Friday, April 21, 2017

Diamond Micro Prong Pendant

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To behold the spectacular radiance that is captured in this brilliant Diamond Micro Prong Pendant made by Precision Set, is to be dazzled by its wondrous beauty and delighted in its delicate craftsmanship.

The Diamond Micro Prong Pendant is a piece of exceptional quality with a total diamond weight of 0.15 carats and set in brilliant 18K white gold. It is a pendant that has been designed with an elegant and simple design which is at the same time, lavishly glamorous and decadent. The Diamond Micro Prong Pendant is available with a setting of 14K or 18K white or yellow gold and also available in Platinum.

For more than 25 years, the highly skilled, dedicated artisans and craftsmen at Precision Set have designed and created beautiful and memorable jewelry for the discerning client who places a high value on quality, excellence and superior standards in jewelry. The company represents one of the most reputable and respected companies in the industry and is one of the few jewelry companies that exist today which designs, manufactures, distributes and supports all of its products entirely in the United States. 

Stop by Keller and George today and see what Precision Set has to offer!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Precision Set FlushFit Collection

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Diamonds are indeed forever, and this statement couldn't be any more truthful with the Precision Set FlushFit Collection. The innovative design of this Precision Set collection is one of the most versatile in the market. It coordinates many different ring designs and stone settings, and it will surely satisfy any style preferences. This collection also boasts of the highest quality metals that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of engagement and wedding rings.

When it comes to engagement rings, grooms no longer have to worry about finding coordinating wedding bands when choosing a ring. Brides can get the ring of their dreams with the FlushFit collection, as any rings with centrally-mounted diamonds can work with any wedding band whatsoever. It doesn't matter what kind of diamond cut is preferred by the bride; whether she wants a princess, pear, or oval cut, the ring will fit perfectly with a plain band or even a band with a row of diamonds. The FlushFit collection also features a variety of band designs that can hold the simplest and smallest carats to the grandest and most impressive carats of diamonds. This collection stays true to Precision Set's elegant and timeless style of rings that will suit all different bride personalities.

From solitaire mounts to semi-mounted diamonds, the FlushFit collection will look beautiful on any Bride's finger. Since Precision Set has options for yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum rings, the choices are endless for the bride and groom. Their rings not only exemplify beauty but also a type of versatility that will allow brides to mix and match as they please. The best part about the collection is that it features plenty of bands that can be stacked together as desired. It's the perfect gift to celebrate anniversaries and rekindle the love the rings symbolize. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Is Marriage Losing Its Appeal in America?

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A Pew Research Center survey showed that only half of adult Americans are married, a significant slide since 1960 when married couples were at 70%. However, it doesn’t mean 50% are single; the trend it seems is cohabitation, when two people live together outside of marriage. Add to the latest legal rulings in the country favoring same-sex unions, marrying couples—as we know it traditionally between a man and a woman—are expected to get far and fewer in between. And as the divorce rate continues to rise or remain high, marriage in America seems in trouble. But it shouldn’t really affect society much. After all, Americans are still looking for a special someone to live with and raise a family; it’s just the traditional framework is being modified. So, we can expect couples will still be exchanging engagement rings like Precision Set, or even wedding rings, however they interpret one is.
Precision Set is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fine Jewelry Collection

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Precision Set is not called Precision Set for nothing. Everything about the company is all about precision that exceeds all expectations. The company has helped pushed and set the industry standard for quality when it comes to jewelry for 25 years and Precision Set is not set on slowing down. The company has been known to provide guild-quality bridal pieces to lovers across the country but its service does not stop there. Precision Set has also a line of grand statement pieces and delicate embellishments. This collection is made up of pieces of platinum and 18k gold that creates an ensemble of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Each piece is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer by drawing an elegant yet sensual attention. 
For your Precision Set Fine Jewelry Collection pieces, visit Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Never Just A Ring

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With its distinctive designs and unsurpassed craftsmanship, Precision Set laid down the standards for platinum and 18k jewelry manufacturing. Its bridal rings and statement ensembles are recognized among the finest ones in the country. Precision Set craftsmen pour extra care and attention to detail to transfer exquisite designs into excellently fashioned rings decked with well-cut stones and flawless shanks and mountings. From the most delicate heirloom pieces to the most daring and urban statement pieces, the every detailed ring is hand-finished and every piece crafted to exude a noticeable touch of personal expression, made to fit the personality and preferences of the couple or wearers. After all, a Precision Set ring is never just a ring; it is always your ring – to cherish and to hold in your lifetime and in the generations to come. 
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Extraordinary Choice

