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A Tool for All Seasons

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From a simple folding pocket knife designed for the use of Swiss soldiers, the Swiss Army Knife has evolved to become a worldwide symbol of usefulness, adaptability, and durability. It was in the late 1800s when Swiss innovator Karl Elsener developed the first model using a special spring mechanism that allowed him to attach tools on both sides of the handle. From then on the Swiss Army Knife has become an essential tool, meeting the demands of a wide range of applications – from simple everyday use to the latest technological feature for use with computers and electronic equipments. Never deviating from its original maker’s standard of excellence, the brand has become an epitome of durability and outstanding craftsmanship. One of its latest collections is the Elegant Pocket Tools. With its stylishly elegant look and narrow dimensions, it is designed to lie easily in the hand and equipped with the most frequently needed tools for everyday use. 
The latest models of Swiss Army Knives as well as its great multi-function timepieces are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Precisely What You are Looking For

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Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works is all about personal expression. Every couple needing wedding bands or engagement rings has a unique preference, and Precision Set can be trusted to deliver exactly what they are looking for. That is why the Dallas-based diamond jewelry manufacturer crafts its pieces with flexible designs and the most careful attention to smallest details. Focused on creating bridal jewelry and elegant luxury ensembles for its diverse clientele, Precision Set continues to provide innovative designs and exemplary craftsmanship in keeping with the evolution of the jewelry making industry. Keeping unique design at the forefront, Precision Set designs, manufactures and hand-finishes its jewelry with extraordinary levels or standards and skills, ensuring the highest quality in each piece that speaks exactly what each heart longs to express. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Exquisite in Pink

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From deep within the Argyle Mines of Western Australia comes a rare gem – a natural colored pink diamond. The Argyle pink diamond has densely packed graining planes that emanate a more saturated pink color than other pink diamonds found elsewhere in the world. It is for this very reason that Argyle pinks are the natural choice of Suna Bros. Drawing on their heritage of superb artistry and excellent craftsmanship, the designers, diamond setters, jewellers and gemmologists of Suna Bros work in accord to unveil the bewitching beauty of the natural color pink diamond, creating fabulous jewelry that the brand is famous for. The Platinum Diamond Leaf Bracelet is an exquisite example of Suna craftsmanship. Its design inspired by nature, the Platinum bracelet swirls with leaves set with brilliant diamonds and dainty flowers sparkling with the scintillating beauty of 60 pink diamonds. 
Find this exquisite Suna creation at Keller & George Jewellers.

Way Above Average

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Tissot, the world’s biggest brand of modern watches and chronographs, is a maker of haute horlogerie with extraordinary functions. However, it is not only the company’s most select pieces that feature excellent functionalities. Tissot’s Luxury Automatic Powermatic 80 is a subtle dress watch that inspires more admiration after a more in-depth beneath its cool, sophisticated surface. The timepiece is powered by caliber C07, a hand-wound automatic movement that has been especially configured with a reduced overall energy consumption, allowing the timepiece 80 hours of power reserve. Few people aside from avid watch collectors realize the significance of an 80-hour reserve, but only the most efficient haute horlogerie pieces of other brands go beyond the 40+ hour average power reserve. Tissot bestows this feature to many of its “regular” watches, an indication of the 160-year old company’s winning streak even in providing average Joe’s with way-above-average value as far as owning a watch is concerned. 
Check out Tissot at Keller & George Jewelers – proud authorized retailer for Tissot.

Exquisite Brilliance and Fire

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Never satisfied with the mediocre or the commonplace, European-born jeweller Christopher Slowinski pursued his dream of creating a cut that would bring out the maximum fire and brilliance of a diamond. He realized his dream with the Crisscut Diamond. The diamond’s unique configuration allows its facets to bounce light off each other, giving the gem its wonderful scintillation or movement of light, as well as its fabulous fire and brilliance. This makes the Crisscut one of the most brilliant diamonds around. One of Slowinsky’s newest addition to his patented Crisscut pattern is the Crisscut Round which boasts of 121 facets. It has 12 perfectly cut walls creating 12 arrows that point straight to the stone’s heart that are ingulfed by an exquisitely scalloped border. 
Christopher Designs Crisscut Diamonds are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Southern Glamour

