Friday, December 01, 2017

Hearts on Fire Aerial Diamond Bracelet

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Hearts on Fire has been designing and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry since 1996. They were the world’s first branded diamond, and the only diamond in the world claiming to be the most perfectly cut. The precision cutting is done by hand by one of 400 master craftsmen at a magnification of 10x the industry standard. 

Hearts on Fire focuses on creating pieces that inspire emotion, love, romance, and passion. Hearts on Fire is also fully compliant with the Kimberely Process, which means you can trust their diamonds to be conflict free. The Kimberely Process is an agreement mandated by the United Nations that requires that all rough diamonds are accompanied with Certificates of Origin, thereby verifying that they were obtained from conflict-free sources.

One such piece available is the Hearts on Fire Aerial Diamond Bracelet. This bracelet features over ten carats of beautifully cut Hearts on Fire diamonds. The design is timeless but still chic. The marquise diamonds are arranged in such a way to create a bold statement. Encasing the diamonds is a band of 18K white gold. This bracelet is great for either everyday wear or on a fancy night out. Its classic look goes with any outfit; it is subtle without being understated. The 2.5mm depth makes sure it will not go unnoticed, without being too clunky.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Hearts On Fire Classic Channel Diamond Bangle Bracelet

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The Hearts on Fire diamond bangle is a delicate and elegant bracelet that will make a woman feel special. It is a timeless piece, with silver and diamonds used for it, and it is a carefully crafted bracelet. The diamonds go all around the slender bracelet and make it sparkle. The silver is high quality and has a beautiful and yet simple appearance. This is a bangle that a woman can wear for any special occasion and know that it will be a statement piece that everyone will notice and love.
Hearts on Fire has been around for over two decades, starting in the United States in 1996. It was created to sell diamonds that are of a better quality than any others out there, and it quickly became know for doing that. A few years later, the company was able to expand around the globe because of just how popular it was getting. People saw their diamonds as something special, and they were wanted all over. Hearts on Fire has expanded more with working with other brands and such through the years, and it has become a popular brand that everyone knows. Not only are bracelets created by it, but so are engagement rings, diamond earrings, and so much more. And each of the pieces that is made by this brand has beautiful diamonds in it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Hearts on Fire Aerial Diamond Right Hand Ring

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This Hearts on Fire diamond ring has a unique shape with multiple bands overlapping each other. It is made of white, yellow, or rose gold, and it is a ring that will catch everyone's attention with all of the diamonds and the bold detailing. It has been crafted carefully to be an elegant piece, even though it is larger than most rings, and it will each one of the diamonds on this ring is a piece of beauty. The ring has been made for the right hand, and all of the diamonds twisted around on it will catch the light, making it a bold statement piece.

Hearts on Fire was founded in 1996, and it is the first brand to ever to have a branded diamond. They are known for making quality jewelry with beautiful diamonds that are like no others. All of the pieces put together by this brand feature diamonds with an exclusive cut, and everyone who puts them on can tell. Rings are not the only jewelry item made from this brand, but they also create bracelets, necklaces, and so much more. The rings that are put out from this brand are truly special, with all of the beautiful diamonds in them. From wedding rings to engagement rings, to rings worn for no occasion, this brand crafts beautiful pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Amazing Hearts on Fire Copley Triple Row Wedding Band

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Every wedding band should have something special to offer, and the Hearts on Fire Copley Triple Row Wedding Band is something that is unique in all that it is. This band is detailed in a gorgeous way, truly put together by those who care about the work that they do and who seek to bring about the best results. Made of both gold and platinum, this wedding band has a look to it that is different from others out there. The woman who wears this band will feel special and will love looking down to see it on her finger. A row of diamonds helps this ring to catch the light, and it also adds to the elegance of the piece. There are many wedding bands out there, but this one stands above the rest.

Hearts on Fire is a luxury brand that really offers the most beautiful diamonds out there. Founded in 1996, Hearts on Fire was the first brand to put out a branded diamond. They put out diamonds that are perfectly cut and that capture the light in a beautiful way. Hearts on Fire has done great things for a variety of individuals, putting out designs that are worn by those who care completely about fashion and style. Their pieces have an elegance about them, and everyone is eager to have the chance to wear them.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hearts On Fire Atlantico Collection

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Inspired by the ocean with its timeless movement that delivers inspiration to poets, writers, musicians and artists alike, the Hearts on Fire Atlantico collection is thus, an inspiration that delivers taste and breath taking magic in jewelry that never fails to dazzle.