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If  you are scouting for that perfect ring and you are that person who could not sit well with the typical, Precision Set has created a collection of bridal rings that is especially for you. The 27 year-old company nestled in Dallas, Texas calls this selection Extraordinary.  And the pieces are exactly that – extraordinary.  While the solitaire is the most common engagement setting of choice, Precision Set expertly crafts wonderful options for those who delight in gorgeous yet unassuming melee- encompassed central stone design, where the melee stream elegantly down from the mounting to the elaborate shank. The mounting and shank themselves are crafted by extraordinary artisans using white gold, rose gold, platinum, or a combination of these precious metals. From the tough set of quality standards to the meticulous selection and setting of diamonds, to the tedious designs involving gold accents and delicate details, to the very name by which it is, called the collection is all about being extraordinary.
Keller & George Jewellers is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crafted for Forever

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For more than a quarter of a century, Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works has led in the creation of the engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry pieces whose unparalleled quality and beauty may be loved and treasured for generations. A testament to Precision Set’s outstanding craftsmanship and fabulous artistry is its Extraordinary Collection. As its name implies the collection emphasizes the extraordinary beauty that will not only dazzle the eye but will also capture the heart. Expertly handcrafted in 14K, 18K white or yellow gold as well as platinum, the pieces are beautifully accented in rose or yellow gold in superbly executed details. And because Precision Set truly wants to make your special moments perfect, it uses only the finest metals and gemstones in each creation. Meticulously handcrafted and beautifully hand-finished, each piece has been created to last a lifetime. Coupled to its outmost satisfaction to its clientele.
These truly extraordinary creations are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Precisely What You Mean to Say

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Personal expression is essentially the topmost purpose for each design and collection of Precision Set bridal jewelries. As a foremost brand in the U.S. for high-quality engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, as well as heirloom pieces, Precision Set manufactures its pieces using the highest grade platinum mountings and shanks, featuring expertly cut diamonds in all patterns and sizes. That’s about how far the similarities go, since Precision Set makes it a point to keep the collections distinct for different customer preferences and personal for every couple, who all have unique stories to share. The six collections, FlushFit, Classic Band, Classic Engagement, New Aire, Silk, and Extraordinary all embody unique ‘personalities’ that can be further personalized to make each symbol express exactly what the wearers have in their hearts.
Find Precision Set at Keller & George Jewellers – an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love Expressed in Brilliance

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Over the years, Precision Set Jewelry Works has provided the perfect way to express love and affection with their timeless and fabulous fine diamond jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands. Meticulously handcrafted in their Dallas headquarters, each piece of jewelry is made only from the finest precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium and beautifully set with the most brilliantly-cut diamonds creating heirloom quality pieces that may be handed down for generations. Allow your love to shine through with their engagement ring from the Classic Collection. Its shared prong sets off the beauty of the smaller diamond’s in the ring’s band, allowing them to add fire and scintillation to the Brilliant Round Cut Center Diamond. Available in 14K or 18K White or Yellow gold and platinum, this ring perfectly serves as a token of love and commitment whose brilliant fire would surely melt any girl’s heart.
Precision Set’s Classic Collection is available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Overflowing Sparkle

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True love cannot help but overflow. In the same manner, Precision Set’s diamonds overflow too. Precision Set is the jewelry making company famous for its well-crafted platinum mountings and shanks that are profusely set with precious brilliant cut diamonds. After decades of service in the trade, Precision Set expertly matches its collections to each clients preferences, guaranteeing total satisfaction, whether it is an elegant solitaire, a vintage-looking three-stone ring, or a full-blown wedding band with diamond encrusted shank. Not only the central stone but the whole glittering ring, with its intricate patterns and details, becomes an attention grabbing work of art. After all, if you cannot stop love from singing on top of its lungs, why should its most classic symbol not shine with its most stunning glamour
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elegant Precision

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In 2001, Precision Set became a premier name in the jewelry making industry with its instantly successful FlushFit collection. The brand introduced a line of semi-mount diamond engagement rings that fit perfectly well with any Precision Set wedding band, eliminating that much dreaded gap between the two most important pieces of jewelry a woman can wear – her engagement ring and wedding band. As in the case of many ‘instant’ successes, much forethought and expertise went into the design and craftsmanship of the FlushFit collection, banking on decades of experience and the collaboration of seasoned Precision Set jewelers. The FlushFit and other Precision Set products are crafted by hand and carefully fashioned from the highest grade materials to create the most captivating finishes and intricate details. The Dallas based company guarantees the best tokens of love for your most important commitments.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Precision Set.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Pursuit of Precision

