Friday, October 28, 2016

John Hardy Kick Cuff With Pearl

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The goal is to give your outfit a final polish that other fashion styles simply cannot match. Pearls are an excellent way to do this. Precious metal jewelry says something extravagant.  Adorn your wrists with something that commoners can only sigh at. Gold, silver, pearl, all come together to make you an elite and educated member of high society. The John Hardy Dot Collection Kick Cuff is unique and separate from cheap wrist jewelry found in most department stores.

The exquisite gold dots and bright pearl create an eye-catching contrast, which will have others marveling at your accessory. This comfortable cuff bracelet is one of many from the John Hardy collection. Stop by Keller and George today and take a look for yourself.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mikimoto Morning Dew Collection

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Pearls have always been symbols of elegance and grace. Combine this with the deep beauty of sapphires, and you'll have a piece of jewelry that can outlast time itself. This is what Mikimito's Morning Dew collection offers. The combination of the pearl's whiteness and the sapphire's blue hue is as classic as designs can get. The collection consists of separate earrings and a necklace that can be combined into a dazzling matching set.

The Morning Dew earrings feature a set of dangling Akoya pearls each being 8mm in size. Each pearl hangs from a column of 3 sapphires that add up to .30 carats in total size. These precious stones are set on an 18K white gold mount that will accommodate for even the most sensitive ears. The matching Morning Dew necklace has the same design. The 8mm Akoya pearl sits on the bottom of a row of blue sapphires totaling .22 carats. The pendant is also set on an 18K mount that loops around an 18K link chain as well. The link chain comes in tow sizes: 16 inch and 18 inch. Each if these pieces can be worn on its own or worn as a set. Either way, the resulting effects are stunning.

The Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster in the world, making its pearls relatively perfect for jewelry. The value of each cultured Akoya pearl is determined based on many factors that include its color, size, and even shape. Akoya pearls are renowned for their shine and the proximity of their shape to a perfect sphere. These characteristics not only make the Morning Dew collection as beautiful as they are coveted, but they also make them the classic pieces of jewelry even woman should have. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hearts On Fire Atlantico Collection

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Inspired by the ocean with its timeless movement that delivers inspiration to poets, writers, musicians and artists alike, the Hearts on Fire Atlantico collection is thus, an inspiration that delivers taste and breath taking magic in jewelry that never fails to dazzle.

Infinite circles were created with precious metals and the designer, Illaria Lanzoni captured a foundation on which 'The World's Perfectly Cut Diamond' has been set. With a choice of fine, exquisite pieces, the Hearts on Fire collection fan the flames of desire. The Atlantico Collection is a constellation of timelessness that has the ability to incarnate fashion unseen with an ability to stack and layer.

For the Hearts On Fire Atlantico collection, the selected diamonds are of the highest standards. After the diamonds are cut and polished to perfection, they display a breathtaking dance and will continue long after the music has stopped. 'The World's Perfectly Cut Diamond' has perfect proportions, symmetry, alignment and polish that displays a sparkle unmatched by any other stone and is known as a Hearts On Fire diamond. Rare in quality and unique with a clarity understood by the master cutter, they are then extended to the consumer imbued with passion and innovation.

The jewelry created takes one on a relentless path to perfection that reflects the timely culture of Hearts On Fire. As one makes an investment in The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, he knows this is an exciting journey on a road that leads to confidence. Confidence comes from knowing that the unwavering value of your Hearts On Fire jewelry is beyond any other worldwide.

The Hearts On Fire Atlantico collection induces the choice for any special occasion be it wedding or engagement, a new baby, a special birthday or anniversary. Enraptured will be the expressive description given to the eyes of that special someone you have just presented with a truly exceptional gift. It will be a gift of passion, beauty and love encapsulated in a lifetime of pleasure.

Surrounded by the allure of diamonds, every piece in this stunning collection is an epic experience to behold. The hearts and fire-burst patterns created by a diamond's symmetrical cut is now aptly known as the Hearts On Fire diamond; a diamond that has been set in rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets that have been crafted from the finest metals. Every piece in the collection brings the same Hearts On Fire brilliance and intensity into one's life.

From four of the precious metals, your choice is personal. Select from platinum, an elegant classic, heavier than gold; white gold that has the natural ability to accentuate the diamond; traditional and classical yellow gold with its timelessness and sophistication, or make an entrance with a splash of rose gold with a combination of a dramatic and subtle presence that will not outshine the diamond.

The uninterrupted fluidity of the sea is an infinite reflection in the rise and crescents, the bold and subtle twists and dips of Atlantico jewelry. With exquisite inspiration that has been plucked from the stars of the night time sky, from the lights of a city night-scape dancing on the waters of a river and from the natural beauty of the ocean with the sunshine resting on its waves, memories are depicted by each of the unique designs.

Not to transcend the exclusive process in creating the brilliance of a Hearts On Fire diamond, the technique that made this collection authentic and unique, remains like no other. Every Hearts On Fire diamond from the Atlantico collection ever seen, ever worn dancing from fingers, ever suspended from wrists, from décolletages or ears, arrived with in a flourish of intense faceted light and can never be eclipsed. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Charles Krypell Sterling Silver Collection

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Charles Krypell, native New Yorker and jewelry designer since 1976, has become synonymous with luxury and taste. Ever since his school days as a sculptor, he has created beautiful works of art, but none quite as beautiful as his jewelry. After founding Charles Krypell INC, he launched the flagship company with his jewelry made of sterling silver. These first sterling silver pieces would rocket him to success and still serve as a foundation of his business today.

After reaching massive success with other metals and gemstones, he reintroduced the Sterling collection in 2006, as wearable art, and meant for the multi-dimensional woman. The collection consists of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The sterling silver in the collection is used in conjunction with many other precious metals and gems, including but not limited to: 18 kt gold, 18 kt rose gold, amethysts, sapphires, diamonds of all colors, topaz, citrine, garnets, rubies and pearls. The jewelry is encrusted with a multitude of precious stones, which make them valuable and a dramatic statement of taste. This is especially true for the rings, necklaces and earrings, which can be purchased in matching sets or individually. The bracelets offer more sterling silver than the other items in the collection, simply because of their design. Many of the bracelets are comprised of many baubles strung together. There are other bracelets available that are made up of one piece, that slip easily over the wrist.

All the jewelry is woven with excellent design from a true sculptor and artist. Some of the bracelets and rings reek of pure artistry that only a master craftsman could achieve. It is no wonder that Charles Krypell is considered a leader in the jewelry market. His work remains a signature of elegance and beauty, springing from the well of his passion. 


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