Infinite circles were created with precious metals and the designer, Illaria Lanzoni captured a foundation on which 'The World's Perfectly Cut Diamond' has been set. With a choice of fine, exquisite pieces, the Hearts on Fire collection fan the flames of desire. The Atlantico Collection is a constellation of timelessness that has the ability to incarnate fashion unseen with an ability to stack and layer.

For the Hearts On Fire Atlantico collection, the selected diamonds are of the highest standards. After the diamonds are cut and polished to perfection, they display a breathtaking dance and will continue long after the music has stopped. 'The World's Perfectly Cut Diamond' has perfect proportions, symmetry, alignment and polish that displays a sparkle unmatched by any other stone and is known as a Hearts On Fire diamond. Rare in quality and unique with a clarity understood by the master cutter, they are then extended to the consumer imbued with passion and innovation.

The jewelry created takes one on a relentless path to perfection that reflects the timely culture of Hearts On Fire. As one makes an investment in The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, he knows this is an exciting journey on a road that leads to confidence. Confidence comes from knowing that the unwavering value of your Hearts On Fire jewelry is beyond any other worldwide.

The Hearts On Fire Atlantico collection induces the choice for any special occasion be it wedding or engagement, a new baby, a special birthday or anniversary. Enraptured will be the expressive description given to the eyes of that special someone you have just presented with a truly exceptional gift. It will be a gift of passion, beauty and love encapsulated in a lifetime of pleasure.

Surrounded by the allure of diamonds, every piece in this stunning collection is an epic experience to behold. The hearts and fire-burst patterns created by a diamond's symmetrical cut is now aptly known as the Hearts On Fire diamond; a diamond that has been set in rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets that have been crafted from the finest metals. Every piece in the collection brings the same Hearts On Fire brilliance and intensity into one's life.

From four of the precious metals, your choice is personal. Select from platinum, an elegant classic, heavier than gold; white gold that has the natural ability to accentuate the diamond; traditional and classical yellow gold with its timelessness and sophistication, or make an entrance with a splash of rose gold with a combination of a dramatic and subtle presence that will not outshine the diamond.

The uninterrupted fluidity of the sea is an infinite reflection in the rise and crescents, the bold and subtle twists and dips of Atlantico jewelry. With exquisite inspiration that has been plucked from the stars of the night time sky, from the lights of a city night-scape dancing on the waters of a river and from the natural beauty of the ocean with the sunshine resting on its waves, memories are depicted by each of the unique designs.

Not to transcend the exclusive process in creating the brilliance of a Hearts On Fire diamond, the technique that made this collection authentic and unique, remains like no other. Every Hearts On Fire diamond from the Atlantico collection ever seen, ever worn dancing from fingers, ever suspended from wrists, from décolletages or ears, arrived with in a flourish of intense faceted light and can never be eclipsed. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Why is diamond the stone for wedding rings?

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Technically it can be any gemstones. In fact, ruby and sapphire are becoming a trend for wedding rings. However, traditionally, wedding rings feature diamond in most cases. Why? Logically, diamonds being the most expensive stone generally fit the role of the most precious gift one can give during the woman’s most precious day: her wedding. The couple having promised to stay loyal and in love with each other for the rest of their lives seals this precious promise with an equally precious symbol, the diamond ring. Likewise, the diamond is said to be the strongest material on earth; hence, it is only fitting that it symbolizes the bond that is meant to last forever. Lastly, diamonds are simply mesmerizing to look at. Its numerous facets—take Hearts On Fire, for instance—create dazzling fiery display, as if celebrating the grand event of the day.
Hearts On Fire is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Pop goes the Rock

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If you are going to pop that question, you better have a ring that pops out as well. And what matters most in any bridal ring? Well, the shine. That rock. And if you are finding it hard to find a good place to start looking for that rock that pops, try looking for the "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond". That is not a mythic item that you have to go on to quests to find. It's just simply here, crafted by a company that specializes in creating that perfect cut - Hearts On Fire. You'll have many choices when it comes to styles and shapes. There are Rounds, Squares and what the company calls Dream, which is very dreamy. Styles range from Sidestone and Solitaire to Halo and Pave. 
Be sure to be ready with your rock before you pop that question, find your perfect Hearts On Fire engagement ring over at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Top common relationship problems

