watch making and marketing industry to venture out on their own.  Completely familiar with the stresses and demand of today’s lifestyle and having just learned of the new technology, they wanted to distinguish their name as a brand that promoted wellbeing to the buyers, thus the integration of Natural Frequency and the birth of a revolutionary line of timepieces.  
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