Friday, December 25, 2015

The Delicate Strength

Posted by Keller & George at 4:00:00 AM in Marco Bicego (27)

The truth is, men want a delicate, feminine woman. Regardless of the reason, the gentle and delicate air on a woman manages to make the woman look well-bred attracting good men, the right kind. In truth, therefore, being delicate is strength; feeling really powerful with innate delicateness lies the true beauty of a woman. Marco Bicego recognized this art of femininity. Using such powerful implication, Marco Bicego in his Delicati Collection revamps the spirit of his repertoire collections to invent a new itinerary for a selected few pieces. Thanks to minute details reserved for each carefully selected creation, the designs for Delicati are created with new dimensions just right for our times. The collection represents a tribute to the gentle and sensitive woman in you, your wife, daughter, sister, or girlfriend.
See the Marco Bicego Delicati Collection at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wear the Dot

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Clothes are a way of expressing ourselves, our feelings and our identities. What we wear can inform passersby of our type of employment, as well as our ambitions, emotions and spending habits. Just like clothes, jewelries can also create stereotypes and can boost self-confidence and self-esteem or even represent our beliefs through the symbols it signifies. Having this in mind, John Hardy, through powerful design, dramatic detail and inspiring meaning, created the Dot Collection — a collection that represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality and with no beginning and no end. With the Dot Collection, one can wear boundless love and infinite possibility through the textured and symmetrical spheres of the collection. Have your chosen jewelry tell the story of the sun and its masculine power or the story of the soul and its encircling water.
Visit Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville to see for yourself the beauty of symbolism on John Hardy pieces. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ball Watch Trainmaster Standard Time

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There is always something cool with something historical. It gives you this feeling of warm or even transcendent connection to the past. It threads you in to the very fabric of history. One brand that had been involved much in history is Ball Watch. It has made its mark in industries and human endeavor that requires accuracy under adverse conditions. One watch that celebrates a piece of this history is the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time. It is presented in an 18k rose gold case with a white enamel dial and blue hands. This celebrates the adoption of Standard Time in the year 1883. 
Get a piece of your history with Ball Watch's Trainmaster Standard Time. Ball Watch is available at at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Pop goes the Rock

Posted by Keller & George at 7:11:36 PM in Hearts on Fire (28)

If you are going to pop that question, you better have a ring that pops out as well. And what matters most in any bridal ring? Well, the shine. That rock. And if you are finding it hard to find a good place to start looking for that rock that pops, try looking for the "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond". That is not a mythic item that you have to go on to quests to find. It's just simply here, crafted by a company that specializes in creating that perfect cut - Hearts On Fire. You'll have many choices when it comes to styles and shapes. There are Rounds, Squares and what the company calls Dream, which is very dreamy. Styles range from Sidestone and Solitaire to Halo and Pave. 
Be sure to be ready with your rock before you pop that question, find your perfect Hearts On Fire engagement ring over at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.


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