Friday, July 22, 2016

The Pandora charm

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One of the reasons why Pandora is popular is because you can collect and create charm bracelets that are not only luxurious, but they embody memories or meanings that matter to you. It can be a bracelet of charms that depict your travels abroad across your lifetime. It can also be a set of charms that symbolize important dates in your life: wedding, birth, anniversary, graduation, etc. Or, the Pandora charm bracelet can carry a theme that reflects your personality. For example, nature and animals for the nature lover, or multicolored beads for the artist. It’s easy to start a Pandora charm bracelet. Just buy a bracelet then start browsing over the different charm collections by theme, characteristics, and popularity. You can add one charm over time instead of populating the bracelet with charms all at once.
Pandora is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, February 05, 2016

The Sobriety stone

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Amethyst is the most adored among stones of the quartz group for a long, long time. It's name came for the Greek word “amethystos,” which means to intoxicate, thus the old belief that it helps the user not to get drunk despite going in a binge. Amethyst is also known to manifest a calming effect, radiates clarity, and fosters honesty. But more than its enchanting past and traditional significance, the amethyst's natural elegance of alluring colors, from its light pinkish violet to deep purple hues, and its solid, sturdy quality make the stone a favorite among jewelry makers and wearers alike as it gives almost endless applications in numerous kinds of jewelry. With all these outstanding traits, it's no wonder Amethyst is a choice stone in many Pandora Jewelry charms and other jewelry pieces.
Pandora Jewelry is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.

Friday, October 02, 2015

How to revive romance

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Anniversaries are a great way to celebrate your years of being together. The downside, well, is that familiarity does subdue romance. So how do you re-ignite romance after ten or twenty years? First, you can act romantic to feel romantic. Whisper sweet nothings again to her. Second, make the bedroom conducive to romance, such as, using silk bed sheets and soft lights. Third, have a date that's dedicated to conversations, not just to eat or get out of the house. Fourth, relive your first date or second, third, etc. Bring her to that memorable park where you used to court her. Fifth, give her the compliments. Her hair, dress, anything that will brighten up her eyes. You can also gift her with a Pandora Jewelry, the signature that charms the heart.
Pandora Jewelry is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Hot charms

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They are hot. They are charming. They are Pandora’s 2015 summer releases. The signature known for its series of charm collections launched its newest adorable pieces for this year’s summer memories. The charms are perfect gifts to mark your 2015 summer experience. Whether you’ve just graduated from college or it’s your first summer together or your fiftieth summer as a couple, the new Pandora charms are great little reminders of your future memories. You can choose from various thematic charms, such as, the abstract gold charm, an anchor silver dangle, a turtle silver charm, and a dolphin silver dangle. You can also opt for heart shaped charms decorated with flags of popular summer travel destinations like the U.S., France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Japan.
Pandora Jewelry is available at Keller & George in Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Unique Yet Universal

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Its presence in more than 50 countries makes Pandora Jewelry a true international success. The company proves that women all over the world from all walks of life have hearts that are made of the same kind of cloth each cut into different unique shapes. Women are the same whether they are from Paris or Shianghai, in that they desire to express their individuality and be heard. Yet, in the complexity of their personalities and strengths, they are all pricelessly one of a kind. Pandora Jewelry, with nearly a thousand charm designs crafted from wood, glass, precious stones and precious metals, provides a platform to celebrate both. Each charm is handcrafted to appeal to the women‘s taste for elegance, and varied enough to write the special story behind every lovely face. 
In the United States, Pandora Jewelry is available at selected authorized retailers like Keller & George Jewelers.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Season of the Heart

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Passionate reds, festive pinks and romantic burgundies – it's that time of the year when couples all over the whole world (for the most part) unabashedly wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sharing in the personal joys and moments of every Pandora woman, Pandora Jewelry  celebrates this season with the same meaningful hues. The charms, pendants and rings of the new Valentine collection sparkle with pink cubic zirconia stones, vibrant rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds. Love, timeless heart designs, hard-at-work cupids, elaborate roses and elegant eternity twists and braids take center stage in Pandora‘s bestselling offerings. Love does not happen just once a year, but once a year there‘s this special occassion to cherish the fact that, despite all odds, love happens. Pandora shares in your celebration of the season.
Find your colorful bits of romance from Pandora Jewelry at authorized retailer Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Colorful Reflections