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Surprise! It isn't money or infidelity, two favorite topics in movies and gossips. The first most common problem is criticism. We've all dished this out or have received it at least once. It points to the flaw of the person, rather than how to solve the problem. Second is defensiveness, which is the opposite of criticism. Instead of, again, providing an answer, defensiveness creates a wall against the criticizing person, thus, a difficult situation is made even more difficult. Third is stonewalling or indifference. It can be a more serious problem than infidelity. A cheater might just be trying a new experience but still love the relationship, but an indifferent partner loses interest in the relationship. Fourth most  common problem is contempt, which is typical to older couples. After all, familiarity does breed contempt. The best way to address these issues?  Make your partner feel special. Giving her a Hearts On Fire ring is, well, one way.
Hearts On Fire is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Red Day Event

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Kristin Cavallari wore a stunning Hearts on Fire necklace at the Red Dress Collection showcase during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. The collection was presented by the American Heart Association and the Heart Truth to raise awareness on the number one killer among women: heart diseases. Cavallari walked the runaway sporting the diamond-studded jewelry for the show exclusively sponsored by Heart on Fire. Aside from the reality tv personality, other celebrities who participated at the event were Hoda Kotb, Laverne Cox, and Zendaya Coleman. Hearts on Fire epitomes the beauty and strength of diamond jewelry, a reflection of traits by modern women, who carry the burden of both raising a family, while maintaining an elegant lifestyle. Hearts on Fire is proud to be associated with a charity event that supports women.
Hearts On Fire is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Strength and Pride Etched in Stone

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Boston is an international center of higher education and a world leader in innovation yet it is also a city steeped in history and architecture, preserving the elegance of a bygone era in its graceful terraces and European inspired ironwork. It was the historic beauty of this southern city that inspired Ilaria Lanzoni to design Hearts on Fire’s Copley Collection. Superbly crafted in white, yellow or rose gold and studded with Hearts on Fire’s perfectly cut diamonds, this stunning collection was designed with a versatility that would add elegance and glamour to any woman’s outfit – whether it be an elegant evening gown, a business suit or a casual get up. A piece in this fabulous collection is the Copley Love Heart Pendant in its simple yet elegant heart-shaped design, it has a single perfectly-cut diamond at its center. As the seemingly indestructible diamond at its heart, the pendant was chosen to symbolize Boston’s pride and strength after the tragic Boston Marathon Event. 
This fabulous HOF pendant is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Standard for Perfection

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Hearts on Fire is more than a brand. It is a benchmark – the benchmark, for the world's most perfectly cut diamonds.  In the company‘s workshops that house the less than 400 select experts who are qualified to create a Hearts on Fire diamond, the highest quality of anti-vibration technology and the strictest scientific formulas are used to turn the rough earth-hewn stones into the precious beautiful rocks that they are noted for. While the rest of the diamond industry around the world use 10x magnification process for stone cutting, Hearts on Fire is way on top with a hundred times magnification. The brand‘s dedication to global excellence has resulted in its rare and unique quality diamonds – transparent and knot-free, the most beautiful brilliance, fire and scintillation. Find Hearts on Fire for your special someone for that very special moment. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flawlessly Perfect

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The four standards by which a diamond’s worth is valued are called the 4 Cs – carat weight, cut, color and clarity. At Hearts On Fire, these standards are strictly adhered to, ensuring that each HOF diamond is one of the highest quality and value. Carat weight is the measure of the actual weight of a diamond and because diamonds of a greater weight are rare, Hearts On Fire selects only the rarest stones for its creations. A diamond’s angles and proportions are referred to as its cut which is also related to its shape. A diamond’s maximum brilliance and beauty is revealed though its cut hence Hearts On Fire’s exclusive diamond cutting formula transforms each stone into a dazzling beauty reflecting eight perfectly symmetrical Hearts and Fireburst patterns giving rise to its phenomenal name.
Flawless and virtually colorless, Hearts on Fire’s dazzling gems at Keller and George Jewellers

