Friday, July 28, 2017

Sleek Herend Loggerhead Turtle Figurine

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This Herend Loggerhead Turtle Figurine is something that is going to gather attention in any place where it is displayed. It makes an exquisite gift. This porcelain figurine was crafted in a careful way by Herend, who only makes the best quality pieces. This loggerhead turtle figurine is designed in such a way that the turtle appears to be swimming. It features the beauty of nature but does so in a way that is refined and elegant. This piece is made of white porcelain that is brushed with green and accented with gold. It is hand painted and truly unique from anything else out there.

Herend was founded in 1826, and since that time Herend has put out many unique and functional pieces. The brand was founded in the small village of Herend, Hungary with the goal of creating great pottery pieces. They have a unique niche that it is a part of, and every piece that is created is different from anything else out there. New additions to the Herend collection are added each season, and each addition has something different and special to offer.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Herend Brown Barred Owl Figure

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The owl is a relatively quiet creature, yet is known for being wise. The owl is used as an example of wisdom in many different scenarios, and this Herend Brown Barred Owl figure is something that will bring about a special feeling in a room. This figure is something that is serious and a bit playful, and it is something that is beautiful in design.

This Herend Brown Barred Owl figure draws attention and holds it. Those who see the figure from the distance will want to get close to it and see every little detail. The eyes of this owl are realistic in appearance and they draw a person in. The owl appears to have a story to share, and his eyes make a person wonder at that story. This owl is crafted in a beautiful way, with rich tones and much attention to detail.

Herend has a rich history when it comes to putting together pieces that are special. Products from the Herend collection have been used by Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. Herend was founded in 1826, and the quality pieces that they put together amazed individuals then and they have continued to amaze everyone since those early days. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Herend Canadian Ducks Figure

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Crafted from two separate painting techniques, the Herend Canadian Ducks figure is elegant, attractive, and perfect for anyone. Made of delicate and artistic porcelain, this figure shows two Canadian ducks nestled on a log, producing a warm and natural feeling for anyone who looks at it. Painted in yellow, green, brown, and dramatic gold, this figure is lifelike yet stylized, making it a perfect decoration for any house or mantlepiece. Herend manufactured this figure in order to continue its long tradition of excellence and class, and has more than outdone itself. With an elegant air and outstanding craftsmanship, this figure has no equal. Symphonic fishnet and faux bois painting styles combine to form a strikingly beautiful and realistic reproduction of Canadian ducks, creating a figure that's not just ideal for personal use but is completely suited as a gift! No one could ever be happier than a person who unwraps this lovely figurine. Suited for any collection or even simple decoration, the Herend Canadian Ducks figure shows care and thought when given as a gift, and is guaranteed to make friends and family alike thankful for such a beautiful present. Why not buy one today, when so many benefits are right at your fingertips? 


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