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The Art of Elegance

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Bees flit in the air while pearls are formed in water – two incongruous things. Slane’s ingenious artistry and outstanding craftsmanship have brought together the unassuming beauty of bees and the lustrous allure of pearls in a fabulous piece of jewelry – the 18-inch Pearl and Bee Free Alternating Link Necklace in sterling Silver from Slane’s Pearl Collection. White, oval freshwater cultured pearls, shimmering with silvery-pink lights, alternate with sterling silver links while two sterling silver Bee Free links add fantastic detail to this exquisite necklace. A medium beaded toggle closure completes the piece. Because of the natural variations in the size and shape of the pearls and the handmade nature of Slane jewelry pieces, no two items of a similar design are exactly alike. These attributes give a unique quality to each piece in Slane’s Pearl Collection. The collection also features stands of black freshwater pearls accentuated by the rich sheen of sterling silver.
Slane’s elegant Pearl Collection is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Timepieces For All Times

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Since the 16th century, Swiss watches have been renowned for their high quality and excellent designs. Victorinox Swiss Army, the manufacturer of the world-famous multitool known as the “Swiss Army Knife” continues the Swiss tradition of excellent watchmaking by offering a range of superb timepieces which can reliably perform in any situation and in any environment. Examples of excellent Swiss technology and engineering, Swiss Army Watches, such as the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Silver Dial Chronograph, are designed with the most advanced technological feitures such as a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, luminescent hands, battery end-of-life indicator and double-locking safety clasp to name a few. Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces are also water resistant up to 100 meters and up to 500 meters for diver’s models. Versatile and contemporary, Swiss Atmu Watches are designed and engineered to fit any lifestyle whether you’re and adventurer, soldier or an urbanite.
Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

A Lasting and Unfading Beauty

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Suna Bros, maker of exquisite bridal rings and jewelry, belongs to a trade that has a long and ancient history. Egyptian couples of antiquity were known to exchange rings made of hemp. Nowadays, rings are made of the most precious metals and gems. As people’s tastes have become more discriminating, the demands for high quality rings have grown. Suna Bros have risen to this challenge. With over a century of experience and a tradition of excellence, Suna Bros offers the most exquisite and the highest quality of wedding bands available in the market today. Suna’s superb artistry and outstanding craftsmanship are showcased in its fabulous collection of wedding bands such as the Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring. As with all its rings, Suna ensures that this band is durable and free of porosity and extremely comfortable to wear. Twenty-one Brilliant Round flawless diamonds add their sparkle to this beautiful band. Wishing to make your special moment truly memorable, Suna Bros offers you exquisite wedding bands of lasting and unfading beauty.
Suna Bros Wedding bands are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

A Leader in Innovation

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Tissot, one of the foremost Swiss watch brands, has built its reputation of excellence through its heritage of superb craftsmanship, engineering and design. This innovative watchmaker has recorded many “firsts” in the history of the watchmaking industry. Founded in 1853, the Tissot brand was the first to introduce mass produced pocket watches as well as watches with 2 time zones. It also made the first antimagnetic watch in 1930. Constantly exploring new concepts, Tissot was the first to make watches out of plastic stone (Alpine Granite Rock Watch in 1985), mother-of-pearl and wood and many of these unique timepieces have become collector’s items. Just recently, Tissot introduced its tactile technology with watches that have touch-sensitive sapphire crystals to control such features as altimeters, compasses, alarms and thermometers. Tissot doesn’t make watches that just tell time, it also makes sure you get the most out of your time.
Tissot’s innovative timepieces are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Flawlessly Perfect

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The four standards by which a diamond’s worth is valued are called the 4 Cs – carat weight, cut, color and clarity. At Hearts On Fire, these standards are strictly adhered to, ensuring that each HOF diamond is one of the highest quality and value. Carat weight is the measure of the actual weight of a diamond and because diamonds of a greater weight are rare, Hearts On Fire selects only the rarest stones for its creations. A diamond’s angles and proportions are referred to as its cut which is also related to its shape. A diamond’s maximum brilliance and beauty is revealed though its cut hence Hearts On Fire’s exclusive diamond cutting formula transforms each stone into a dazzling beauty reflecting eight perfectly symmetrical Hearts and Fireburst patterns giving rise to its phenomenal name.
Flawless and virtually colorless, Hearts on Fire’s dazzling gems at Keller and George Jewellers