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Pandora Jewelry, originated in Denmark, is one of the biggest sensations to hit women’s fashion world in the UK and United States. The brand’s charms and contemporary jewelry pieces celebrate the joys and beauty of being a mom, a daughter, a friend, a loved one. Fashioned in a plethora of precious materials, such as polished wood, white and yellow gold, murano glass and silver, Pandora Jewelry charms are collected in especially designed bracelets with balancers and stoppers to create a balanced look that the wearer can control. Topped with precious stones such as diamonds, each decked in playful yet expressive designs, Pandora charm bracelets are poignant, tender and elegant possessions that reflect their wearers’ hearts.
Find them at Keller & George Jewelers, an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Story Time with Her Pandora

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They know your face, they know your name, but do they know your story? Well, yeah, somewhat maybe if you are wearing your Pandora Jewelry charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have been around since Her Majesty Queen Victory, and they have held symbolic value for women all over the world. When the Denmark based Pandora launched the patented Pandora charms in 2000, the string-it-yourself, tell-your-story-creatively kind of bracelet have warmed the hearts of many women as set free the inner stories for many more. The charms have been loved and adored for many years since their release for its personal appeal. Afterall, a woman’s story is a part of who she is, and it is just right for the whole world, or at least the people surrounding her, to get a peak at the life that transformed her into her more beautiful self. Share your story, or invite someone to share hers and inspire others too.
Find Pandora Jewelry at Keller & George Jewellers – authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

LovePod in Bloom

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Created by goldsmiths and jewelry designers Mads Trolle and Lee Anthony Gray, Pandora’s LovePods Collection is inspired by nature’s delicate plant structures and most especially by the life cycle of a flower. Their designs emulate seedpods burgeoning with promise while flower pods are poised ready to burst into bloom! Beautifully crafted, the 18K yellow, rose and white gold of the collection serve as a perfect foil for the lustrous hues of gemstones such as diamonds, amethysts, peridots, citrines, spinels, and topazes which gorgeously dot the collection. LovePods rings can be worn alone or can be artfully stacked together in many fascinating combinations. In the same way, LovePods pendants may be worn on necklaces and bracelets alone or with others.  What makes LovePods jewelry more exciting to wear is the chance to mix and match it Pandora’s collections of charms, bracelets and other jewelries. So let your own creativity burst into bloom with LovePods from the Pandora Collections.
Discover Pandora’s LovePods at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finding Her Pandora: A Somewhat Step By Step Procedure

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A special day is coming and you want to surprise her with jewelry. Lovely idea, but there are just too many choices out there that you are now feeling paralyzed. Pandora jewelry can always turn your shopping dilemma into a more clear-cut procedure. Pandora is the bestselling brand for well-loved charm bracelets and other contemporary jewelry pieces. Yes, Pandora also has around 800 designs - keep reading! -  but with less uncertainties to deal with. Think of the recipient, say your special girl. Start with a bare Pandora charm bracelet. Think of the occasion. It’s her birthday. Pick a pretty gift charm. You thank her for her gift of love. There’s a heart charm to stand for that (yes, a bit cheesy but ladies love it). And surprise, you are flying together to Paris! Slide in a fancy airplane charm for that. And so on. Your gift becomes completely personal, you get to say what you want and she thinks it is (and you are) absolutely thoughtful and adorable. Simple. Logical. You’re welcome. 
Find Pandora at authorized retailer Keller & George.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pandora and You

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In over 50 countries, Pandora Jewelry is famed as the premier designer and manufacturer of charm bracelets, rings, and watches. Everyone who knows Pandora also knows its wide selection of charm bracelets that are completely personalized, perfect for a gift to a loved one or a personal milestone keeper.  With more than 800 charm designs, there is more than enough choices for a deeply personal bracelet design. The Pandora rings, in different designs and materials, further expand the selection to choose from. Dainty, modern and versatile, Pandora rings are ready to jazz up your elegant evening wear or shirt and jeans outfit. They are individually designed to be worn in beautiful solitaire or as a gregarious stack, depending on your mood for the day. And while you’re at it, might as well personalize your watch too. Choose from Pandora’s pre-made watches or customize your very own. After all, everything is about expressing yourself at Pandora Jewelry.
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tell Us Your Story

