Friday, December 30, 2016

Lagos Nightfall Diamond Ring

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The Lagos Nightfall Diamond Ring is a beautiful, elegant piece of jewelry that no woman could ever resist. Perfect for a loving gift, this ring is guaranteed to show your respect, care, and devotion to her. It's an exquisitely designed ring from Lagos jewelry, a brand dedicated to quality, beauty, and durability. With faceted black spinel set into 18 karat gold Caviar beading, the Lagos Nightfall Diamond Ring is finished with a shining sterling silver. This ring is the epitome of class and elegance, bringing an older look into the new age. This ring effortlessly molds a time-perfected fashion into something slightly newer and intense. Lagos raises its ring into such exquisite levels of beauty and class it’s nearly unbelievable, keeping it simple enough that it can be worn anywhere and anytime. Purchased as a gift this ring is perfection, but even if bought for yourself only, you could make no better choice. After even a single day you're guaranteed to be on the receiving end of compliments and envy alike as everyone sees this faultless, unequaled ring. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Herend Canadian Ducks Figure

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Crafted from two separate painting techniques, the Herend Canadian Ducks figure is elegant, attractive, and perfect for anyone. Made of delicate and artistic porcelain, this figure shows two Canadian ducks nestled on a log, producing a warm and natural feeling for anyone who looks at it. Painted in yellow, green, brown, and dramatic gold, this figure is lifelike yet stylized, making it a perfect decoration for any house or mantlepiece. Herend manufactured this figure in order to continue its long tradition of excellence and class, and has more than outdone itself. With an elegant air and outstanding craftsmanship, this figure has no equal. Symphonic fishnet and faux bois painting styles combine to form a strikingly beautiful and realistic reproduction of Canadian ducks, creating a figure that's not just ideal for personal use but is completely suited as a gift! No one could ever be happier than a person who unwraps this lovely figurine. Suited for any collection or even simple decoration, the Herend Canadian Ducks figure shows care and thought when given as a gift, and is guaranteed to make friends and family alike thankful for such a beautiful present. Why not buy one today, when so many benefits are right at your fingertips? 

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Bracelet Collection

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The Monica Rich Kosann Poesy bracelet collection is the perfect start or addition to any jewelry box. These delicate bracelets compliment all ages, while also being favorable to other pieces of jewelry. The Poesy bracelet collection is made of the highest quality materials, including, 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. The excellence of these metals suit all skin tones and can be worn individually or layered together.

These poesy bracelets are certainly eye catching on their own, however they hold much deeper meaning to those who wear them. Powerful words inscribed on these pieces are the perfect reminder of strength, happiness and the greatest priorities in life. Included in these important life phrases is the statement "Never Fear", this reminder is valuable to everyone, however with the stylish, dainty design of these accessories it is able to be kept sacred just to the person who possesses it.

A collection of gemstones within the Poesy bracelets adds just the right pop of color to any outfit. The jewels such as the ruby, emerald and blue sapphire create a wonderful flash of vividness, while the traditional diamond, black diamond and amethyst contribute to the more classic, subdued look. A special feature among this line is the highly fashionable buckle diamond bracelet, which actually looks like a beautiful belt buckle but has deeper symbolism with the word "Forever" engraved behind it.

With a variety of colors, precious metals, and sentimental meanings the Monica Rich Kosann Poesy bracelet collection is able to grow with a person. These bracelets were intended to be layered and designed to complement other jewelry you choose to wear, they are subtle but also very high class and extremely desirable. The unique Monica Rich Poesy bracelet collection is about more than just bracelets, they are representations of love and life through the power of fashion.

Friday, December 09, 2016

The Juliska Forest Walk Collection

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Since 2001 Juliska has been creating unique and handmade housewares that bring a sense of warmth and class to your home. They have a wide variety of housewares ranging from glass to ceramics. One of the most popular collections that they offer right now is the Forest Walk collection.

The Forest Walk collection is a beautiful collection of handmade dinnerware that features touches from nature. There is realistic leaf shaped cocktail plates that look realistic. They are oven and microwave safe so they are not only striking but durable. The collection offers a center divided serving bowl that is perfect for social gatherings and family get-togethers. There are coupe bowls in the collection that features a wrapped design that resembles floral vines. The dinner plates feature a collection of vines, leaves, and woodland forest bird feathers. There is also three different styles of gift trays to choose from. They also offer lovely baking dishes that will enhance any dish you cook in them. One of the most striking pieces is the coffee mug. It has a hand painted design that features twisted vines, leaves, and bird feathers.

The Forest Walk collection is designed to give a warm feeling to your meals and gatherings. It combines rustic charm with artfully painted pieces. Your family and guest will absolutely love these pieces. You can give these pieces as special gifts that anyone would love to have for the holidays, wedding, or housewarming gifts. You can add a special touch to your end of the year festivities too. They match perfectly with a fall or holiday occasion. You will be proud to own such beautiful high-quality tableware.

Each piece is carefully crafted to create a striking design that evokes warmth and has a cozy feeling. All of the piece in the collection are microwave and dishwasher safe so you can dish out whatever the moment calls for without being concerned with their durability and functionality. Make your meals more personal with this high-quality dinnerware.

Juliska is known for their one-of-a-kind products and for quality workmanship. They not only carry the Forest Walk collection but many other designs and related products for your home. If you love to create a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere for your meals then this is the perfect dinnerware for you. Not only is the collection eye-catching on the table but it is also perfect for you china cabinet display. Don't settle for less. You should choose a quality dinnerware set that is versatile and will stand the test of time. The collection only looks delicate. Be sure to check out the entire collection on the Juliska website for additional information and specific detail regarding each of the pieces of the Forest Walk collection. You can see the enlarged photos to get a better idea of the intricate details that are featured on every piece of the collection.

Enhance your gatherings and meals with this fabulous collection. It is a purchase that you will be glad that you made. This dinnerware will last for many years and will help to create an inviting atmosphere for memorable meals to come. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

A Charming Hyacynthia Necklace

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Mikimoto's Hyacynthia necklace promises to charm, inspire, and provide comfort - while giving you a gorgeous look.

The necklace has a fascinating and diverse range of color, blue-purple, pink, silver, and more, that will also blend in with your chosen style. This necklace features 22mm Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearl, 33.57ct tumbled tanzanite, 2.14ct pink sapphire and 24.78ct diamonds set in 18k platinum.

Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearl is considered one of the rarest pearls. Meanwhile, tumbled tanzanite, from Tanzania, has a blue-purple color that glows, and promises quality and elegance. The pink sapphire, most commonly found to be from Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, is considered to be one of the most valuable sapphires in the fancy sapphires category (blue sapphires are considered to be less valuable). That pink sapphire will help provide that elegant, sophisticated look. This necklace has the same pattern as the flower hyacynthia, since its pink sapphire is surrounded by asymmetrical vines made out of diamonds.

Like it? Then don't hesitate to try it out, and add style, pleasure and fun to your life. Visit Keller and George Jewelers today and add it to your collection!


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