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Never Just A Ring

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With its distinctive designs and unsurpassed craftsmanship, Precision Set laid down the standards for platinum and 18k jewelry manufacturing. Its bridal rings and statement ensembles are recognized among the finest ones in the country. Precision Set craftsmen pour extra care and attention to detail to transfer exquisite designs into excellently fashioned rings decked with well-cut stones and flawless shanks and mountings. From the most delicate heirloom pieces to the most daring and urban statement pieces, the every detailed ring is hand-finished and every piece crafted to exude a noticeable touch of personal expression, made to fit the personality and preferences of the couple or wearers. After all, a Precision Set ring is never just a ring; it is always your ring – to cherish and to hold in your lifetime and in the generations to come. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Weil and Music

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There is a certain quality in music that trascends time. Raymond Weil, the Geneve-based luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, draws on this ethereal elegance to inspire its timepiece collections throughout its decades of existence. Known as a brand of horological know-how tinged with the love for music, many of Raymond Weil‘s collections celebrate the works of musicians and artists, and are a reflection of refinement and the good life. Some of the most well-known and well-admired Raymond Weils are the Nabucco, Maestro and Parsifal – all inspired by music and music legends. Like a musician composing his chef d’oeuvre, Raymond Weil designs and produces its watches with the sure hand of a seasoned expert and the passion of a heart that is completely involved in what he does.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

Unique Yet Universal

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Its presence in more than 50 countries makes Pandora Jewelry a true international success. The company proves that women all over the world from all walks of life have hearts that are made of the same kind of cloth each cut into different unique shapes. Women are the same whether they are from Paris or Shianghai, in that they desire to express their individuality and be heard. Yet, in the complexity of their personalities and strengths, they are all pricelessly one of a kind. Pandora Jewelry, with nearly a thousand charm designs crafted from wood, glass, precious stones and precious metals, provides a platform to celebrate both. Each charm is handcrafted to appeal to the women‘s taste for elegance, and varied enough to write the special story behind every lovely face. 
In the United States, Pandora Jewelry is available at selected authorized retailers like Keller & George Jewelers.

Unrivaled Portfolio

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In Mikimoto Pearl Island, nestled in Ise Bay in Toba, Mei Prefecture in Japan, a museum exhibits different Mikimoto collections created from hundreds and thousands of precious stones, including diamonds, sapphires, gold, platinum and rubies. The stars of the show, however, are the lovely exotic pearls of the company. Developed by Kokichi Mikimoto in the late 1800s, high quality cultured pearls remains the brand‘s worldwide pride and specialty until this day. The Mikimoto collections displayed in the museum are unrivaled anywhere else. The Mikimoto Five-Tiered Pagoda, exhibited at the Sesquicentennial Exposition in Philadelphia sits elegantly with its 12,760 pearls among the other treasures of the museum. Mikimoto‘s 33cm globe is completely meshed in nearly 13,000 pearls, 377 rubies and 373 diamond stones. Alongside them is Mikimoto‘s Liberty Bell from the 1939 New York World‘s Fair which has more than 12,000 pearls and almost 400 diamond jewels. The brand‘s portfolio when it comes to pearls remains unchallenged and unrivaled throughout the world. 
Mikimoto jewelries are available at selected authorized retailers like Keller & George Jewelers.

Finding Rest in the Most Unlikely Places

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Technology is a double-edged sword. This day and age, where technology has brought us advances unimaginable in centuries past, brings along with it more stresses and pressures than we can happily manage. It is ironic that now we have more convenience stores and instant products, yet less and less time for ourselves to even have a good rest. The painful paradox did not escape the couple Rina and Will Stein, as they both developed their careers for many years in the watch and retail industries. In 2002, with this generation‘s predicament in mind, they conceived Philip Stein, a brand of luxury watches that among other things help the wearer find elusive rest and deep sleep through the Natural Frequency Technology. The renown of the watch brand has reached a global market, all too happy to find rest in the most unlikely place, thanks to Philip Stein. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

Philosophies We Live By

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Stay True. Live Free. Dream Big. Be Happy and Passionate and Strong. These are the simplest of life's principles, yet the most profound as well if only we can live them out everyday. Remind yourself and your loved ones of these paradigms with Metalsmiths Sterling‘s new Philosophies charm collection. Metalsmiths Sterling specializes in contemporary jewelry that can spice up your wardrobe any time of the week, whether its another hectic Tuesday at work or a special weekend with a special personality. Their sterling silver products are designed with the modern woman in mind, and worked by seasoned craftsmen who are experienced in both traditional techniques and the latest technological advances in the industry. The Philosophies charms are apt and poignant reminders of what life is really all about. 
Find Metalsmiths Sterling at Keller & George – an authorized retailer for Metalsmiths Sterling.

