Friday, March 31, 2017

The Herend Brown Barred Owl Figure

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The owl is a relatively quiet creature, yet is known for being wise. The owl is used as an example of wisdom in many different scenarios, and this Herend Brown Barred Owl figure is something that will bring about a special feeling in a room. This figure is something that is serious and a bit playful, and it is something that is beautiful in design.

This Herend Brown Barred Owl figure draws attention and holds it. Those who see the figure from the distance will want to get close to it and see every little detail. The eyes of this owl are realistic in appearance and they draw a person in. The owl appears to have a story to share, and his eyes make a person wonder at that story. This owl is crafted in a beautiful way, with rich tones and much attention to detail.

Herend has a rich history when it comes to putting together pieces that are special. Products from the Herend collection have been used by Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. Herend was founded in 1826, and the quality pieces that they put together amazed individuals then and they have continued to amaze everyone since those early days. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Craftsmanship and Beauty, the Lover's Lock

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There are many beautifully crafted designs by Mémoire, and the Lover’ Lock in rose gold is wondrous to behold. A delicate chain for the wearer’s throat and it is beautiful craftsmanship, you’ll not regret choosing this design. The 18k rose gold is a perfect setting for the diamonds to be inset in the key and the lattice worked lock. Mémoire, which is an off shoot of the french jewelry design company, Orest, was started in 1986 in the United States. The president and CEO named at the time was J. Douglas McDowell. He played a significant part in why the jewelry was only to be crafted in 18k gold or platinum. In addition to the artfully crafted design, you’ll find that the mountings are done in a difficult process called extruding - which upholds the Mémoire standards for the finer things in life. As a result of both of these factors, Mémoire rose to become the epitome of elegance and grace. Soon after that it was the standard to be followed. In addition to the beautifully crafted Lover’s Lock necklace you’ll find amazingly crafted engagement and wedding bands. Perfect anniversary, wedding, or ‘just because’ gifts in gold or platinum that will suit any lady’s style with a taste of elegance. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Roberto Coin 3 Row Bangle

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The Roberto Coin brand was created in 1996 by a gifted designer that shares its namesake. Using the skills of Italian jewelers he is able to create wearable works of art. Each piece that bears his name has gone through a long process to ensure its originality and quality.

The 3 Row Bangle with diamonds, which is part of the Barocco collection, is available in both 18K yellow gold and white gold. It has a total carat weight of about 1.85. It is hooked with a hinged push-lock clasp, and on the inside of that clasp is Roberto's signature ruby. It is said that the ruby is place to represent Roberto's well wishes for those who purchases his designs. The actual diamonds are placed on one half of the cuff in groups of three with a larger diamond in the center and two smaller ones on each side. Each set is encircled by the gold that makes up the three rows of the bangle. The bangle is available in versions with one, three or five rows, both with or without diamonds.

This bangle is a beautiful work of art created by skilled craftsmen, and would be the perfect addition to any jewelry lover's collection. Its classic beauty is a wonder to behold and shows all of the time and energy that Roberto Coin puts into each and every one of his designs. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

History of the world famous Luminox Watch

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XCOR Aerospace partnered with Luminox to produce a tough, durable watch for all day and night conditions. The Luminox watch was created in 1989 by a designer team Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo. They knew there was a market for a performance sports watch that could be seen in all light conditions. They came up with a Swiss illumination system that is completely self powered and the Limonox watch was born.

Before the watch design was completed XCOR and Luminox asked for input from astronauts, future astronauts and experienced test pilots. Together they formulated the perfect night-time timepiece able to be read with ease in all light conditions.

This made Luminox the ideal watch for use in space and in deep sea diving. The Luminox watch has a unique illumination system which is self powered, it will never let you down. The watch is favored by law enforcement, emergency personnel and elite military forces. All these agencies need a watch that can be seen in any light conditions, no matter how bad. The Luminox watch guarantees the dial can be seen in any conditions including complete darkness.

The Luminox watch is used by professionals around the world and is favored by scuba divers, navy seals and US Coastguard because the watch can be easily read even in the deepest dives on the darkest nights. 

Friday, March 03, 2017

Quadruplicity Women's Conference

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Keller & George is the Q Award Sponsor for the Quadruplicity Women’s Conference on Thursday, March 2 at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville. This is the 10th year the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce has presented the event.

The term Quadruplicity recognizes the four main aspects of our lives: Career, Life, Money and Health.  A day-long professional development conference for women, Quadruplicity promotes inclusion, professional and personal development and balance.

Quadruplicity opens the door to significant and lasting experiences in education, networking, mentoring, leadership development, and personal growth.

Keller & George created, custom-makes and presents the four pillar crystal trophy and a 14-k white gold & diamond “Q” pendant presented to the QAward winner each year.

Learn more about this event from the Quadruplicity website,


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