Saturday, September 14, 2013

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The Naga Collection of renowned silver jewelry manufacturer John Hardy is inspired by Bali’s local tale about Naga the dragon, who flies from his volcano home over the villages down to the heart of the ocean to visit his most beloved, the pearl. Each morning as he returns home, the mythical creature leaves behind a trail that brings water to the farmers. Based in the heart of Bali Indonesia where the Naga legend is famous, John Hardy finds inspiration in the dragon for many of its best-selling luxury jewelry pieces such as the Naga Triple Station Bangle. The 9mm piece wears comfortably around the wrist with its triple strands of black finished bands that are held together by an intricate silver Naga looped around the whole piece. The fine detailing and clean contours of the dragon figure is indicative of the manufacturer’s expertise in handcrafted and oriental inspired designs. 
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