Friday, May 26, 2017

The Amazing Hearts on Fire Copley Triple Row Wedding Band

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Every wedding band should have something special to offer, and the Hearts on Fire Copley Triple Row Wedding Band is something that is unique in all that it is. This band is detailed in a gorgeous way, truly put together by those who care about the work that they do and who seek to bring about the best results. Made of both gold and platinum, this wedding band has a look to it that is different from others out there. The woman who wears this band will feel special and will love looking down to see it on her finger. A row of diamonds helps this ring to catch the light, and it also adds to the elegance of the piece. There are many wedding bands out there, but this one stands above the rest.

Hearts on Fire is a luxury brand that really offers the most beautiful diamonds out there. Founded in 1996, Hearts on Fire was the first brand to put out a branded diamond. They put out diamonds that are perfectly cut and that capture the light in a beautiful way. Hearts on Fire has done great things for a variety of individuals, putting out designs that are worn by those who care completely about fashion and style. Their pieces have an elegance about them, and everyone is eager to have the chance to wear them.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mikimoto Fortune Leaves Pendant

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Good luck will always find you with Mikimoto’s Fortune Leaves Pendant. This pendant is both charming and elegant. The 12mm pearl is cultured from the South Sea, and it is topped with bunches of cloverleaves. The clovers themselves are asymmetrical to reflect their true nature. The entire pendant is a masterpiece of yin and yang, a perfect balance between smooth lines and natural shapes.

Also hidden within each piece is a four-leaf clover motif, designed to bring endless luck and quirky charm to its wearer. The 18K white gold matches not only the pearl but also the stunning 0.93 carats of diamonds that bedazzle the cloverleaves. This jewelry piece is not only subtle and classic but also unlike anything else out there in the market. Mikimoto’s Fortune Leaves collection is truly a work of art. The Fortune Leaves Pendant will go perfectly with other pieces from the collection such as the Fortune Leaves earrings.

There is no doubt that Mikimoto will have the best pearl around, since the company’s founder was the pioneer in pearl cultivation. Mikimoto has been selling stunning jewelry pieces since before the 20th century, after all. The Fortune Leaves Pendant is the product of years of experience in the pearl jewelry industry, and there is truly nothing else like it out there. This pendant is a gem on its own and is a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Lagos Signature Caviar Triangle Bangle

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The classic bangle will never run out of style, but Lagos has taken the bangle to the next level with their unique design. The Lagos Signature Caviar Triangle Bangle’s design is both modern and fun. Made with a durable sterling silver, the triangle is appropriate for wear on special occasions and at the same time can withstand daily wear. Its caviar beading style will go with any type of clothing style also. Surely, you and your wrists are bound to stand out with Lagos’ Triangle Bangle.

With a width of 4mm, this bangle is made to easily slip on to your arm without fear of it falling or slipping off. It can also be combined with other bangles from Lagos’ extensive designer collections. You can mix and match with other geometric bangles or wear the triangle bangle by itself. You can even wear multiples of the same triangle design. No matter how you wear it, the Signature Caviar Triangle Bangle is the perfect accessory for any time.

Lagos has been making art through their jewelry since 1977. They have since manufactured stunning jewelry pieces that have transcended time to last through generations. Their signature caviar design and the Lagos logo are marks of craftsmanship, and the Lagos Signature Caviar Triangle Bangle is the best way to wear the Lagos name around. It is a true classic and statement of elegance.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Juliska Pewter Stoneware Collection

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Juliska has been crafting dinner and tableware for over 15 years, and their designs reflect a quality of life inspired by laughter, love, and celebration. The Juliska Pewter Collection, for example, is a combination of both modern geometric and classically romantic styles that is sure to bring life onto your dinner table.

The Pewter Stoneware offers a complete dinnerware collection starting with their shallow bakers. These are perfect for any oven bakes, and offer convenience with oven to table dishes. This is the same for Juliska’s Pewter Stoneware Covered Casseroles. These can go straight from stove to table as well, as they are attractive enough to be used for serving.

Their octagonal platters and serving bowls are truly one-of-a-kind and pair well with their oval serving platters and other serving bowls also. They also have all components of a plate setting available with the same design. From dinner plates to dessert plates, soup bowls and ramekins, to side plates and sauceboats, Jaliska’s Pewter Collection offers the same style and design throughout. They even have drink wares complete with mugs, coffee cups, lidded sugar bowls, and a creamer.

Juliska’s Pewter Stoneware Collection is made with style and durability in mind. All ceramic stoneware products are oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. All dinnerware are made in Portugal, and they are all designed to bring timelessness and beauty to your home and table. 


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