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Lucky Horseshoe

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The Chinese calendar marks 2014 as the Year of the Wood Horse, which astrology and feng sui experts suggest is a lucky year for most of life’s endeavors, that is, as long as people can quickly and decisively pursue their goals. Since time immemorial, horseshoes have been used as good luck and protective charms across many cultures, both in homes and bodily adornment. This equine year is the perfect time to have your own lucky Horseshoe pendant from Hearts On Fire. An innovative reinvention of the classic diamond necklace set in 18 karat rose, yellow, or white gold, the HOF Horseshoe pendant does not only offer good luck to the those who wear it but also offers timely style, and, of course, that distinct grace and elegance that Hearts on Fire always brings.
So why just stretch your luck when you can have your own Hearts on Fire Horseshoe pendant at Keller & George jewelers?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebrating her Precious and Stylish Heart

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While a woman’s bridal ring symbolizes her love and commitment, her right hand ring expresses her confidence and style. Hearts on Fire’s right hand ring selection ranges from classic to trendy, from elegant solitaires to glittering melees, and glamorous to fun and youthful. Stackable and versatile, they make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday’s or just-because-I-love-you days. Headed by Italian-born designer Ilaria Lanzoni, Hearts on Fire makes sure every design speaks to its giver, its wearer and the amazed onlookers. Each of the brand’s diamond rings warms a woman’s heart at the sight of the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds on her hand and also reminds her of the beautiful jewel she is. Remind someone you love how precious and lovely she is with a Hearts on Fire right hand ring. That woman can very well be yourself.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire. 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Perfect Diamonds, Anyone

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Who are the faces behind the hands that craft “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”? It is not only the brand's unique technology but also the outstanding expertise that brought worldwide distinction to Hearts On Fire. Some of the best gem cutters jewelry makers in the world worked together to create this astounding diamond. Brian McHardy of the Hearts on Fire team, is one of the best diamond cutters in the globe. A fourth-generation master diamond cutter from South Africa, he has honed his craft in various facilities across the world and as the owner of American Premier Diamond Cutting Works which he established in 1985. Joining Hearts On Fire in 1999, John McHardy travels the globe to demonstrate how the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond” is made. It is this superb expertise that gives credence to Hearts On Fire’s unique distinction.
This perfectly beautiful diamond is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

More than Technical Perfection

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Hearts on Fire is a luxury diamond jewelry brand, but more than a luxury brand. It is much more than the production of ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds.’ As CEO Glenn Rothman puts it, “It is an experience of communicating emotion at a higher level.” No one goes so far for perfection than Hearts on Fire. It is globally renowned for its high-quality cut stones are crafted with perfect alignment and proportions, which create eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Firebursts on the top. This design creates a phenomenon of brilliance, fire and scintillation that provokes awe and admiration from any woman. There’s that instant enchantment with the perfection. The lady who wears one feels better about herself. And just imagine how the man feels knowing how she feels about herself. The brand has become a symbol of the very best in love, positive values and personal relationships.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let the Star Shine

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“Everyone’s a star and deserves a chance to shine.” Everyone agrees with Marilyn Monroe on this, especially acclaimed diamond jewelry maker Hearts on Fire. The Illa pendant, with its diamond encrusted gold star pendant, is a simple yet elegant piece that captures the dainty yet trendy glamour of contemporary jewelry. Versatile and fashionable, the necklace lends a beautiful radiance that complements a girl or woman no matter her personality. Inspired by beautiful celestial display of Northern Italy’s night sky, the Illa necklace also reflects the timeless spirit of romance that lurks in every woman’s heart, regardless of which continent she stands to look at the captivating heavenly sight. Find the Illa Collection by Hearts on Fire and let the star in her shine bright. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

With Gleaming Perfection

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It was a chance encounter in Belgium with an exceptionally-cut diamond of an extraordinary brilliance that inspired Glenn Rothman to develop the propriety diamond cutting formula of his brand. With the world’s best diamond cutting techniques as well as the collaboration of the world’s best diamond cutters such as Brian McHardy, Rothman’s team of experts created the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond – Hearts On Fire, the only diamond brand that can claim its distinction of perfection. Its unique cut gives each diamond its perfect symmetry, proportion and polish that allows the gem to reflect eight sparklingly symmetrical hearts in a Fireburst Pattern called a Phenomenon of Light giving the brand its dazzling name. Bearing unquenchable fire and enduring qualities,the perfect diamond to give as a symbol of unquenchable love is Hearts On Fire, the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. 
Hearts On Fire Collections are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Value of Perfection

