Friday, January 29, 2016

Why pearls can be better than diamonds

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Diamonds are arguably taken as the premium gemstone of all. Yet pearls can give it a run for the money, especially if you’re talking about Mikimoto. The brand is renowned for unblemished cultured white, black, and Akoya pearls, and has been worn by Hollywood celebrities or royalty alike. But aside from elegance, pearls have some advantages over diamond jewelry. Take for instance, versatility. You can wear pearls as a multi-layered necklace or a solitaire stone or long strand or choker. A diamond necklace is fixed. Another pearl advantage is, you can wear different styles for your pearl jewelry, whether you’re attending a formal evening or simply to adorn your corporate suit. In short, pearls are like your best pals: they weave in and out of your life, and it’s always a welcome break from something that is said to be forever.
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Smartwatches threat to Philip Stein?

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The advent of smartwatches, thanks to Apple, had traditional watchmakers on their toes of late. Will these new items be a threat to their product? Not really, according to Philip Stein. Co-founder and president of Philip Stein, Will Stein said Apple watches and their variations target a different market. “People who like gadgets,” he said. “Our watch isn’t a gadget.” For him and people who have been wearing a Philip Stein, the watch is a well-being accessory. It features the proprietary Natural Frequency Technology, which promotes better sleep and reduces stress. Anecdotal testimonials abound about the watch’s ability to relax the wearer. Beyond the health benefit, Philip Stein is also a luxury brand that goes well with a fashionable dress or suit. No smartwatch can match its elegance.
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Genuine sterling

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One of the indicators that you’re holding a genuine sterling silver is the hallmark markings etched on the metal. The hallmarks refer to the source of the silver’s accreditation, that is, it is recognized by a credible body that the silver passes the sterling standards. What could be more high-level as when the British Crown gives its imprimatur to the sterling silver? You’ll see this hallmark at the back of Metalsmiths Sterling jewelry pieces. They bear the royal hallmark, plus the company’s and the Commonwealth’s hallmarks. This means Metalsmiths products are recognized by the Crown and the governing bodies of commonwealth countries to have been using genuine sterling in its silver trade. When you wear a Metalsmiths you get the prestige of this hallmark, be the piece a ring, bracelet, cufflink, or necklace.
Metalsmiths Sterling is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, January 08, 2016

The Best Wedding Ring

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What is the perfect wedding ring? The simple answer, there’s none. There are perfect wedding rings, though, because each couple’s idea of perfect depends on their taste, preference, and budget. For example, if you like eclectic styles, then a Memoiré colored diamond ring fits the bill. If what you want is a more traditional ring, then a Memoiré solitaire setting gives you that classic feel. It can even be an heirloom you can pass onto your future child’s own wedding. If it’s the price that will dictate your ring, Memoiré has a range of prices to fit your budget. You can get the best value for your money when you choose a Memoiré wedding ring. Whatever your wedding ring is, the best ring is the one that you’ll keep and wear forever.
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Friday, January 01, 2016

This Watch Makes You Look Seriously a Pro Diver

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If you’re a serious diver or aspire to be seen as one, you can’t go wrong with the Breitling Superocean Chronograph Steelfish. When colleagues and strangers see you wearing one, you’re immediately taken as someone who is passionate about his lifelong work or seriously confident. The watch exudes mystery, not different from the mystery of the ocean depths that Breitling, the company, has dedicated itself to explore. The watch is its symbol of this commitment; as for you, it is a revelation of your aspiration to be part of an elite club that seeks for the welfare and protection of earth’s oceans. Superocean Chronograph Steelfish is water resistant up to 500m and has reinforced screw-locked crown and protected push pieces to ensure it functions perfectly under sea. The large Arabic numerals and bright coating helps you to tell time underwater even in compromised visibility.
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