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Pearls are the diamonds of the south, and so they too are a woman’s best friend. Slane Jewelry, founded and headed by sisters Landon and Heath Slane, celebrates the intrinsic beauty and value of these organic gem stones with its own collection of precious pearl jewelries imbued with natural grace and elegance. Having grown up in a stylish Southern home, the sisters were inspired to create their modern interpretation of the glamorous pearl jewelry. The collection offers pearls in organic shapes of varying colors in edgy designs such as the daring tassel necklace, with its pearl tassel pendant that gives a completely new twist to the art of wearing pearls. Slane balances the equation with classic renditions such as the oval pearl bracelet with a dainty toggle clasp that doubles as a fun enhancement to the rows of delicate white pearls. 
Check out Slane’s pearl collection at Keller & George – authorized retailer for Slane.

With Gleaming Perfection

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It was a chance encounter in Belgium with an exceptionally-cut diamond of an extraordinary brilliance that inspired Glenn Rothman to develop the propriety diamond cutting formula of his brand. With the world’s best diamond cutting techniques as well as the collaboration of the world’s best diamond cutters such as Brian McHardy, Rothman’s team of experts created the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond – Hearts On Fire, the only diamond brand that can claim its distinction of perfection. Its unique cut gives each diamond its perfect symmetry, proportion and polish that allows the gem to reflect eight sparklingly symmetrical hearts in a Fireburst Pattern called a Phenomenon of Light giving the brand its dazzling name. Bearing unquenchable fire and enduring qualities,the perfect diamond to give as a symbol of unquenchable love is Hearts On Fire, the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. 
Hearts On Fire Collections are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

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The First Step to a Better Lifestyle

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There is no one-step formula to a healthy and balanced life. But you can start with the right timepiece, er, a good sleep. Unlikely as it sounds, one first step you can make to get that lively bounce back in your step as you go through everyday stresses is wearing a watch – that is, a Philip Stein watch. Embedded with Natural Frequency Technology, Philip Stein watches tunes your body’s frequency to its most optimal state, allowing you to relax more, sleep better and move about through your day with more energy. Philip Stein wearers have reported noticeable improvement in sleep patterns, stress management and over-all wellbeing. Celebrities such as Madonna, Pat Riley and Ophrah Winfrey love the positive effect of their Philip Stein watches. But rumor has it that it works well for regular people, too. Check it out for yourself and discover the well-deserved benefits. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

The Mikimoto Difference

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The persistence of pioneering Japanese researcher Kokichi Mikimoto in culturing impeccable round pearls has left a legacy of excellence and elegance that is still strongly attached to the house of Mikimoto today. From the little shop in Tokyo, Mikimoto now has a steady stream of clientele all across Asia, Europe and America. With the boom of the cultured pearl industry, many labels now also carry cultured pearls, yet Mikimoto remains the benchmark for the finest pearl jewelries. The company’s Akoya pearls from Japan, Black South Sea Pearls from Tahiti or Okinawa, and South Sea Pearls from Indonesia, Australia or the Philippines all share the same exceptional quality, ranging only from A or A+ to the ultimate AAA grade. Only roughly 4 percent of the world’s supply of pearls can make it to the Mikimoto standard, ensuring that your Mikimoto treasure has the best color, luster, shape and surface perfection that any pearls can offer.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Mikimoto pearls.

Free-Spirited Sophistication

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The new Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Chronograph is relaxed and elegant, a fitting symbol for the persona behind the successful Swiss watch manufactory. Raymond Weil, who is a watchmaker, watch company founder and family patriarch lead the company to new heights and greater frontiers in the luxury watch industry, while remaining free from the big company mergers that overtook majority of the Swiss watch brands. Being independent allowed the Raymond Weil to follow its own unencombered course and keep its essential distinctions, such as its inclination towards fine living and even finer music. The brand’s latest Freelancer creation, with its elegant 42 mm steel case and black leather strap, is an ode to its free-spirited founder. The black dialled watch, with its multi-functionalities – including day and date function, 60-second, 30 minutes and 12-hour subdials – as well as striking red hands and indicator, is a model for the man who wants to assert his own style. 
Be your own man. Check out Raymond Weil’s Freelancer Collection at Keller & George - an authorized dealer for Raymond Weil.

