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Royal Adornments

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Kokichi Mikimoto was not called the Pearl King for nothing. With the success of his cultivation technique that produced the first perfectly round cultured pearl, Mikimoto practically revolutionized the pearl industry. Nature‘s things of beauty that used to be available only to the elite and the royalties became a precious possession for every woman who valued the immaculate elegance of the pearl. Mikimoto, the house of pearls which he established in the late 1890s, continues to uphold the high esteem bestowed on its founder. The Mikimoto standards of excellence surpasses any other house of pearls. The organic gems are quality controlled from cultivation in the shawls of Japan to the finishing of the jewelry pieces. Only the finest materials make it into any Mikimoto-stamped piece of luxury pearl jewelry, such as 18k gold and platinum high quality diamonds and natural color gemstones.
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Wellness at Your Fingertips

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It may be difficult to believe in this fast-paced culture, but wellness can be found in more places than the gym and relaxation is not limited to those coveted solo get-aways. Living a life in tune is Philip Stein‘s philosophy. The watch company, established in 2002, offers wellness in a silver platter. Or in platinum cases studded with diamond stones and held by fashionable interchangeable straps, to be exact. Aside from telling the time, Philip Stein watches specialize in making its wearer feel more relaxed despite the hectic schedules and less stressed despite the pressures of day to day. The embedded Natural Frequency Technology channels beneficial natural frequences into the body to help it cope with the adverse elements in the environment. The innovation has been working just well enough for the brand to make it to Oprah‘s list of favorite things three years in a row. Try the benefits for yourself.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Philip Stein.

Exactly Your Cup of Tea

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Do you like the charms of everyday living and love to celebrate the lovely little things around? Then this new Metalsmiths Sterling charm is exactly your cup of tea – literally. The Sterling Silver Cup of Tea is a quaint reminder of the little joys in life – the warm mornings spent with a loved one or with a good book in one hand and a nice cup of tea in the other – or coffee if that is what you like, since it is a free country. Intricately fashioned and engraved, this little hypoallergenic charm will surely warm your heart with vibrant memories, even when the rain starts pouring outside.
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Beautiful Shine for a Beautiful Woman

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Mémoire's classic, timeless and elegant bridal rings are simply the finest in the industry. The US based firm specializes in the use of 18k gold and platinum for manufacturing engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary bands. Mémoire is renowned for its strong and beautiful rings that are adorned by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graded diamonds, held in place by Pétite Prong™ mountings on top of gold or platinum shanks that have been strengthened through the hot extrusion process. In every engagement ring, the wearer is the star, but the diamond adds to the spotlight. Mémoire's diamonds are selected and examined individually by expert gemologists from the GIA before the stones are prepared to be mounted on dense and excellently crafted shanks using the subtle and unobstrusive Petite Prong™ mounting. The result is a beautiful diamond ring shining its maximum shine, and a beautiful woman who is completely happy with the arrangement.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Mémoire.

Time for Serious Business

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Extreme sports and adventure hobbies are undoubtedly exhilirating, but their are things that have to be left to the professionals. Watchmaking company Breitling, founded in 1884 in Grenchen, Switzerland, manufactures the watches for professionals. In the extreme professions of diving, aviation and other adventure sports, Breitling stands out as a serious companion for every wearer who means serious business.  Breitling‘s COSC certified chronographs use the company‘s latest innovations in the field of horology, including the employment of distress buttons that send distress signals through the COSPAS-SARSAT system. During times of great danger and need, both of which go hand in hand with the line of duty, the wearer can send an SOS signal to an awaiting rescue team. Breitling‘s innovations indeed show that the professional watch company truly means business.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Breitling USA.

Earthly Beauty in an Urban Shell

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Earthly beauty, old world elegance, and contemporary urban style are a rare combination in a woman, or in a jewelry. Marco Bicego‘s jewelry pieces, hand-engraved and finished using old world Italain craftsmanship, reflect the somehow rugged and spontaneous beauty of nature, topped with masterfully selected and polished colorful stones, ranging from diamonds to amethysts, that exude the timeless elegance of Old World Europe. Marco Bicego‘s textured grain design, crafted by hand to capture that free-spirited grace of the Earth, has become synonymous not only with exotic beauty but also of versatile contemporary stylishness. Marco Bicego‘s collection are delightful ensembles that present another facet of the wonderfully complex earth that we live in. 
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Dot's Something Beautiful

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Every artistic stroke starts with a dot. In John Hardy, artistic strokes also end up in wonderful spots of radiance. The meticulously tempered precious metal dots of the Dot collection is one of the brand‘s trademark designs. Made of hammered sterling silver and gold, John Hardy‘s dot design is influenced by the granulating patterns of Bali‘s traditional stone sculptures. Composed of local artisans and head designer Guy Bedarida, the design and productions team painstakingly temper and polish the small flattened balls and hand-apply each one to John Hardy‘s  elegant and sleek  nature-inspired jewelry pieces. Beautifully executed, the Dot collection exudes a put-together, high powered glamour
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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Sporting an Innovative Touch

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On February 10, 2014, Tissot unveiled the special Tissot Asian Games Collection, getting ready for its launching 200 days before the games start in September in Incheon, Republic of Korea. At the 17th Asian Games, Tissot has the privilege and responsibility of being the Official Timekeeper for the games. It would not be Tissot's first time in the big leagues. For decades, Tissot has been a trusted name in Asian Games and other major sports events such as FIBA. The brand is its own competition in precision and state-of-the-art engineering.  It is the name every athlete recongnizes as an official timekeeper in the games and an indespensable personal training companion. Its chronographs measure times and laps in any sporting event, while a logbook function allows athletes to compare his performances. Along with those handy features is a compass to ensure that its wearer would never lose his way. All these are available at a single touch of a fingertip on its touch-sensitive crystal screen. 
Keep perfect time with Tissot watches which are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Love’s Exquisite Band