Exquisite Beyond Compare

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A rough diamond is precious, but it still needs a lot of work by expert hands for its real beauty to show through. Christopher Slowinski, founder of the popular Christopher Designs label, is a prolific jewelry designer whose designs have been granted many US and International patents, including the patent for an amazing diamond cut called Crisscut. His noteworthy cut has 121 crisscrossed facets that bounce light off one another giving the diamond an extraordinary fire, brilliance and scintillation. The Crisscut Round gives an illusion of an elegantly scalloped border which gives Christopher Designs rings a distinctly exquisite beauty. The brand’s engagement rings and wedding bands do not only stand out because of the brilliantly fabulous Crisscut Diamonds but also because of the fine-quality materials and the superior craftsmanship that goes into each creation.
Add to these the classic and elegant designs of the pieces and you have the assurance of having the finest and most elegant bands which are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Crafted for Forever

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For more than a quarter of a century, Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works has led in the creation of the engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry pieces whose unparalleled quality and beauty may be loved and treasured for generations. A testament to Precision Set’s outstanding craftsmanship and fabulous artistry is its Extraordinary Collection. As its name implies the collection emphasizes the extraordinary beauty that will not only dazzle the eye but will also capture the heart. Expertly handcrafted in 14K, 18K white or yellow gold as well as platinum, the pieces are beautifully accented in rose or yellow gold in superbly executed details. And because Precision Set truly wants to make your special moments perfect, it uses only the finest metals and gemstones in each creation. Meticulously handcrafted and beautifully hand-finished, each piece has been created to last a lifetime. Coupled to its outmost satisfaction to its clientele.
These truly extraordinary creations are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Irresistible Beauty

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No woman could resist the breathtaking beauty in a perfect strand of Mikimoto’s Akoya Pearls. What not everyone might fully comprehend is the incredible artistry, meticulous care and excellent craftsmanship that is behind each perfect jewelry piece. Experts lovingly tend the Akoya pearl oysters in Mikimoto’s pearl farms sheltered in the calm shoals of Japan. When the pearls are finally harvested, each pearl is meticulously scrutinized and only those gems of outstanding luster, color and quality are chosen to create Mikimoto’s Akoya Pearl necklaces. Akoya pearls have lustrous and rich colors which range from white, cream, and pink to silver pink. In a long and painstaking process, Mikimoto’s experts have to watch the quality and size of the pearls to create a perfect strand. It would sometimes take months to complete a perfect Akoya Pearl necklace. With Mikimoto’s heritage of excellence, it isn’t any surprise that women the world over treasure their Mikimoto pearls.
Find your perfect strand at Keller and George Jewellers.

Charmingly Whimsical

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Among Metalsmiths Sterling’s elegant collections of fine sterling silver jewelry, the jewelry maker’s charm collection is beautifully whimsical yet fabulously elegant. Each sterling silver charm has a cleverly-designed clip bail which allows you to rearrange them on the charm bracelets without any hassle. Intricately and finely-detailed, the charms come in many quaint and dainty designs that are irresistibly appealing and charming and what’s more, there’s probably  one to fit each individual’s taste and personality. Nature lovers would find the Stone Crab Charm or the Dragonfly Charm irresistible while the Hot Air Balloon Charm is for adventurers. A musician would love the Grand Piano Charm and the Cake Decorator Charm is for someone who loves to bake. You may express your own individuality and creativity by matching and arranging the charms on the charm bracelets. Metalsmiths Sterling’s Charm bracelets are beautifully crafted in sterling silver and are made with an invisible clasp which makes the bracelets appear seamless.
Metalsmiths Sterling’s beautifully whimsical charms and bracelets are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Understated Luxury

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Raymond Weil is one of those few watch companies from Geneve, Switzerland that remain flourishing after almost a century and a half of existence, and still believe in the honored craft of tradtional watchmaking. The Parsifal collection, first released by Raymond Weil in 1991, is the family-owned brand’s first stainless steel and 18k gold collection. It is named after Richard Wagner’s famous opera – a naming choice that reflects the Weil family’s attachment to classical music and refinement. Parsifal automatic chronographs and automatic date timepieces are crafted with outstandingly fine details, elaborate enough to be unmistakably stylish without being ostentatious. Their elegance is in their understated high-end appeal, coupled with excellent quality and solid make, making them the perfect watch trusted for the day to day wear and tear.
Find Raymond Weil in Keller & George – authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