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Precision Set, recognized for its classic and contemporary bridal ensembles, was established in 1987 in the Dallas, Texas. Serving a wide clientele for its engagement rings and wedding rings, the brand takes pride in handling each ring individually and with full attention to every little detail. All the processes involved from design to production to support are all done in one roof, by the most seasoned hands in the industry.  Each design passes through the careful scrutiny and skillful hands of every Precision Set member. Precision Set diamond rings embody the essence of elegance and love – changing through time yet undoubtedly the same. The company’s innovative collections such as the Flushfit and New Aire continue to evolve with the industry. At the same time, Precision Set remains loyal to its cry for precision in terms of quality, artistry and complementary service. 
Keller & George is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Precisely What You are Looking For

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Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works is all about personal expression. Every couple needing wedding bands or engagement rings has a unique preference, and Precision Set can be trusted to deliver exactly what they are looking for. That is why the Dallas-based diamond jewelry manufacturer crafts its pieces with flexible designs and the most careful attention to smallest details. Focused on creating bridal jewelry and elegant luxury ensembles for its diverse clientele, Precision Set continues to provide innovative designs and exemplary craftsmanship in keeping with the evolution of the jewelry making industry. Keeping unique design at the forefront, Precision Set designs, manufactures and hand-finishes its jewelry with extraordinary levels or standards and skills, ensuring the highest quality in each piece that speaks exactly what each heart longs to express. 
Keller & George Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Brilliantly Precise

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The strongest and most exquisite of precious stones, diamonds have long symbolized enduring love and commitment. The true beauty of a diamond is only revealed in the perfect cut. A diamond cut refers to the symmetry, proportioning, and polish of the stone – a craftsman’s expert work that determines the diamond’s brilliance and beauty. A perfectly-cut diamond will reflect the maximum amount of light which allows the gem to sparkle with vibrant fire and scintillation. Fine jewelry manufacturer Precision Set understands this perfectly, which is why each piece of jewelry they create passes through the expert hands of each member of their team to bring out the real beauty of the gems. Precision Set’s quality of excellence is evident in the Halo rings of their collections. A Halo ring has a “halo” or circle of diamonds surrounding a center diamond. Each diamond must be set precisely in order to reflect light properly and draw the eye to the brilliance of the center stone.
Precision Set’s stunning Halo rings are available at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eternal Symbol of Love

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A ring’s perfect circle denotes unity and timelessness, making it the perfect token of commitment and love since time immemorial. The age-old custom of exchanging rings especially between a couple who pledge themselves to each other in marriage is the ultimate expression of a lifelong love and devotion. Every bride-to-be dreams of making this most special moment perfect. Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works does exactly that. They make your wedding vows unfading and precious with their exquisite array of superbly handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Constantly improving and innovating their designs to suit varied lifestyles and tastes, Precision Set proudly offers their newest engagement collection – New Aire. The low-keyed yet stunning and timeless beauty of the New Aire Collection was designed for the modern bride’s active lifestyle with a versatility that makes it perfect in formal affairs or in a more relaxed setting. Stamped with Precision Set’s seal of superb craftsmanship, exquisite design and the finest materials, each creation in the New Aire Collection is truly an eternal symbol of love.
You may find Precision Set’s New Aire Collection at Keller and George Jewellers.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Innovated Sophistication

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There is no end to innovation for a dynamic company like Precision Set. Established in 1987 at Dallas, Texas, the brand is now an industry leader in the craft of jewelry making and highly recognized for its diamond jewelry collections and bridal ensembles. Precision Set’s most recent pride is its New Aire collection, a selection of low-profile bridal designs that are tailored to fit today’s active lifestyle without sacrificing the timeless elegance that the name is known for. The New Aire engagement or wedding pieces are touched by every member of the design and production team, from conception to completion, and are made using the highest quality metals and diamonds set in a broad spectrum of finishes and details. They are especially crafted to exude a gorgeous contemporary look that go perfectly with highly formal affairs or relaxed, flamboyant celebrations. 
Find New Aire’s newest innovative designs at Keller & George Jewelers on Millmont Street – authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Story with Beautiful Precision

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It seems like an inarguable truth that the world does not run out of love stories to tell. Neither does Precision Set run out of new ideas for its bridal jewelry collections. The company has been in the business of manufacturing a wide variety of bands, men’s bands, bracelets, earrings and pendants since 1982 and has gained leadership and recognition in the market for its innovative designs and enduring styles and makes. Precision Set’s various collections – Classic Engagement, New Aire, Classic Band, Silk, Extraordinary, Fine Jewelry and the instant success collection Flushfit – are trained towards the a wide spectrum of preferences by couples who have different personalities. Crafted by seasoned craftsmen in the company’s Dallas workshop using the highest quality materials, metals and diamonds, each ring is designed for life and crafted to last a lifetime. They are the perfect symbol for a story of love that is unlike any other. 
To find Precision Set’s bridal collections, check out Keller & George Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Extraordinary Craftsmanship, Extraordinary Brilliance