The Charming Sensation

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Since their release in early 2000, Pandora charm bracelets have become sensational. Charms are small decorative pendants or trinkets that signify something important in the wearer’s life. These tiny decorations, usually worn in a bracelet around the wrist were popularized in Europe by Queen Victoria, who loved to wear and give charm bracelets. Now, not only ladies from European noble classes but girls and women from everywhere on the globe find delight in stringing together their own charm bracelets from Pandora. The jewelry manufacturer that originated in Denmark launched its first collection of charms in 2000, with delicate and beautifully crafted shapes emulating people, animals and meaningful objects that any girl can pick out as her preference to commemorate a special milestone or person in her life. Pandora charm bracelets are very lighthearted, which makes a woman feel good, yet also touch on the most significant and beautiful moments of her life, which makes her feel even better. No wonder they are sensational. 
To start your own Pandora charm collection, check out their authorized dealer Keller & George Jewelers today.

Holding On to Special Memories

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Special memories should never be forgotten.  When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime moments and special commitments, there is Mémoire, maker of fine bridal and luxury jewelry, to commemorate the occasion with special diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and heirloom pieces. Mémoire rings are especially designed to bear unfading elegance and durable precious metal mountings that last a lifetime and beyond. The brand uses a unique technique called hot extrusion to ensure every precious metal shank and setting, whether platinum or gold, has the density and durability to endure lifelong use with only the most minimal signs of wear. The diamonds as well are beyond reproach, each having undergone micrograded inspection by a staff GIA graduate gemologist before they are approved for setting. As timeless as their craftsmanship is the classic and elegant design of the pieces, with delicate intricacy that remains stylish and glamorous through the passing of years. 
Cherish your special memories with Mémoire, available at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized retailer for Mémoire.

Marquise by the Metalsmiths

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“Show-stopping works of art” is just the right description for Metalsmiths Sterling’s Marquise collection. Founded 15 years ago, the UK inspired jewelry brand specializes in creating luxury pieces that utilize the most sterling silver and natural, expertly cut premium grade stones. The Marquise is one of Metalsmiths’ 30 exclusive collections, and mainly features bold and dramatic designs such as checker cut stones that grab attention with their intense colors and exotic appeal. The sleek silver chains and mountings add a modern touch to the attention grabbing collection, making them perfect accessories for glamorous modern woman who seek the thrill of adventure and drama in life. 
Find the Marquise and other Metalsmiths Sterling collections at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for luxury jewelry such as Metalsmiths Sterling.

Chronospace Spells Functionality

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Breitling Professional Chronospace, an authentic professional pilot’s watch, has functionality stamped all over it. Armed with an impressive list of technical features such as 1/100 of a second chronograph with split times, alarm, UTC, perpetual calendar and dual time zone with independent alarm, the chronograph is a handy device with top grades on readability, user friendliness and ergonomics. The 48 mm polished steel case holds a rotating star-shaped bezel that conveniently operates a remarkable rack-and-pinion mounted slide rule. The large size dial looks busy but not cluttered with its visible indicators and digital chronographs and calendars. The whole display is lit with NVG-compatible backlighting for easy night-time reading. A cambered sapphire crystal that is glareproofed on both sides achieves the same outstanding legibility when the timepiece is under the glare of the sun. The whole admirable device runs on Breitling 78 caliber, a SuperQuartz movement designed and built inhouse by the brand. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Breitling.

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The Best of Both Worlds

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The Tissot T-Touch Navigator 3000 is a handy embodiment of having the best of both worlds. This highly innovative tactile watch from the top maker of sophisticated yet unarguably modern Swiss timepieces is an outdoorsy young professional’s dream-come-true. Rigged with impressive multiple functionality, such as built-in barometer, thermometer, compass, altimeter, alarm, semi-perpetual dates, dual time zone display and 1/100 second chronograph. The 30 meter water resistant watch also has convenient luminescent hands and bidirectional rotating bezel for easy legibility and navigation in the great outdoors. Tissot is known for producing highly functional watches with admirable comfort and reliability. On top of that, Navigator 3000 feels quite at home in the office as much as in grand wilderness treks. The timepiece is fitted with a sleek and handsome steel bracelet and bezel that wraps comfortable around the wrist. When functionality, aesthetics and quality come together, they spell Tissot T-Touch Navigator 3000. 
Find it at Keller and George – an authorized retailer for Tissot.

