Friday, February 24, 2017

Diamond Shaped Earrings By Monica Rich Kosann

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If you are looking for a lovely pair of business casual earrings to wear with just about any look, then you may have found the perfect match with these diamond shaped earrings by Monica Rich Kosann. They are made from the highest quality 18 karat gold and come in a pleasing classic style. They have a swinging center that is designed to catch the light with your movements. Not only are they classy and elegant, but high fashion and daring at the same time. They will match most looks in your wardrobe and are designed to be durable and last for years to come. They are 2.42" in length and .62" across. If you have been searching for a gift to please the special someone in your life, then you should consider this incredible pair of earrings. Your special someone will love wearing this masterfully crafted pair of earrings. If you are looking to invest in a special treat for yourself you can be assured that this pair of stunning earrings will live up to your expectations and give you years of satisfaction.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lagos Caviar Icon Gemstone Tassel Necklace

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Steven Lagos is the creative genius behind the exclusive line of jewelry offered by Lagos, Inc., a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based company. Lagos brings his experiences as a world traveler to create pieces that are visionary and timeless. He knows that jewelry evokes memories of that special time and place when that special someone received it. He wants to create a piece that will be deserving of being the centerpiece of the most memorable of occasions. This is the philosophy that he brings to his designs. He wants to make every piece a special as the person who will receive it.

The Caviar Icon Gemstone Tassel Necklace is a versatile piece that can be worn in a number of different ways. The 18K gold chain is 42 inches long, giving you plenty of length to be worn twisted, knotted, or worn in loops for a fun and flirty piece. The tassel features turquoise stones ranging size from 2-3mm. This piece is perfect for the little black dress and can be adjusted to fit any neckline. This piece is a wardrobe essential due to its versatility and elegant design. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Charles Krypell Black and White Sapphire Pave Bracelet

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Since 1976, Charles Krypell has been designing affordably exquisite pieces that say, “I love you,” each and every day. Before he was a world-renowned jewelry designer, Charles Krypell was a sculptor. Large scale three-dimensional sculptural design gave him the opportunity to work in stone, but he soon found that working in the small scale involved in jewelry design gave him instant gratification that larger works could not. This became his new passion, and the result was a collection of pieces that truly showcases his exclusive eye for design and craftsmanship.

The Black and White Sapphire Pave Bracelet allows you to experience sapphires in a way that is different from the usual ordinary blue. A white Sapphire is the colorless version, and a black sapphire is actually deep blue that is so opaque that it absorbs nearly all light. Most black sapphires come from Australia. Charles Krypell combined these two contrasting stones into a visually stunning modern bracelet using pave settings in 925 sterling silver. The bracelet contains 156 white sapphires and 294 black sapphires in a unique and captivating design. 

Friday, February 03, 2017

Marco Bicego Crossover Ring

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The Marco Bicego 18K white gold 'crossover' ring has five rows and contains different strands of gold which contrast and accentuate each other. The diamonds are positively beautiful and shine brilliantly. This beautiful ring is one of Marco Bicego signature designs, and he uses his 'corda di chitarra' technique to create this exquisite piece of jewelry.

For those who love the Marco Bicego crossover ring, there are other rings in his collections that might be appealing. For example, the Masai Three Row Pave Diamond Ring also contains different shades of gold that contrast each other, but it's far more bold and sassy. The Luce and Gold Five Strand Crossover Ring has a similar design as the gold crossover ring, with a few small diamonds in the strands of gold.

Marco Bicego was handed down his family business by his father in 1958. Marco is inspired by his Venetian origins and expresses interest in the 'natural settings surrounding his territory.' Headquarters for the business are in Italy, and each piece of jewelry is hand crafted. Every step in the making of the jewelry is conducted in the headquarters in Italy, even the fusion of the gold. Marco Bicego makes only the finest quality jewelry with a unique twist, timeless elegance, and nouveau chic designs. 


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