Friday, November 25, 2016

Luminox Xcor Valijoux Watch

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If you intend to shop for an entirely reliable, durable and a multi-functional watch, then you should consider the Luminox XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 Series. The watch weighs 128grams and highly resistant to scratches. It can last up to twenty-five years.

It is equipped with an in-built power recharge system; Its battery can last for about six years. XCOR Valijoux 5260 series/model is a product of Luminox, a Swiss-based Watch manufacturing company. You can, therefore, expect the same reliable standards of Swiss watchmaking technology.

Luminox watches which use automatic chronograph technology are very popular with the many highly respected surveillance and law enforcement agencies. They are also recommended for people who need to read their watches in all weather conditions, including deep sea water, and in the sky.

Features of Luminox XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 Series

1.Main Function: (Time-Day-Date), XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 watches are always visible at a glance no matter what the light level even in total darkness for up to twenty-five years. The watch displays both the time and date in an elegant design. It is a symbol of class.

2. Crown:This is both a control and a security feature that is made of a metallic stainless steel. Apart from performing the essential functions of changing the time, Setting date and day, winding and stopping the watch it performs other mechanical functions like protecting the watch from moisture as well as extending the lifespan of the battery for up to a maximum of six years. You can use it to switch off the watch to save the battery when you store the watch.

3.Water Proof: Luminox XCOR Valijoux 5260 Series/ model being water-resistant, you can wear it while swimming, in sea, river or swimming pool, when diving both in salt and fresh water, or even bathing.

4. Crystal Screen:its screen is made up the sapphire glass which is highly resistant to scratch and strong hence it can resist water pressure for up to a depth of 500 meters. Divers can also wear the watch due to its clear display.

5. Strap/Bracelet: The wristband of pure leather; it is strong and will last for a very long time depending on how and where you wear the watch.

6. Night vision tubes:Luminox XCOR Valijoux 5260 Series has an inbuilt luminous tube that enables you to read the watch in total darkness or at night. You can find out what time is it irrespective of the lighting conditions around.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Roberto Coin Wide Cheval Bangle with Diamonds

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Since the 1970's, Italian designer Roberto Coin has been crafting untimely pieces that resonate with every woman. Inspired by the magical worlds of art and fashion, Coin's brand has been producing unique, beautiful jewelry since 1996.

Today, the classic creations transcend trendiness. The collection, Animalier, adds interest and delicate whimsy to any ensemble with its ode to the beauty and enchantment of the animal kingdom.

The Wide Cheval Bangle with Diamonds is part of this Animalier collection, and features the diamond encrusted silhouette of a show horse, its mane figuratively blowing in the wind. The bracelet comes in silver, gold, and the popular rose gold. This bangle has approximately 4.15 total carat weight. Unlike the silver and gold options, the rose gold Cheval Bangle by Robert Coin accentuates elegance with twice the amount of diamonds. The sparkle and shine along the bridle of the regal horse heads as well as along the two parallel running bands and clasp.

The Bangle is for exquisite taste. He signatures each of his pieces, including the Wide Cheval Bangle, with one delicately installed ruby. The ruby is embedded on the inside of each piece, ensuring the charismatic gem kisses each wearer's skin.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Precision Set FlushFit Collection

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Diamonds are indeed forever, and this statement couldn't be any more truthful with the Precision Set FlushFit Collection. The innovative design of this Precision Set collection is one of the most versatile in the market. It coordinates many different ring designs and stone settings, and it will surely satisfy any style preferences. This collection also boasts of the highest quality metals that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of engagement and wedding rings.

When it comes to engagement rings, grooms no longer have to worry about finding coordinating wedding bands when choosing a ring. Brides can get the ring of their dreams with the FlushFit collection, as any rings with centrally-mounted diamonds can work with any wedding band whatsoever. It doesn't matter what kind of diamond cut is preferred by the bride; whether she wants a princess, pear, or oval cut, the ring will fit perfectly with a plain band or even a band with a row of diamonds. The FlushFit collection also features a variety of band designs that can hold the simplest and smallest carats to the grandest and most impressive carats of diamonds. This collection stays true to Precision Set's elegant and timeless style of rings that will suit all different bride personalities.

From solitaire mounts to semi-mounted diamonds, the FlushFit collection will look beautiful on any Bride's finger. Since Precision Set has options for yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum rings, the choices are endless for the bride and groom. Their rings not only exemplify beauty but also a type of versatility that will allow brides to mix and match as they please. The best part about the collection is that it features plenty of bands that can be stacked together as desired. It's the perfect gift to celebrate anniversaries and rekindle the love the rings symbolize. 

Friday, November 04, 2016

Poesy Ring Collection

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A professional woman wants professional quality style. That is what the Poesy Ring Collection is all about. Fine metals that speak volumes as to the wealth and taste of the owner. Shiny and sparkly, the richest aristocrats will watch in awe as you strut around with this high quality jewelry. Precious metals are the primary construction medium used to design these exquisite rings. They are made with sterling silver and fine 18k gold.

Fine messages are included in each of the rings. You can pick from titles like "Never Fear," or "My Heart," communicating you and your personal image as a compassionate individual.

The poesy ring collection is great for an elite business meeting at the corporate headquarters, or a high style date with the local millionaire. You will make an impression that outlasts the event. 

We know that the cheap cosmetic jewelry out there cannot compare to superior construction. It is our goal for our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. We want to make sure that every person who buys our products feels like their jewelry matches their personality.

Keller and George is located at 1149 Millmont Street in Charlottesville, Virginia. We look forward to seeing you!


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