A Diamond by Any Other Name

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a diamond by just any name would not be the same. It has to be Mémoire, the U.S.-based diamond jewelry manufacturer esteemed for its “guild quality“ stones and precious stones in simplistic yet sophisticated classic designs. Innovative processes and unparalleled craftsmanship have always been the brand's keynotes to its decades of success in the industry. The hot extrusion process that Mémoire employs for its precious metal mountings and shanks has earned it a solid reputation as a producer of products with unquestioned durability. Designed to last a lifetime and beyond, Mémoire bridal rings are crafted in the United States, in Switzerland, France and Germany by top experts in the industry. There are things that are simply beautiful by nature, and some that must be handled by the bests in the field in order to bring out their shine. 
Keller & George jewelers is an authorized retailer for Mémoire

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Future to Watch

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Modernity meets meticulous craftsmanship at the hands of Tissot‘s team of experts who conceived and brought the renowned brand's newest T-Complication. The 43mm Squelette bears an ultra-urban wheel design paired with a hand-wound mechanical movement that is visible through the dial. A unique design among Tissot‘s tactile display complications, the new skeleton watch is held by familiar leather straps that seamlessly bring together the brand‘s glorious tradition and fearless innovations. Squelette‘s look may be noticeably new, but the complication that runs it is  a time-tested Tissot prepared ETA 6497-1 handwound complication. Steel blue hands tick along the rather futuristic dial, with similar material used for the hour indicators and subdials. Squelette is for the wrists of those who love to wear conventions with a visible twist.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Tissot.

Classic, Not Old

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Breitling’s Montbrillant Datora is manufactured as a tribute to the brand’s 1940s bestseller timepiece. The overall design is definitely classic, from the bi-directional slide rule bezel down to the leather, Navitimer or Air Racer straps. A chronograph with a complete calendar, Montbrillant Datora is distinguished by its unique presentation of the date. Two side by side apertures at 12 o’clock indicates the day and month respectively in Roman Script. In addition to the hour, minute and second hands, a half-moon pointer indicates the date around the dial. Along with other subdials, one at 9 o’clock shows a second hour display in military time. Given its varied functions,it is indeed a watch that looks busy, but one that knows exactly what it is doing.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Breitling USA.

Golden Cairo

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Cairo, the capital city of Egypt and the largest city in the Middle-East and in Africa, is a rouge between the present and the past. A booming metropolitan area, Cairo is a bustling modern city wrapped with all the trappings of its glorious past. The Il Cairo collection by Marco Bicego captures this beautiful combination of contemporary lifestyle and classic appeal. With smooth sleek lines, Bicego‘s pieces in this collection belong to the woman of today – capable, empowered. The thick, hand twisted and hand woven gold strands that flow strong and free and fluid, on the other hand, remind of the country‘s grande and luxurious history. The taste for exquisite object and organic shapes is something that Bicego and Cairo share in common, and there is plenty of specimen from the collection. 
Find Marco Bicego's Il Cairo collection at Keller & George Jewelers.

Making a Difference

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"We believe in doing business differently. It is our aspiration that everything we do, every action we take, is based on care and love." The statement of Damien Dernoncourt, CEO of Bali-based designer jewelry company John Hardy, sums up the defining feature of the brand. Established by Canadian John Hardy in the 1970s, the management team has existed side by side with the local artisans – any of whom are descendants of royal jewelers in the island‘s historical times – for thirty  years, creating unique jewelry crafted through Western techniques with designs inspired by lush natural and rich Asian patterns. Part of glue that holds this beautiful partnership together is John Hardy's involvement in sustainability projects, including its Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo program. “The well-being of our people as well as our social and environmental impact means everything to us.“ Now that is jewelry making that truly makes a difference. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for John Hardy.