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What makes up a diamond’s value? Sure, your undying love for her which the stone signifies plays a significant part. The other major part is the cut. Among the 4 C’s – carat, clarity, cut and color -  the cut alone influences at least 50% of the stone’s market value. That is why, finding the right diamond with the most excellent cut is important in maximizing your diamond ring purchase, as well as in soliciting her wide-eyed, excited yes to your proposal. Hearts on Fire diamonds are “The World’s Most Perfectly-Cut Diamonds”, and your best choice for finding elegantly stunning bridal rings and luxurious jewelry pieces for the woman who deserves the most beautiful sparkles in the world. Hearts on Fire uses 100x magnification technology in perfecting the cut of every single diamond that goes to their exclusive designs, all bearing modern designs touched with the timelessness of the classics, done by the most celebrated artists across the globe, including Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni. Show your invaluable love with an equally precious symbol. 
Find Hearts on Fire at authorized retailer Keller and George Jewelers.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Perfect in Every Way

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Nothing can be better than perfect. And that speaks a lot for Hearts on Fire, the celebrated manufacturer of “The world’s most perfectly cut diamonds”. For those who have been searching for the perfect diamond jewelry, the 4 C’s is a familiar concept. Of the four factors – cut, carat, color and clarity – the cut almost singularly determines the brilliance and fire of the polished stone. Hearts on Fire uses unique technology to come up with the mirror-like polish, perfect symmetry and perfect alignment in every stone. The process involves combinations of scientific formula and lengthy procedures, as well as state-of-the-art technology like anti-vibration and imaging software with 100x magnification. These consistently perfect diamond stones are set on elegant yellow and white gold designs created by accomplished Italian jewelry designer Ilaria Lanzoni. Hearts on Fire matches the perfect cut with the perfect designs for that perfect symbol of love that you are looking for. 
Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Flash of Pure Beauty

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A gem that was formed within billions of years captures hearts in seconds as it sparkles with brilliance and fire. That gem is called a Hearts on Fire diamond. Comprised of roughly the top 1% of the world’s best natural diamonds, these stones require the highest level of cutting expertise to bring out their perfect shine. Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut by the industry’s most seasoned experts using the best tools and technology as well as a scientific diamond-cutting formula that remains the company’s trade secret in crafting the most perfectly cut diamonds. The brand’s master craftsmen use a 100X magnification process and a cutting-edge anti-vibration technology that result in a consistently faultless perfect mirror polish. Crafted this extraordinary way, the adamantine Hearts on Fire diamonds flaunt their inherent pure beauty in a sparkle that reveals a breathtaking dance of light. 
Find Hearts on Fire at selected authorized retailer Keller & George on Millmont Street.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Diamond Expert

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Most men do not understand that rocket science and quantum physics are not “the” sciences in the female world. Women are more inclined towards the complexities that deal with aesthetic and tangible objects, like having the right configurations for the perfect engagement ring. And when that big moment comes, a man’s fate could hang on his understanding of this matter. Hearts on Fire, renowned diamond jewelry manufacturer and finding-the-right-ring expert, is armed with all the essentials for coming up with the dazzling diamond ring that is exactly for her, starting from the various cuts of the central stone – brilliant round, ideal, princess, cushion, asscher, to the matching settings – prong, channel, pave, even the types, patterns and designs.  When shopping for engagement, wedding or anniversary rings, trust the celebrated maker of the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds, Hearts on Fire. 
Find them at Keller & George on Millmont Street – an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Solitaire is the Game in Town