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Love truly makes the world go round and a wedding band is the ultimate embodiment of love's highest expression – that of a lifetime commitment to a loved one. Suna Bros’ platinum wedding band, set with brilliant princess cut diamonds accented by vivid rubies, is the perfect symbol of love and betrothal. The toughest element found on Earth, the seemingly indestructible diamond can withstand almost anything - even the passage of time - making it the perfect symbol of a lifelong love. On the other hand, a ruby’s deep glow has long been associated with love, passion and power while radiating love’s warmth and vitality. Ancient legends tell of an eternal flame deep within this fiery stone. Anything present with this gem is symbolic of everlasting love. Suna Bros brings together these two precious gems in an exquisite band that will complete any couple’s marriage vows. 
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorizes retailer for Suna Bros.

Emblem of Excellence

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The Swiss Army Victorinox emblem – the Cross in a shield - has become famous worldwide on the handle of the handiest tool ever invented – the Swiss Army Knife. Now this emblem of excellence is displayed on the Swiss Company’s excellent line of watches, the finest quality-plus-economy timepieces in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Constantly striving to give the finest quality and highest level of service in all its products, Swiss Army timepieces feature the latest and most advanced technology in the field. Named after the Swiss Air Force helicopter base in the Alps, the Alpnach Collection has the functional, tough and admirable stance of the air force. Inspired by the twin-rotor cougar AS 532, this mechanical chronograph’s key elements reflect the helicopter’s rotor blades, cockpit and turbines. This finely engineered instrument also showcases the most advanced technological features such as a scratch-resistant stainless steel case, water resistance, anti-reflective sapphire crystal and many more. 
Truly for the bold and adventurous, the Alpnach and other Swiss Army collections are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Drama in Color

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Heath and Landon Slane’s love for art, history, and nature is beautifully expressed in Slane’s breathtaking Mosaic Collection. A colourful mosaic of lustrous gems such as peridot, amethyst, sapphire, quartz, topaz, and garnet accentuate each other and fantastically blend together like a well-orchestrated symphony in color. The natural hues and beauty of each gem give the pieces of this collection a unique appeal which is totally dramatic yet irresistibly feminine. What could be more dramatic than Slane’s Mosaic Cushion Multi-Gemstone Pendant beautifully set in sterling silver. The brilliant hues of citrine and the blushing red of garnet are beautifully set off by the deeper luster of smokey topaz and the bluish-violet tinge of amethyst while blending perfectly in this fabulous diamond-shaped pendant exquisitely accented by classic beading. Together with Slane’s Mosaic Multi-Gemstone Drop Earrings, this unique pendant will surely add flair and drama to the most formal evening gown or to a more casual attire. 
Slane’s Superb Mosaic Collection is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

We Invented Accuracy

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When you purchase a Ball Watch timepiece, you are purchasing a bit of history. For more than a century this major American watchmaker has produced excellent watches and timepieces that have influenced history one way or another. They have witnessed the rise of nations and breakthroughs in engineering and technology from the advent of railways in the United States to man’s first forays beyond Earth. It was its founder, Webster Clay Ball, who pioneered accurate time-keeping in the United States. Ball Watch continues this excellent tradition today providing state-of-the-art precision timepieces which can operate under the harshest conditions on Earth – from subzero temperatures in the Arctic to deep sea explorations. For anyone who requires an accurate timepiece there is surely Ball Watch that will perfectly fit your requirements and lifestyle.
These excellent timepieces may be found at Keller and George Jewellers.

Strength and Pride Etched in Stone

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Boston is an international center of higher education and a world leader in innovation yet it is also a city steeped in history and architecture, preserving the elegance of a bygone era in its graceful terraces and European inspired ironwork. It was the historic beauty of this southern city that inspired Ilaria Lanzoni to design Hearts on Fire’s Copley Collection. Superbly crafted in white, yellow or rose gold and studded with Hearts on Fire’s perfectly cut diamonds, this stunning collection was designed with a versatility that would add elegance and glamour to any woman’s outfit – whether it be an elegant evening gown, a business suit or a casual get up. A piece in this fabulous collection is the Copley Love Heart Pendant in its simple yet elegant heart-shaped design, it has a single perfectly-cut diamond at its center. As the seemingly indestructible diamond at its heart, the pendant was chosen to symbolize Boston’s pride and strength after the tragic Boston Marathon Event. 
This fabulous HOF pendant is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Sunlit Beauty

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Wearing Christopher Design's Yellow diamond Crisscut is like catching a beam of sunshine. The designer ring holds a 1.53 Carat Fancy Yellow Cushion diamond center surrounded by round yellow diamonds and embraced by a circle of round white diamonds, all superbly cut in Cristopher Slowinski’s Crisscut Design. Set in 18K white gold and tastefully accented in yellow gold, this Cristopher Design creation dazzles with the sparkling beauty of a sun-kissed dewdrop reflecting the sun’s radiance. A natural yellow diamond, also called a “Canary” diamond, is formed deep within the earth’s surface, when the carbon atoms are mixed up with nitrogen, giving the precious stone its yellow color. The fancy  yellow diamond is more rare and brilliant and of a higher quality than light yellow diamonds. So what more beautiful gift can you give to the light of your life than this Cristopher Design ring that will light up her eye and warm her heart? 
Christopher Designs is available at Keller and George Jewellers.


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