It Burns Brighter in the Dark

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The Night Train DLC sits somewhere in the middle of Ball Watch’s wide spectrum of watches – nineteenth-century railroad watches on one end and aggressively styled contemporary chronographs on the other. One word about the Night Train is that it is subtle, and yes understated. It comes with the precision of a legit Ball Watch model, the durability under adversity that the brand has long been known for, and the seeming simplicity in the case and dial design that makes it suitable in any occasion.  What makes it most interesting is the dial’s luminosity and legibility at night (or in the theater). Thus, its name, the Night Train. The numbers and indices are powered by micro gas lights that illuminate the watch  even without external light source. They say the candle burns brighter in the dark. In the same way Night Train DLC glows brighter at night.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.

The Standard for Perfection

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Hearts on Fire is more than a brand. It is a benchmark – the benchmark, for the world's most perfectly cut diamonds.  In the company‘s workshops that house the less than 400 select experts who are qualified to create a Hearts on Fire diamond, the highest quality of anti-vibration technology and the strictest scientific formulas are used to turn the rough earth-hewn stones into the precious beautiful rocks that they are noted for. While the rest of the diamond industry around the world use 10x magnification process for stone cutting, Hearts on Fire is way on top with a hundred times magnification. The brand‘s dedication to global excellence has resulted in its rare and unique quality diamonds – transparent and knot-free, the most beautiful brilliance, fire and scintillation. Find Hearts on Fire for your special someone for that very special moment. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

Rock a Crisscut Baby

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Inventions are intellectual babies,  and inventors intellectual parents. Christopher Slowinsky, founder and designer of diamond jewelry company Christopher Designs, is a proud parent of the Crisscut Diamond. The design is Slowinsky‘s distinctive crisscrossed patterns that resulted from his very own eureka moment as a young apprentice in Europe. On a regular workday, he had accidentally made a dent in the wrong place on the stone he was working on. It would have been a terrible mistake if he did not realize the extra brilliance that the cut had given the stone. Armed with awed curiosity and persistent work, Slowinsky mastered a new way of faceting diamonds which he called Crisscut after its crisscrossed pattern.  Today, that pattern is secured with a patent, worn by celebrities on their engagement rings, and celebrated as one of the most innovative designs in diamond jewelry. His Crisscut babies surely makes Slowinsky proud. Make your lady proud, as well, with a Crisscut engagement ring. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Christopher Designs.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Pink Passion

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Of the 40 million carats of diamonds harvested from the Argyle Diamond Mine, only 10,000 carats or .025% are pink diamonds. To call these natural gems ‘rare’ would be a grave understatement. At Suna Brothers, seventy years of working with these jewels have given the jewelers, artisans and designers a good grasp in designing, setting and finishing pink diamond jewelry in that unique Suna Bros’ modern classic style. For this jewelry making company, it is not just about peddling rare stones. It is about creating the design that best display each jewel’s elegance and unusual beauty while expressing a familiar of profound emotion with the piece. Whether they end up being treasured collectors’ item or priced families heirlooms for generations, Suna Bros’ creates the greatest possible value of this .025% for its discriminating clientele.
Find Suna Brothers at Keller & George – an authorized retailer for Suna Brothers.

Same Old Brand New Friend

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Victorinox Swiss Army found a new friend in British paper cutting artist Rob Dylan, who collaborated with the renowned Swiss knife company for its newest creative tool. Victorinox Tomo is the trusted old Swiss Army knife with a completely new look. The concept of ‘tomo’, which means friend or companion in Japanese, inspired Rob in the creating of the design. For the Swiss Army knife, it speaks of the familiar companionship of each handy pocketknife that is passed down in families from generation to generation. The Tomo retains its Swiss quality while sporting a Japanese design – slim, flat monochromes with a sleek and minimalistic appeal. As has been for a century now, Swiss Army keeps its special place in the pockets, but now with a distinctive new feel to it. \
Check out Victorinox Swiss Army at Keller & George - an authorized retailer for Victorinox Swiss Army.

Life is a Mosaic

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Life is a collection of beautiful moments and truths, acquired and accumulated little by little every day, like an imposing mosaic that is never quite done. There sure is a lot of brokenness, but also undeniable beauty. It is this loveliness that Landon and Heath Slane capture in their Mosaic Collection. The Slane sisters first worked mostly on sterling silver when they first established Slane Jewelry in 1997. 17 years later, they are still at it, but now with so much more expertise and experience, and a much broader set of designs from moments and insights they picked up along the way. Such as the quiet moments in yoga classes, in a bright studio decorated with stencilled tiles, which splashed Landon with inspiration for their new mosaic collection. 
Check out the colors and designs of Slane Jewelry’s  Mosaic at Keller & George Jewellers.