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Solitaire is the most romantic game in town – in terms of diamond rings, that is. In the last two decades, many fashionable and trendy designs for engagement rings and wedding bands have cropped up. Yet, nothing still beats the elegance and significance of the iconic solitaire. Its glamour is in its simplicity, and its appeal rests on the sincerity symbolized by that singular central diamond stone. Hearts on Fire impeccably creates this timeless style with expertise and creativity. The diamond jewelry manufacturer starts out with selecting and double checking the most flawless diamond stones that are individually serialized to prove authenticity. Hearts on Fire then creates durable and elegant mountings for these precious stones, stylized to suit the different tastes of today’s blessed couples – twist ropes, twist cradles, petal, or simple gold or platinum bands. 
Find your Hearts on Fire solitaire at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hearts on Fire: A Promise of Perfection

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In the story of the perfect diamond stone, Mother Nature creates the rock but Hearts on Fire makes the gem.  Out of millions, only 400 master diamond cutters are qualified to cut and fashion The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds™. They work diligently on the most transparent and knot-free diamond crystals that result in maximized brilliance and scintillation. While the rest of the industry operates on 10x magnification, Hearts on Fire expert craftsmen cut and polish their diamonds under an astounding 100x magnification. With such an advanced standard, the brand’s proprietary formula achieves perfect symmetry, proportion, polish and alignment every single time. Every Hearts on Fire diamond sparkles with eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst™ pattern, which gives the company its unique name. The Hearts on Fire difference is perfection, and it is a perfection everyone can see. 
Check out their bridal and fashion collections at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street – an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ornate and Carefree Elegance

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The Hearts on Fire Copley Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. Like any woman, Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni’s creation is overflowing with emotions. The ornate golden designs of Copley are inspired by the European ironwork architecture of Boston, which awed the wide-eyed young Ilaria when she first moved into the city she now calls home. The versatile jewelry pieces are adorned with carefully placed diamonds that shine even brighter in their rich and warm yellow backdrop. The jewels evoke the memories of warm sunny days and precious moments with beloved ones. Chic and versatile, the collection easily transitions from casual wear to more glamorous affairs. The delicate Copley Single Station bracelet is a thin, sturdy gold chain a beautiful diamond-decked ironwork sphere in the middle. The piece is a lovely eye catcher, whether paired with tees and jeans or cocktail dresses. 
Check out Hearts on Fire collections such as Copley in authorized dealer Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nature’s Idea of Grandeur

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“Art is theft,” said Pablo Picasso. He does not talk about intellectual rights infringements, but his words about inspiration are true. Hearts on Fire, maker of sought-after diamond rings and luxury jewelry, steals its most brilliant ideas from nature, cityscapes and nightscapes. The newest Atlantico Collection portrays the beauty of the ocean and its constantly changing temperament. The Atlantico diamond earrings, necklaces and engagement rings are fashioned with contemporary twists that follow the contour of sea waves. The carefully mounted diamond stones highlight each piece like sparkly specks of ocean spray. Each ring has its own unique design but they all harken back to the beauty of the sea. So you can take a couple or several of them and create your own fashionable stacked ring set. Leave it to Hearts on Fire to steal earth’s ideas of grandeur. Hearts on Fire leaves the rest of the creative process up to you.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stars on Fire

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The shining moon. The twinkling stars. The constellations. The meteors and comets.  These things have fascinated people looking at the night sky for centuries. They have also served as inspiration for Hearts on Fire designer Ilaria, who spent her childhood in northern Italy, to create the Illa Collection. The collection is made up of stunning and unique jewelry pieces that contain Hearts on Fire’s well-cut diamonds and follow the latest fashion trends.  These pieces pair well with different attires ranging from casual to formal, making them perfect for everyday use. The Illa Collection is ideal for people who wish to keep a part of the night sky for themselves and will surely leave owners starry-eyed.
Explore Hearts on Fire’s Illa Collection at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Finding perfection

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Jeanie wanted an unforgettable engagement and Glen decided to give her one. Jeanie’s dream came to life the day Glen walked into a jeweler that sell Hearts on Fire. His eyes feasted from one shiny thing to the next until he found what he was searching for.  Glen stared at the Optima Double Row Engagement Ring like a moth seeing a flickering light for the very first time. Who could blame him? A part of the Hearts on Fire Collection, the piece, which comes in gold and platinum, showcases studded double row and center diamonds. The exquisite craftsmanship is certain to offer a feast for the eyes and the soul. Jeanie and Glen found the perfect engagement ring, go find yours.

Hearts on Fire is available at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.



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