Night Train Illumination

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The complex ETA-based mechanism of Ball’s Night Train may not chug boisterously like a speeding railway car, but it sure does carry on with the same level of reliable regularity – that is, painstaking to-the-dot accuracy. The black-dialed automatic multifunctional watch is a part of the Swiss manufacturer’s Ball Watch’s Fireman collection. Easy and unobtrusive in the day with its simple black round case and rubber strap, the Night Train rises up to its fullest potential at night, when its 75 tubes of Self-Powered Micro-Gas Lights illuminate the dial with impressive legibility and stunning aesthetics. Unlike painted indicators that need constant exposure, Ball’s patented Gas Lights technology lights up the timepiece with unparalleled luminosity, even in the absence of external light sources or the passage of 25 years of wear. Along with its unique night reading capability, Night Train also features a date function at 3 o’clock, a military time display in the upper left quadrant, scratch-resistant DLC crystal, water-tight crown and shock resistant case. 
Check out the Night Train and other timepieces from Ball Watch, available at Keller and George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Ball.

Technology Plus Passionate Creativity

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High-grade materials and breakthrough technology come together at Christopher Designs’s workshops to create the brand’s finest diamond jewelry pieces. The company was started by Polish-born designer Christopher Slowinksky in 1976. Always thirsty for transcending limits, Christopher has ever since been placing heavy emphasis on using innovative technology to achieve perfection in every piece that is stamped with the company’s logo. His persistence and hardwork towards this direction has earned Christopher Designs multiple patents for his groundbreaking works in diamond cutting. His famous Crisscut pattern, named for the design’s unique crisscrossed faceting that gives off superior brilliance and fire, is the highlight of his much-sought after collections. Conceived through passionate creativity and processed through the most modern technologies, the Crisscut diamond is a shining example of what the marriage of innate talent and modern innovation can do. 
Check out Christopher Designs at Keller & George – and authorized retailer for Christopher Designs.

The Essential Marco Bicego

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Casual, exquisite and natural – that is the essential Marco Bicego. The young and tenacious jewelry designer from Veneto started creating his own brand of organic gold jewelry in 2000 with the desire to create everyday glamorous pieces that connect with the wearer’s emotions for that day. He expertly achieves this with a light and balanced mix of gold chains and colorful and often luminous precious stones. Another  distinctive feature that makes Marco Bicego’s pieces so popular not only in his native Italy but across Asia, Europe and the United States is the spontaneous irregularity of his patterns – asymmetric golden nodes, organic cut stones, and smooth, hand engraved chains portraying the effortless charm of landscapes and cityscapes across the world. “It is about culture, and spirit. It’s about creating something new,” Marco Bicego says of his sophisticated, cultured yet light-hearted masterpieces. 
Find Jaipur, Siviglia, Murano and other bestselling collections from Marco Bicego at authorized retailer Keller & George Jewelers.

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The Naga Collection of renowned silver jewelry manufacturer John Hardy is inspired by Bali’s local tale about Naga the dragon, who flies from his volcano home over the villages down to the heart of the ocean to visit his most beloved, the pearl. Each morning as he returns home, the mythical creature leaves behind a trail that brings water to the farmers. Based in the heart of Bali Indonesia where the Naga legend is famous, John Hardy finds inspiration in the dragon for many of its best-selling luxury jewelry pieces such as the Naga Triple Station Bangle. The 9mm piece wears comfortably around the wrist with its triple strands of black finished bands that are held together by an intricate silver Naga looped around the whole piece. The fine detailing and clean contours of the dragon figure is indicative of the manufacturer’s expertise in handcrafted and oriental inspired designs. 
Find the Naga collection and other John Hardy pieces at Keller and George – an authorized dealer for John Hardy.