Colorful Reflections

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Pandora Jewelry, originated in Denmark, is one of the biggest sensations to hit women’s fashion world in the UK and United States. The brand’s charms and contemporary jewelry pieces celebrate the joys and beauty of being a mom, a daughter, a friend, a loved one. Fashioned in a plethora of precious materials, such as polished wood, white and yellow gold, murano glass and silver, Pandora Jewelry charms are collected in especially designed bracelets with balancers and stoppers to create a balanced look that the wearer can control. Topped with precious stones such as diamonds, each decked in playful yet expressive designs, Pandora charm bracelets are poignant, tender and elegant possessions that reflect their wearers’ hearts.
Find them at Keller & George Jewelers, an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

A Bouquet of Diamonds

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A bouquet of flowers signifies love and affection but a bouquet of diamonds symbolizes undying love and commitment. And what better token of love is there than one of Mémoire’s Bouquet Collection? Aptly named, the collection features a “bouquet” of nine brilliant cut diamonds encircling a center diamond. The angles and dimensions of each diamond bouquet have been designed to create the look of a single brilliant cut diamond making the stone seem three times larger than its actual carat weight. Each stone is set using a revolutionary invisible setting technique that gives each ring its smooth, uncluttered look drawing attention to the fabulous bouquet of diamonds sparkling with more than 500 facets. Heirloom quality pieces made to last for generations, Mémoire rings have especially extruded mountings that are extremely durable, solid and string creating the highest quality bands available in the market today. 
Seeking a bouquet that stands out? Why not give her a bouquet of diamonds from Mémoire? It’s available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Mother Nature’s Healing Touch

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Would you want to fall asleep effortlessly and wake up refreshed? Of course, everyone does but this luxury is oftentimes elusive to many. The fast-paced and hectic lifestyle of today brings with it stress and lifestyle diseases that diminish the quality of life for many people. In its quest to enhance people’s quality of life, Philip Stein turns back to Mother Nature. This isn’t a surprise for man has constantly sought nature’s healing touch since time immemorial. Around us abound natural frequencies that are beneficial to our well being. Harnessing these natural frequencies, Philip Stein developed its Natural Frequency Technology which the company has incorporated into its luxury timepieces and bracelets, its revolutionary technology allows you to tune in to nature’s soothing frequencies which counters stress and eliminates “electronic pollution”. Customers who have tried this amazing technology have testified to having better sleep and a heightened sense of well being.
Philip Stein’s amazing timepieces and bracelets are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Unmistakable Elite Force

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The Super Avenger Military Chronograph by acclaimed Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling certainly lives up to its lofty name. With a concentrated blend of professional level functionality, expertly engineered design and precision, as well as formidable power and durability in the most challenging environments, the COSC certified limited edition chronograph has all it takes to be a trusted companion for modern heroes and men on the move. The piece is armed with 24-hour military hour display, 1,000 ft water resistance, screwed-in pushpieces and screw-locked non-slip grip crown, glareproofed sapphire crystal, optimal readability on the dial and offroader straps made from synthetic materials used by the military’s elite force. In both appearance and capability, the Super Avenger belongs to the elite force of professional aviation watches in the country and across the world. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Breitling in the USA.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do you wanna know a secret?

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Swiss luxury watch maker Tissot has unveiled some of its long-held watchmaking secrets in a breath-taking fashion via its skeleton watch, Tissot T-Complications Squelette. This timepiece offers an overhauled design to deviate from the usual “overstated” appearance of skeletonized movement. Featuring a display case back, sapphire crystal, and a thin bezel, the movement basically anchors and unifies the entire components of the Tissot T-Complications Squelette. Knowing the time is relatively easier as the hands and hour markers are set in steel blue to provide adequate contrast against the movement’s brushed steel. Overall, this soon-to-be-classic Tissot timepiece offers an interesting and astounding mixture of anachronistic design elements, where classic painstaking craftsmanship meets a rather futuristic, state-of-the-art time display and movement.
Find the Tissot T-Complications Squelette at Keller & George.

The Irresistible Venetian Charm

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Murano is the cluster of exquisite Venetian islands connected by a web of bridges in North Italy. World renowned for centuries for its blown glass products from chandeliers to tableware to jewelry, Murano is also a tourist’s paradise with its picturesque Venetian architecture and enchanting glass factories and shops, not to mention its luxury castles, hotels and resorts. Inspired by this alluring place, the famous Italian jewelry maker Marco Bicego created its “Murano” collection, which includes an 18 karat yellow-gold necklace bezel-set in amethyst and London blue topaz and held together by a logo-engraved lobster clasp. Be it your loved one’s birthday, job promotion, or any other special day, the Murano necklace could be that perfect gift you’ll likely be looking for.
The Murano Collection by Marco Bicego is available at Keller & George.

