Friday, March 10, 2017

History of the world famous Luminox Watch

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XCOR Aerospace partnered with Luminox to produce a tough, durable watch for all day and night conditions. The Luminox watch was created in 1989 by a designer team Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo. They knew there was a market for a performance sports watch that could be seen in all light conditions. They came up with a Swiss illumination system that is completely self powered and the Limonox watch was born.

Before the watch design was completed XCOR and Luminox asked for input from astronauts, future astronauts and experienced test pilots. Together they formulated the perfect night-time timepiece able to be read with ease in all light conditions.

This made Luminox the ideal watch for use in space and in deep sea diving. The Luminox watch has a unique illumination system which is self powered, it will never let you down. The watch is favored by law enforcement, emergency personnel and elite military forces. All these agencies need a watch that can be seen in any light conditions, no matter how bad. The Luminox watch guarantees the dial can be seen in any conditions including complete darkness.

The Luminox watch is used by professionals around the world and is favored by scuba divers, navy seals and US Coastguard because the watch can be easily read even in the deepest dives on the darkest nights. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Luminox Xcor Valijoux Watch

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If you intend to shop for an entirely reliable, durable and a multi-functional watch, then you should consider the Luminox XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 Series. The watch weighs 128grams and highly resistant to scratches. It can last up to twenty-five years.

It is equipped with an in-built power recharge system; Its battery can last for about six years. XCOR Valijoux 5260 series/model is a product of Luminox, a Swiss-based Watch manufacturing company. You can, therefore, expect the same reliable standards of Swiss watchmaking technology.

Luminox watches which use automatic chronograph technology are very popular with the many highly respected surveillance and law enforcement agencies. They are also recommended for people who need to read their watches in all weather conditions, including deep sea water, and in the sky.

Features of Luminox XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 Series

1.Main Function: (Time-Day-Date), XCOR Automatic Valijoux Chronograph 5260 watches are always visible at a glance no matter what the light level even in total darkness for up to twenty-five years. The watch displays both the time and date in an elegant design. It is a symbol of class.

2. Crown:This is both a control and a security feature that is made of a metallic stainless steel. Apart from performing the essential functions of changing the time, Setting date and day, winding and stopping the watch it performs other mechanical functions like protecting the watch from moisture as well as extending the lifespan of the battery for up to a maximum of six years. You can use it to switch off the watch to save the battery when you store the watch.

3.Water Proof: Luminox XCOR Valijoux 5260 Series/ model being water-resistant, you can wear it while swimming, in sea, river or swimming pool, when diving both in salt and fresh water, or even bathing.

4. Crystal Screen:its screen is made up the sapphire glass which is highly resistant to scratch and strong hence it can resist water pressure for up to a depth of 500 meters. Divers can also wear the watch due to its clear display.

5. Strap/Bracelet: The wristband of pure leather; it is strong and will last for a very long time depending on how and where you wear the watch.

6. Night vision tubes:Luminox XCOR Valijoux 5260 Series has an inbuilt luminous tube that enables you to read the watch in total darkness or at night. You can find out what time is it irrespective of the lighting conditions around.

Stop by Keller And George today and see the different Luminox watches we have waiting for you!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Favorite watch by the SEALS

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With sturdy structure and precision engineering, Luminox is no wonder a favorite watch by the US Navy SEALS and the US Coast Guard. Both agencies are faced with daily extreme conditions from rough seas to weather disturbances and the challenges of deep diving. Luminox, incidentally, is also endorsed by SCUBA legend Stan Waterman, for its noted self-powered illumination system that helps divers get the right visibility even during long, deep night dives. One of our favorite Luminox for deep diving is the Navy Seal Series. It features an impressive water-resistance depth of up to 660 feet, protecting its quartz movement accuracy and chrono, date functions. The case is protected by carbon reinforced PC and the crown features a double-security gasket. Meanwhile, the glass is hardened mineral to ensure this Luminox stands the test of, not just time, but a tough situation.
Luminox is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.


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