The Value of Perfection

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What makes up a diamond’s value? Sure, your undying love for her which the stone signifies plays a significant part. The other major part is the cut. Among the 4 C’s – carat, clarity, cut and color -  the cut alone influences at least 50% of the stone’s market value. That is why, finding the right diamond with the most excellent cut is important in maximizing your diamond ring purchase, as well as in soliciting her wide-eyed, excited yes to your proposal. Hearts on Fire diamonds are “The World’s Most Perfectly-Cut Diamonds”, and your best choice for finding elegantly stunning bridal rings and luxurious jewelry pieces for the woman who deserves the most beautiful sparkles in the world. Hearts on Fire uses 100x magnification technology in perfecting the cut of every single diamond that goes to their exclusive designs, all bearing modern designs touched with the timelessness of the classics, done by the most celebrated artists across the globe, including Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni. Show your invaluable love with an equally precious symbol. 
Find Hearts on Fire at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewelers.

Shimmering Adventures

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Earrings are relatively tiny pieces of accessories. Nevertheless, since they are worn in close proximity to the visage, these little treasures delight jewelry designers with almost limitless possibility for creative if not adventurous designs. At Suna Brothers, expert maker of elegant and high-quality platinum jewelry, the design team revels in the liberties of creating elegant, chic yet timeless classic earrings. The brand’s rare and colorful selection of precious stones, including natural pink diamonds and black opal, shine with noticeable and admirable dazzle as Suna Brothers shows them off in gem-decked studs or dangling pairs. Suna’s expert touch in mixing and matching hues and textures makes sure each piece matches the happy glint in her eyes, sets her cheeks with a rosy glow and adds color to her smile. 
Find more of Suna Brothers’ fine jewelry collection at authorized retailer Keller and George.

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Brilliantly Precise

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The strongest and most exquisite of precious stones, diamonds have long symbolized enduring love and commitment. The true beauty of a diamond is only revealed in the perfect cut. A diamond cut refers to the symmetry, proportioning, and polish of the stone – a craftsman’s expert work that determines the diamond’s brilliance and beauty. A perfectly-cut diamond will reflect the maximum amount of light which allows the gem to sparkle with vibrant fire and scintillation. Fine jewelry manufacturer Precision Set understands this perfectly, which is why each piece of jewelry they create passes through the expert hands of each member of their team to bring out the real beauty of the gems. Precision Set’s quality of excellence is evident in the Halo rings of their collections. A Halo ring has a “halo” or circle of diamonds surrounding a center diamond. Each diamond must be set precisely in order to reflect light properly and draw the eye to the brilliance of the center stone.
Precision Set’s stunning Halo rings are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

An Unassuming Loveliness

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A bee is such an unassuming creature. Who would think it could inspire the design of a jewelry piece? It took the innate creativity, penchant for beauty, and love of nature of the Slane sisters to transform the simple beauty of this seemingly mundane creature into a jewel. In fact, the bee has become the most popular design in their jewelry line since the brand was launched in the late 1990s. So in their 15th Anniversary Collection, the bejeweled bee takes center stage. The collection offers a resplendent array of bees, beehives, and honeycombs in crystal, sterling silver, 18K yellow gold accented by the lustrous hues of gemstones, diamonds, and pearls. A lovely piece in the collection is the Beehive Carved Clear Crystal, Pearl and Diamond Drop Pendant in 18K yellow gold. It features a carved clear crystal beehive with a white freshwater cultured baroque pearl drop at the bottom while exquisite round diamonds accent the top of the pendant.
You can browse through Slane’s jewelry collections at Keller and George Jewellers.

The Ultimate Tool

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The Swiss Army Knife is now a historical symbol of usefulness and adaptability. It likewise earned its place in the collections of New York Museum of Modern Art for its exceptional design. It all started in the 1880’s when a German manufacturer made folding knives for the Swiss military. An enterprising Swiss named Karl Elsener took over the manufacture of the army knives and proceeded to improve the device by attaching tools to both sides of the handle using a special spring mechanism he had developed. He called his creation the “Officer’s Knife”. After the Second World War, American soldiers who purchased the knife had difficulty pronouncing the German name so they called it the “Swiss Army Knife” the name by which the knife is now known throughout the world. From those early designs, a wide array of models now exists with various tool attachments and technological features for specific tasks, much like a handy toolbox in your pocket.
Check out the latest innovations of the legendary Swiss Army Knives at authorized dealer Keller and George Jewellers.