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Stories – our own particular life stories are the driving force behind the success of Pandora Jewelry’s sensational charms selection. Launched in 2000 by the jewelry manufacturing company from Denmark, the colorful bits and trinkets of the collection include nearly 800 handcrafted designs from cutesy animals, to glamorous little tiaras, and memorable travel symbols such as caricature airplanes and Eiffel towers. The charms are especially fashioned for personalized design, with which every girl and woman can express her own style and tell her share of stories with her own combination of meaningful charms. As cherished as the memories they carry, each charm is individually and meticulously crafted by expert jewelry artisans in Pandora’s Thailand manufactory out of the finest materials such as 18k gold, silver, murano glass, wood,  as well as precious stones like amethyst, onyx and pearls and even diamonds. Pandora’s charm bracelets are a modern woman’s revolutionary way for creativity and self expression. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Charming Sensation

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Since their release in early 2000, Pandora charm bracelets have become sensational. Charms are small decorative pendants or trinkets that signify something important in the wearer’s life. These tiny decorations, usually worn in a bracelet around the wrist were popularized in Europe by Queen Victoria, who loved to wear and give charm bracelets. Now, not only ladies from European noble classes but girls and women from everywhere on the globe find delight in stringing together their own charm bracelets from Pandora. The jewelry manufacturer that originated in Denmark launched its first collection of charms in 2000, with delicate and beautifully crafted shapes emulating people, animals and meaningful objects that any girl can pick out as her preference to commemorate a special milestone or person in her life. Pandora charm bracelets are very lighthearted, which makes a woman feel good, yet also touch on the most significant and beautiful moments of her life, which makes her feel even better. No wonder they are sensational. 
To start your own Pandora charm collection, check out their authorized dealer Keller & George Jewelers today.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Pandora’s Endless Stories

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Do you have a story to tell, memories to keep, or special moments to hold? Every woman does and Pandora has created a beautiful way to bring all these together with its uniquely-designed charm bracelet. Designed by Per Enevoldsen, a Danish goldsmith, the bracelets have an extraordinary threading system that allows charms to be arranged, added or replaced. With Pandora’s collection of over 800 exquisitely handcrafted charms available in silver, gold, glass, and wood which are studded with semi-precious stones like onyx, pearls, amethyst, and precious gems, you will surely find one to represent each special moment or memory in your life. Moreover, Pandora’s Charm Bracelet may be coordinated or combined with its other collections such as the Stories Jewelry Line or the Love Pods Collection to create a style that is definitely you. Pandora believes that each woman’s story is worth telling. 
Tell your story with Pandora Jewelry available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

800 Ways to Tell Your Story

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Some tell their life in a song, some in moving memoires, and others in creative Pandora charm bracelets. Launched by Pandora Jewelry in 2000, the Pandora charms became an instant success world-wide as they provided women, children and even men a new way to express their stories, immortalize memories, and celebrate life’s precious achievements. The company was established in Denmark in the early 1980’s as a small jewelry store and quickly expanded into an international jewelry producer with a manufactory in Thailand, where Pandora has created more than 800 designs for its charms, along with other jewelry pieces, made of sterling silver, 14k gold, Murano glass, wood, white gold, amethyst, pearls, rubies, diamonds and other precious metals and gems. The designs range from playful heart charms, classic black and white gem-decked beads, and more personal objects such as planes, keys and miniature landmarks, all ready to become an integral part of an exciting story told in an equally exciting way. 
Find Pandora Jewelry at Keller & George – an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Glamorous Just the Way You Are

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Pandora Jewelry, founded in Copenhagen Denmark twenty years back, is most well-known for its fanciful and beautifully handcrafted charms. But Pandora’s box of treasures holds more delightful surprises aside from those customizable charm bracelets. Pandora also crafts a wide selection of wonderful necklaces and rings that match any mood or moment’s theme. The rings range from simple silver bands engraved or decorated with crystal, to fun and glamorous rock-encrusted pieces that are sure to catch more than their fair share of admiring glances. The fun part is that these rings, all made by hand in Pandora’s Thailand workshops, are also stackable so you can mix and much them as you wish to fit your fashion ensemble for the day or express your personal statement of style.
Check out Pandora’s exciting selections at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Travel and Tell