The Extraordinary Choice

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If  you are scouting for that perfect ring and you are that person who could not sit well with the typical, Precision Set has created a collection of bridal rings that is especially for you. The 27 year-old company nestled in Dallas, Texas calls this selection Extraordinary.  And the pieces are exactly that – extraordinary.  While the solitaire is the most common engagement setting of choice, Precision Set expertly crafts wonderful options for those who delight in gorgeous yet unassuming melee- encompassed central stone design, where the melee stream elegantly down from the mounting to the elaborate shank. The mounting and shank themselves are crafted by extraordinary artisans using white gold, rose gold, platinum, or a combination of these precious metals. From the tough set of quality standards to the meticulous selection and setting of diamonds, to the tedious designs involving gold accents and delicate details, to the very name by which it is, called the collection is all about being extraordinary.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

A Long Storied Weil

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As one of the last independent family-ran watch companies in Geneva Switzerland, Raymond Weil has a proud history and a promising future. The brand is a name that defies gravity, even from the very time of its conception. Founder Raymond Weil, whose son-in-law Olivier Bernheim now heads the firm, established his eponymous company in 1976 just when most mechanical watch companies where closing doors as they soccumbed to the rolling tide of the quartz movement. The brand‘s persistence in entirely Swiss-made pieces and impeccably engineered designs, coupled with its thrust towards innovative classics, has earned it a clientele that grows with its years in the industry.
Find Raymond Weil‘s sophisticated timepieces and chronographs at Keller & George Jewellers -  an authorized retailer for Raymond Weil.

Season of the Heart

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Passionate reds, festive pinks and romantic burgundies – it's that time of the year when couples all over the whole world (for the most part) unabashedly wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sharing in the personal joys and moments of every Pandora woman, Pandora Jewelry  celebrates this season with the same meaningful hues. The charms, pendants and rings of the new Valentine collection sparkle with pink cubic zirconia stones, vibrant rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds. Love, timeless heart designs, hard-at-work cupids, elaborate roses and elegant eternity twists and braids take center stage in Pandora‘s bestselling offerings. Love does not happen just once a year, but once a year there‘s this special occassion to cherish the fact that, despite all odds, love happens. Pandora shares in your celebration of the season.
Find your colorful bits of romance from Pandora Jewelry at authorized retailer Pandora Jewelry.

What Love is

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True love is pure and unassumingly beautiful, like a perfectly round Akoya pearl perched delicately on Mikimoto‘s  Love pearl jewelry collection. Love takes faithfulness and hard work, like the steady dedication of the Mikimoto team in cultivating the immaculate pearls that the label has been known for since its establishment in the 1890s by celebrated pearl culture pioneer Kokichi Mikimoto. Love does not fade, like the foremost company‘s unwavering commitment to its vision of adorning every woman with the luxurious beauty of genuine high quality pearl jewels. Love comes in many faces, like the many varieties of the organic stone that Mikimoto sets on its tastefully designed pieces – Akoyas, black and white South Sea pearls, chic Baroques, and rare Conch pearls. The pearls of the Love Collection come in differing shades of loveliness, ranging from rose gold to yellow or white gold, with faint traces of glittering diamonds. Love is precious, and that is exactly what every Mikimoto piece stands for. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Mikimoto.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Being Strong Means

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“Being strong means rejoicing in who you are, complete with imperfections,” says Margaret Woodhouse. Of course it helps when you have a well-balanced lifestyle and a healthy sleep pattern, says Philip Stein. One of the foremost watch companies in the country, Philip Stein is noted for its chic designs and dual time zone functionality. Its most remarkable feature – one that celebrities including Oprah Winfrey could not get enough of, is its embedded Natural Frequency Technology. The watch contains a technology which has been proven in commissioned studies to enhance relaxation, reduce risk and stabilize deep sleep patterns, resulting in a better overall wellbeing and capacity to handle the everyday stresses that life throws at every human who lives in the 21st century. Time ticks with urgency, and being strong means enjoying the best of who you are day after busy day. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

The Woman and Her Moon

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People have been known to wear jewelry for at least a hundred thousand years. Adornments crafted from precious stones used to be worn as a symbol of social status, an indication of ethnicity or religious affiliation, or a form of protection like amulets. For the woman thriving in the 21st century, jewelry is self-expression. Metalsmiths Sterling, maker of European-inspired contemporary designer jewelry, provides an artistic platform for modern women who are ahead of their peers. The new Lunetta Expressive Jewelry changes looks as beautifully as the moon changes phase. The pendant is an ensemble of carefully crafted precious ornaments that together or individually create a wonderful piece of charm necklace. The golden round Carrier that opens like a book looks enchanting by itself, or with its picturesque Moon and accentuating Disk in between its folds like a picture frame. The different forms of the Lunetta reflect the beauty of a woman, which is like the moon that “waxes and wanes but never dies”.
Find Metalsmiths Sterling creations at Keller & George Jewelers.