The Lucky Horseshoe

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The Chinese calendar marks 2014 as the Year of the Wood Horse, which astrology and feng sui experts suggest is a lucky year for most of life’s endeavors, that is, as long as people can quickly and decisively pursue their goals. Since time immemorial, horseshoes have been used as good luck and protective charms across many cultures, both in homes and bodily adornment. This equine year is the perfect time to have your own lucky Horseshoe pendant from Hearts On Fire. An innovative reinvention of the classic diamond necklace set in 18 karat rose, yellow, or white gold, the HOF Horseshoe pendant does not only offer good luck to the those who wear it but also offers timely style, and, of course, that distinct grace and elegance that Hearts on Fire always brings.
So why just stretch your luck when you can have your own Hearts on Fire Horseshoe pendant at Keller & George jewelers?

Time for some space adventure

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In December 2003 during the 100th anniversary of the first successful aerial travel by the Wright brothers, astronaut and US Navy Commander Brian Binnie solo-piloted the pioneering test flight of SpaceShipOne, the first of many suborbital spaceflights. When Ball Watch and Commander Binnie have crossed paths, the Orbital II was born—a new Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster that features Amortiser, a proprietary anti-shock system. Designed exclusively to withstand extreme atmospheric conditions, the Amortiser-powered Orbital II is designed with a protective ring that surrounds the rotor’s mechanical movement which absorbs any external energy made by side shocks. This timepiece also has an innovative locking rotor component that enables the rotor to be locked and unlocked when needed. As they say, time is always of extreme essence and to keep time in safe and extreme environmental conditions, there’s the Ball Watch Orbital II to keep you in company.
Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital II is available at Keller & George, an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

John Hardy, the artist

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Artists are individuals who use their skills, talents, and imagination to create works of art, often with aesthetic value. Before, the term is used to exclusively refer to those in the fine arts. But time has changed and artists now pertain to a wide spectrum of human activities, which include music, writing, movies, dance, photography, etc. In the colorful world of jewelry design, John Hardy is an artist nonpareil, world-renowned for his Eastern-inspired motifs and “sustainable” handmade jewelry methods. While most artists typically apprenticed to learn from certain mentors, John Hardy learned his artistic techniques by being an apprentice to not just one mentor but to a traditional Asian culture—the Balinese jewelry-making in Indonesia. He also innovatively incorporated elements of “sustainability” to all his jewelry designs and in operating the company, earning its moniker as a “green” enterprise.
Get your own Balinese art jewelry creations by John Hardy at Keller & George.

Rarer than diamonds

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Contrary to popular belief, there are a few types of precious stones that are rarer than diamonds. One of those exceptions is the Zambian emerald. It was 1976 when geologists discovered this totally unique kind of emerald in Zambia, East Africa, whose crude crystals produced gems that are extremely pure that can be mistaken to be synthetic. Its bare, imbued greens have milder, sweeter color tones making it distinct from Brazilian and Colombian emeralds. It is only once in a while that there are bigger gems with better transparency and color which this emerald exudes. For Suna Bros., however, the Zambian emerald's sheer uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Well-known for its proclivity to go always go beyond the ordinary, Suna's 4.60ct Zambian emerald does not use any form of clarity enhancement—which preserves natural inclusions in emeralds—so what you get is simply raw beauty at its finest.
So why not see and get your own Suna Bros. emerald from Keller & George—an authorized dealer for Suna Bros.

Ring those wedding bells with halos

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What do Kate Middleton, Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, and the late Princess Diana all have in common? You're right. They’re all famous, rich, and elegantly chic. They are also fond of wearing halo rings. Among the popular engagement ring designs today, halo rings tend to stand out from the rest because they’re elegantly beautiful and can easily allow a myriad of enhancement styles for the center stone. Halo rings are called as such because its center-stone appears to have a “halo” effect—or the shape formed by the smaller gems that encircle the center-stone. For engagement halo rings, the best choice is Christopher Design’s Emerald Halo Crisscut Diamond Engagement Ring. This stunning hand-crafted 1.89 ctw engagement ring in 18k white gold halo ring is hands-down one of the best ways to help you pop out that “Will you marry me?” question, and maybe even help you realize that happily-ever-after tale.
Christopher Designs is available at Keller & George.


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