Friday, August 18, 2017

Roberto Coin Pois Moi Bracelet With Petite Diamond Link

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Adults tend to appreciate items that give sentimental value more than toys or useful things. Jewelry is not just for weddings jewelry items make good gifts that are both useful and offer sentimental value. These days both men and women enjoy jewelry.

Jewelry is a good example of something that most people enjoy when given to them as gifts. One particular piece that will be loved by just about anyone is the Roberto Coin Pois Moi Bracelet With Petite Diamond Link. This piece of jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and will please anyone to own.

This piece is one of Italian jeweler Roberto Coin's specialty items. The brand is rather new starting in 1996 but by no means are they amatuers. The company works hard to produce some of the finest pieces of jewelry in the world. Along with the Roberto Coin Pois Moi Bracelet With Petite Diamond Link they also have a rather large line of other types of bracelets. The company also designs other pieces of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and pendants.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Roberto Coin Carnaby Street Pendant

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The Roberto Coin Carnaby Street Pendant with malachite is a hand crafted piece that will make a lovely addition to any woman's jewelry collection. This necklace has a beautiful pendant with malachite that is surrounded by a pave of white diamonds. The diamonds in this necklace were carefully chose to provide excellent color and sparkle when worn. This piece can easily be worn for many different occasions and it coordinates with other Roberto Coin malachite pieces.

Roberto Coin is a jewelry brand that is well known for handcrafting unique pieces. The brand was created in 1996 as a way for Roberto Coin to express his love of art and fashion through jewelry design. The brand's pieces are created by some of Italy's most talented artisans. Roberto Coin jewelry can be found in over 60 countries around the world.

This Carnaby Street Pendant with malachite form Roberto Coin is handcrafted and each piece is unique. The chain on the necklace is made from rose 18 K gold and is 700 mm in length. This chain length is ideal to be worn with casual or elegant clothing to provide a stunning accent to any outfit. Each diamond in the pave accent around the malachite is cut in the round brilliant style and they all have a G color and VS clarity. The total diamond weight is 1.32 CT. The total weight of the malachite is 11.55 CT.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Roberto Coin 3 Row Bangle

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The Roberto Coin brand was created in 1996 by a gifted designer that shares its namesake. Using the skills of Italian jewelers he is able to create wearable works of art. Each piece that bears his name has gone through a long process to ensure its originality and quality.

The 3 Row Bangle with diamonds, which is part of the Barocco collection, is available in both 18K yellow gold and white gold. It has a total carat weight of about 1.85. It is hooked with a hinged push-lock clasp, and on the inside of that clasp is Roberto's signature ruby. It is said that the ruby is place to represent Roberto's well wishes for those who purchases his designs. The actual diamonds are placed on one half of the cuff in groups of three with a larger diamond in the center and two smaller ones on each side. Each set is encircled by the gold that makes up the three rows of the bangle. The bangle is available in versions with one, three or five rows, both with or without diamonds.

This bangle is a beautiful work of art created by skilled craftsmen, and would be the perfect addition to any jewelry lover's collection. Its classic beauty is a wonder to behold and shows all of the time and energy that Roberto Coin puts into each and every one of his designs. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Roberto Coin Wide Cheval Bangle with Diamonds

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Since the 1970's, Italian designer Roberto Coin has been crafting untimely pieces that resonate with every woman. Inspired by the magical worlds of art and fashion, Coin's brand has been producing unique, beautiful jewelry since 1996.

Today, the classic creations transcend trendiness. The collection, Animalier, adds interest and delicate whimsy to any ensemble with its ode to the beauty and enchantment of the animal kingdom.

The Wide Cheval Bangle with Diamonds is part of this Animalier collection, and features the diamond encrusted silhouette of a show horse, its mane figuratively blowing in the wind. The bracelet comes in silver, gold, and the popular rose gold. This bangle has approximately 4.15 total carat weight. Unlike the silver and gold options, the rose gold Cheval Bangle by Robert Coin accentuates elegance with twice the amount of diamonds. The sparkle and shine along the bridle of the regal horse heads as well as along the two parallel running bands and clasp.

The Bangle is for exquisite taste. He signatures each of his pieces, including the Wide Cheval Bangle, with one delicately installed ruby. The ruby is embedded on the inside of each piece, ensuring the charismatic gem kisses each wearer's skin.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Artistic Animal

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Roberto Coin is one of the few luxury signatures that can create provocative styles, but still maintain an air of elegance. Nothing best reflects this than the Animalier Collection. The ring is set in 18k white gold and accented with blue sapphires, diamonds, and tsavorites. It is inspired by the chameleon, a cornucopia of colors truly impresses. It is masterfully crafted with gemstones set throughout the animal design, giving it the color-changing characteristic. The eyes are mesmerizing featuring small diamonds with blue sapphire. This jewelry is designed to lend to you an artistic air. If you are involved in the arts and theater, this piece complements your passion. Looking at this evocative ring, one feels the sensation of something that is at once elegant and mysterious.
Roberto Coin is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.


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