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The Extraordinary Collection is Precision Set’s premier bridal selection, which features unique designs that highlight the prominence of large central stones. Excellently cut and polished brilliant-cut round diamonds, with extraordinary scintillation and brilliance, sit beautifully on top of  platinum, white gold, or yellow gold mountings. The opulent stone is enshrined by rows of delicate pave diamonds that run down along the shoulders and completely covering the precious metal shanks. Precision Set invests unrivalled craftsmanship and stringent diamond selection process to ensure the dazzling air and enduring luxuriant beauty of every Extraordinary bridal ring. The delicate rings are created and hand finished with meticulous attention to details in Precision Set’s Dallas workshop and carefully inspected to pass the highest jewelry manufacturing standards. 
For rings that symbolize eternal commitment, or heirloom pieces for the next generation, look for Precision Set’s Extraordinary collection at Keller & George – an authorized dealer for Precision Set jewelry.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Their Best Workmanship, Your Perfect Ring

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Precision Set is a diamond ring manufacturer that places a high premium on self expression. Its collections of elegant bridals were created to cater to the different preferences and personalities of couples. The Classic collection is comprised of timeless, heirloom quality designs that feature simple yet exquisite styles ranging from semi-mounts to three-stone rings.  The Silk collection remains true to its name with its comfortable fit, pleasant textures and low profile settings that purposefully showcases the opulence of the central stones in their glamorous formations. The unrivalled craftsmanship of the Extraordinary collection highlights the large stones with vintage mounting design completely covered with carefully set rows of diamonds. The New Aire has casual ring designs that are fit for the couple who love to mingle elegance with relaxed settings. The Flushfit collection combines the sophistication of engagement ring and wedding band by making them one ring that is beautiful and comfortable to wear.  
Find the Precision Set that suits you and your loved one best at authorized dealer Keller and George Jewelers.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Precision Guaranteed

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You never rush into marriage. You spend countless nights thinking things through before popping the big question. So why settle for a less than perfect diamond ring? Precision Set understands the importance of a beautiful, elegant, enduring and personal engagement ring or wedding band, so that is exactly what it produces. All of the brand’s jewelry pieces, from bridals to fashion jewelry, are handcrafted in Dallas, Texas with precise measurements and renderings, not to mention painstaking attention to the littlest details. The jewels are made of only the finest precious metals and carefully inspected diamond stones and valuable gems. Going one extra mile further, Precision Set relieves you from the worry of finding a matching set. They already did that for you with the Flushfit collection, which features beautiful pairs of engagement and wedding rings that fit snugly with each other like one singularly dazzling piece on her ring finger. So when you are making that once-in-a-lifetime choice, choose the ring from the maker who really means it. 
Find Precision Set at authorized dealer Keller & George Jewelers. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Timeless Engagements

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Engagements represent promises of eternal love and commitment. As the time between engagement and marriage can last a long time it is necessary to have a reminder. Engagement rings, therefore, must last as long as the promises contained in them. The Precision Set Classic Engagement Collection is made up of timeless designs that can even be used as heirlooms. These engagement rings feature a beautiful assortment of styles and are made with the highest level of craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. These rings come in platinum and gold, which along with diamond ensure that these rings will last a lifetime. These rings are certain to derive pleasure from their wearers and admiration from others.
Explore the Precision Set Classic Engagement Collection at Keller & George’s on Millmont Street.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Get her attention

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Betrothal is a ritual initiated by a man presenting a ring to the woman he intends to marry. The man’s creativity is challenged during such an occasion. There are tons of ideas on how to accomplish this task. One would be to ask your fiancé on a movie date, where you can arrange a short video presentation of your love story to be played prior to asking her hand in marriage. You can also have a dinner date where you can put the ring in a glass wine for her to discover. Better still, you can go to a beach and make your proposal while watching the sunset. Whatever you do would be fine as long as you give her a FlushFit engagement ring from Precision Set. Impeccably crafted, this engagement bands is certain to make your proposal irresistibly romantic. Choose from a wide array of designs showcasing the finest precious metals and gemstones.

Come and get that Precision Set ring that will not only catch her attention, but also win her heart at Keller & George's on Millmont Street.



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