Friday, December 29, 2017

The Monica Rich Kosann Grace Giraffe Ring

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Monica Rich Kosann is a well-known fine art portrait photographer, author and jewelry designer from the United States. Her collection of jewelry has awarded her a spot on the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), includes items such as necklaces, earrings, rings, charms, bracelets and lockets and are featured in many fashion and jewelry magazines. With over ten unique collections to choose from, Monica Rich Kosann has been able to provide the best in fine jewelry for not only those individuals who are in love with jewelry and fashion but also for those who are looking for a gift for that "special someone" for their anniversary, wedding, graduation, birthday or a momentous holiday like Christmas.

The Grace Giraffe Ring is wrapped in sterling silver, it has white sapphires etched into it's magnificent design and is also available in 18K gold. This well-crafted ring is the perfect choice for a non-traditional engagement or wedding ring and would also pair nicely with one of the many necklace pieces available such as the Adventure Compass Poesy Ring Necklace or the Rectangular Key Necklace in Silver to complete the full look.

Keller and George has an amazing staff that is eager to help you choose your next piece of jewelry. Visit us today!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Ring

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This Monica Rich Kosann poesy ring has an inscription written inside stating, "I love you more." It is a beautiful ring with a beautiful meaning, and the gems on the outside give it an elegant look. The band itself is made of sterling silver, and it is a simple and elegant piece. This ring makes a statement in more ways than one, as it is a ring everyone will notice and compliment, and it has so much meaning on the inside. The words are special and make this ring unique from all of the others that are out there.

Monica Rich Kosann got started making jewelry as her second passion in life. She first loved photography, and that is what got her into jewelry, as she began noticing it as she was taking portraits. So, she tried her hand at creating lockets and charm bracelets, and the rest is history. This brand puts out elegant and unique pieces that make a woman feel good about herself. The lockets, necklaces, rings, and more made by this brand all have the finest materials. They are crafted to last, and they each have an elegant look that makes a woman feel feminine and beautiful. The jewelry from this brand is timeless, and it looks gorgeous when put on together, or when one gold or silver piece is used as a statement piece.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Monica Rich Kosann 'Protect' Evil Eye Poesy Ring

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When the fantastic designers at Monica Rich Kosann came out with their Evil Eye Poesy Ring collection, it became clear that they are romantic history buffs as well as creative geniuses.

To understand the beautiful meaning behind these rings, it is important to understand the history of the Poesy. It dates back to the world of Knights and damsels in distress. When the knights would traverse off on their dangerous missions, there was a tradition where they would leave their maidens a ring as a token of their love.

On these rings, the knights would engrave short but significant messages. These were called 'Poesys'. The messages could be dates, scriptures, names, or anything, but most often, they were single words.

This collection offers rings that are meant to hang on a necklace, as the rings given by knights were too big to fit on a maiden's finger, and would be worn on chains or ribbons around the neck instead.

The word 'Protect' engraved on the inside sends a lovely message of strength, support, confidence, and love. It is the perfect gift for a loved one heading into new territory, be that a war zone, college, marriage, a religious mission, or what have you.

The designers created the ring with a layer of black rhodium on top of the beautiful sterling silver. This rhodium is meant to wear off over time, creating a gorgeous aged look as the shiny silver shines through in a very individual pattern.

Between the message, the rhodium, and the many occasions it works for, you can be certain that this is a piece that will be one-of-a-kind in meaning and appearance.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Diamond Shaped Earrings By Monica Rich Kosann

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If you are looking for a lovely pair of business casual earrings to wear with just about any look, then you may have found the perfect match with these diamond shaped earrings by Monica Rich Kosann. They are made from the highest quality 18 karat gold and come in a pleasing classic style. They have a swinging center that is designed to catch the light with your movements. Not only are they classy and elegant, but high fashion and daring at the same time. They will match most looks in your wardrobe and are designed to be durable and last for years to come. They are 2.42" in length and .62" across. If you have been searching for a gift to please the special someone in your life, then you should consider this incredible pair of earrings. Your special someone will love wearing this masterfully crafted pair of earrings. If you are looking to invest in a special treat for yourself you can be assured that this pair of stunning earrings will live up to your expectations and give you years of satisfaction.

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Bracelet Collection

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The Monica Rich Kosann Poesy bracelet collection is the perfect start or addition to any jewelry box. These delicate bracelets compliment all ages, while also being favorable to other pieces of jewelry. The Poesy bracelet collection is made of the highest quality materials, including, 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. The excellence of these metals suit all skin tones and can be worn individually or layered together.

These poesy bracelets are certainly eye catching on their own, however they hold much deeper meaning to those who wear them. Powerful words inscribed on these pieces are the perfect reminder of strength, happiness and the greatest priorities in life. Included in these important life phrases is the statement "Never Fear", this reminder is valuable to everyone, however with the stylish, dainty design of these accessories it is able to be kept sacred just to the person who possesses it.

A collection of gemstones within the Poesy bracelets adds just the right pop of color to any outfit. The jewels such as the ruby, emerald and blue sapphire create a wonderful flash of vividness, while the traditional diamond, black diamond and amethyst contribute to the more classic, subdued look. A special feature among this line is the highly fashionable buckle diamond bracelet, which actually looks like a beautiful belt buckle but has deeper symbolism with the word "Forever" engraved behind it.

With a variety of colors, precious metals, and sentimental meanings the Monica Rich Kosann Poesy bracelet collection is able to grow with a person. These bracelets were intended to be layered and designed to complement other jewelry you choose to wear, they are subtle but also very high class and extremely desirable. The unique Monica Rich Poesy bracelet collection is about more than just bracelets, they are representations of love and life through the power of fashion.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Poesy Ring Collection

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A professional woman wants professional quality style. That is what the Poesy Ring Collection is all about. Fine metals that speak volumes as to the wealth and taste of the owner. Shiny and sparkly, the richest aristocrats will watch in awe as you strut around with this high quality jewelry. Precious metals are the primary construction medium used to design these exquisite rings. They are made with sterling silver and fine 18k gold.

Fine messages are included in each of the rings. You can pick from titles like "Never Fear," or "My Heart," communicating you and your personal image as a compassionate individual.

The poesy ring collection is great for an elite business meeting at the corporate headquarters, or a high style date with the local millionaire. You will make an impression that outlasts the event. 

We know that the cheap cosmetic jewelry out there cannot compare to superior construction. It is our goal for our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. We want to make sure that every person who buys our products feels like their jewelry matches their personality.

Keller and George is located at 1149 Millmont Street in Charlottesville, Virginia. We look forward to seeing you!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Lockets as nostalgic gift idea—why not?

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Want a unique jewelry gift idea? Well, the ‘idea’ isn’t really new, but for a long time, people have forgotten the practice of giving a locket as a special gift for a loved one. Giving lockets used to be in fashion during the previous centuries, but it has since been overtaken by other means to keep one’s memories such as albums and picture frames. Still, lockets keep a nostalgic air to them, lending to the recipient a kind of sophistication and taste. So, go give a locket to someone you care. No need to search for an antique shop to get one; Monica Rich Kossan has a range of fashionable lockets from the traditional to the contemporary. You can choose the material from yellow gold to sterling silver and to black ceramic.
Monica Rich Kossan is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.


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