A Diamond Bouquet

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A cord of three strands is hard to break, and a diamond of many stones is difficult to top. Mémoire’s Bouquet Collection offers diamond jewelry that uses a revolutionary invisible setting technique for its central stones. The US based diamond jewelry making company ingeniously engineered the Bouquet design, using 9 diamonds that encircle a central stone and creating a look of a much larger singular stone that is three times larger than the actual carat. Each of these clusters is called a bouquet, dazzling with 500 fascinating facets!  Mémoire’s Bouquet Collection has the delightful dazzle that is a woman’s bestfriend, and value that is every earnest man’s ally. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for the Bouquet Collection and other Mémoire treasures. 

The New Avengers

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Take it from Breitling, there is room in this world for a few more Avengers. The Avenger has been a popular line in the watchmaking company’s portfolio. After undergoing redesign and development, the Avenger II is “even more technical, functional and sophisticated.” The new collection retains the admired screw-locked crown with non-slip grip, the strong solid case, and conspicuous numerals of the original Avenger Series. This time, the pieces come with more ergonomic case profile, satin-brushed bezel with integrated rider tabs, and a lighter titanium case back that bears a handy conversion scale for metric measurements. The 4 new models of Avenger II spell strong and mighty in the deep, with water resistance that range from 300 meters or 1,000 feet up to 3,000 meters or 10, 000 feet! Now that’s a sequel worth checking out. 
Find The Avenger II Series at Keller & George  - an authorized retailer for Breitling USA.

Untamed and Gorgeous

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Shapes and colors that are raw and untamed – Marco Bicego plays with nature’s designs with the audacity of a child and the creativity of a born artist. His life’s work is a long array of contemporary, luxury jewerly collections inspired by the world’s most beautiful landscapes. The hues and facets of Murano reflect the picturesque Venetian seas from dusk to dawn. The golden boules of Africa are an extravagant expression of the remarkable tribal jewelries over the golden sand dunes of the Sahara. Organic and assymetrical, Marco Bicego’s hand-engraved masterpieces are individually fashioned at textured by the most skilled artisans in the company’s Italian workshop in Trissino, following Marco’s designs that trace nature’s masterful strokes. 
Find Marco Bicego’s daring yet casual designs at authorized retailer Keller & George Jewelers.

Silver is Green at John Hardy

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The John Hardy world invasion started in 1996, on the quaint island of Bali, where Canadian jewelry designer John Hardy joined forces with local artisans to create a line of jewelry destined to dominate the fashion industry.  In less than a decade, the distinctive marks of the delicate and individually handcrafted John Hardy pieces are established in cities all over the world from Bali to Hongkong, to Jakarta and New York. The brand’s proudly flies its “style with substance” banner, creating jewelry of contemporary elegance and sustainable luxury. The company expresses its close affinity to nature through its designs and sustainable environmental projects. Crafting a striking balance between modern techniques and organic lifestyle, John Hardy shows the world how to create beauty that is stylish and environment-friendly.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for John Hardy.

THE Navigation Instrument

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Does an ordinary wrist watch need a shock protection system that could endure 5.2 meters free fall, or self-powered glass tubes that illuminate its dial for up to 25 years without any external source? No. But a Ball Watch is never an ordinary wrist watch. Living by its mantra “Accuracy Despite Adversity,” Ball Watch challenges the most extreme conditions on the planet – and out of it – with the most advanced exclusive technology in terms of professional watches. Seasoned athletes, researchers, adventurers and extreme professionals have gone through the coldest, deepest, most turbulent parts of the world with Ball Watch strapped on their wrists. People have stopped questioning the choice long ago. With astounding anti-shock system, anti-glare plus anti-magnetic properties, off the chart water resistance, built-in compass, chronometer and perpetual calendar, Ball Watch is indeed the navigation instrument in its truest form.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.


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