A Life of Harmony

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Everything in nature is balanced for a harmonious existence; thus, when we tune in to nature we find harmony within ourselves – our mind, our body, and spirit. This is difficult to achieve especially in the fast-paced and hectic lifestyles of today. In their quest for harmony and balanced, Will and Rina Stein discovered that natural frequencies can help us attain harmonious everyday living. This led to the development of their Natural Frequency Technology which acts like an antenna that allows us to tune in to the natural frequencies that are most beneficial to our well-being. This revolutionary technology is incorporated into each Philip Stein watch and bracelet, permitting the wearer to connect with these natural frequencies wherever he may be, enhancing harmony in his life. “Philip Stein is about enhancing people’s quality of life around the world through our Natural Frequency Technology”, explains Will. Costumers’ testimonials have described better sleep, less tension, and improved well being. Find balance and rest in the midst of the hurry-scurry with a Philip Stein watch. 
Check them out at Keller and George Jewellers.

Timeless Elegance of Mikimoto

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The Pinctada fucata Martensii, more commonly known as Akoya pearl oyster, lives in the calm shoals of Japan. The pearls it produces are highly-prized for their lustrous and rich colors ranging from white, cream, and pink to silver pink. Smallest of the world’s pearl producing oysters, this mollusk is known for its consistency in producing perfect spherical cultured pearls which create the fabulous Akoya pearl jewelry that Mikimoto is acclaimed for. The Akoya pearl is held close to the heart of Mikimoto, manufacturer of the world’s finest cultured pearl haute joaillerie. It was with this pearl that Kokichi Mikimoto, legendary creator of the cultured pearl, began his pearl cultivation business. In 1893, Kokichi produced his first spherical cultured Akoya pearl and went on to become the first to successfully market cultured pearls. Today, the name “Mikimoto”, is renowned the world over for the timeless beauty of its classic Akoya pearl jewelry creations, fulfilling Kokichi’s dream to make this once-rare jewel of the sea available to all women of the world. 
Find Mikimoto’s precious collections at Keller and George – authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

Epitome of Excellence

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Drawing on Switzerland’s centuries-old tradition of excellent watch-making and on his own experience and expertise, Swiss watchmaker, Raymond Weil, launched his eponymous brand of luxury watches in 1976. The Weil family looks back to that significant time with fondness for since then the Raymond Weil brand has swiftly become one of the leading names in the Swiss watch making industry. With its founder’s great love for the arts, aesthetics is constantly considered in the development of each design, combined with all the qualities that make an excellent timepiece – precision, reliability, and modernity. In the brand’s unrelenting quest for excellence and quality, each timepiece produced by the company has to undergo 350 checks before it receives the Raymond Weil quality label. Constantly geared towards the future, the company continually upgrades its technical knowledge and design concepts which result in timepieces that are the epitome of refinement, beauty and quality.
Raymond Weil’s excellent watches are available at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewellers.

Pandora’s Endless Stories

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Do you have a story to tell, memories to keep, or special moments to hold? Every woman does and Pandora has created a beautiful way to bring all these together with its uniquely-designed charm bracelet. Designed by Per Enevoldsen, a Danish goldsmith, the bracelets have an extraordinary threading system that allows charms to be arranged, added or replaced. With Pandora’s collection of over 800 exquisitely handcrafted charms available in silver, gold, glass, and wood which are studded with semi-precious stones like onyx, pearls, amethyst, and precious gems, you will surely find one to represent each special moment or memory in your life. Moreover, Pandora’s Charm Bracelet may be coordinated or combined with its other collections such as the Stories Jewelry Line or the Love Pods Collection to create a style that is definitely you. Pandora believes that each woman’s story is worth telling. 
Tell your story with Pandora Jewelry available at Keller and George Jewellers.


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