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Travel does not expand the world; it broadens the horizons by which you see it. So grab every chance you get to explore new places and be submerged in new cultures, and remind yourself of the adventures you have had with your own Pandora Jewelry travel bracelet. The Danish brand, which first opened as a quant jeweler’s shop in 1982, specializes in beautiful, elegant and expressive charms that could be collected and combined to form your own story. Popular for being the perfect gift for whatever occasion or memorabilia for precious experiences such as a vacation on the other side of the world, the Pandora charms come with durable handcrafted bracelets made or leather or precious metal, and are stabilized by innovative spacers and locks. You can add to your story one experience at a time and not have to worry about it getting literally lopsided or getting spilled out in unexpected circumstances. Because when you tell it with Pandora, every story holds water. 
Check out their selection of charms at Keller & George Jewelers – authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Your Story in Colors

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Jennifer grew up in New York City and is now raising her family in North Carolina. Her life is filled with her husband and kids, life’s beautiful seasons, meeting people, and getting absorbed in new activities, music or places that motivate her. Every treasured moment in her life is expressed in her Pandora bracelet, a personalized piece of Jewelry that tells her story with adorable charms. Her first charm was a mother’s day gift from her two lovely daughters. Her bracelet's design simply evolved as she experienced more of life. Of course, she added a Statue of Liberty charm as a reminder of her younger years. What is your story? Start sharing it to the rest of the world with Pandora Jewelry. With more than 800 of designs made of sterling silver, Murano glass, wood, gold and semi-precious stones, Pandora is an inexhaustible source of creative expression that is not only personal but is also uniquely you. 
Check out Pandora Jewelry at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Pandora.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Express Your Summer Zest

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Your Pandora Jewelry charm bracelet is your life story on a string. Life comes in seasons, and each season deserves a beautiful bracelet memorabilia. This summer, express your creativity and zest for new adventure with your own summer charm combination. This time of year always ushers in hankering for the fresh outdoors, clear skies and sunny beaches. Inevitably, the overarching theme for Pandora’s summer look is the cool and revitalizing shades of blue. Express your own moods and adventures this season with the endless choices of blue and silver trinkets from your favorite charm maker – perhaps some combination of navy blue pave charms, silver sphere clips and heart charms, black pave cherries and bangles, highlighted here and there by pastel glass beads. The possibilities are endless, and the story is yours to create. Express yourself and stand out in your own fashion statement with your Pandora this summer. 
Find them at Keller and George on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Beautiful Way to Wear Your Story

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We all have our own stories to tell, and if those stories are heard through what we wear, why should we put on the same jewelry as the next woman? Pandora Jewelry says you do not have to. This upbeat jewelry company from Denmark lets you tell your own story in your own style with its sought-after charm bracelets. You can choose from their wide assortment of charms, bracelets, spacers and clips to put together a charm bracelet with a completely personal and unique look.  Pandora’s charms have more than 800 individual designs handcrafted by seasoned artists in Thailand using sterling silver, 14k gold, Murano glass or wood, along with precious stones like amethyst, onyx and pearl. Women all over the world, from Germany to the US and Australia have found a beautiful way to wear their stories through Pandora. Create your charm bracelet and start wearing your own life story, too. 
Check out Pandora Jewelry at its authorized dealer Keller and George Jewelers on Millmont Street.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seaside Summer Style

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Summer is the time of the year when people take a break from their busy, mundane activities to relax and enjoy. Myriad of people hit the beach during this special time of year, whether to just frolic under the sun, play with the waves or simply relax along the shore. Summer also allows people to discover new places and come across new faces and embark on adventures big and small. Pandora Jewelry’s new Summer Collection 2013 is a joyful assortment of jewelry pieces that captures the spirit of summer. The collection follows the latest fashion trends, ensuring that the wearer stays up to date with the most stylish designs. These new works of art also make the wearer feel at home with the sea, sand, and sun.
Come see Pandora Jewelry’s Summer Collection 2013 at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Express yourself

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Jewelry designing has always been the turf of artisans, professional jewelry makers whose skills have been handed down from generations of journeymen, making the craft an exclusive discipline. For centuries, manufacturers believed that the wearers of accessories do not have the desire to get involved in the creative process. However, creativity among consumers eventually paved the way to jewelry enthusiasts to formulate their own blends of fashion ornaments. Fashion freedom illustrates self- expression, emphasizing the uniqueness of clientele identity. The Pandora Jewelry Company was the first one to recognize the concept. The company provides choices for customer creativity and individuality in jewelry designing. It is one of but a handful of jewelers who gives the customer a voice in jewelry design. It lets clients show off their artistic flair by letting them design their own pieces, from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. Your imagination is the only limit.

Come to Keller & George's on Millmont Street and set your imagination free with a Pandora.



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